William Usery, blacksmith and farmer, Harrisburg, Ark. Tennessee has furnished to this county a number of representative men, and among them might be mentioned
William Usery, who was born in Bedford County, of that State, in 1832. He is the son of
Allen and F. Elizabeth (Johnson) Usery, both natives of North Carolina, and early
settlers of Tennessee, to which State they emigrated in pioneer times. They were members of the Methodist Episcopal Church. William Usery was brought up as an
agriculturist, and it was but natural that he should permanently adopt that calling, as his life occupation; and this he has always followed. He received his education in the
common schools of Tennessee, and at the age of eighteen years learned the blacksmith's trade, which he followed in connection with farming. In 1849 he came to St. Francis
County, Ark., and worked at his trade for two years. He was first married in 1851, to
Mrs. G. (Stephens) Fisher, and one child was born to this union, Frances, who is now
the wife of
William A. Garvey, and resides in Poinsett County, Ark. Mrs. Usery died in 1856, and in 1859 Mr. Usery selected his second wife in the person of Mrs. Roxy
(Franks) Casbeer
, widow of Joseph Casbeer, who was a native of Tennessee, and a farmer by occupation. By her first marriage Mrs. Usery became the mother of three
Jerusha A., widow of Frank Thiville, a farmer of St. Francis County, who died in 1886, leaving his widow and two children; Thomas and Chessley. Mrs. Usery is
the daughter of
Chessley and Jerusha (May) Franks, the former a local Methodist Episcopal preacher of Tennessee. Elder Franks came to Arkansas at a very early date,
and here married Miss May, a member of one of the oldest families of Northeast Arkansas. Mrs. Usery is the fourth of eight children born to her parents, her birth occurring in
St. Francis County, Ark., in 1829. She spent her school days in that county, and after her marriage to Mr. Usery, in 1859, they resided in St. Francis County for thirteen years.
Mr. Usery engaged in blacksmithing and farming. In 1872 he moved to Harrisburg and bought 460 acres of land, but has since sold some of this, and is now the owner of 300
acres adjoining the city, with about fifty acres under cultivation. He lives in the center of this, just across the corporation line. He has the best buildings, the largest orchard,
bearing all kinds of fruit, and is considered one of the substantial men of the county. By his marriage were born two children:
Florence, wife of a minister of the Methodist
Episcopal Church, and residing in Texas, and
Annis, wife of George Garvey, a merchant at Harrisburg. Mr. Usery and family are members of the Methodist Episcopal
Church, and he is a Royal Arch Mason. He is also a member of the I. O. O. F. He and his excellent wife can relate some very interesting reminiscences of early times, how
lumber was made with a whipsaw, how the clothing and boots and shoes were made by the old settlers, and how Bolivar was at one time the county-seat.

Source: Biographical and Historical Memoirs of Northeast Arkansas: Poinsett County–The Records Of The Courts–Formation Of The County And Selection Of The Seat Of
Law – List Of Local Officers– Election Statistics– Centers Of Population– Societies, Etc.– Local Instruction– Moral Organizations– The Southern Confederacy– The County
Bounded–Its Topography And Geology– Its Wonderful Soil And Its Products– Population– Railroads– Names Of Early Settlers– Private And Family Records.

G. T. Garvey and Miss Annice Usery

Among the best-known houses engaged in the grocery business in Harrisburg, is that of G. T. Garvey, who, in connection with his store, conducts a restaurant, his business
having been established in 1888. Although he is a young man, and has only been in business in the town but a few years, yet his name has already become synonymous with
upright, honorable dealing, and his establishment is a favorite resort for those who wish to prosure the best brands of the articles he keeps in stock. He was born in the “Old
North State” in 1861, was the younger of two children born to W. F. and Sarah (Burgess) Garvey, who were also born in that State. The father was a salesman in a store, but
gave up this work in 1861 to enlist from Edgecombe County in the Thirtieth North Carolina Infantry, but died in 1865 from exposure during his service. His widow still survives
him, and resides in Poinsett County, with her son, G. T. Garvey. The latter's early days were divided between farming and learning the painter's trade, his education in the
meantime being received in the district schools of Halifax County, N. C. After reaching manhood he went to Baltimore, Md., but removed from there to Poinsett County, Ark., in
1886, and was first engaged in the milling business for D. C. Cole; he was married here, in December, 1888, to Miss Annice Usery, a native of the county, having in February
prior to his marriage embarked in his present enterprise. He is a member of Lodge No. 3380 of the K. of H., of Bolivar, and is a Democrat; his wife is a member of the
Methodist Episcopal Church, South. He belongs to the Methodist Protestant Church, having his membership still in North Carolina.

