Rachel Morrow was born February 26, 1842 in Missouri to David James Morrow and Lucinda Young . She died February 15, 1899 in Dallas County,
MO. On February 28, 1861 she married
Samuel Ulysses Jones in Dallas Co., MO. Samuel was born April 30, 1837 in Sangamon, Illinois and died Jan 1,
1915 in Dallas Co., Mo. Both are buried in the Macedonia Cemetery. Samuel married a second time to Mary Sinai Daffron b: January 14, 1838 d: February
16, 1909 in Buffalo, Dallas Co., MO. They married on December 22, 1901.

There is quite a bit of history and folklore associated with the family of Samuel Ulysses Jones. It is not my intention of spreading false stories, but there
have been many fascinating tales which have reached me during my years of research. I feel it is only appropriate for me to document them for future
researchers. Many times I have taken unlikely stories and found one tiny bit of information which opened new doors of research to follow!

On June 13, 1981 Lorea Morrow, who learned this story from her father David Waldon Morrow, said that Rachel had married an outlaw by the name of
Sam Jones, and that one of their sons, Jim, robbed the Longview Bank in Longview, TX. He was believed to be part of the Dalton gang in Oklahoma and
attempted a bank robbery in Coffeyville, Kansas. She concluded by saying that Jim Jones had many more narrow escapes with the law in Greenville, Texas
before leaving for Mexico.

Another Morrow descendant, Katy Augusta Morrow Tomlinson, (son of James Peter Morrow) told me the following story:

"One evening Jim Jones came running through our front door and scared my mother. He said a possee was after him and proceeded to run out the back
door. About that time my father, James Peter, who looked a lot like Jim, came home and mother told him what happened. The possee showed up and was
determined to arrest my father, as they thought he was Jim. My mother had a devil of a time convincing them that my dad was not Jim Jones!"

It is a fact that there was an Asa and Bill Jones who did indeed ride with Bill Dalton and his gang, and who were part of the bank robbery in Longview, TX.
Asa and Bill were ordered into Texas (from the Indian Territory- Ardmore, OK) ahead of Dalton to reconnoiter the town. They got jobs working at the Brown
and Flewellen sawmill located about seven miles north.

On May 23, 1894 the rest of the Dalton gang rode into Longview. One month prior to their arrival, Bill Dalton had actually written a letter to a Longview
merchant stating the following:

We take this method of informing you that on or about the 23rd day of May 1894, we will rob the First National Bank of Longview. So take notice
accordingly and withdraw your deposit as this is a straight trip. For further information see Charles Specklemeyer or the undersigned. Yours for business,
B. and F.

The letter was ignored as a hoax by the citizens of Longview. About 4:00pm the gang dismounted at the front of the bank on Tyler Avenue. Bill Jones
remained in a lookout position across from the main entrance as the robbery took place. A clean getaway was not to be. One of the cashiers became
enraged and jumped Bill Dalton. Pandemonium ensued and many lives were taken in the gun fights. Both Asa and Jim Jones escaped, along with Bill
Dalton. Dalton was eventually traced to Ardmore and was killed by Los Hart, an Ardmore citizen deputized to be part of the possee following the gang.
According to The Daily Armoreite of June 9, 1894, the rest of the gang was eventually caught or killed, bringing an end to the career of the last Dalton

Were these two Jones men related to Samuel Ulysses Jones? We may never know, but it makes a great story!

Samuel Ulysses Jones was born April 30, 1837 in Sangamon, IL to James B. Jones and Mary (last name not known). Samuel’s siblings were: Sarah Ann,
William Frank, Willis who married Samantha Vanderford, Robert, Alexander who married Laura J. Rathburn and John T. During the War Between the
States, Samuel was assigned to the 8th Reg’t, MO Calvary.

Samuel’s father James B. was born May 4, 1811 in Bedford Co., TN and died September 21, 1855 in Dallas Co., MO. He is buried in the Macedonia
Cemetery in Dallas Co. His mother Mary was born about 1819 in Tennessee. James B. Jones’ parents were married about 1808 in Pulaski Co., KY. His
father was Alexander Jones born about 1786 in Orange County, NC and died October 22, 1844 in Ball Township, Sangamon Co., Illinois. James’ mother
was Susan Woozley born about 1788 in Halifax Co., VA and died January 20, 1844 in Ball Township, Sangamon Co., Illinois.

On October 21, 1832 in Sangamon Co., Illinois, James B. Jones married again to Sarah Ann Stice. The children from this second marriage were: William
Frank who married Ella Warran and Sarah Ann. It is believed that James B. married a third time.

