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                                            MORROW MARRIAGES

Morrow Marriages - Georgia

Ford, Mary married Morrow, Preston on 20 Oct 1848 in Campbell  County
Brady, Mary Ann married Morrow, James H. on 27 Sep 1839 in Cass County
Bailey, Mary A. married Morrow, David J. on 05 May 1850 in Cass County
Kinch, Edward married Morrow, Gabella on 23 Jul 1821 in Chatham County
Kinch, Edward married Morrow, Isabella[Mrs] on 23 Jul 1821 in Chatham County
Dismukes, John married Morrow, Malinda on 01 May 1836 in Coweta County
Morrow, Nancy married Smith, Joseph on 24 Aug 1809 in Elbert County
Morrow, Polly married Waldrop, Partilla on 27 Aug 1840 in Forsyth County
Morrow, Nancy married Pickens, Gilespie on 11 Apr 1830 in Franklin County
Maddox, Joseph C. married Morrow, Sarah on 31 Dec 1788 in Greene County
Matthews, Ellen married Morrow, Hugh E. on 26 Jun 1839 in Greene County
Elliot, Eliza married Morrow, David on 03 Mar 1831 in Henry County
Gilbert, Mary Ann married Morrow, Hilliard L. on 17 Dec 1844 in Henry County
Morrow, Sarah O. married Reagan, James on 17 Sep 1846 in Henry County
Chapman, William H. married Morrow, Elizabeth P. on 20 Jul 1848 in Henry Co.  
Cade, Aaron married Morrow, Lucinda on 09 May 1843 in Jackson County
Bailey, Joshua married Morrow, Elizabeth on 20 Oct 1808 in Jasper County  
Barron, Nancey married Morrow, James H. on 21 Jul 1835 in Jasper County
Jolly, Harriet married Morrow, Solomon on 24 Feb 1822 in Jones County
Hammer, Matilda married Morrow, Joseph on 28 Nov 1808 in Morgan County
Brown, Ruth[Mrs] married Morrow, Joseph on 20 Dec 1808 in Morgan County
Elliott, Nancy married Morrow, William on 06 Sep 1810 in Morgan County
Kennon, Charles married Morrow, Polly on 07 Oct 1811 in Morgan County
Brown, Andrew married Morrow, Anna on 06 Nov 1815 in Morgan County
Brown, Thomas married Morrow, Peggy E. on 24 Dec 1816 in Morgan County
Cox, Zachariah married Morrow, Margaret on 11 Nov 1817 in Morgan County
Morrow, Sarah married Wood, Young on 23 Dec 1824 in Morgan County
Morrow, Peter Y. married Smith, Juliann on 21 May 1827 in Morgan County
Morrow, Peter G. married Wood, Mary on 06 Jul 1829 in Morgan County
Morrow, Ewing married Walker, Jane on 17 Jan 1833 in Morgan County
Morrow, Joseph E. married Walker, Elisa Jane on 20 Jan 1833 in Morgan County
Atkinson, Nancy married Morrow, Vincent P. on 07 Nov 1833 in Morgan County
Jackson, Lou married Morrow, Jesse W. on 27 Dec 1825 in Newton County
Morrow, Radford E. married Strickland, Mary Ann on 04 Jan 1832 in Newton Co.  
Morrow, Emeline married Strickland, Henry on 10 Dec 1833 in Newton Co.
Morrow, Nancy Ann married Shell, Henry on 12 Oct 1837 in Newton Co.
Hodge, Elizabeth A. married Morrow, Bailey W. on 11 Nov 1841 in Newton Co.  
Clement, Isham married Morrow, Hannah on 20 Dec 1797 in Oglethorpe Co.
Callahan, Elizabeth married Morrow, Thomas on 03 May 1843 in Oglethorpe Co.  
Massey, Tressy married Morrow, Joseph on 29 Sep 1844 in Pauling Co.
Morrow, James married Wright, Sally on 06 May 1814 in Putnam County
Crow, Caroline married Morrow, Richard W. on 06 Jan 1832 in Walton Co.
Kinnon, Elizabeth B. married Morrow, James M. on 19 Sep 1833 in Walton Co.  
Bonner, Lucy Ann married Morrow, John T. on 26 Sep 1833 in Walton Co.
Grant, J. L. married Morrow, Sara Jane on 13 Oct 1847 in Walton Co.