Source: Biographical and Historical Memoirs of Northeast Arkansas: Poinsett County–The Records Of The Courts–Formation Of The County And Selection Of The Seat Of
Law – List Of Local Officers– Election Statistics– Centers Of Population– Societies, Etc.– Local Instruction– Moral Organizations– The Southern Confederacy– The County
Bounded–Its Topography And Geology– Its Wonderful Soil And Its Products– Population– Railroads– Names Of Early Settlers– Private And Family Records. page 589

William Ussery and Esther Morgan

I have no record of where William Ussery was born or who his parents were, but he died in Garland Co. Arkansas and is possible buried in the Old Sexton Cemetery near Hot
Springs. In Alabama, he married Esther (or Mandy) Morgan who was born about 1805 and died March 17, 1854 in Garland Co., AR. More work needs to be done on this line,
so anyone connected with this line, please contact me!

Their known children:
George Ussery
Phillip Ussery
Morgan Ussery
Mary "Polly" Ussery b: Abt 1832
Caroline Ussery b: Abt 1835

Phillip Ussery and Wives

Harriet Alexander and Nancy Narrowback
Phillip Ussery was born in Alabama to William Ussery and Esther (Mandy) Morgan. He died about in 1862 Sallisaw, Indian Territory.

His first wife was Harriet Alexander. They had the following children:

William Ussery d: Feb 22, 1885
Samuel Ussery
Philip Ussery
David Ussery
John Ussery
George Ussery
Betsy Ussery
Polly Ussery
Prudy Ussery b: in AL d: in Carroll Co., AL
*2nd Wife of Phillip Ussery: Nancy Narrowback. They had the following children:

James Ussery b: Oct 10, 1847 in AL d: in Indian Territory, OK- Roebuck Cemet., Hugo Co. OK mar. Malinda Roebuck b: Oct 9, 1846 d: Aug 26, 1888 in Indian Territory, OK-
Roebuck Cemet., Hugo Co. OK
Isaac Tobie Ussrey
Morgan Ussrey
Martha Ussrey
June 18, 1998: An update on this family provided by Charlene Roberts

In My digging I came up with more to add to this line. Apparently Phillip and Nancy had two more children Narcissa and George (no birth dates). They are on the roll with the
family in 1896 Old Settlers Roll Flint Dist, IT. It also has the following dates for births, William 1828, roll# 3826, buried Buffington Cem. OK,Philip Jr. 1830, roll# 3832, David
1836, roll# 3835, John 1838, roll# 3841,Besty(Elizabeth)1840, roll# 3844, Polly 1842, Roll# 3850 She Married a Smith, Prudy (Prudence) 1844, Roll# 3850, Narcissa married
a Rider. In the same Volume same distric there is this, Philip Userry roll # 3825 ( I am not sure if that was a typo) Indian Name (La Wah Ner), Charlotte Christy Roll# 3824,
(Sha La), Lucy Ussery, B 1862, roll # 3823, IL Dist. IT., James Ussery, b 1860 roll # 3822, Elsie b 1858, roll # 3856, Flint Dist.IT.

This is just a theory but I would bet he had two wives at the same time as this was not uncommon at the time for the Indians. I believe this because the numbers roll#
intertwine. That would explain the reason why the family says there was a third wife named Charlotte Jones. My only problem now is the dates don't match what you have for
some of them. Ever time I think I have the puzzle solved I get a new piece.

