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Shipman Family

Shipman Family

Jacob Shipman and Rebecca

Jacob Shipman was born about 1779 in North Carolina. He died about 1845 in Wayne Co., TN. His wife's name was Rebecca. They had the following children:

  1. Elizabeth Shipman b: 1809 in TN mar. David Berry m: Abt 1824 in TN
  2. Dau Shipman b: 1811 in TN
  3. John Shipman b: 1815 in TN mar. Susan m: 1838 in TN
  4. Isaac Shipman b: 1819 in Wayne Co., TN d: March 27, 1893 in Leslie, Searcy Co., AR mar. Malinda b: m: 1839 in TN *2nd Wife of Isaac Shipman: mar. Eliza Redman
  5. William F. Shipman b: 1821 in TN d: 1865 in Newton Co., AR mar. Mary A.
  6. James Ervin Shipman
  7. Dau Shipman b: 1826
  8. Matthew Shipman b: 1831 in TN mar. Tritheny b: m: 1851 in Searcy Co., AR
  9. Dau Shipman b: 1833
  10. Dau Shipman b: 1835

James Ervin Shipman and Wives: Nancy Holt and Annie Gray and Mary Catherine Hollabaugh

James Ervin Shipman was born October 24, 1824 in Wayne Co., TN to James Shipman and Rebecca. He died August 21, 1916 in Searcy Co., AR and is buried in the Watts Cemetery. His first wife was Nancy Holt who was born in Tennessee. They were married about 1842 in Wayne Co, TN. She died around 1846. James' second wife was Annie Gray who was born 1828 in TN and died about 1864 in IL. They were married about 1847 in Searcy Co., AR. On January 20, 1866, he married his third wife, Mary Catherine Hollabaugh. She was born September 27, 1836 in Perry Co., TN to George Hollabaugh and Rhoda Sarah Griffin and died June 20, 1920 in Searcy Co., AR.

James and Nancy Holt had the following children:

Children of James and Annie Gray:

  • Rachel E. Shipman b: July 1850 in Searcy Co., AR
  • James Alexander Shipman
  • J.H. Shipman b: July 01, 1855 in Searcy Co., AR d: Bef 1860 in Searcy Co., AR
  • Isaac Penson Shipman b: July 17, 1856 in Searcy Co., AR d: July 02, 1942 in Lawton, Comanch Co., OK Letitia Cem. mar. Mary Lucinda Bratton b: April 07, 1859 in Searcy Co., AR m: January 21, 1877 in Searcy Co., AR d: November 21, 1941 in Comanche Co., OK Letitia Cem.
  • Robert R. Shipman b: January 05, 1857 in Searcy Co., AR d: in Anadarko, Caddo, OK mar. Cordelia J. Bratton b: m: 1880 in Searcy Co., AR
  • Minerva T. Shipman b: 1859 in Searcy Co., AR d: Bef 1870 in Coles Co., IL
  • John Newton Shipman b: October 1863 in Searcy Co., AR d: March 22, 1940 in Searcy Co., AR mar.Loretta Bell Hollabaugh b: November 1874 in Searcy Co., AR m: 1893 in Searcy Co., AR d: 1961 in Searcy Co., AR

Jacob Shipman and Francis Cash

Jacob Shipman was born December 26, 1845 in Wayne Co, TN. to James Ervin Shipman and Nancy Holt Around 1866 he married Francis Cash who was born June 07, 1851 in Searcy Co., AR. They had the following children:

  1. Laura Shipman b: 1868 in Searcy Co., AR
  2. Samantha J. Shipman b: 1869 in Searcy Co., AR
  3. James Shipman b: 1871 in Searcy Co., AR
  4. Jasper Shipman b: 1873 in Searcy Co., AR
  5. Irvin Shipman b: 1876 in Searcy Co., AR
  6. Nellie Shipman
  7. Newton Shipman

James Alexander Shipman

James Alexander Shipman was born January 17, 1852 in Searcy Co., AR to James Ervin Shipman and Annie Gray On August 23, 1920 he died in Leslie, Searcy Co., AR. His first wife was Martha Jane Melton, born April 09, 1856 in Searcy Co., AR. They were married February 08, 1872 in Searcy Co., AR. She died August 24, 1931 in Pulaski Co., AR. James' second wife was Rhoda Sarah Griffin (Hollabaugh) who was born October 1854 in Searcy Co., AR and died October 09, 1938 in Searcy Co., AR. They were married March 13, 1894 in Searcy Co., AR.

Children of James Alexander Shipman and Martha Jane Melton:

  • William Franklin Shipman b: November 09, 1872 in Searcy Co., AR d: 1939 in Osage Co, OK mar. Martha Alice Treece b: March 29, 1873 in Searcy Co., AR m: 1890 in Searcy Co., AR d: 1944 in OK
  • Penson Alexander Shipman b: October 07, 1874 in Searcy Co., AR d: May 24, 1926 in Searcy Co., AR Old Leslie Cem. mar. Tennessee Judy Hollabaugh, (his step-sister) b: April 06, 1883 in Searcy Co., AR m: in Searcy Co., AR d: September 02, 1958 in Maricopa Co., AZ
  • Infant Shipman b: 1875
  • James Leonard Shipman b: March 15, 1876 in Searcy Co., AR d: May 10, 1957 in Benton Co., AR mar. Rhoda Branscum b: November 1876 in AR m: August 10, 1897 in Searcy Co., AR
  • Mary Alice Shipman b: January 09, 1883 in Searcy Co., AR d: February 05, 1932 in Searcy Co., AR mar. Thomas A. Hollabaugh , (Her step-brother) b: 1882 in Searcy Co., AR m: July 04, 1901 in Searcy Co., AR
  • Thomas Lafayette Shipman b: August 02, 1888 in Searcy Co., AR d: December 13, 1959 in Searcy Co., AR mar. Leslie Capitola Cubijane Wright b: February 25, 1897 in Searcy Co., AR m: September 29, 1912 in Searcy Co., AR d: February 1989 in Searcy Co., AR