From a family biography written in 1958 by Myrtle Dove Lotton Jones , she writes:

"....(James B. Jones) was married three times. He had three sets of children, I think about 9 or 12. One brother, John T. lived on the old homestead place
for some years. He is the only one of Daddie’s (Samuel Ulysses Jones) family remembered by Charles. The others leaving there in early life, going to
Springfield, Illinois, and other places. Some of them thru Stock Brokerage became quite rich. ...The Father (James B.) must have been well educated,
judging from some of his old bookkeeping books and his beautiful handwriting. For years he was the Dallas County Recorder; and bought up much land
from people coming in by wagon from other states to make homes, getting discouraged and selling for money enough to get back to their old homes. He
paid their price, but it seems he had plenty of money, so acquired quite an acreage of land.

"Daddie Jones (Samuel Ulysses) pointed out to me the tree at which one wagon stopped, and tied its one remaining horse. Coming from, I believe he said,
Indiana, one horse took sick and died just before they got there. The man took the place of the gone horse, at the wagon tongue and helped pull the
family on in. After a short trial, the family asked and took $25.00 for their little farm near the Macedonia Church and left for their return back home. I
suppose the money purchased another horse for the return. This land lay just across the road East of grandfather Jones’ place....Grandfather built a log
house on his homestead, by a nice spring. Later, he built a two room, story and a half lumber house, also near the spring. He painted it blue. Daddie
Jones said people came from all of the county, for miles, by wagon to see the Jones big blue house - the first lumber house in the county. He became very
wealthy. Daddie Jones once told me his father owned in this community the land on both sides of the road for more than a mile; and as far East and West
as the eye could see. Daddie finally acquired one of his farms farther north that had become their home and went on to Daddie’s son, Thomas, for a
home. The little blue house and the log building still stood very wobbly almost ready to fall when I went to Missouri in the year 1909.

"Daddie Jones was a very quiet, untalkative man, and it seems told little of his earlier life to his family....Much of it was about the farm he bought three miles
south of Buffalo and built a one room log house for his bride. He later built a large two roomed below and above home across the front with a back porch
and full length big porch across the front. He built it in time for Charles, his youngest to be born in it. He was a darling white haired, white bearded, six foot+
fellow when I knew him. Knew him as a part of our family for nearly five years we lived in Missouri. He raised a large family; had always others in their home,
was a good provider; and housed the Revival preachers.

"He was a quiet, providing church member. The mother was a shouting religious church member who also was the high voice in the choir at Macedonia. He
and the mother were married quite young. They went through the civil war together. He told how she took two children with her, rode a big gray mule and
even went through enemy lines to take food and clean clothing to him. One early morning as she cooked breakfast for herself and babies, a troop of
confederate army men rode in and scared her so. But they just order her to get their breakfast- were real nice- thanked her and rode away. Daddie said
his time was spent mostly north, but went as far south as Pea Ridge. One episode in his army life was "The best meal I ever ate"...as he and one other
rode at the back of a troop, getting son ready to make camp, he motioned at his mate to slow up. They dropped behind and he alited and picked up out of
the dusty road that the others had all trod over, a large bacon rind. As he shook the dust from it his team mate asked was he dreaming (or some such
remark). They slipped back from camp, built a bonfire, put their rind on a stick and cooked it over the fire. As it cooked, they caught the grease drippings
in their tin cups. "Then what a meal we had!"... chewed the rind and dipped their hard tack bread in the grease. His best meal...They must have been

"Daddie and family accumulated lands, mules, cattle, sheep, hogs, geese and gardens. I’ve heard him tell of putting away for winter a smoke house full of
meats, lards, smoked meats; three barrels of his custom made sorghums; a barrel of cider vinegar; and a barrel of kraut. They butchered 14 hogs a year.
There were canned fruits, mile, butter and buttermilk in the cellar. Dried apples and peaches and pumpkins in the rafters. Great kettles of homemade
hominy. Their corn meal was custom ground. He finally had a farm for each of his eight children and a small acreage for himself. Leaving the homeplace to
Charles, the youngest.

Rachel Morrow and Samuel Ulysses Jones had the following children:

