Morrow's Who applied for Civil War Pensions A-C

Aaron Widow Louisa 26 IN Batty Pvt. Ohio
Abner J Corp A U8 IN Inf.
Abraham Widow Catherine G15 W VA Inf.
Adam Widow Margaret A A3 TN Mtd Vol.
Adam Dunbar Widow Julia A G100 Ohio Inf. Mex. War
Adolphus D Widow Martha E NH
Albert D Widow Ella M
Albion Widow Leah A2 Batt 15 Us Inf. PA
Aleck Widow Rosalie K147 Ill Inf.
Alexander Widow Mary J & Helpless Child Francis Edna 1st Lt. B32 Ill Inf.
Alexander & Walter H Sister Martha A B9 Ill Cav
Alexander Widow Margaret F40 NY Inf.
Alexander Widow Margaret 2nd Lt. J120&A165 Ohio Inf.
Alexander Widow Marian A K61 PA Inf., Sig Corps USA
Alexander M. 1 PA Inf.
Alexander Co 10 Us Cav & Gen Serv USA C.D. H&L 24 Us Inf.
Alexander M&C 24 Us Inf. KY
Alexander Widow Katie L24 Us Inf. TN
Alexander Widow Eleanor C17 WA Inf.
Alexander D Corps G.11 PA Cav
Alfred G23 KS Inf.
Alfred Widow Nellie [Thomas] A 138 USC IN
Alfred D B32 Ohio Inf,F72 USC Inf.
Almon D94 Ill Inf.
Alonzo F Leavenworth KS
Alphas I2 Ill Cav
Levin H D 9 KY Inf.
Ambrosia E & B 11 NY Cav A92 NY Inf.
Andrew Widow Martha I 6 USC Ha
Andrew Widow Mary A G82 NY Inf.
Andrew B Widow Emma M , B12 Ill Inf.
Andrew D H63 Ohio Inf.
Andrew G H120 IN Inf.
Andrew J H13 MD Inf. H1phb MD Inf.
Andrew J Mother Eliza A 98 NY Lng Inf. G98 NY Inf.
Arthur Widow Almena D D 44 MO Inf.
Asbury Minor Ira Gdn, G&F97 IN Inf.
Augustus A 69 Ill Inf.

B M Ortimer Major 205 PA Inf.
Barney A, A1 NH Ha
Bazel 711 Ohio Inf.
Benjamin Widow Eliza A, 7 MO Inf.
Benjamin Widow Harriet C, L1 NY Rngrs
Benjamin F Capt. Potters Co Idaho Vols.
Benjamin Frank Widow Elizabeth D 12 [This Either Sioux Or Iowa Inf.]
Benjamin F, I8 MO Cav
Benjamin M Widow Sarah & Thomas Clarkson Gdn F 12 KY Cav
Bernard F, F12 W Va Inf.
Bishop L, B2 Texas Inf., M29us Vol. Inf., Capt. La Inf. NY, Capt. 156 Inf.
Burt Machinist 2 Princeton NJ

Calvin Widow Barbara R, G&F 4 VT Inf.
Charles D23 KS Inf.
Charles Mother Eliza [Bryan] G4 MD Inf.
Charles D28 Mass Inf.
Charles Widow Mary O, A5 Mich Inf,B2 U.S.Ss
Charles C2 NC Inf.
Charles D62 Ohio Inf.
Charles Widow Elizabeth J, I56 PA Inf.
Charles Widow Charlotte I6 PA Inf. [I Is An I]
Charles Widow Clarina, William W Lee Gdn Us WA Inf.
Charles Widow Mary H, B24 WI Inf.
Charles A, F12 Minn Inf.
Charles A, G25 NY Mil Inf.
Charles B, C&B3 Us Cav,E20 Us Inf,E22us Inf,I4 Us Ur?, Genmtd Serv USA
Charles C, E4 NJ Inf.
Charles D, A155 Ohio Inf.
Charles E, Sherman Troops PA Cav
Charles JR, C2 PA Inf.
Charles H, D5 MO 3 MDT caved 13 MO S Mil Cav
Charles H, F173 Ohio Inf.
Charles B1 PA
Charles K, Widow Elizabeth J, Aj&L PA Cav,D2 PA Prov Cav
Charles L, IN, Annapolis And VT
Charles M,B1 Terr Regt, Us Vol. Inf.
Charles O, Widow Frances M, H20 KS Inf.
Charles R, Widow Ida C, M1 Us Inf.
Charles S, F9 IN Inf.
Charles T, C65 Us Coast Art
Charles W, Widow Jennie S, A117 IN Inf,25 Inf., Batty IN, LA B135 IN Inf.
Charles W, Mother & Father Annie & William C9 Us Inf. NY
Charles W,3 Co Rep,Dep C, Us 12.Us Inf. C 304 Field Sig Bn Sig Corps 716 Serv Co Sig Corps IN
Charles W, H23 Us Inf.