Children of James Alexander Shipman and Rhoda Sarah Griffin (Hollabaugh)

  • May Bertha Shipman b: Dec 1894 in Searcy Co., AR mar. James J. Wellman
  • Alberta O. Shipman b: July 1897 mar. Ollie
  • Elbert Dow Shipman b: Dec 13, 1899 in Searcy Co., AR d: Nov 17, 1959 in Memphis, TN mar. Beatrice Guthrie b: 1907 in Searcy Co., AR m: Aug 28, 1926 in Searcy Co., AR

Rhoda Sarah Griffin (Hollabaugh) was previously married to George Hollabaugh and had six children by him, namely:

  • Tennessee Judy Hollabaugh b: April 06, 1883 Searcy Co., AR d: Sept 02, 1958 mar Penson Alexander Shipman , (her step-brother) b: Oct 07, 1874 Searcy Co., AR d: May 24, 1926
  • Thomas A. Hollabaugh b: 1882 Searcy Co., AR mar. Mary Alice Shipman (his step-sister) b: Jan 09, 1883 Searcy Co., AR d: Feb 05, 1932
  • Mary Catherine Hollabaugh b: Septr 27, 1836 Perry Co., TN d: June 20, 1920 mar. John Leonard Melton b: 1832 TN d: June 1863. *2nd Husband : James Ervin Shipman b: Oct 24, 1824 Wayne Co., TN d: Aug 21, 1916
  • Loretta Bell Hollabaugh b: Nov 1874 Searcy Co., AR d: 1961 mar. John Newton Shipman b: Oct 1863 Searcy Co., AR d: Mar 22, 1940.
  • C.A. Hollabaugh
  • Frank Hollabaugh

James Edward (Jim) Shipman and Sarah Elizabeth Babb

James Edward (Jim) Shipman was born to Samuel Shipman in April of 1850 in Montgomery Co, AR. He died in 1909. His wife was Sarah Elizabeth Babb , born about 1862 and died before 1900, possibly in Callahan Co., TX. At this time, nothing is known about the family of Sarah Elizabeth. They were married Feb. 17, 1876 in Coryell Co., TX.

Jim Shipman went to jail in April 1900 for stealing a horse. He was released in 1904. In the 1900 census of Callahan Co., TX lists Aramias D. Denton, head of household. Living with him are: Nancy A. Denton, his mother, Ida B. Clark, niece and Wm S. Duncan, nephew, and Nannie?, Willie and Lee, which were Jim and Elizabeth's orphan children. Jim and Elizabeth had the following children:

  1. Nancy E. Shipman b. Feb. 1877 TX d. 1911
  2. Temperance Shipman b. 1879 TX
  3. James William Shipman b. Dec. 07, 1882 TX d. Dec. 20, 1954 Melvin Mccullough Co TX
  4. Robert Lee Shipman and Nancy Ann Collins
  5. John E. Shipman b. Dec. 1887 TX d. Mar 16, 1918 Bexar Co. TX
  6. Mollie K. Shipman b. Mar 1891 TX d. Hackberry TX

Robert Lee Shipman and Nancy Ann Collins

Robert Lee Shipman was born to James Edward Shipman on July 23, 1886 in Texas and died January 23, 1968. His wife, Nancy Ann Collins was born December 16, 1891 and died February 06, 1983. In the 1920 US Census for McCullough Co., TX, Robert can be found at age 33; Nancy A. age 28; dau Leola age 10; son James age 1 and brother James W. age 37.

Robert and Nancy had the following children:

  1. Elbert Shipman
  2. Leola (Zola) M. Shipman b: Abt. 1910
  3. J.Y. Shipman b: July 15, 1921 McCullough Co., TX
  4. Robert Lee "Bub" Shipman b: January 25, 1925 McCullough Co., TX
  5. James Shipman b: February 19, 1926 Taylor Co., TX
  6. John L. Shipman b: May 27, 1930 d: June 15, 1934

Robert Edward P.Taylor Shipman and Sarah Elizabeth Kiser

Robert Edward P.T. Shipman, son of Samuel Shipman, was born April 09, 1847 Hot Springs AR. He died Aug. 11, 1930 Real Co., TX He married Sarah Elizabeth Kiser, born Oct. 07, 1859 Hopkins Co TX. She died Sept. 26, 1929 Real Co. They are both buried in the Hackwood Cemetery in Edwards Co., TX.

They relocated quite frequently and lived in Travis, Somervell, Callahan and finally Edwards Counties. They moved to Edwards Co about 1900 and settled in the community of Hackberry. There's a story which has been told for years that Robert rode by Sarah's house one day, picked her up and rode off. None of the Kiser family was to see Sarah again for 49 years. They were married for 57 years.

Neither of them left a will. The seized property possessed a real and personal probable value of $7000, which was cumminity property in Edwards County. The Administrator of their estate was B.J. Stewart. Inventory and appraisment was on 25 May 1931. The final disposition was not made until October 10. 1941.


