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Annuel Ussery was born 1832 in MO to Peter Ussery. He died May 23, 1864 in Regimental Hosp., Duvall's Bluff, Ark during the Civil War.

On Nov 7, 1859 in Dallas County, MO Annuel married Lavinia E. Gunter. She was born about 1831 to William and Martha Emmaline Gunter. On June 15,1864,
Lavinia filed for a
widow's pension based on Anuel's civil war service. By this time she had remarried to a Mr. Taylor. Their son William was slightly retarded and
continued to receive his share of the pension until his death in 1925. (He was listed as insane on the pension records)

Also listed on the pension is a Nora Anderson, who is listed as having nursed William. Thomas Anderson was listed as William's guardian and stated that
William's sister was his wife. Could Nora be a missing link in the family?

Children of Annuel and Lavinia:

Nora Ussery? married to Thomas H. Anderson
John Francis Ussery b: Sep 1, 1853
Jesse Peter Ussery
Julia Ussery b: Jan 2, 1856
Jerusha James Ussery b: Jan 2, 1857
Martha Jane Ussery
William Allen Ussery b: Apr 29, 1861 d: Apr 3, 1925 in Zebra, MO Linn Creek Cemetery
Annual Luther Ussery b: Nov 7, 1863 in MO

(Sandy Blair,, a descendant of Annuel, has brought forth some interesting questions about this family record, i.e.;

If all these children are Annuel's and Lavinia's, why did they wait so long to marry? Did Annuel have another wife? Could the wedding date documented in the
pension records be wrong?
Mrs. Blair's records indicate the children were born in OK, so why did the 1860 Dallas Co, MO Census state they were born in Missouri?


Martha Jane Ussery and William Shadrick
See Early School Census Records.

Martha Jane Ussery was born Dec 18, 1858 in Dallas Co, MO to Annuel Ussery and Lavina E. Gunter. She married William Shadwick who was born about 1853 .
In 1907 Martha filed a
Guion Miller application in hopes of being awarded money or land for being part Cherokee.

She and William had the following children:

William M. Shadwick b: Oct 1, 1878
Cora A. Shadwick b: Oct 6, 1880
James A. Shadwick b: Jul 3, 1883
Charles E. Shadwick b: Jun 17, 1885
Howard Otto Shadwick b: May 17, 1887
Lula Bell Shadwick b: Oct 19, 1891
Hue Marvin Shadwick b: Jul 6, 1899


Annual Luther Ussery and Martha Caroline Parks
Be sure and check out Native American Ussery's which features this family.

Annual Luther Ussery was born Nov 7, 1863 in Wright Co., MO. to Annuel Ussery and Lavina E. Gunter. He died Aug 15, 1937 in Kansas City, MO. and is buried
at Wyandotte Indian Cemetery,
Ottawa Co.,Okla.. His first wife was Martha Caroline Parks who was born July 23, 1871 in Morgan Co., MO and died Jan 29, 1933
in Wyandotte,OK. She is also buried at Wyandotte Indian Cemetery. Their children were:

John Franklin Ussery b: Oct 13, 1903 in Wyandotte, OK d: Sep 28, 1972 in Ereka, CA(buried at Wyandotte Indian Cemetery) mar. Julia Louis Casey b: Feb 13,
1908 in Joplin, MO d: Oct 29, 1974 in LaHabra, CA. 2nd wife:Ethel and 3rd wife name unknown.
Paul Ussery
Opal Ussery
Rosa Grace Ussery b: Apr 12, 1889 in Wyandotte, OK d: Aug 3, 1929 in Joplin, MO mar. William Guinn b: Nov 28, 1896 in Tahlaquah, OK d: Aug 2, 1967 in
Joplin MO
Maggie May Ussery b: Jun 4, 1893 in Wyandotte, OK d: 1960 in Joplin MO
Blanch Ussery b: May 15, 1906 in Wyandotte, OK d: in San Francisco, CA

Jesse Peter Ussery and Ellen Florence Edwards
Be sure and check out Native American Ussery's which features this family.

