Descendants of Joseph H. Ussery and Betty J. Brewer

Joseph H. Ussery was born Mar 31, 1867 to Aminenc Alexander Ussery. He died Jan 3, 1914 in Randolph Co., AL and is buried at the Fellowship Baptist Church. He
married Betty J. Brewer b: Jun 3, 1876 d: Feb 11, 1934. They had the following children:

Annie Ussery
Doyle "Buck" Ussery mar. Marie Rayleigh
Ethel Ussery mar. Vernen Watley ... *2nd Husband of Ethel Ussery: John Tanyt
John Ussery mar. Evie Hester
Ozella Ussery mar. Floyd Gay
Carl Ussery b: Sep 10, 1893 d: Feb 13, 1955 in Randolph Co, AL Fellowship Baptist Church mar. Alice Aldridge
Jason Howard Ussery b: Mar 9, 1894 in Randolph Co., AL mar. Myrtle Gladney
Joseph Alex Ussery b: May 23, 1898 d: Feb 20, 1918 in Randolph Co., AL Fellowship Baptist Church


John Ussery and Mary Jane Brown

John Ussery was born Apr 5, 1777 at "Waters of Banister River", Lunenburg Co., VA. His parents were John and Elizabeth Ussery. It is believed John died on Mar 30,
1828 , also at "Waters of Banister River, Lunenburg Co., VA". He married Mary Jane Brown on Dec 26, 1805 in Brunswick Co, VA by the Rev. Peter Wynne. Mary was
born May 31, 1789 and died Nov 10, 1879 in Union, Greene Co., AL. Mary was the daughter of
John Brown and Sarah Ussery. (Also See Bible Records)

John and Mary had the following children:

Elizabeth R. Ussery b: Dec 15, 1807 d: Sep 29, 1875 mar. William A. Cook
Sophia A.C. Ussery b: Feb 13, 1810 d: Feb 10, 1901 in Evening Shade, AR mar. Charles Henderson
William F. Ussery b: Feb 6, 1812 d: Jan 10, 1839
James Goodwin Ussery b: Jun 12, 1814 in VA d: Aug 25, 1873 in Mobile, AL? mar. Mary A. Fleet b: Abt. 1820 in VA . *2nd Wife of James Goodwin Ussery: Mary Ann
E. Clayton
Francis M. Ussery b: Jun 11, 1816 d: Aug 1825
Emely B. Ussery b: Jun 22, 1818
Sarah "Sallie" Brown Ussery b: Aug 4, 1820 in Halifax, VA? d: Sep 10, 1886 in Greene Co., AL Union Christian Cemetery. mar. John Craddock Tuck b: Abt. 1822 in
VA d: Feb 1, 1857 in Greene Co., AL Union Christian Cemetery
Mary Coleman Ussery b: Mar 1, 1823 in Halifax Co. VA d: Jun 29, 1902 in Caldwell Co, TX. mar John Jacob Coleman
John Ussery b: Oct 4, 1825 d: Jan 6, 1826
Alexander J. Ussery b: May 11, 1824 in Halifax Co, VA d: Dec 4, 1862 in near Knoxville, TN Army of CSA


Elizabeth Ussery and William A. Cook

Elizabeth R. Ussery was born Dec 15, 1807 to John Ussery and Mary Jane Brown . She died Sep 29, 1875. She married William A. Cook, who was born Abt.
1814 in VA. He died after 1879. They had the following known children:

Mordecai M. Cook b: Nov 5, 1835 in VA d: Bef. 1879
William A. Cook, Jr. b: Jun 22, 1838 in Halifax, VA d: Aug 12, 1848 in Eutaw, AL. Mesoptamia Cemetery
Mary Cook b: Abt. 1841 in VA
Henry Clay Cook b: Abt. 1845 in Alabama
Benjamin F. Cook b: Abt. 1847 in Alabama


Descendants of Milton Jackson Ussery and Sarah Adline Henry
Milton Jackson Ussery was born Mar 28, 1818 in SC to Peter Ussery and Elsie Davis. He died on Dec 2, 1886 in Randolph Co., AL and was buried in Bacon Level
Cemetery. His wife was Sarah Adline Henry who was born Feb 14, 1826 in Roanoke Co. AL and died Sept. 26, 1888 in Roanoke Co. AL. She is also buried in Bacon
Level Cemetery. They had the following children:

Sarah Evelyn Ussery mar. William Banks Meacham
Fannie Ussery mar. Mr. Matthews
Sis Ussery mar. Mr. Meacham
Tinnie Ussery
Aminenc Alexander Ussery
Milton Jackson Ussery II
Cornelius L. Ussery b. Jan. 5, 1856 d. July 31, 1937 mar. Margie Elizabeth Bishop
Princess Ussery b: May 29, 1864 d: Dec 7, 1947 Randolph Co., AL Fellowship Baptist Church

Sarah Evelyn Ussery and William Banks Meachum
Contributed by L.E. Cooper, Jr.