R.E. SHIPMAN, Ed, County. Campwood, TX Filed OCT.20, 1927
REJECTED AUGUST 27th 1928 S.H. TERRELL Comptroller of Public Accounts FAILURE TO PROVE SERVICE:
I was detailed to gather and butcher cattle for neighboring camps and worked out of Belton, Texas during the entire period of the war. We did not receive any discharge or surrender at the close of the war. When we heard it was over we went home. During the war we had several battles with the Commanche [sic] Indians. I fought at Packsaddle Mountain, Salt Lakes, and several other places around Llano City.
He states he is now 84 years old. Born in Tennessee .Been in Texas 76 years. Lives in Edwards County Texas. Has been in Edwards Co. Tx for 29 years. Post Office is Hackberry Texas.
Witnesses to the application: J.W. Gilmer and A.W. Owems Filed by County Judge of Edwards Co. TX-C.H. Gilmer on October 7, 1927. He says he served in Texas during all war. Enlisted in April 1860. Served until close as stated above. Company he served with is unknown but it was organized in Belton Texas by X.B. Sanders at the beginning of the war. He was in the Infantry. He states he does not own a home or any property. Letter from J.R. Gray about the appplication of R.E. SHIPMAN.

Letter from the state comptroller to Mr. Gray explaining why the pension was rejected. He states that no military record can be found, but if he can supply more information as proof of his service, his application will be futher considered.

OBSERVATION ON PART OF SHIRLEY RUNNELS, Researcher: On checking the BATTLE OF PACKSADDLE MOUNTAIN involved 8 cowboys from the Duncan Ranch in Llano and 21 Indians. but the battle took place in 1873-well after the Civil War. He also states that he had been in Texas 76 years. This would have put him here in 1850. He would have been only 7 years old at the time. He also states he was born in Tennessee and all census that I have found as well as what the family has always stated has him born in Arkansas. He says he had been in Edwards Co for 29 years, and this is pretty close to when we can put him there. He also says he did not own any property or home at the time-1927. Where did he put the 1260 acres that he owned since 1906. The land was supposed to have been sold about 1940 at least that is when his son, Pearl got his inheritance of $195. This whole pension may have been fabricated.

Deed in Edwards County TX-DEED BOOK 18 PAGE 456- J.E. Shipman sold 1280 acres to R.E. Shipman for Ten Dollars-Filed for record July 24, 1916 First Tract-All of Survey No. 20, Block P, Certificate No. 1/34, Original Grantee G. W. T. & P. Ry Co. containing 640 acres of land Second Tract-All of our certain undivided one-half interest in and to all of Survey No. 17, Certificate No. 417, Original Grantee, J.H. Owens, containing 640 acres of land

Deed in Edwards Co TX-DEED BOOK 14 PAGE 195-K.S. Smith sold 580 acres to R.E. Shipman for $250. filed June 14, 1909. Our undivided one-half interest in Section No. 17 Block VA certificate No. 417, Original Grantee, J.H. Owens the same being State School Land originally purchased by J.M. Yett on august 12, 1904. R.E. Shipman is to pay the remaining obligation to the state of Texas.

They had the following children:

  1. Pearl Nathanial Shipman b Feb. 19, 1890 Baird Co TX d Aug. 19, 1977 Goldthwaite Mills TX mar. Lue Tishie Matson b. Mar 06, 1900 Mason TX d: Nov. 24, 1986 Goldthwaite TX
  2. Betty Shipman b. Jan 26, 1874 Travis Co TX d: Dec. 08, 1935 Edwards Co TX mar. James Littleton Smith b. Jul. 07, 1887 Fredonia TX d: Oct. 18, 1918 Brown Co TX
  3. Melessa Jane (Jannie) Shipman b. Sept. 04, 1877 Somervell Co. d: Aug. 13, 1918 Hackberry-Edwards Co. mar. William Thurman b. Abt. 1844 Jasper Co. MO d: Oct. 29, 1929 Campwood TX
  4. Charles H. Shipman b. Mar. 24, 1882 Somervell Co d: Apr. 16, 1928 Montell-Uvalde Co. mar. Hortence Leslie Lockhart b. Jun. 01, 1885 d: Apr. 04, 1969 Schleicher Co TX
  5. John Illian Shipman b. Jan 12, 1885 Callahan Co. d: Aug. 18, 1948 Gilmer Place Edwards Co. mar. Lena Eveliana Mary Frances Williams b. Feb. 28, 1899 Fredonia-Mccullough Co.d: Jul. 13, 1933 Campwood TX
  6. Robert Lee Shipman b. Sept. 16, 1887 Coleman Co TX d. Mar 29, 1938 Leakey Real Co TX mar. Zulah Zingaro (Zoo) Routh b. Jan 14, 1881 Thrifty-Brown County TX d: Oct. 04, 1979 Midland TX
  7. Minie Bell Shipman b. Oct. 16, 1892 Callahan Co. d: Aug. 08, 1925 Edwards Co. mar. Frank James Routh b. Feb. 18, 1888 Brown Co TX d: Mar 26, 1968 Uvalde TX
  8. William Daniel-Dee Shipman b. Jul. 22, 1897 Calahan Co TX d: Oct. 12, 1986 Carrizo Springs, TX-Dimmit Co. mar. Mary Leslie Ross b. Feb. 06, 1909 Belton TX d: Apr. 29, 1985 Carlsbad N.M.
  9. Teenie-Mary Ann Tennessee Shipman b. Nov. 28, 1900 Edwards Co. d: Jan 07, 1954 Rotan Fisher Co TX mar. Leonard Laughlin b. Jul. 04, 1892 Coke County TX d: Mar 24, 1958 Rotan Fisher Co TX
  10. James Edward Franklin Shipman Jim b. Sept. 26, 1879 Somervell Co TX d: Sept. 16, 1949 Ft. Worth TX mar. Mary Frances Smith b. Dec. 12, 1880 AR d: Jun. 06, 1943 Brown Co TX