Morrow, Joseph married Waugh, Sarah on 03 Aug 1819 in Dallas County, Alabama
Morrow, George married Willey, Frances S. on 01 Mar 1824 in Dallas County, Alabama
Morrow, David married Waugh, Margaret on 04 Aug 1825 in Dallas County, Alabama
Morrow, Adam married Wiley, Mary on 11 Dec 1825 in Dallas County,Alabama
Brown, Tiny married Morrow, Robert on 14 Sep 1820 in Lauderdale County, Alabama
Franklin, Patsy married Morrow, James on 27 Nov 1823 in Madison County, Alabama
Lynn, Polly L. married Morrow, Hugh on 31 Dec 1821 in Morgan County, Alabama
Morrow, William W. married Wiley, Sarah on 02 Jan 1821 in Perry County, Alabama
Mcmillan, John married Morrow, Elizabeth on 10 Jan 1821 in Perry County, Alabama

Morrow, William to Collins, Elizabeth L. married on 12 May 1824 in Washington County, District of Columbia


Mecklenburg County, NC

MORROW, Benjamin and Mary J. Hawkins, 20 April 1847
MORROW, David and Jeane McCullogh, 25 Nov. 1802
MORROW, David and Margaret Parks, 20 Aug. 1839
MORROW, Drury and Esther McCullough, 17 Jan 1820
MORROW, Eli and Mary Cook, 19 Dec 1838
MORROW, Elizabeth and Isaac Morrow, 14 Nov 1820
MORROW, Hezekiah and Elizabeth Jones, 5 Jan 1815
MORROW, Isaac and Sally Powers, 18 July 1811
MORROW, Isaac and Elizabeth Morrow, 14 Nov 1820
MORROW, Jenny and Adams Brown, 28 April 1801
MORROW, John White and Patsy Norley, 10 Dec 1807
MORROW, Margaret H. and Thomas H. Blackley, 20 Sept. 1836
MORROW, Martha L. and Joseph Black, 17 Aug 1837
MORROW, Martha and Stephen W. Morrow, 27 Sept. 1841
MORROW, Martha and Robert Morrow, 5 Mar 1812
MORROW, Martha M. and Lewis H. Russell, 23 Dec 1847
MORROW, Mary and William Busby, 5 Mar 1812
MORROW, Peggy and James Bonds, 25 Nov 1802
MORROW, Robert and Martha Morrow, 5 Mar 1812
MORROW, MORROW, Robert W. and Sarah Williams, 4 Feb 1840
MORROW, Stephen W. and Martha Morrow, 27 Sept. 1841
MORROW, William and Margaret Crockett, 17 March 1794.

Guilford Co., NC
MORROW, John and Mary Clark, 18 March 1792

MORROW MARRIAGES from New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania 1725-1890
Submitted by: Ron & Elaine Long (1994 Genealogical CD Publishers & T3)

MORROW, Alexander NESBIT, Mariah 9-01-1821 NJ
MORROW, Andrew SINCOT, Eliza 6-25-1873 PA
MORROW, Andy THORNTON, Susie 6-08-1893 NJ
MORROW, C.W.L.F. CHASE, Jane Eliza 27 Mar1850 NY
MORROW, Ella MORROW, James 12-13-1880 NY
MORROW, George JORDAN, Martha 20 Jan 1875 NY
MORROW, Howard VAN EMBERG, Bessie 5-07-1905 NY
MORROW, Isaacc HUNIFORD, Rachel 1 Mar 1847 NY
MORROW, James MORROW, Ella 12-13-1880 NY
MORROW, James NUDD, Nancy S. 6 Oct 1851 NY
MORROW, Joe DENNIS, Selena 7-02-1896 NJ
MORROW, John HEATH, Ellen 17 Jan 1852 NY
MORROW, John MORROW, Sarah 10 Mar 1833 NY
MORROW, John PARKER, Ann 21 Jul 1859 NY
MORROW, John J. DUNHAM, Elizabeth M.1 Nov 1852 NY
MORROW, Lizzie MOSER, James A. 12-10-1892 NJ
MORROW, Manasseh VAN HORN, Rica M. 21 Dec 1873 NY
MORROW, Robert BALENTINE, Eliza 7 Jul 1848 NY
MORROW, Robert HURRNIFORD, Emily 3 Jan 1839 NY
MORROW, William TRANSUE, Emma 12-28-1905 NJ
MORROW, Wm. DOUGLAS, Eliza 29 May 1850 NY
MORROW, Wm. T. CHEDWICK, Mary Ann 8 May 1852 NY

(All NJ marriages Phillipsby, Warren County except for Alexander Morrow which is Somerset County. PA is Easton in Northampton County)

Missouri Marriages

Adair County
Canada, Jesse married Morrow, Polly on 08 May 1842
Booth, Elizabeth married Morrow, Jesse L. on 26 Sep 1843

Barry County

Martin, William married Morrow, Eliza on 17 Jun 1848

Boone County

Daly, James married Morrow, Isabella on 08 Mar 1827
Anthony, William married Morrow, Delila on 13 Sep 1827
Morrow, Samuel married Smith, Sarah on 13 Apr 1834
Daly, John married Morrow, Arremena on 11 Jul 1830
Crockett, Margaret married Morrow, James G. on 30 Sep 1834
Morrow, Levicy married White, William C. on 18 May 1838

