Alfred Loven Bennett
Son of Alfred M C Bennet
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The Singer Sewing Company, Weatherford, TX.
Apr 11, 1881
The Singer Manufg Co Bouth of W.C. Brashears
Two Cows
One three years old this Spring marked and Branded SLA
(the S is really to be backwards - see original)
Collar Black
One Five years old this Spring Red & White Picled Branded SLA on left side
thing being the same I bought of John Slatten.
I further agree to look after and take care of the same as if my own.
Signed: W.C. Brashears
This Bill of Sale is hereby transferred for value received to A.L. Bennett.
Signed: The Singer Mfg Co., H. Miller, Mgr. May 17, 1881
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