Bible Records
Etowah Co., AL:

Bible Record of Henry H. Usry, Coat's Bend:
Elisabeth Usry was born May the 4th day 1809
Departed this life Aprile the 21 day 1859

Francis P. Usry departed this life July 25, 1844

James Usry and Mariar D. Langley his wife was married July 25, 1861.
Oliver Edwards Usry son of James Usry was born July the 6 1862
Elburt Joseph Usry was born Nov the 9, 1862 (1863?)
Emmer Frances Usry was born April the 18, 1865
Zememerah Langley Usry was born December the 29, 1867 (1866?)
Henry Harrison Usry was born March the 1, 1869
Oliver Edwards Usry was borned July the 6, 1862
E.L. Usry was born November the 9, 1863
Z.L. Usry was born Dec the 19, 1866
H.H. Usry was born March the 10, 1869
Mary A. Usry was born the 18 day 1836 and married Jan. the 31 day of 1860.
H.T. Usry departed this life July the 31, 1862

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