Callaway County

Agee, Seleta married Morrow, James on 26 Jan 1837

Cole County

Morrow, Richard married Tomlinson, Polly on 23 Aug 1830
Morrow, Thomas married Williams, Charlotte on 19 Jan 1832
Farris, John married Morrow, Menirva on 08 Mar 1832
Enloe, Sylphiann married Morrow, Robert on 29 Jul 1836
Morrow, Joseph married Vanpool, Katharine on 08 Jun 1843
Enloe, Samuel C. married Morrow, Elizabeth K. on 13 Nov 1843
Hunsaker, Louisa married Morrow, John C. on 12 Sep 1844

Cooper County

Houx, Phillip married Morrow, Margaret on 14 Sep 1824
Mcfarland, Samuel married Morrow, Jane on 15 Sep 1824

Gasconade County

Gibson, James married Morrow, Peggy on 11 Oct 1827 Morrow, Deborah married Pummel, Simpson on 23 Jun 1831 Bowen, Robert F.
married Morrow, Anna on 22 Dec 1831 Greene County

Morrow, Robert D. married Pettyjohn, Mary J. on 25 Sep 1845
Morrow, Martha Jane married Townsend, A. M. on 02 May 1848
Davis, Thomas married Morrow, Mary Jane on 11 Sep 1848

Holt County

Hawley, James married Morrow, Nancy on 22 Aug 1844

Howard County

Morrow, Robert D. married Ray, Elizabeth on 23 Nov 1820
Lawrence, Louvecy married Morrow, Robert on 09 Mar 1834
Kyle, Elizabeth married Morrow, James W. on 14 Jul 1839
Birch, Thomas E. married Morrow, Eliza on 19 May 1841
Morrow, Henry married Robinson, Martha on 10 Jul 1841

Johnson County Dobyns, Benjamin F. married Morrow, Margaret on 01 Dec 1847
Brewer, Sally married Morrow, David on 12 Oct 1848

Lafayette County

Mcfarland, Rachel married Morrow, David on 23 Jan 1834
Morrow, Maria Louisa married Seymour, Sydney on 28 Mar 1844
Dean, James B. married Morrow, Mary Ann on 26 Apr 1844

Lewis County

Bullock, Mary Elizabeth married Morrow, Alexander M. on 07 Jun 1835
Brown, Jane A. married Morrow, Hanson on 11 Feb 1840
Derringer, Joseph married Morrow, Caroline Jane on 03 Aug 1844
Downing, Charity married Morrow, Elias on 14 Mar 1847
Brown, Sarah married Morrow, Asbury on 01 Nov 1849

Lincoln County

Hughes, Andrew married Morrow, Polly on 18 Nov 1832
[Polly Hughes of Pike Co., MO is sister to Andrew Hughes per Judy jgee <

Linn County

Morrow, Willis B. married Mullins, Mary Ann on 26 Aug 1845
Monroe, Elizabeth B. married Morrow, Christopher on 23 Jul 1846

Macon County

Morrow, William married Summers, Louana on 10 Sep 1839
Maddocks, Lavina married Morrow, James on 28 Sep 1840
Morrow, Rebecca married Summers, Isaac on 11 Sep 1845
Morrow, Eliza Jane married Wilks, William A. on 18 Dec 1845
Morrow, John S. married Richardson, Melsena on 18 Dec 1845
Morrow, Calvin married Morrow, Esther on 20 Jun 1847
Morrow, Mary married Smoot, Thomas on 19 Aug 1847
Morrow, Isaac married Summers, Selah Jane on 27 Aug 1848

Madison County

Mcfarland, Arthur married Morrow, Louisa on 03 Oct 1834
Ilas, James T. married Morrow, Margret on 21 Jan 1836
Brewin, Morrow married Morrow, Elizabeth on 19 Mar 1837

Marion County

Morrow, Benjamin married Robirds, Martha on 19 Sep 1839

Moniteau County

Amos, William married Morrow, Katherine L. on 27 Nov 1847

Osage County

Morrow, James married Townsend, Elizabeth on 28 Aug 1842
Laughlin, Nancy S. married Morrow, William L. on 22 Dec 1842
Morrow, James married Powers, Enralilke on 21 Aug 1845
Hamilton, Eliza Jane married Morrow, Thomas S. on 01 May 1846
Jinkins, Edward married Morrow, Nancy on 11 Oct 1847
Cason, Dedric married Morrow, Mary Jane on 17 Feb 1848

Pike County

Hughes, Polly married Morrow, William on 29 Nov 1832
(Andrew Hughes of Lincoln Co., MO is brother to Polly Hughes per Judy jgee <

Platte County

Morrow, Sarah married Traves, David on 28 Nov 1843

Polk County

Karr, Diantha M. married Morrow, Joseph on 05 Dec 1844
Morrow, Robert married Smith, Elizabeth on 29 Jan 1845
Ayres, John married Morrow, Rebecca on 07 Sep 1848
Morrow, Ruth Elenor married Thompson, Hiram on 28 May 1850

Randolph County

Morrow, Jefferson married Summers, Manerva on 29 Dec 1836

St. Francois County

Morrow, Andrew married Payton, Theresa on 28 Oct 1836

St. Louis County

Lander, David married Morrow, Margaret L. on 26 Dec 1841