Isaac Denton Shipman and Sarah Storey

Isaac Denton Shipman was born Dec. 12, 1801 in Perry Co TN to Jacob Shipman and Nancy Denton He died in 1859 In Lake Co TN. He married Sarah Storey who was born in 1802 in Virginia and died 1859 In Lake Co TN. They had the following known children:

  1. Henry Adkins Shipman
  2. Jacob Shipman b 1822
  3. Daniel Storey Shipman b. 1821 d 1874
  4. Nancy Shipman
  5. Marinda Shipman
  6. Caroline Shipman b. 1829 d. 1920 m. Frank McCaleb
  7. Elijah Denton Shipman b. 1831 d 1925 m. Virginia Salomen
  8. William Clark Shipman b. 1833
  9. Henry Adkins Shipman b. 1835 d. 1926
  10. Sarah Shipman b. 1837
  11. Isaac Monroe Shipman b. 1838 d. 1929 m. Jane Harrell

Daniel Storey Shipman and Sarah

Daniel Storey Shipman was the son of Isaac Shipman


  1. Jacob ShipmanJacob Shipman b. 1844 m. Mary Elam Taylor
  2. Martha Shipman
  3. John Shipman
  4. Nancy Shipman
  5. Abraham Tyson Shipman b. 1852 d. 1933 m. Mary (Mollie) Lowery
  6. Josephine Shipman b. 1854
  7. Seareny Shipman b. 1858

Jacob Shipman and Mary Elam Taylor

Jacob Shipman was the son of Daniel Storey Shipman


  1. Lillie Taylor m. Elmer Cox (Lillie was a child by Mary's first marriage)
  2. Noah Shipman b. 1866 d. 1950 m. Lou?
  3. Lesley Thomas Shipman b. 1869 m. I.E. Stulman, Iduma Myrick and Annie Johns
  4. Rosie Shipman
  5. Daniel McIntyre Shipman b. 1873 d. 1938 m. Lula Isabelle Tripplett

Daniel McIntyre Shipman and Lula Isabelle Tripplett

Daniel McIntyre Shipman was the son of Jacob Shipman


  1. Arthur Shipman b. 1894 d. 1899
  2. Thomas Luther Shipman b. 1896 m. Sally Crutchfield
  3. Lonny Jacob Shipman b. 1898 m. Birdie Ashley
  4. Pearl Ann Shipman b. 1900 m. Buck Gilbreath
  5. Gladys Shipman b. 1903 m. ? Newhouse
  6. Lawrence Daniel Shipman b. 1905 d. 1993 m. Frankie Alma Gray
  7. Bob Minter Shipman b. 1907 d. 1983 m. May Jordan
  8. Mollie Christine Shipman b. 1910 m. Ray Robinson

Lawrence Daniel Shipman and Frankie Alma Gray

Lawrence was the son of Daniel McIntyre Shipman


Lawrence Minter Shipman b. 1929 d. 1985 m. Edith Rae Cross Thomas Edwin Shipman b. 1931 m. Tillie Griggs (divorced) Frankie Christine Shipman b. 1934 d. 1987 m. Valton Charles Ray III James Earl Shipman b. 1937 m. Sandra Jean Weit L.D. Shipman b. 1940 Billy Ray Shipman b. 1942 m. Gladys Jo Nunn Clarence Magnus Shipman b. 1945 m. Susan Graham Sherrill Ann Shipman b. 1950 m. Charles Garrett Aston

Henry Adkins Shipman

Henry Adkins Shipman was born Oct. 17, 1835 in Independence Henderson Co TN to Isaac Shipman. He died May 16, 1926 in Indian Gap Hamilton Co TX. His first wife was Clara Ann Simmons, born Nov. 15, 1840 in Gibson Co TN and died Jan 23, 1888 in Hamilton Co TX. They were married Jan 01, 1861 In Hamilton Co TX.

Henry's second wife was Nettie Hester born Aug. 04, 1847 In Giles Co. TN and died Feb. 26, 1932 In Hamilton Co TX. They were married July 14, 1889.

Children of Henry Adkins Shipman and Clara Ann Simmons:

  1. Della Edna Shipman b. May 31, 1863
  2. Tellamachus Shipman b. 1866 d: Dec. 27, 1937 In Hamilton Co TX mar. Orah E. Abney b. 1873 d: Dec. 21, 1961 In Hamilton Co TX mar. Oct. 29, 1889 In Hamilton Co TX
  3. Beulah Shipman b. Apr. 03, 1870 d: Jul. 23, 1873
  4. Junot Shipman b. Jan 25, 1872
  5. Hattie Shipman b. Dec. 25, 1874 d: Nov. 19, 1881
  6. Rodolph Shipman b. Jun. 18, 1868 d: Aug. 01, 1872 In TN
  7. Henry A. Shipman b. Mar 10, 1877 d: Oct. 25, 1893

Jacob Shipman and Nancy Denton

Nancy Denton was the daughter of Abraham DENTON and Mourning Hogg. Jacob was the son of Jacob and Sarah McMinn Source: Shirley Runnels

  1. Isaac Denton Shipman
  2. John Shipman b 1802 in TN
  3. Levi Shipman b 1800 in TN
  4. James Ervin Shipman b. Anna Gray

Nancy Shipman and William B. Denton

(Information on this family provided by Mark Moore, a descendant.