Sarah Evelyn Ussery was born May 1, 1851 in Randolph Co., AL in the town of Bacon Level. She died on August 31, 1923 in Randolph Co. She married William Banks
Meacham who was born Sept 19, 1853 in Al and died on Nov 15, 1915 in Al. They had the following children:

Lemuel Vernon Meachum mar. Pearl Baily
William Thomas Meachum b: May 28, 1877 in Bacon Level, AL d: Aug 20, 1955 in Bacon Level, AL mar. L.D. Johnson
Eva Nora Meachum b: Feb 14, 1879 d: Jun 23, 1963 mar. Arthur G Middlebrooks
Ila Princess Meacham b: Sep 16, 1881 in Bacon Level, AL d: Jan 20, 1973 mar. Samuel Lester Bonner
Francis Leola Meacham b: Dec 14, 1883 d: Jul 13, 1968 mar. W. N. Adams
Odus Fletcher Meachum b: Jan 21, 1886 in Bacon Level, AL d: Aug 14, 1900
Robert Milton Meachum b: Aug 25, 1888 in Bacon Level, AL d: Jun 30, 1952 mar. Orene Smith b: Sep 30, 1890 d: Jan 8, 1972
John Henry Meachum b: Sep 26, 1892 in Bacon Level, AL d: May 25, 1967 mar. Bonnie Clyde Dennis
Aminenc Alexander Ussery and Susan W. Rustin

Aminenc Alexander Ussery was born Feb 18, 1845 to Milton J. Ussery. He died Dec 20, 1934 in Randolph Co., AL . He married Susan W. Rustin who was born Nov 6,
1846 and died Jan 20, 1906 in Randolph Co., AL. They are both buried in the
Fellowship Baptist Cemetery. They had the following children:

Joseph H. Ussery
Sallie Ussery b: Sep 11, 1869 d: Apr 5, 1951 in Randolph Co., AL Bacon Level Cemetery
Milton Jackson Ussery b: Aug 31, 1871 d: Nov 3, 1921 in Randolph Co., AL Fellowship Baptist Cemetery
Mollie Ussery b: Nov 24, 1873 d: Mar 17, 1951 in Randolph Co., AL Bacon Level Cemetery
Lemuel Ussery b: Aug 29, 1876 d: Sep 8, 1910 in Randolph Co., AL Fellowship Baptist Church
Hermur E. Ussery b: Jun 1, 1878 d: May 31, 1907 in Randolph Co., AL Fellowship Baptist Church
Alabama Ussery b: 1882 mar. Adam Boggs
Ivy Ussery b: Unknown
Milton Jackson Ussery II and Mary L. Matthews and Matilda Matthews
Milton Jackson Ussery II was born Sept 10, 1853 Roanoke, Randolph Co. AL to Milton Usry. He died Feb 12, 1930 inRandolph Co., AL. He married Mary L. Matthews
who was born Nov 10, 1850 in Roanoke, AL and died Apr 24, 1918, Randolph Co., AL. They are both buried at
Fellowship Baptist Ch. Cemetery, Bacon Level, AL.
They had the following children:

Adolphus Ussery b: Aug 12, 1885 AL d: 1886 Randolph Co, AL Fellowship Baptist Church
Evelyn Emily Ussery b: Mar 10, 1887 AL d: Texas? mar. Joseph Holder 2nd husband: Mr. Weeks
James Alexander Ussery b: Dec 28, 1888 Roanoke Co. AL mar. Catherine Crenshaw
Murlus Odius Ussery b: Jun 27, 1890 AL mar. Haywood Dunn
Clanny C. Ussery b: Aug 17, 1891 Bacon Level, AL mar. Clarence C. Arnold
Nimrod D. Ussery b: Jun 6, 1894 AL d: Roanoke, AL mar. Willie Lou Phillips
George W. Ussery b: Mar 1897