  1. John Burl Jones
  2. Mary Ann Jones b: October 15, 1863 in Buffalo, Dallas, MO d: May 23, 1865 in Dallas, MO.
  3. James Alexander "Jake" Jones b. February 11,1865 in Buffalo, Dallas, MO d: in Nixa, Christian, MO.
  4. Samuel Ulysses Jones b: April 23, 1867 in Buffalo, Dallas, MO
  5. Thomas Henry Clay Jones
  6. Sarah Frances Jones b: January 20, 1873 in Buffalo, Dallas, MO.d: December 20, 1952 in Buffalo, Dallas, MO.
  7. George Washington Jones was born March 14, 1875 in Buffalo, Dallas Co., MO and died July 21, 1953 in Buffalo, Dallas Co. MO. Buried in the
    Macedonia Cemetery. First wife Luda. Second wife was Elizabeth C. Taylor b: in Leadmine, Dallas Co, MO. They were married January 10, 1908 in
    Buffalo, Dallas Co., MO. Nothing more is known.
  8. Lucindia Ann Jones b: September 17, 1877 in Buffalo, Dallas, MO d: June 25, 1884 in Dallas, MO. Buried in Macedonia Cemetery.
  9. Zella Mae Jones b: December 12, 1879 in Benton Township, Dallas Co, MO d: May 17, 1976
  10. Charles Rosenthal Jones b: March 13, 1882 in Buffalo, Dallas, MO d: May 3, 1959 in Tonkawa, Kay, OK.
  11. After the death of Rachel, Samuel married again to Mary Sinai Daffron b: January 14, 1838 in Buffalo, Dallas, MO d: February 16, 1909 in Buffalo,
    Dallas, MO. They married December 22, 1901 probably in Missouri.


John Burl Jones
John was born November 15, 1861 in Buffalo, Dallas, MO and died June 1941 in San Antonio, Bexar, TX. He married Linnie Francis Mundy on May 21,
1892. She was born May 21, 1875 and died May 1951 in San Antonio, Bexar, TX. Their children were:

  1. Gren Jones
  2. Una Jones
  3. Roscoe Jones
  4. Arther Jones
  5. Helen Jones


Samuel Ulysses Jones, Jr.
Samuel U. Jones was born April 23, 1867 in Buffalo, Dallas Co., MO and died January 1, 1915. He married Louisa "Ludie" H. Newport on December 9,
1886 in Buffalo, Dallas Co., MO. Louisa was born October 9, 1886. They had no children. He was married a second time to Emma Leach on November 14,
1892. She was born November 16, 1892. Their children:

  1. Idell Jones
  2. Claudie Jones
  3. Myrtle Jones b: June 23, 1900
  4. Ulises Jones


Thomas Henry Clay Jones
Thomas was born November 15, 1870 in Buffalo, Dallas Co., MO and died January 1, 1917. On November 17, 1892 in Dallas Co., MO he married Susan
Duree. She died February 16, 1909. Their children:

  1. Murvin Alexander Jones b: October 14, 1902 d: November 16, 1969 (Descendant Donna Smith DSmith1055@aol.com
  2. Ada Ray Jones b: February 2, 1907
  3. Earl H. Jones
  4. Clyde W. Jones


Sarah Frances Jones
Sarah Frances was born January 20, 1873 in Buffalo, Dallas Co., MO and died December 20, 1952 in Buffalo, Dallas Co. MO. She is buried in the
Macedonia Cemetery. On August 31, 1890 in Buffalo, Dallas Co., MO she married Joseph L. Sprague. Their children:

  1. Mabel Mae Sprague
  2. Marvin LeRoy Sprague
  3. Melvin Ray Sprague
  4. Sarah married a second time to Rener Childress on July 17, 1901.


Zella Mae Jones
Zella Mae was born December 12, 1879 in Buffalo, Dallas Co., MO and died May 17, 1976 in Buffalo, Dallas Co., MO. Married W. Brownlow Fraker who
died June 3, 1936. Their children:

  1. Bennie Fraker b: November 8, 1902 d: December 1956 in Missouri
  2. Jewel Fraker


Charles Rosenthall Jones
Charles was born March 13, 1882 in Buffalo, Dallas Co., MO and died May 3, 1959 in Tonkawa, OK. On December 24, 1908 in Cherokee, Grant, OK, he
married Myrtle Dove Lotton. She was born December 24, 1888 in Cherokee, OK to Allen Samuel Lotton and Rosanna Delphine Hinshaw. She died
December 6, 1968 in Tonkawa, OK. They are both buried in the Riverview Cemetery. Their children are:

  1. LaFreda Dove Jones b: March 4, 1910 in Buffalo, Dallas Co., MO married to Elmer Wallace O'Mealey b: in Tonkawa, OK
  2. Lillian Radell Jones b: January 6, 1912 in Buffalo, Dallas Co., MO d: August 27, 1978 in Enid, OK. On November 1, 1930 married John Matthiesen.
  3. Samuel Charles R. Jones b: March 27, 1914
  4. Allen Lee Burl Jones b: July 7, 1916 mar: Charlotte V. Fitts
  5. Atwood Deforis Goodson Jones b: September 14, 1918.
  6. Melvin Dilver Dean Jones b: August 10, 1921 d: December 24, 1943 in New Guinea (WWII) Buried Tonkawa OK, Riverside Cemetery Mar 14 1944
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