Morrow's of Tennessee--1750-1890

( Source: Bibliography: Acklen, Robert, Tennessee Records, Bible Records and Marriage Bonds, Nashville, TN: Cullom & Ghertner Co., 1933.)


page 147 Carrie Harper Cheek (Mrs. H. E.), descent of John Harper, Sr., who was born 1740, died Sept., 1812, in Sumner County, Tenn. The daughter of
James George Harper and Emma Hunt Harper. George, the son of Thomas, who was the son of John Harper, Jr., who married Martha Snead Oldham,
daughter of Major George Oldham, who was born Feb. 25, 1779, died April 25, 1845. John Harper, Jr., the son of John Harper, Sr., and Margaret Morrow,
born 1750, died Dec. 6, 1835, married 1772. He was of English descent. Margaret Morrow's parents came from Ireland. Children of John Harper, Sr., and
Margaret Morrow:

Rebecca Harper, born May 16, 1773.
William Harper, born Jan. 1, 1775.
Hugh Harper, born Sept. 22, 1776.
John Harper, Jr., born Feb. 25, 1779.
Anna Harper, born Sept. 8, 1781.
Andrew Harper, born Oct. 3, 1784.
James Harper, born June 6, 1786.
Elizabeth Harper, born March 25, 1788.

page 234
Thomas Oliphant and Hannah Morrow, married April 7, 1802.

page 331
Caleb Holder Jones married Eliza Morrow Hume who was born in Nashville about 1812. They were married about 1835. They had six children: Henry Clay,
who died in infancy, Thomas, Edgar, Caleb Holder, Rachel Jackson, Ruth, and Josephine. Caleb Holder Jones, Sr., was in the Mexican War. He enlisted as
private on July 7, 1847, and served as private in Company B, 1st Batln., Louisiana Volunteer Infantry. He died in service on November 4, 1847, at Pueblo,
Mexico. Eliza Morrow Hume Jones died in Nashville May 11, 1857.

Morrow, Robert, to Nancy Dobson; Jan. 22, 1799 p371
Morrow, Alexander, to Rosannah Spence; Dec. 2, 1809 p374
Morrow, John, to Ann J. Jones; June 26, 1815 p 378
Morrow, William M., to Milly Bishop; Oct. 23, 1818 p 382
Morrow, George, to Nancy Carter; April 7, 1819 p 384
Morrow, Charles, to Sally Davis; Dec. 18, 1823 p. 389
Elledge, Isaac, to Jane Morrow; Sept. 15, 1837 p 395

Estates: 1848
page 429
NAME: Nov. 10–John Morrow
1802 TEST.: John Allcorn
SURETY: John Morrow
& Affiliated Families
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