Jesse Peter Ussery was born May 26, 1855 in Lyn Creek, MO to Anuel Ussery and died Apr 28, 1935 in Bakersfield, CA. On Aug 25, 1872 in Camden, MO he
married Ellen Florence Edwards who was born in 1853 in McCoupin, Iowa. She died Nov 5, 1926 in Minturn, CO.

The following obituary was written in her memory:
Ellen Florence Ussery was born 1853, in McCoupin, Iowa. Her parents moved to Missouri when she was only a child and she remained there until she met J.P.
Ussery, the man she married in 1872 in Camden, Missouri. There they remained until 1892. From thee they came to Oklahoma and then to Texas. She proved to
be a faithful, true companion the remainder of her life. To this union were born twelve children.

She was converted in 1875 and united with the General Baptist Church and lived loyal to this faith until 1906 when she read the full Gospel Messages in the
Gospel Tumpet and accepted the Truth. And feeling the call of God to obey the teaching of the word, she with her husband entered full heartedly into the
Reformation work, where she enjoyed her God given freedom as long as she lived.

She died November 5, 1926 in Minturn, Colorado, being survived by her husband, three sons and one daughter. They went to Colorado for her health. This
being the most beautiful scenery she had ever enjoyed provided a great consolation to her bereaved husband.

This faithful wife and mother has goone to her great reward and left behind an unusual record. Truly could be said of her "Blessed are they which die in the Lord,
from henceforth; yea saith the Spirit, that they may rest from their labors; and their works do follow them."(Source: Usry Bul 155 pg 5)

Children of Jesse Peter Ussery and Ellen Florence Edwards:

Walter Taylor Ussery
John McClain Ussery
Florence L. Jesse Ussery b: May 24, 1880 d: Jul 24, 1891
Jesse V. "Doney" Ussery b: Mar 14, 1882 d: May 2, 1925 mar. Nellie Libether m: Sep 24, 1908 in Denton Co., TX
Charles Luther Ussery
Matilda "Tildey" Ussery b: Mar 18, 1887 d: Jan 24, 1963 in Bakersfield, CA mar. Dudley Chic m: Sep 7, 1902
Myrtle Ussery b: Jul 26, 1889 d: Aug 24, 1889
Lizzie Ussery b: Jul 4, 1892 d: Jan 8, 1892
Randall Sequoyah Ussery b: Apr 20, 1893
Harvey Columbus Ussery b: Nov 30, 1897 d: Aug 13, 1912


Charles Luther Ussery and Penter Jane Wright
On Oct 18, 1884 Charles Luther Ussery was born to Jesse Peter Ussery and Ellen Florence Edwards. On Aug. 7, 1904 he married Penter Jane Wright who was
born Oct 18, 1889 in Denton, TX. Their Children:

Tilda Mae Ussery b: 1907
Paulyne Ussery b: 1910
Peggy Jewel Ussery b: 1916 in Texas
Charles L. Ussery, Jr. b: 1920
Reba Louise Ussery b: May 4, 1923
Marie Ussery b: 1924
James Walter Ussery b: Nov 18, 1925 in Allen, OK


Walter Taylor Ussery and Dora Lenora Uptergrove
Walter Taylor Ussery was born to Jesse Peter Ussery and Ellen Florence Edwards on Feb 12, 1876 in Missouri. He died Oct 14, 1939. On July 16, 1893 he
married Dora Lenora Uptergrove of Missouri. Their children:

Elmus Jesse Ussery d: Apr 6, 1972 in Ft. Worth, TX
Roy Ussery
Commodore Dewey Ussery b: May 8, 1898 in Pilot Point, TX mar. May A. Gartman
Dolly Lenora Ussery b: Feb 13, 1900 in Denton Co., TX d: in Omaha, Nebraska?
Audie Burdette Ussery b: Dec 5, 1901 in Denton Co., TX d: Oct 5, 1958 in Texas mar. Helen Faught


John McClain Ussery and Edith Estes
John McClain Ussery was born Oct 31, 1877 in Big Cabin, Indian Territory to Jesse Peter Ussery and Ellen Florence Edwards. He died Jun 4, 1911 in Denton, TX.
On Feb 11, 1900 he married Edith Estes of Alabama. Their Children:

Harry Herbert Ussery
Silas Ussery
Ruby Ussery
Edith Pearl Ussery
Catherine Adelaide Ussery