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Hussey's in North Carolina

Rowan County, NC

Jacob Davis Will from Rowan Co., NC, Will Book E:241-3 for written 23 Mar 1795 (proved 1796).
He names children:
Son Henry Davis to have 100 ac where he now dwells on the water of new river, being part of a lot I purchased from Christopher Husse.

Son Jacob Davis 100 ac where he now dwells on the waters of new river, being part of above mentioned purchase of Christopher Husse.

Immigration of Irish Quakers into Pennsylvania

A Listing of Hussey's

Immigration of the Irish Quakers into Pennsylvania


page 121
In 1684, “John Hussey, John Richardson, Edward Blake, Benjamin Swett and other Friends, being settled in and near New Castle, held meetings at each other's houses.... In 1705 a lot of ground was purchased, and a meeting-house built.”6 Very few Irish Friends settled here. [p.121] The meeting was discontinued in 1758, its members attending Wilmington Meeting

page 164
3 Mo. 7, 1739.—“There being Divers families of friends of late Settled on the West Side of Susquohanno, Some of them have produced Certificates to this Meeting from Kenet Meeting, where they formerly Dwelt, their being four Mentioned In one Certificate bearing Date ye 10th of ye 2mo: 17381 Vizt Nathan Husy [Hussey], Ann his wife, John Garrison [Garretson] & Content his wife, John Day and Ann his wife Christopher Husy [Hussey] & Ann his wife & another Certificate from the [p.164] same place bearing date ye 4th of ye 5mo: 1738,1 Recommends Joseph Benett & Rebecka his wife All wch. this Meeting receives in Membership with us.

Footnote: The minutes of Newark or Kennett Monthly Meeting indicate that these certificates were dated on the first days of the months mentioned.

Footnote The following paper drawn up at that time is of interest as showing who were the subscribers to the fund for the building of the first meeting-house: “We the Subscribers knowing the Necessity of Publick Worship, & being Destitute of a pice of Land to Set a Meeting House on Do Each of us Promise to pay the Respective sums under written in order to get a Warrent for 25 acres of Land adjoyning Stephen Ails Land, as witness our Hands: John Earl, 5s; Alexander Underwood, 3s; Thomas Cox, 5s; Joseph Garretson, 5s; William Garretson, 5s; Christopher Hussey, 5s; James Frazier, 4s; Isaac Cox, 3s; Samuel Underwood, 3s; Thomas Cook, 3s; Richard Wickersham, 3s; William Underwood, 3s; Peter Cook 15. 6d.”–MS. among title papers of Menallen Monthly Meeting. This log meeting-house stood a little south-east of the present stone building, on a part of the tract that has since been enclosed in the graveyard. The foundations were discovered in the latter 80's by persons digging in the graveyard.

It is probable that meetings were held in the vicinity of Warrington as early as 1740, for on the 22d of 8 Mo. of that year a marriage was held “at ye house of William Garretson,” who resided in Warrington. This was the marriage of James Frazier to Rebecca Cox, daughter of Thomas Cox. The following is a list of the persons who signed the marriage certificate: Eleazer Mires Christopher Hussey Ann Cox JAMES FRAZIER Joseph Garretson John Garretson Anne Noblett Joshua Kenworthy Joseph Bennett Content Garretson REBECCA FRAZIER Francis Fincher John Earl Theodate Hodgin Thomas Cocks Edward Mulleanoux Samuel Underwood Mary Crage Alexander Frazier Wm. Griffith John Noblitt Anne Waankin Mary Cocks Andrew Rogers Charles Phillips Ester Daviss Alexander Frazier Wm. Garretson Anne Garretson Isaac Cox Daniel Early Rebecca Rogers John Cox George Alford Rebecca Bennett John Fincher Jane Fincher Nathan Hussey

Minutes and Marriage Book of Sadsbury Monthly Meeting. The first marriage at Huntington was that of Nicholas Wierman, son of William Wierman, of Huntington, to Sarah Cox, daughter of John Cox, of the same place, 8 Mo. 24, 1745. The signers were: Alexander Underwood Rebecca Kenworthy NICHOLAS WIERMAN William Underwood Sarah Cook SARAH WIERMAN Joseph Cox Martha Garretson William Wireman John Powell Naomi Garretson Gertruyed Wireman John Wireman Hannah Cox John Cox Thomas Powel Ann Hussey Thomas Cox Jacob Beals Mary Garretson William Cox Valintine Isickers Naomi Cox Samuel Cox Benj. Underwood Rachel Beals Ann Cox Richard Underwood Hannah Wireman Joseph Garretson John Pope Pricila Wireman Henry Wireman William Wireman Sarah Proctor Benjamin Cox Joshua Kenworthy Elizabeth Brown John Beals Elizabeth Powel Caleb Beals Jane Underwood Olive Underwood Ruth Underwood