The following are the Children of the above William, (who's death is in 1885) he married Rachel Jolly: Emma, Nancy, George W ., B 1857, M: 1883 to Alice Freshour, d:1945
Dewight Mission, Marble City , OK., Sealy, married John Harrison, Narcilssus, John. The Following is George W. Family, Georgia she married a McCoy and moved to KS.
Pinkie A , b 1891, Sealy the 2nd (no birth Date)

George (Morgan?) Ussery and Phylena Maranda Wallace

George Ussery was born to William Ussery and Esther Morgan on Sep 14, 1823 in Blount Co., AL and died Jul 16, 1882 in Phoenix, AZ. He married Phylena Maranda
who was born Oct 17, 1827 in Washington County, PA and died Feb 28, 1912 in El Centro, CA Evergreen Cemetery. The were married Aug 18, 1860 in Yuma, AZ

In 1888
Phylena M. Ussery filed for widow's pension claiming that her husband served under Capt. Pike in the Mexican War. The Pension Office seemed to have suspected
that her case was fraudulent, and conducted a lengthy examination. Due to the length of this application, I have extracted only parts of the depositions. Also you will see
names highlighted. By clicking these names will help you follow "Who's Who" as this story unfolds. The final decision on her petition was that her claim was not genuine.

Territory of Arizona, County of Gila.
On this 12th day of June, A.D. 1888, personally appeared before me.....Philena M. Ussery, aged 62 years, a resident of Armer in the Territory of Arizona...declares that she is
the widow of George Morgan Ussery who served under the name of George M. Ussery as a private in the company commanded by Captain Albert Pike, served with the 1st US
Dragoons in the war with Mexico...She further states ...that at the time of his enlistment he was about 22 years of age, a farmer, born in Oklahoma, black hair, grey eyes, florid
complexion, 158 pounds, five feet eight inches. Married in town of Yuma in the Territory of Arizona on the 18th day of August 1869...her name before was Phila Wallace,
previously married to William L. Touge whom she divorced. George M. Ussery died at Maricopa County in the Territory of Arizona on the 16th day of July 1882.....and she
further declares that the following have been the places of residence of herself and her said husband since the date of his discharge from the army, viz: inspection and
mining through California, Oregon, Frazer River, Yuma, A.T.; San Diego County, Calif; Maricopy County, A.T. She makes this declaration for the purpose of obtaining the
Pension to which she may be entitled under the provisions of any act of Congress granting pensions to widows of Mexican War Soldiers, and hereby constitutes and appoints,
with full powers of substitution and revocation, H.S. Berlin of Washington, DC her true and lawful attorney, to prosecute her claim. And she further declares that she has
heretofore made an application for a land warrant and received 160 acres, and that her residence is the town of Armer, County of Gila, Territory of Arizona......Sworn to and
subscribed this 12 day of June A.D. 1888 B.G. Fox( Also personally appeared was Thomas Cline age 35 and Charles Horfelt age 33 to certify that they have known the said
Phila M. Ussery for 17 years....that she is the identical person she represents herself to be...and was the wife of the identical George M. Ussery who rendered the services
alleged in the above application in the company of Capt. Albert Pike in the war with Mexico......S/S bore B.J. McGinnis, 12 June 1888. (Usry Bul #20 pg 8)

State of Arizona, Jan. 8, 1898
Phylena M. Ussery, aged 70 years swears her late husband George Morgan Ussery was born in Blunt Co., AL Dec 17, 1824. Enlisted in Arkansas and served under Capt.
Albert Pike with 1st US Dragoons during the Mexican War. He was past 22 years old when enlisted for one year. When I first met him he was dark complected, blue-gray eyes,
5 ft 8 1/2 inches, dark brown or black hair. He had a bullet in the mussel of right arm above elbow, a scar in the hollow above hip in left side, cut with a knife. I do not know
whether he received the bullet and scar before or after the war. I cannot find his signature as all our papers was burned one year after he died and I know of no one that has
it. I hereby waive any claim for the present on account of dependance for disability and request Pension to begin from when I became 62 years old Oct 14, 1889. This
statement is written by myself. Post office address is Placertia, Yavapai County, Arizona. Phylena M. Ussery.....Received at Pension Office Jan 22 1898, County of Maricopa.
(Usry Bul #21 pg 2)

Treasury Dept., Office of Auditor for the War Dept., Washington, DC. April 11, 1898

To the Commissioner of Pensions

Sir: In reply to the enclosed request of 4th instant for the statement of the service of George Morgan Ussery in Capt. Michael Bushey's Company, Oregon Mounted
Volunteers, Indian War, in 1857, I have to inform you that Capt. Michael Bushey's Co. C, 2nd Reg't Oregon Mounted Volunteers, was in the service of the Territory during the
Oregon and Washington Indians War of 1855 and 1856, from Feb. 6, 1856 to May 21, 1856. Said war was declared ended on Oct 17, 1856, and no volunteers were
recognezed and paid under the Act of March 2, 1861 for their services after that date. The name of George Morgan Ussery does not appear on the rolls of said comapny on
file in this office. Respectfully yours, W.W. Brown, Auditor.