*2nd Wife of Milton Jackson Ussery II: Matilda Matthews b: 1848 Roanoke, AL. Their children:

laudius Jackson Ussery b: Sep 22, 1880 d: Feb 19, 1952 Birmingham, AL?
mar. Alma Fosler Snapp b: Oct 26, 1893 Ohio
Odius Buchanan Ussery b: Apr 17, 1882 d: May 21, 1938 Randolph Co., AL Fellowship Baptist Church mar. Dora Holder b: Apr 22, 1884 d: May 30, 1940 Randolph
Co., AL Fellowship Baptist Church


William Henry Usry -1780
William Henry Usry was born about 1780. Little is known about him. Information from Ron that his father was William and his grandfather was John
Ussery. He is reported to have been married to Jane Glass and had two sons:

William Usry b. abt 1803
James Adolphus Usry
Because of illness, Henry Usry is said to have moved back to Union District, SC where he died. It is not known exactly when he died or where he was buried. His
widow, Jane Usry, later remarried to Mr.Joseph Alexander. She first bound out or apprenticed her two sons to separate men. William was taken by a trader who was
going to Missouri, and James was taken by a resident of Union District, SC. The two brothers never met again.(Source: Usry Bul #7, page 4)


James Adolphus Usry and Wives: Elizabeth Poole and Mariah Ann Langely
{Contact Robert Usry if you have any info on this family.}

James Usry was born February 18, 1805, probably in Franklin Co., TN. to William Henry Usry.. James died in Wellington Alabama on April 28, 1887. He buried with his
second wife Mariah in the
Union Methodist Church Cemetery, Wellington in Calhoun Co., AL

While James was still a young boy, his father died and he was apprenticed or "bound out" to a man living in Union District, South Carolina. About 1823, when James
was eighteen, the man to whom he was bound died and James was free to do business for himself. He went to Spartanburg District, SC, and became a teamster,
freighting cotton and other good between Spartanburg and cities such as Columbus and Charleston. In 1826 he was united in marriage at Spartanburg with Miss
Elizabeth Poole, daughter of John and Polly (Coleman) Poole. Elizabeth was born May 4, 1809. John Poole left a will, recorded in Spartanburg Jan. 12, 1849 in which
he mentioned his daughter Elizabeth Usry. About this time, James and his wife and 12 children seem to have left Spartanburg. Some time later they settled in the
western part of Calhoun Co., AL near the Coosa River and engaged in farming. His wife died April 25, 1859 and was buried at Oak Bowery. Their children:

John Augustus Usry, b. 1829; d. Dec 4, 1862
Francis (Frank) Usry, b. abt. 1830; d. Oct 26, 1854, AL
Jane Usry b abt. 1831
William Thaddius Usry b abt 1832; d. Aug 3, 1862
Robert Claudius Usry b. Sept. 15, 1834; d May 27, 1909
Mary Artimissa Usry b. Nov 18, 1836; d. May 27, 1918
James Adolphus Usry b Jan 12, 1840; d. Apr. 3, 1922.
Albert W. Usry b. abt 1842; d. Sept. 9, 1862
Martha Harriett Usry b. Dec 16, 1845 d. Mar 14, 1918 (mar. Eli J. Cambron Both buried at Flintville Cem in Lincoln Co., TN
Nancy Usry b abt 1848; d Dec 25, 1904, Ellis Co., TX. Married Lemuel B. Rumsey
Margaret Elizabeth Usry, b Apr. 29, 1850; d. May 14, 1899
Amanda Usry b. abt 1852.
A Twin to Amanda is said to have died in South Carolina

James Adolphus Usry was married again, July 25, 1861 in Calhoun Co., AL to Mariah Ann Langley, daughter of O.B. Langley.
James Usry died April 28, 1887 and was buried at the Union Cemetery near Duke, Calhoun Co. His widow died Oct. 6, 1895. Their children:

Oliver Edwards Usry b. Jul 6, 1862; d May 21, 1942
Elbert Joseph Usry, b.Nov 9, 1863; d. Mar 5,1937 mar. Josephine Bryant (child: Mamie Usry)
Emma F. Usry, b. Apr. 18, 1865; d. Feb 6, 1943
Zemeriah L. Usry, b. Dec. 29, 1867; d. Feb 23, 1932
Henry Harrison Usry b Mar. 10, 1869; d. Dec 7, 1961