page 177
The Friends were among the earliest settlers at York, the county-seat of York County, but a meeting seems not to have been held there until 1754. Under date of 12 Mo. 21st of that year, Warrington Monthly Meeting minutes state: “Our Friends in and about York, living remote from any of our meetings, Requests the liberty of holding a meeting among themselves for this winter season, which this meeting has good unity with.” A regular meeting was established in 1764, and on October 29th of the following year a lot of ground on the north side of Philadelphia [p.177] Street was purchased from Nathan Hussey and Edith his wife. [Deed Book CC, page 153, Recorder's Office, York.] Upon this lot a brick meetinghouse was erected in 1766.2 By will, dated 1 Mo. 25, 1773, Nathan Hussey bequeathed to the Meeting a lot adjoining on the west. About 1786 the meeting-house was enlarged to its present proportions, an addition being made to the west end. The Society in the city is now almost extinct and regular meetings have been discontinued.

Established in 1682. Children: Mary, m. 10 Mo. 21, 1762, at Warrington Meeting, Thomas Edmundson, son of Caleb and Mary; Jane, m. 5 Mo. 3, 1764, at Warrington, Jediah, son of John Hussey; Phebe, m. 5 Mo. 13, 1766, at Warrington, to Thomas, son of Thomas and Sarah Leech; Hannah, m. 4 Mo. 23, 1772, at Warrington, Samuel, son of Samuel John, late of Newberry; Thomas, m. 5 Mo. 11, 1775, at Warrington, Abigail, daughter of David Cadwallader, late of Loudon Co., Va. (children of Thomas and Abigail: Amos, b. 3 Mo. 13, 1776; Hannah, b. 4 Mo. 29, 1779; Ann, b. 6 Mo. 22, 1781; William, b. 5 Mo. 9, 1784); William; John; Susanna, m. 5 Mo. 17, 1781, at Warrington, David Cadwallader.

Of Chester County, Pa., and New Castle County, Delaware. Established in 1686.:
III. William Whinery, of Newberry Township, York County, m. about 1776, Abigail McMillan, daughter of John and Jane (Boyd) McMillan. In 1791, William Whinery and his six children–Robert, John, Thomas, William, James, and Jane–were received as members of Warrington Monthly Meeting. About 1806, this family removed to Columbiana County, Ohio, and made a location in Butler Township, near the present town of Winona, a certificate of removal to Salem Monthly Meeting, Ohio, being signed by Warrington Monthly Meeting, 1 Mo. 11, 1806. Children were: Robert, m. 10 Mo. 14, 1801, at Newberry Meeting, Phebe, daughter of Thomas and Phebe (Penrose) Leech (they removed westward about 1803 and settled near Winona); John received a certificate to Middleton Monthly Meeting, Ohio, in 1804, and settled near Salem, Columbiana County; Thomas, m. 9 Mo. 12, 1805, Lydia, daughter of Jediah and Jane (Penrose) Hussey (removed to near Salem, Ohio, about 1806); William, m. Margery Carroll; James, b. 3 Mo. 10, 1787, m. Sarah Carroll in Ohio (children, b. near Salem, Ohio, were Elizabeth, William, Joseph, Zimri, Dr. John C., Thomas, James, Edward, Eliza, Abigail, Ellwood, Newton, Sarah, and Isabel); George; Jane, m. David Burson; Zimri, m. Judith Wright; Sarah, m. David Comley; Abigail m. Benjamin Pettit.

The following Friends subscribed to a paper, dated 1 Mo. 1, 1766, contributing to the building fund: Nathan Hussey, William Willis, Joseph Updegraff, Joseph Garretson, William Matthews, Harman Updegraff, Jesse Falkner, James Love, John Collins, and Joseph Collins. At Western Quarterly Meeting, 8 Mo. 11, 1767, report was made that “Friends in and about York have now built a Meeting-House.”

John Hussey and Mary Wroth

I am a descendant of Thomas HUSSEY & Johanna PORTER NEVILL HUSSEY through there daughter Elizabeth HUSSEY GARDNER LUCKETT HANSON & Samuel LUCKETT through there son Ignatius LUCKETT & Jane ? through there son Thomas Hussey LUCKETT & (?Rebecca) DOUGLASS LUCKETT. This is what I have for the parentage of Thomas HUSSEY, would like to know if this is correct, will gladly exchange detailed information with any descendant. [My files are long and have a lot of detailed information in them] Welcome discussion, corrections, additions, etc. Need name of the Mother of Thomas HUSSEY.