To date, no birth and death information has been provided on William and Nancy Shipman Denton. In the 1900 census of Callahan Co., TX lists head of household Aramias D. Denton. Living with him are: Nancy A. Denton, his mother, Ida B. Clark, niece and Wm S. Duncan, nephew, and Nannie?, Willie and Lee, which were Jim and Elizabeth's orphan children.

Their known children are:

  1. Sarah Elizabeth Denton b: March 10, 1848 d: December 17, 1942
  2. Rebecca J. Denton
  3. Mary J. Denton mar. Mr.Clark *2nd Husband of Mary J. Denton: J.O. Duncan
  4. Texas Anna Denton b: February 10, 1859 d: January 15, 1945 Rising Star Cemetery, Eastland, TX
  5. Martha Denton b: January 1865 d: Abt. 1900 Curtis Maples Cemetery
  6. Ananias David Denton b: December 05, 1870 d: December 12, 1957 mar. Mary Katherine Maples

Will of Daniel Shipman of Warren Co., KY

Deed Book 1, page 53: State of Kentucky, Warren County

Be it remembered that on the Eight Day of November one thousand seven hundred and ninty eight that DANIEL SHIPMAN, senior, Dec'd as he lay sick on his bed though in his perfect mind and memory not having an oportunity of a written will made and apointed this his perfect will in the Distribution of his Property Viz: Item one, Negro man named Dick and one Negro woman named Beck with two geldings called Dick and (unable to read) with twenty pounds due to the above named Daniel Shipman from one of his daughters which said twenty pounds to be and remain in her hands until a division of the above mentioned is brought to an equal division between his oldest children to wit: Sarah Harrinton, Edward Shipman, the heir of Jacob Shipman, Anna Lee, Daniel Shipman, Lucrecey Gage, who owes the above twenty pounds, Feeby Crawford, Rebecca Siscoe and Mary Johnson. The above named Negroes and horses to be equally divided among the above named children except the twenty pounds due from Lucy Gage which is not to be in any part taken from her if her equal cut should not amount to the said twenty pounds----and by Item 1 I give all the remainder of my personal property to my beloved wife Feeby Shipman and her two small children Temperance Shipman and David Shipman, which children is to be raised and educated on the sum which property to be and remain in the hands of the above named Feeby Shipman during her natural life time and after her decease then to belong to the above named Temperance and David Shipman--if under age to be at the care and discretion of the Executors of this will, which is Daniel Shipman, Robert Lee, Isaac Crawford. NB. I desire that none of my estate shall be sold, but be divided agreable to the above.

By Daniel Greene one of the Justices of the Peace for the County aforesaid appeared Thomas Downs and Fanny Downs who being sworn as the law directs saith on their oath that there were both personally preasant in company with the above named Daniel Shipman now Dec'd on the day that he died and heard him pointing outhis will and did understand the above written Instrument of writing to contain his particular will in full and that they believe he was in his perfect true senceat the same time sworn to before me this 13th Day of November 1798.
Thomas Downs/Fanny Downs/ Daniel Green JP

(Daniel Shipman's Inventory included three slaves: Dick, Beck and Sampson. The complete inventory was filed in the November Court, 1799, Warren County, KY)

Daniel Shipman and Wives:
Phoebe Stanton and Elizabeth Burleson

Daniel Shipman, Sr. was born about 1720 and died Nov 8, 1798 in Barren or Warren County, Kentucky . Researchers on this line have differing opinions as to whether he was born in Wales or New Jersey or Germany. Daniel Shipman, Sr.'s first wife was Elizabeth Burleson who was born in Lunenburg, Virginia to Aaron and Sarah Burleson . Aaron is found on the 1748 tithe list for that county. Elizabeth died before 1782 in North Carolina. (See the web page for the.

A few North Carolina primary records exist to give us an idea how Daniel conducted business during his lifetime:

Daniel and Elizabeth Burleson Shipman had the following known children:

  1. Sara Shipman b: Abt 1741 North Carolina mar. Thomas Harrington
  2. Daniel Shipman, Jr. b: Abt 1743 d: 1810 in or 1820 in North Carolina mar. Elizabeth McMinn (listed in N.C. Rev. Soldiers, Sailors Patriots & Descendants,Vol. 2.)
  3. Edward Shipman b: Buncombe, NC mar. Elizabeth Merrel
  4. Anna Shipman b: Abt 1747 North Carolina mar. Robert (A?) Lee m: Abt 1764
  5. Jacob Shipman
  6. Lucretia "Lucy" Shipman b: Abt 1753 mar. Jeremiah Gage
  7. Phoebe Shipman b: Abt 1755 mar. Isaac Crawford
  8. Rebecca Shipman b: Abt 1757 mar. Jacob Francisco
  9. Mary Shipman b: Abt 1759 mar. ? Johnson

His second wife was Phoebe Staton. They had two known children:

  1. Temperance Shipman b: Dec 17, 1792 Warren Co., KY (later Barren Co.) d: Abt 1850 in Stoddard County, MO mar. William M. Babb b: 1790 Greene Co., TN or Buncombe Co., NC d: Feb 22, 1842 in Stoddard County, Mo, Bloomfield, MO m: May 2, 1808 in Barren Co, KY
  2. David Waldon Shipman b: Abt 1785 d: Sep 12, 1850 in Missouri mar. Fanny Hale

Jacob Shipman and Sarah McMinn

See Will

Jacob Shipman was born about 1746, Brunswick, Lunenburg, VA to Daniel Shipman. He died about 1794 in Asheville, Buncombe, NC. He married Sara McMinn about 1750 in North Carolina. Jacob owned land on both sides of Sandy Run adjoining land owned by his father Daniel and his brother Edward. Jacob and his family were members of the Sandy Run Baptist Church until he died in 1794 and believed to be buried in the Ebenezer Baptist Church in Buncombe County, NC.