                                            Morrow's in the Continental Army

Franklin B. Hough, American Biographical Notes, p.296
MORROW, COL. ROBERT, paymaster of one of the div. depts. of the army; committed suicide at San Francisco, Nov. 27, 1873.

Francis B. Heitman, Historical Register of Officers of the Continental Army, p.403
Morrow, John (Va). Colonel Virginia Militia, 1778–1781.
Morrow, Robert (Md). Ensign 2d Maryland Battalion of the Flying Camp, July to December, 1776; Cornet 3d Continental Dragoons, 20th February, 1777;
Regimental Adjutant, 1st June, 1778; wounded and taken prisoner at Tappan, 28th September, 1778; Lieutenant, 3d January, 1779; Captain, —1781, and
served to 9th November, 1782.

Francis B. Heitman, Historical Register of Officers of the Continental Army, p.637
Morrow, Robert, Captain, 3d Dragoons.

                                                   Revolutionary War Pensions

John Morrow #S33121, Born June 17th 1755 Cumberland Co PA, Was In Ohio And IN.

John Morrow #W9209 SC Wed 1774 To Mary Kelsey [She Died Nov 1842 Chester District SC] He Died 1781 Charleston District. He Was A Private With
Capt. Mills Co, Lacy's Regt, Sumters Brigade Chester Co SC. Brother Samuel Killed Dorchester SC Nov 30 1781.Brother Joseph Also Killed.

Robert Morrow #R7431 He Died Warren Co, TN Mar 18 1824. Wed Elizabeth Shaw Nov 4th 1779 [She Was Born Jan 25 1760]. He Fought For NC
Children George [B] Aug 30 1780, Margaret [B] Aug 16,1782, Elizabeth [B] Nov 1784, Hugh [B] Nov 7th 1786, Elizabeth [B] Nov 23 1788,Mary [B] Oct 18
1790, John [B] Feb 25 1793, Robert[B] Feb 12 1795,Jean [B] Nov 4 1797, Alexander Martin [B] Mar 18 1801. Marriages = George Jan 8 1806,Mary July 17
1806,Margaret Aug 14 1806,Elizabeth Nov?, Jane Dec 1820.

Samuel #W7482 Enlisted Montague NJ, Died Sep 29 1822 Sussex Co NY. Wife Lydia Decker.

Samuel #S15288 SC Fought In Ala

Samuel # W21825 [Wife Janet Or Jennett Nelson Born In Ireland] Spartansburg SC Private Born In MD Near Baltimore 1776, Wed Dec 27 1781. Chester
District SC Children= Mary 1782,Egnay 1784,John 1786, William 1788,Robert 1793,Janet 1796,Sarah 1798,Samuel 1807.

Thomas #S36176 In KY Applied June 25 1821

William #S18128 Born In Ireland Was In Newburg SC Father Was Christopher Morrow.

                                           DAR List of Morrow's

Mrs. Sarah Morrow Fears.
DAR ID Number: 12258
Born in Virginia.
Wife of J. W. Fears.
Descendant of Lieut Charles Smith.
Daughter of Peter Gilham Morrow and Julia Ann Smith, his wife.
Granddaughter of Charles Smith and Jane Pinkard, his wife.
Charles Smith, 1776, was second lieutenant of the Maryland Line and when
he resigned, 1780,  served as captain-lieutenant. He died in Morgan county, Ga., 1822.