Carol (Gehrs) Mitchell, 134 Schnauzer Lane, Beaver Falls, PA 15010 724-847-4473 [TMG, WP8, Eudora]

Descendancy Chart of John Hussey

John1 HUSSEY mar. Mary1 WROTH
    Nathaniel2 HUSSEY, d. Jun 1626 ENG, bur. 30 Jun 1626 All Hallows, Bread St., ENG
    +Mary2 CATTYN, m. circa 1666
        George3 HUSSEY, bap. 08 Dec 1611 Cuckfield, Sussex Co., ENG
        +(--?--)3 DYKE
        +(--?--)3 DYKE
        Christopher3 HUSSEY, bap. 08 Jan 1614/15 register, Cuckfield, Sussex Co., ENG +Margaret3 BOWLER
            Tho.4 HUSSEY ob. s.p.
            Mary4 HUSSEY
            Eliz4 HUSSEY mar. Edward4 COOK
            Samuell4 HUSSEY aet. 12 1669
Thomas2 HUSSEY mar. Katherine2 GERING, m. circa 1666 Margaret3 HUSSEY, d. 1670 mar. +Lawrence3 COLE, b. North'ton town, ENG 2nd husband: George CHUTER Esq, b. Bristow Cawse, Surrey Co., ENG Elizabeth4 CHUTER s. p. George3 HUSSEY, b. 06 Sep 1618 All Hallows, Bread St., ENG, d. 01 Oct 1618 All Hallows, Bread St., ENG Peter3 HUSSEY, bap. 18 Oct 1619 All Hallows, Bread St., ENG mar. Mary3 (--?--), m. after 1658 Peter4 HUSSEY S. p. Thomas4 HUSSEY S. p. (--?--)4 HUSSEY S. p. (2nd wife: Sarah3 MULSOE, m. circa 30 Nov 1658 John4 HUSSEY, b. 30 Nov 1658 Maria3 HUSSEY, bap. 25 Nov 1621 All Hallows, Bread St., ENG, bur. 13 Jul 1622 All Hallows, Bread St. register, ENG Henry3 HUSSEY, bap. 14 Jul 1623 All Hallows, Bread St. register, ENG Alexander3 HUSSEY, bap. 03 Dec 1629 All Hallows, Bread St. register, ENG Thomas3 HUSSEY, bap. 22 Nov 1650 All Hallows, Bread St. register, ENG, Obt. 05 Mar 1670 Shrove Munday, Bread St., London, ENG, bur. 06 Mar 1670 London, ENG mar. Elizabeth3 BLACKWELL, m. 1648, bur. 09 Dec 1651 All Hallows, Bread St. register, ENG Rebecca4 HUSSEY, bap. 28 May 1648 All Hallows, Bread St. register, ENG mar. Marmaduke4 BOWYER 2nd wife: Anne3 SLAUGHTER, m. after 1651, bur. 08 Mar 1669 All Hallows, Bread St. register, ENG Sarah4 HUSSEY, d. Oct 1662, bur. 25 Oct 1662 All Hallows, Bread St. register, ENG Katherine4 HUSSEY Peter4 HUSSEY, b. 22 Jan 1654 All Hallows, Bread St. register, ENG Nathaniel4 HUSSEY, b. 11 Feb 1656 All Hallows, Bread St. register, ENG, d. Jan 1657, bur. 16 Jan 1657 All Hallows, Bread St. register, ENG Anne4 HUSSEY, b. 08 May 1658 All Hallows, Bread St. register, ENG Joseph4 HUSSEY, b. 07 Apr 1660 All Hallows, Bread St. register, ENG
Rev. John2 HUSSEY +unknown2 (--?--) +Unknown2 (--?--) Thomas3 HUSSEY Gent, b. circa 1635, d. between 06 Feb 1700 and 14 Oct 1700 Charles Co., MD, USA mar. 1st. Elizabeth3 (--?--), b. circa 1642, m. circa 1662, d. circa 12 Mar 1666 mar. 2nd Johannah3 PORTER, m. circa 15 Nov 1665 Charles Co., MD, USA, d. between 1678 and 1680 Charles Co., MD, USA Mary4 HUSSEY, b. between 1666 and 1677 mar. William4 LANGWORTH Mary5 LANGWORTH Agatha5 LANGWORTH Elizabeth5 LANGWORTH Elizabeth4 HUSSEY, b. between 1666 and 1677, d. between Jun 1747 and Jul 1749 mar. John4 GARDINER, m. circa 1683, pro. 1684 Charles Co., MD, USA. Mar 2nd: Samuel4 LUCKETT, b. circa 1650, m. after 24 Nov 1683, d. 02 Apr 1705 Charles Co., MD, USA, pro. 23 Aug 1705 Charles Co., MD, USA Samuel5 LUCKETT, b. 10 Oct 1685 Portobacco Parish, Charles Co., MD, USA, d. circa 1725 Thomas5 LUCKETT, b. 12 Aug 1688 Portobacco Parish, Charles Co., MD, USA, d. 04 Aug 1734 Charles Co., MD, USA Ignatius5 LUCKETT, b. 30 Jan 1689 Portobacco Parish, Charles Co., MD, USA, d. 1735 Charles Co., MD, USA, pro. May 1735 Charles Co., MD, USA Thomas Hussey5 LUCKETT, b. after 07 Feb 1693, d. 1767 Charles Co., MD, USA 3rd Husband: John4 HANSON, b. 1681, m. 30 Nov 1705 Charles Co., MD, USA, d. 1754 Charles Co., MD, USA John5 HANSON Elizabeth5 HANSON Mary5 HANSON Eleanor5 HANSON, d. 1772 Charles Co., MD, USA mar. Jane3 COCKSHUTT, b. 1640 St. Mary's Co., MD, USA, m. after 10 Jul 1688, d. between 24 Apr 1693 and 06 Feb 1699
Robert2 HUSSEY mar. Awdry2 CURWEN, m. circa 1666 Edward3 HUSSEY George3 HUSSEY Robert3 HUSSEY Peter3 HUSSEY Joseph3 HUSSEY 2nd wife: Joan1 APPESLEY
George2 HUSSEY mar. Jane2 DERING, b. Egerton, Kent Co., ENG George3 HUSSEY mar. Mary3 TOMPSON, b. Royton, m. circa 1666 Henry4 HUSSEY mar. (--?--)4 LAMB, m. circa 1666 Joane4 HUSSEY mar. Anthony4 BOYS, b. Nutfield, ENG Anthony3 HUSSEY, d. 1666 living Thomas3 HUSSEY, d. 1666 living Ambrose3 HUSSEY ob. coel. Dering3 HUSSEY ob. coel.