The 1790 U.S. Census , Morgan District, Rutherford County, lists a Jacob Shipman with one male 16 years of age and over; 7 males under 16 years of age and 2 females. Also listed under same Company were Edward, Daniel Sr., and Daniel, Jr.

Jacob Shipman served as a private in the 10th Regiment of North Carolina during the Revolutionary War. He enlisted July 20, 1778 for a period of 9 months in Quinn's Company.

After Jacob's death in 1794, Sarah Shipman relocated to Warren Co., KY with some of her children. Here is where she met and married George Saling late in the year of 1800. By 1815 the Saling's were relocated in Illinois, and by 1830 believed to have relocated again to Washington Co, MO where her son Matthew Shipman can also be found.

Jacob and Sarah McMinn Shipman's children are:

  1. John Shipman b: Abt. 1768
  2. Elizabeth Shipman b: Abt. 1770 d: Abt. 1835 mar. James Burleson
  3. Edward Shipman b: Dec 25, 1771 d: Nov 30, 1864 mar. Hanna Robinson b. abt 1780
  4. Abraham Shipman b: Abt. 1775 d: Bef. 1850 Letitia Magby
  5. Daniel Shipman b. 1780
  6. Isaac Shipman b: Abt. 1777
  7. Jacob Shipman b: Abt. 1779 mar. Nancy Denton
  8. Simon Shipman b: Abt. 1781
  9. Matthew Shipman b: Abt. 1785 d: Abt. 1855 mar. Charlotte Charity Jordan
  10. James H. Shipman b: Abt. 1790 d: Bef. 1869 mar. Hannah b: Abt. 1789 d: Aft. 1870

Daniel Shipman and Zilpha Macom

Thanks Linda Beauchamp for updating this family! (

Daniel Shipman was born about 1780 in Rutherford Co., NC to Jacob Shipman and Sarah Gage McMinn. He married Zilpha Macom about 1802 in North Carolina, d. between 1850-1860. Their oldest child Hiram was born there in 1804. After Hiram was born, they moved West going first to Tennessee where Isaac was born in 1806 and John in 1813. They then moved toward Goloconda, Illinois near Big Bay Creek where Moses was born in 1819. The next move was to Missouri where their last known son was born in 1822. We have no records of any daughters but some sources say there were five.

It is known that the Shipman family lived in Wayne County, MO (probably near Poplar Bluff) before 1829 as they are recorded there in the 1830 and 1840 census. The Weekly Citizen Democrate, Poplar Bluff, MO, dated April 19, 1917 stated the following: "Draw back the curtain hiding the pictures of the past to 1832 and standing at the summit of the great Bluff that skirts Black River and nestled in a forest or great poplar trees which grow abundantly along the Bluff stood a small frontier log cab. It was the home of the Shipman's.

Butler County was a part of Wayne County until 1840 and was sparsely settled before that time. The first settler came around 1820. The Shipman's came soon after. Daniel was 70 years old on the 1850 census for Butler County, MO. His wife Zilpha was 64 years old at the time and the census said she had been born in Tennessee. His occupation was listed as farmer.

Records for the county state that on July 26, 1853, "Daniel Shipman was appointed Road Overseer on 2nd Division of road from east line of county to the Military Road." It is not clear if this was Daniel or his son Daniel.

Daniel again appears in the 1860 census at age 79. His wife is not listed so we assume she has died by this time.

Children of Daniel and Zilpha:

  1. Hiram Shipman b: 1804 North Carolina
  2. Isaac Shipman b: 1805 Tennessee
  3. Franklin Shipman b. 1806 TN d. 1837 Wayne Co., MO
  4. John Shipman b. Feb 24, 1813 Tennessee
  5. Moses Shipman b: 1819 Goloconda, ILL
  6. Daniel Shipman, Jr. b. January 11, 1822 in Poplar Bluff, MO died August 3, 1880 Somervell Co, TX mar. Eliza McElmurry Shipman, born April 25, 1820 KY and died December 20, 1901 Somervell Co, TX. Both are buried in the Nancy Smith Cemetery, Somervell County, Texas.

At the death of Franklin Shipman, his children Elizabeth, Isaac, Palina and Daniel G. Shipman were raised by their Shipman grandparents. (Daniel G. was born October 28, 1832 in Wayne County MO. and died March 18, 1928 )

John Shipman and Margarette E. Butler

Thanks to Shirley A. Frame for the following information!

John Shipman was born on 24 Feb 1813 in Franklin Co., TN to Daniel Shipman and Zilpha Macom. He died on 25 May 1889 and was buried in Erath Co., TX - Purves Live Oak Cemetery. On 25 Nov 1832 in Missouri he married Margarette P. (Pumag) Butler who was born 6 Sept 1812 in Butler Co., MO. She died 24 Mar 1891 and was buried in Erath Co., TX- Purves Live Oak Cemetery.

John's family was listed in the following Federal Census:

1850 Census - Butler Co., MO, Dist. No. 10, Pg. 167B, Line 27

John Shipman, age 37, Farmer, b.TN; 
Margaret, age 37 b.TN;
Daniel, age 16, Farmer, b.MO; 
George, age 13, b.MO; 
Isaac, age 12, b.MO; 
Elizabeth age 9, b.MO; 
William, age 7, b.MO; 
John, age 5, b.MO; 
Thomas, age 3, b.MO.