(Source: Usry Bul #7, page 4)
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Henry Harrison Usry
Henry Harrison Usry was born Mar 10, 1869 to James Adolphus Usry and Mariah Ann Langley. He died Dec 7, 1961 in Calhoun Co., AL. He married Eliza Charlotte
Bryant, b: 1873 d: 1932. For more info on this family see
Etowa Co., AL and Calhoun Co., AL

They had the following children:

James 'Jim' Dolphus Usry b: 1895 d: 1981 mar. Sarah Ethel Bailey b: 1901 d: 1982
Luther Usry
Horace Usry
Virgil Usry
Ted R. Usry
Thomas W. Usry
Jim Usry
Amos C. Usry
Ruth Usry mar. Mr. Perry
Brooksie Usry mar. Johnson
Mamie Ethel Usry b: Mar 10, 1869 in Etowah Co., AL d: Jun 2, 1970 in Gadsden, AL mar. Smith


Oliver Edwards Usry
Source: Usry Bul 37 pg 5)

Oliver Edwards Usry, An Auto-Biography
Oliver Edwards Usry, Wellington, AL, son of
James and Mariah Usry,, was born July 6, 1862, attended private schools at or near Middleton, Alabama; Junior High at
Middleton, the Rev. L.D. Lewis, as Principal, during years of 1875-1877.

Sept. 1, 1878 joined church at Oak Bowery Church. Baptised by Rev. W.C. Mynatt.

During school term of 1879, assisted M.D. Broughton in teaching at Cedar Springs, Alabama, a sub-high school.

Principal of school at Bethal, Ala. in scholastic year of 1880.

Moved with father to Markton, Etowah Co., Ala., in 1880, where I lived and assisted on the farm from 1881 to 1885.

In the year of 1884, on August 1, elected to the office of Justice of the Peace, where I served four years, in Etowah Co., Beat No. 2.
On July 1, 1886 I accepted a position as clerk or salesman for the firm of J.P. Gore and Co., General Merchandise, located at Markton, Ala. During the year of 1887, on
October 2, the senior partner of the firm died, and I continued the business until May 1, 1888.

On February 19, 1888, I was married to Miss Laura W. Starling, daughter of Capt. and Mrs. A. H. Starling of Round Mountain, Cherokee Co., Ala.Note: If you know
anything about this Starling family, please contact Ron

On January 1, 1888, owing to the death of the Senior member of the firm of J.P. Gore and Co., the firm was closed and consolidated with the firm of J.R. and R.F. Lloyd
at Hebron, Ala. On or about the date of April 15, 1888 the junior member of the firm died. The firm name was then changed to J.R. Lloyd and Co. After removal of
business from Markton, Ala., my services were continued as General Manager until April 15, 1899, when J.R. Lloyd passed away. On January 1, 1891 I bought the
entire business from Mrs. S.L. Lloyd, wife of J.R.Lloyd and continued said business under the firm name of O.E. Usry.

My oldest daughter Florence was born in 1890 on March 5. On April 10, 1893, my daughter Laura Lou was born, and my only living son, Olin was born on February 13,

In the years of 1903-4 I moved my business to Wellington, Ala, located at the junction of the Seabord Air Line and the Louisville and Nashville railroads, where my
business still remains.

On the 4th of July 1864, I was commissioned Postmaster at Hebron, and served continuously until January 31, 1940. On February 1, 1940 I was retired as Postmaster,
with compensation for life, after completing 52 years in this capacity.

In the year of 1890 was ordained as Deacon of the Baptist Church at Hebron, Alabama.

On December 13, 1890 I was raised to the Sublime Degree of Master Mason, of Ohatchee Lodge No. 380, A.F. and A.M.

My three grandchildren, all boys, are: Felton E. Connally, born to my oldest daughter Florence, on November 2, 1913, and married on Dec. 26, 1939, to Miss Maye
Harris,now residing in Birmingham, Ala; Orville E. and Ralph L., only two children born to my son, Olin E and Lois M. (Hollingsworth). The birth dates for the last
mentioned two grandsons are: Orville E., August 5, 1922 and Ralph L., December 7, 1923.

Oliver E. Usry, Wellington, Ala., March 22, 1941.