Mrs. Mary Louise Cox Wright.
DAR ID Number: 13250
Born in Georgia.
Wife of Hon. William A. Wright.
Descendant of Abraham Cox and William Cox, of Tennessee; Lodovich Alford,
of North  Carolina.
Daughter of Judge Albert Ewing Cox and Juliet Warren Alford, his wife.
Granddaughter of Dr. Zachariah Cox and Margaret Ewing Morrow, his wife;
Julius Ceasar  Alford and Eliza Cook, his wife.  Gr.-granddaughter of William Cox and Melinda Madden, his wife; Lodovich Alford, Jr., and  Judith Jackson,
his wife.  [p.95] Gr.-gr.-granddaughter of Abraham Cox and — Arthur, his wife; Julius Alford and  Rebecca Jackson, his wife.  Gr.-gr.-gr.-granddaughter of
Lodovich Alford and Rebecca Ferrell, his wife.  Abraham Cox was a patriot of the Washington district, Wautauga settlement and his name is  found on the
petition to the Provincial Congress, 1776.  William Cox served under Shelby at the battle of King's Mountain, where he was a member of the Convention
that organized the State of Franklin.  Also No. 5641.  Lodovich Alford served in the General Assembly from Wake county, 1778.

Mrs. Jeannette Stockton Hume.
DAR ID Number: 14870
Born in Kentucky.
Wife of Edmund Burnam Hume.
[p.324] Descendant of George Stockton, of Kentucky.
Daughter of Edward Leaken Dorsey Stockton and Mary Catherine Curtis, his
wife.  Granddaughter of Robert Stockton and Maria Morrow, his wife.
Gr.-granddaughter of George Stockton and Rachel Dorsey, his wife.  George Stockton, (1745-1818), served as a private, 1776, in Capt. James
McConnell's  company, Col. Joseph Armstrong's regiment, of Cumberland, Virginia militia. He located in  Fleming county, Ky., where he died.

Miss Kate Aubrey Hough.
DAR ID Number: 15068
Born in Minnesota.
Descendant of Josiah Strong, of Connecticut.
Daughter of Sherwood Hough and Frances Lorinda Morrow, his wife.
Granddaughter of Thomas Jefferson Hough and Mahala Strong, his wife.
Gr.-granddaughter of Josiah Strong and Martha Greene, his wife.
Josiah Strong, (1758-1841), enlisted 1776, served in the Canadian campaign, and was taken
prisoner at “The Cedars.” He was at the battles of White Plains, Trenton, Brandywine and lost a
leg at Germantown. He was born at Sharon, Conn., was placed on the invalid pension roll in
1818, and died at Geneva, N. Y.  Also No. 14738.

Mrs. Margaret Gourley Gray.
DAR ID Number: 17479
Born in Monroe County, Indiana.
Descendant of Francis Wylie, of South Carolina.
Daughter of Thomas Gourley and Margaret Wylie, his wife.
Granddaughter of Peter Wylie and Elizabeth Morrow, his wife.
Gr.-granddaughter of Francis Wylie and — Hamilton, his wife.  Francis Wylie applied for a pension in 1834 at the age of 84, and it was allowed for twenty-
one  months' actual service as a private in the South Carolina Line.

Mrs. SaraII Matilda Scott Slauson.
DAR ID Number: 17775
Born in Piqua, Ohio.
Widow of Richard Slauson.
Descendant of Sergt. William Scott.
Daughter of William Scott and Jane Morrow, his wife.
Granddaughter of Hugh Scott (1771-1850) and Mary Moffet (1770-1816), his
wife (m. 1794).  Gr.-granddaughter of William Scott and Grizzell Carathers, his wife.
William Scott enlisted for the war and was honorably discharged, 1783. He
was entitled to land  allowed a sergeant of the Virginia Continental Line who had served three
years. He was born in  Scotland and died in Jessimine Co., Ky., 1805.


Greenville Co. "Muster Roll" - 1756--A Listing of Myers
Submitter: Paul R. Sarrett, Jr.

Description: About the year 1750, the "Piedmont" section of South Carolina began to receive its first permanent settlers. This new acquisition from the
Indians comprised the territory now constituting the counties of Edgefield, McCormick, Greenwood, Abbeville, Laurens, Newberry, Union, Spartanburg,
York, Cherokee, Chester, Fairfield, Richland, and a portion of Lexington of South Carolina. Source: "History of Greenville County South Carolina" by
James M. Richardson. This is a list of some 963 H/H living in this area in 1756.

M620  GREENVILLE, SC MYERS        Daniel      TaxR  000  229  Muster Roll
M620  GREENVILLE, SC MYERS        Jasper      TaxR  000  237  Muster Roll
M620  GREENVILLE, SC MYERS        John        TaxR  000  229  Muster Roll
M620  GREENVILLE, SC MYERS        John        TaxR  000  237  Muster Roll
M620  GREENVILLE, SC MYERS        Thomas      TaxR  000  229  Muster Roll
& Affiliated Families
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