Hussey Info of Frederick Co., MD

Abraham MILLER administrator of John HUSSEY deceased 20 Nov 1751.Frederick County Maryland Administration Accounts, Liber A #1, 1750-1767.

Hussey Info of Charles Co., MD

Early Families of Southern Maryland - Volume 4.

Samuel Luckett (b. abt 1650 - d. 4/2/1705) married Elizabeth Hussey (b. 1662-64 - d. ??). Elizabeth was the daughter of Thomas Hussey and Johanna. The book lists four children, but no Sarah. Those listed are Samuel Luckett b. 1685, Thomas Luckett b. 1688, Ignatius Luckette b. 1689, and Thomas Hussey Luckett.

Early Settlers of Charles County MD. 1658-1745 :

Thomas Hussey, age ca. 27 years Swore in court 4 March 1661/2.

Thomas Hussey, age ca. 26 years. Swore in Court 22 April 1662 (Ct & Land Records A#1.202)

Elizabeth Huseey, age ca. 20 years. Witness in court 9 July 1662 ( C & L Records !#1.227)

Thomas Hussey, age 27. Deposition. 9 Feb 1663. (Accounts of MD, XLIX.159)

Thomas Hussey (Gent). On 13 Aug 1666 William Nevill (planter) and Thomas Hussey and Johanna his wife, relict of John Nevill, dec'd, conveyed a tract on n. side of the Piscataway River called "Wheeler's Palme, cont. 150 acres. ( C & L Record C#1.61)

Thomas Hussey and his wife Joan(e) on 13 June 1670, conveyed a parcel of land called Newport, cont 150 acres. ( C & L Records D#1. supple.53)

Johannah Hussy, (wife of) Thomas Hussey, Cattle mark recorded 10 June 1673. ( C & L Records E#1.132) (also Court files dated 6 Sept 1681. (C & L Record I#1.166)

Thomas Hussey and wife Johannah. Indenture 10 July 1684 to Richard Harrison, parcel called Woodberry's Hope, cont 150 acres ( C & L Records L#1.175)

Thomas Hussey married Jane Breade, relict of John Breade, court records 11 Nov 1790 (C & L Record R#1.103)

Thomas Hussey (Hussy) to grandson Thomas Hussey Luckett, 1310 acres in Chingamuxon. Dau. Eliza Luckett, extr. (Will 11.43, 6 Feb. 1699- 14 Oct 1770) ( Inv. : 20.135; 9 Oct. 1770 ------)

Thomas Hussey, father of Elizabeth, wife of John Hanson (Gent) Indenture from William Wills, 14 July 1721 to John Hanson, the following tracts of Thomas Hussey, father of Elizabeth, wife of John Hansen: Newport, cont 150 acres; Discovery, cont. 150 acres; Ingerstone on the e. side of Zachia Swamp, cont. 250 acres; Moores Lodge on the n. branch of Zachia Swamp, cont. 150 acres; Moore Gore of 50 acres; 880 acres which Thos. Notley sold to Thomas Hussey (C & L Records H#2.449) (Contributed Tue, 24 Feb 1998 by Faye Moran


God's Operation of Grace But No Offers of Grace
by Joseph Hussey