Note: Oliver E. Usry died May 21, 1942 and is buried in Union Cemetery, Calhoun Co., AL)


James Adolphus Usry 1840-1922 and Martha Caroline Webster

James Adolphus Usry was born January 12, 1840 in Spartanburg District, S.C. About 1854 he moved with his parents to the Oak Brewery community in Calhoun Co.,
AL, where they farmed. His mother died in 1859. On Aug 1, 1862,he enlisted in Company d, 10th Alabama Infantry,C.S.A. Four of his brothers were in the same
company: Robert C., Albert, William Thaddius and John A. (James Augustus?). (see Civil War Roster)

Adolphus was present at the battles of Yorktown, Williamsburg, Seven Pines, Gaines Mill, Frasier Farm, Manassas, Harper's Ferry, Shrpsburg, Fredericksburg,
Chancellorsville, and Salem Church. He was captured at Gettysburg, July 3, 1863. He was kept in prison at Ft. Delaware. After the war Dolphus was united in marriage
Dec. 18, 1866, Calhoun Co., AL with Miss Martha Caroline Webster, daughter of James and Lucy (Sims) Webster. She was born Sept. 5, 1846.

Adolphus farmed in Calhoun, Etowa and perhaps Talladega counties in Alabama. About 1893 he moved his family to Texas and took up farming in Williamson County,
TX near Bartlett. Later he and his wife moved to Bartlett and operated a boarding house, where he died April 2, 1922. His widow died May 1, 1926. Their children:

James Taylor Usry b. Sept. 16, 1867, d. Apr. 26, 1941
William Forney Usry, b. May 14, 1869, d. July 26, 1894
Leslie Lerey Usry, b. Aug. 22,1871, d. Aug. 23, 1952
Millie Louise Usry, b. Sept. 30, 1873, d Jan. 10, 1958
John Martin Usry, b. Jan. 5, 1876, d. Dec. 8, 1938
Nancy Jane Usry, b. Nov. 27, 1877, d. Aug 29, 1946
Lucy Josephine Usry, b. June 2, 1880, d.Oct. 31, 1959
Daniel Webster Usry, b. Jan 28, 1882, d. Feb. 23, 1941
Raleigh Sims Usry, b. Feb. 11, 1885, d.May 31, 1945
Horace S. Usry, b. May 27, 1887, d. June 13, 1967
Logan Wallace Usry, b.Mar. 15, 1891, d. Sept. 10, 1946

(Source: Usry Bul #7, page 4)

John Martin Usry 1876-1938
John Martin Usry, Sr., was born near Gadesden, Etowa Co., Alabama on Jan 5, 1876. He grew up on farms in Etowa and Calhoun counties. About 1894 he moved with
his parents to Williamson Co., TX. John worked on the farm and went to school in Bartlee. He was united in marriage on April 10, 1901 in Bell Co., TX to Miss Bertha
Irene Hair, daughter of Montgomery Lafayette and Roberta (Jackson) Hair. She was born Sept. 16, 1882 at Cern Hill, Williamson Co., TX.

They moved to Grandview, in Johnson Co., TX about 1904 and John worked in his father-in-law's newspaper plant. They moved to Maypearl, Ellis Co., TX in March of
1912 where Mr. Usry operated the Maypearl Herald, a weekly newspaper. In the spring of 1917 he moved his family to Midlothian, also in Ellis County and bought the
Midlothian Argus in partnership with his brother Horace. In 1921 he sold his interest in the newspaper and moved to Coolidge, in Limestone Co., TX, where he owned
the Herald. His wife's health failed and in December 1924, they moved to New Mexico. Mr. Usry established a job printing business at Portales, in Roosevelt County.
Later he sold the business and they moved to Roswell, in Chaves Co., NM where he worked in a printing plant. In 1926 they decided to return to Texas and after a few
months at Bridgeport, TX, they moved to Venus, once again in Ellis Co., TX. John and his eldest son operated the Venus Express in Denton Co., TX. About four years
later, Mr. Usry had a heart attack and died Dec. 8, 1938. His remains were interred in the cemetery at Grandview, TX. Their children:

Bertha Irene Usry, b. Mar. 13, 1902, Bartlett, TX; d Oct 7, 1904
Christine Usry, b. Dec 7, 1905 Grandview, TX; d. Nov 20, 1909
John Martin Usry, Jr., b. Dec. 30, 1908 Grandview, TX
Philip Lee Usry, b. Jan. 29, 1912 Grandview, TX; d Mar. 20, 1954
Raleigh Sims Usry, b. Oct. 17, 1915 Maypearl, TX
Morris Levy Usry, b. Nov 23, 1920 Midlothian, TX
Frederick Miles Usry, b. Feb. 8, 1926, Roswell, NM
(Source: Usry Bul # 7, pg 3)


John Martin Usry, Jr. 1908-1987

ohn Martin Usry, Jr. was born December 30, 1908 at Grandview, Johnson County, TX. During his boyhood in Central Texas, he and his parents and their family lived in
several different small towns. In December of 1924 they moved to New Mexico. John graduated from Roswell High School in May of 1926. He worked for a few weeks
in Norton's Confectionary in Roswell. Later, the family moved back to Texas and John worked in his father's weekly newspaper plant at Venus, TX until Jan. 6, 1930,
when he enlisted in the Navy.John served on the USS Oklahoma and in submarines at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. Later he served on submarines based in California and on
shore duty in the Washington DC area.

During World War II he was stationed at Trinidad, British West Indies, and later was an instructor at the Navy's Electronic Maintenance School in Washington DC. After
the war, John was stationed on Guamm, and served on the USS Roanoke. After 20 years in the navy, he was transfered to the Fleet Reserve and took up residence at
Albuquerque, NM. There he attended the University of New Mexico for four years of undergraduate study and two years of graduate study. In 1957 he was employed by
the Missouri School of Mines at Rolla, MO as an assistant professor. He taught electrical engineering until June of 1968, when he resigned and took up geanealogical

In 1933 he was married to Mrs Alice Talley, a daughter of Harry H. and Hattie Aimoku Hanakahi. She was born Oct 9, 1909. He divorced his wife August 24, 1942 in
Anne Arundel Co., MD. Their children:

Edwina Ellen Lehua Usry b Jan 10, 1934, Honolulu
Douglas Dexter Aimoku Usry, b Aug 27, 1936, Hononlulu Co.,HI

Upon John's death in 1987, the following obituary was written by his friends and fellow members of the Central Texas Genealogical Society:

"Our beloved member, John M. Usry, died December 17, 1987, in a Houston hospital. Graveside services wereheldat Grandview Cemetery in Johnson County, TX.
Survivors include a daughter, Mrs. Edwina Ellen Pike; a son, Douglas Usry; three brothers, Raleigh, Morris and Frederick; two granddaughters; and three

(Source Usry Bul #7 page 2) Mr. Usry became a member of Central Texas Genealogical Society in 1969 and after moving to Waco in 1971 he became active in the
affairs of the Society, serving in most of the offices during the next several years. He also became involved in the society's effors to collect and publish McLennan
County records. As a result of his strict, self-imposed scheduleand his leadership, he and anumber of other members ofthe society succeeded in publishing eight
volumes of cemetery records, two volumes of marriage records, and a outstanding quarterly. From 1971 until 1983, he published the Usrey-Usry-Ussery Bulletin, a
family newsletter. In 1981, his family history, Usry-Hair Genealogy and Biography, was completed. Setting his own schedule, he worked steadily on other records,
extending over a period of two or more years, producing Early Waco Obituaries and Various and Related Items 1874-1909; 1850 Central Texas Census Index; 1850
U.S. Census of Crawford Co., MO; 1860 U.S. Census: Hill County, Texas; 1880 McLennan Co., Texas Census Index; Fall and Puckett Funeral Records; Index to Early
McLennan County, Texas Deaths; Index to 1870 U.S. Census, McLennan Co., TX; 1910 McLennan Co., TX Census Index; Phelps Co., MO Cemetery Records; and
McLennan Co., TX Cemetery Records (Oakwood and Rosemond). Mr. Usry had completed the research and organization of material for McLennan County Marriage
Records, Vol. 3, which will be completed and published by the Society."

"Surely, other members would have gradually and eventually completed the work that this gentleman actually accomplished, but it must be admitted that it would have
taken much longer for it to have been done. Because of his self-discipline, he me most of his deadlines and had the finished product as a reward. Members of this
Society and those who will use these materials for years to come are in his debt. His friends and fellow members of the Society will miss him."  
Ussery Families
of Alabama