1860 Census - McLennan Co., TX - Pg. 421, Line 6
John Shipman, age 47, Farmer b.TN; 
M.(female), age 47, b.TN;
 William, age 17, Farm Laborer, b.MO; 
John, age 15, Farm Laborer, b.MO; 
Butler (Thomas?), age 13, b.MO.

John Shipman and Margarette P. BUTLER had the following children:

  1. Daniel B. (Butler) Shipman.
  2. George T. Shipman was born in 19 Jan 1837 in Missouri. He appeared on the census in 1850 in Butler Co., MO.
  3. Isaac Shipman was born 13 Sept 1838 in Missouri. He appeared on the census in 1850 in Butler Co., MO.
  4. Elizabeth "Betty" Shipman
  5. William McClure Shipman.
  6. John Shipman
  7. Thomas Butler "Henry"? Shipman

Daniel B. Shipman and Nancy Ann Green

Daniel B. Shipman was born on 11 Mar 1834 in Missouri to John Shipman and Margarette P. Butler. He appeared on the census in 1850 in Butler Co., MO and on the census of 1910 in Knox Co., TX. He died about 1911 in Oklahoma. He was buried about 1911 in Vera, Knox Co., TX. Had eleven children (From 1910 Census, Knox Co., TX). Nancy Ann Green was born in 1837 in Mississippi. She appeared on the census in 1850 in Tyler Co., TX.

He obtained a marriage license on 1 Mar 1858 in Tyler Co., TX. He was married to Nancy Ann Green on 4 Mar 1858 in Peachtree Village, Tyler Co., TX. Newspaper Article from Unknown Paper:

The occasion of this writing was the celebration of the golden wedding of Mr. & Mrs. D.B. Shipman, more familiarly known as Uncle Dan and Aunt Nancy. Fifty years ago, March 4, this remarkable couple were married at Peach Tree Village, in Tyler County, Texas. They now reside two and one-half miles west of Vera. At this celebration there were present five children, fourteen grand children, one great grandchild and a large number of relatives and friends to enjoy the excellent dinner which had been prepared by willing hands and to wish them many more happy years together. These dear old soldiers of the cross cast their lots together while the bloom of youth was fresh upon their brow, sharing each other's joys and sorrows alike. Thought their form is bent with the burdens of many years of toil, their brows furrowed with age and their hoary heads show the snow of many winters, they are still cheerful and it is a feast of pleasure to be in their company. Aunt Nancy has been blind for more than two years but she bears her affliction with great fortitude, always trusting in Him who doeth all things well. They have lived such lives that when their last moments are spent on earth they will only be transplanted in that celestial city where there will be no more sorrow, pain or tears, but all will be one bright, happy day. A Friend"

Daniel B. Shipman and Nancy Ann Green had the following children:

  1. Margarett Ann Shipman
  2. William W. Shipman
  3. Erasmus "Ross" Shipman was born about 1875. He appeared on the census in 1910 in Knox Co., TX.

Elizabeth Shipman and Alfred Grayson Green

Elizabeth "Betty" SHIPMAN was born on 15 Oct 1840 in Missouri. (Born in Arkansas by Dora Pearl's Birth Certificate.) to John Shipman and Margarett P. Butler. She died on 25 Nov 1927 in Sacramento, Sacramento Co., CA. She was buried on 29 Nov 1927 in Sacramento, Sacramento Co., CA. City Cemetery. Grave stone says "State of Missouri".

She was married to Alfred Grayson GREEN 15 Oct 1857 in McLennan Co., TX.. Alfred Grayson "Buck" GREEN was born on 15 Mar 1836 in Mississippi. (Place of birth as Mississippi came from daughter, Dora Pearl's Death Certificate.) He was the son of Aaron GREEN and Mary West LITTLEPAGE. He died on 25 Oct 1921 in Sacramento, Sacramento Co., CA. City Cemetery. He was buried on 27 Oct 1921 in Sacramento, Sacramento Co., CA. City Cemetery.

William McClure Shipman and Almeda Ogden

William McClure Shipman was born on 25 Nov 1842 in Missouri to John Shipman and Margarett P. Butler. . He appeared on the census in 1850 in Butler Co., MO. He appeared on the census in 1860 in McLennan Co., TX. He died in 1932. He was buried in 1932 in Vera, Knox Co., TX. Vera Cemetery. He was married to Almeda OGDEN about 1863.

John Shipman and Susan Ogden

John Shipman II was born in Aug 1844 in Missouri to John Shipman and Margarett P. Butler. He appeared on the census in 1850 in Butler Co., MO. He appeared on the census in 1860 in McLennan Co., TX. He was married to Susan OGDEN about 1865.

Thomas Butler Shipman and Mary A. Askew and Martha Jane PINER

Thomas Butler "Henry"? SHIPMAN was born in 1847 in Wayne Co., MO. to John Shipman and Margarett P. Butler. He appeared on the census in 1850 in Butler Co., MO. He appeared on the census in 1860 in McLennan Co., TX. Per Robin Nutt: Thomas and Mary moved to Oklahoma some time around 1881/82. Levi and John both moved back to Navarro Co., TX and they both married sisters. After John's first wife died he moved back to OK.

