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                                                      Doug Leonard's Morrows

1st Generation JOHN MORROW from Ireland to America before 1776; No known marriages. b. before 1776 d. May in TN or MO

1. JOHN M. MORROW (b. Abt 1760 NC d.Abt 1840 Ripley, Butler Co. MO.
2. No other known children, but probably are.

2nd Generation JOHN M. MORROW No known marriages.

JESSIE V. MORROW (b. 1814 NC or SC or TN d. 1879 Douglas Co. MO.)
George W. Morrow (b. Abt 1822 TN d. 1861 Van Buren Co. AR.)
No other known children, but probably are.
3rd Generation JESSIE V. MORROW b. 1814 NC or SC or TN; d. 1879 Douglas Co. MO. mar. Abt 1839 Lucinda Brannum b. 1820 MO; d. 1853 Conway Co.

JAMES BRANNUM MORROW (b.1839 Butler Co. MO d.?)
Sary E. Morrow (b.1842 MO d.?)
Ruth Ann Morrow (b.1848 MO d.?)
Unknown- know to be 5 children
4th Generation JAMES BRANNUM MORROW b.1839 Butler Co. MO d.? mar. 1857 Conway Co. AR 1st wife Mary Brewer b. TN d. 1880 Conway Co. AR

1st Marriage

William H. Morrow b. 1858
Jessie T. Morrow b. Jun 1864
Unknown Morrow
Unknown Morrow
Unknown Morrow- Known to have 5 children.
2nd Marriage Jan 5, 1881 Susan J. Dickens

THOMAS BOWDEN MORROW (b. Feb 1884 AR d. 1966 AR)
George B. Morrow (b. Mar 1886 AR d. ?)
John V. Morrow (b. Oct 1888 AR d. ?)
Brannum Morrow (b. ? d. ?)
5th Generation THOMAS BOWDEN MORROW b. Feb. 1884 Springfield, Conway Co. AR; d. 1966 Little Rock, Pulaski Co., AR. mar. Jun 17, 1906
Springfield, Conway Co., AR Lavada Mayall b. Springfield, AR d. 1958 Little Rock, AR

IRA EDISON MORROW (b. 1906 Conway Co. d. 1981 Van Buren Co.,AR)
Floyd Morrow
Jim Morrow
John Dale Morrow
Glenna Mae Morrow
Ruby Morrow
Ila Faye Morrow
Cumi Morrow
Arbra Morrow
Ira Edison Morrow is my grandfather. If you have any information on the following families, please email Doug Leonard. All help is appreciated!