He was married to Mary A. ASKEW about 1872. Mary A. ASKEW was born in 1852 in Texas. She died before 1893. Thomas Butler "Henry"? SHIPMAN and Mary A. ASKEW had the following children:

  1. Dan SHIPMAN
  2. Margaret SHIPMAN
  3. John SHIPMAN
  4. Martha SHIPMAN
  5. Levi SHIPMAN
  6. Benjamin T. SHIPMAN was born in 1877
  7. Elizabeth SHIPMAN was born in May 1879

He was married to Martha Jane PINER about 1892. Thomas Butler SHIPMAN and Martha Jane PINER had the following children:

  1. Mollie SHIPMAN was born in 1893.
  2. James D. SHIPMAN was born in 1896.
  3. Clarence SHIPMAN was born in 1901.

Margarett Ann Shipman

Margarett Ann SHIPMAN was born after 1859 to Daniel B. Shipman and and Nancy Ann Green in the Southern Indian Territory. She was married to William Washington McKNIGHT. William Washington McKNIGHT was born in Arkansas.

William W. Shipman and Maud

William W. SHIPMAN was born about 1873 in Texas to Daniel B. Shipman.. He appeared on the census in 1910 in Knox Co., TX.

He was married to Maud SHIPMAN (Maiden Name Unk) about 1901. Maud appeared on the census in 1910 in Knox Co., TX. William and Maud had the following children:

  1. Nettie B. SHIPMAN was born about 1902 in Texas. She appeared on the census in 1910 in Knox Co., TX.
  2. Gordon B. SHIPMAN was born about 1904 in Texas. He appeared on the census in 1910 in Knox Co., TX.
  3. Malcolm I. SHIPMAN was born in May 1907. He appeared on the census in 1910 in Knox Co., TX. He died Apr 1977.

John Shipman and Mary "Cindy" McBride

John SHIPMAN was born in 1871 After Cindy's death in 1913, John remarried and had more children.

He was married to Mary "Cindy" MC BRIDE about 1899. She was born in 1879 in Polk Co., AR. She died on 16 Apr 1913. She was buried in Navarro Co., TX. John SHIPMAN and Mary "Cindy" MC BRIDE had the following children:

  1. Frances SHIPMAN.
  2. Albert SHIPMAN was born in 1907. Died young.
  3. Ernest SHIPMAN was born in 1909. Died young.

Levi Shipman and Froney Jane McBride

Levi SHIPMAN was born on 1 Oct 1875 in Coryell Co., TX. He died on 26 Mar 1967 in Navarro Co., TX. He was married to Froney Jane MC BRIDE on 26 May 1898 inWapannka, Atoka Co., OK. Froney Jane MC BRIDE was born on 20 Mar 1882 in Polk Co., AR. She died on 26 Mar 1967 in Navarro Co., TX. Levi SHIPMAN and Froney Jane MC BRIDE had the following children:

  1. James Riley SHIPMAN was born in 1902.
  2. Harvey SHIPMAN was born in 1905.
  3. Roxie Ann SHIPMAN.
  4. Gladys SHIPMAN was born in 1917.
  5. Bertha SHIPMAN was born in 1924. She died in 1932.
  6. Tommie SHIPMAN.
  7. Infant SHIPMAN.

Roxie Ann SHIPMAN was born on 4 Dec 1909 in Navarro Co., TX. She was married to Loyd NUTT on 30 Nov 1929 in Navarro Co., TX. Loyd NUTT was born on 8 Jun 1910 in Coryell Co., TX. He died on 21 Jan 1978 in Midland, Midland Co., TX.

Samuel Shipman and Elizabeth Betsy Pully

Samuel Shipman was born about 1810 in Tennessee. On Nov. 23, 1825, in Hardeman Co., TN he married Elizabeth Betsy Pully who was born about 1808 in North Carolina. It is believed that Samuel and Betsy are buried in Coryell Co., TX.

Their children:

  1. Amanda Shipman b: 1836 in Henderson Co. TN. mar. Bushrad Withers 1859 in Bell Co. TX
  2. Sarah Elizabeth Shipman b: Jun 1838 in TN.
  3. Mary Ann Shipman b: Mar 1842 in Montgomery Co. AR d: 1919 mar. J. Marion Kiser b: Abt 1834 in TN. m: Jan 03, 1860 in Bell Co. TX
  4. Nancy Shipman b: 1844 in Montgomery Co. AR mar. J.D. Smith Feb 25, 1866 in Bell Co. TX
  5. Robert Edward P.T. Shipman
  6. James Edward (Jim) Shipman and Sarah Elizabeth Babb
  7. Samuel Shipman b: May 1860 in Bell Co. TX.

Mary Ann Shipman and J. Marion Kiser

Mary Ann Shipman was born March 1842 in Montgomery Co. AR and died 1919. On Jan 03, 1860 in Bell Co. TX she married J. Marion Kiser, born about 1834 in TN.

The Kisers lived in Bell County until 1871 when they moved to Coryell County. Marion worked as a miller at Straw's Mill near Gatesville. This was a grist mill powered by a water wheel. It was owned by Madison and Elisha Kinsey.

Children of Mary Ann and Marion:

  1. Tennessee Kiser b: Feb 13, 1865 in Bell Co., TX d: Oct 04, 1957 in Hamilton Co., TX mar. William Kinsey b: Dec 12, 1860 in King, Coryell Co., TX d: Aug 18, 1936 in Hamilton Co., TX m: Jun 17, 1882 in Gatesville, Coryell Co., TX
  2. Francis Kiser d: in died in infancy
  3. Mary Elizabeth (Molly) Kiser b: Jan 1862 in TX. d: 1956 mar. Taylor Presely Kinsey b: Mar 1861 in TX. d: Jul 08, 1913 in FT Worth, TX .