Record of evidence of Bounty Land Claim: No record of service as alleged. Rate, Eight Dollars per month, commencing Jan 29, 1887. Submitted for rejections April 15, 1898.
Bounty land claim 2584 160 47 C. Submitted for Special Examination May 18, 1898.

Deposition of William H. Touge: (condensed)... I am 74 years old....Phylena Maranda Wallace and I were married April 24, 1850. My family record in this bible which was made
forty years ago shows that she was born Oct. 17, 1827. In 1866 we separated and a divorce was obtained by me...We have children living...daughter Mrs. Frank Cline near
Phoenix(Usry Bul. 21, pg 3)

Deposition of Phylena Wallace, Oct. 24, 1898(condensed) I am an applicant for pension as the widow of George Morgan Ussry, who served in the Mexican father
was George M. Wallace. He died when I was very young. I have no brothers or sisters..I have half-brothers and sisters living...We lived in Ohio until I was eleven years old...I
can remember living in Butler County, six miles from Hamilton. We lived in Parker Co., Indiana, near Rockville, four years and then to Iowa in Clinton County, working for my
living. My grandfather and my mother lived in Jackson County. I came to California with Col. Herasthea, (who later became the director of the U.S. Mint in San Francisco), and
Judge Sutherland and Thomas family and landed at San Diego Dec. 19, 1849....James Jordan and Isaac Jordan were my half-brothers. Louisiana, Mary Catherine and
Virginia Jordan were my half-sisters. ...In January 1850 they were living at Andrew Jackson County, Iowa. I received a letter then saying they were going to Great Lakes,
Territory of Nebraska. I became acquainted with George Morgan Ussery in 1865...and was married to him at Yuma, Arizon Aug 18, 1860, by Justice of the Peace Charles
Brumley and we lived together as man and wife to the day of his death. I have one child, Mrs. Frank Cline by my first husband...and a son King Ussery by George M.
Ussery.....he had one brother I understand who was murdered in Arkansas or Cherokee Nation by Jay Hawkers during the Rebellion....that brother's name was Philip Ussery. I
have heard my husband say Philip lived 18 miles from Ft. Smith and that he had two farms there, one in Arkansas and one in Indian Territory. husband was taken from
Alabama by his mother and brother Philip who was considerably older, to Arkansas when 12 years old... There was a mission school in Cumberland? Poseley? while living at
Tahlequah, IT, and my husband went to school there. After my marriage to him my husband never had any correspondence with his brother....his mother died in 1854?...He
went back to Ark. after his discharge from the Mexcian War., and left there in 1854 for California and never went back. I have heard Mr. Ussery speak of being up in Oregon
in '57 it seems to me and was in the Indian War in Rogue River it seems to me in some capacity as scout or someting, but I don't think he was ever regularly enlisted. That is
my understanding. I tink he received a bounty land warrant. I n ever saw the warrant and I know nothing of it only what he told me...that he pawned it once for $150 and bet
the money on a horse race and lost it. I don't know when he got it, but that was before he came to California, either in Arkansas or the Cherokee Nation.

..I do not remember hearing the name Gaston Ussery...I understand Mr. Ussery's mother had Cherokee blood in her. She was an Alabama woman. His father was William
Ussery,, a white man. He took a girl in the neighborhood and went to Texas, leaving his family. His father had two boys by the girl he took to Texas. If I ever heard their names
I have forgotten, but one was killed, I undersand, in the Mexican War. What family Philip Ussery left I know nothing about.

Philip Ussery was a great deal older than my husband, sixteen or more, and he had a son Morgan Ussery...there were several of those children:William, Morgan, Samuel,
Philip, Dave, and there may have been others, and daughters called Polly and Prudy...and Philip's first wife was Nancy. He had been married before and these children were
by those two marriages....In this territory in 1867, my husband met a Capt. Calterson who said he knew his brother Philip. My husband said that Capt. Calterson told him that
Philip had been married a third time and had eleven? children by his third wife, that Philip during the Rebellion had sold seventy mules to the government for which he
received the pay, that Jay Hawks killed and robbed him, drove his family away and burned the husband left his discharge papers with his mother who lived with or
near Philip, and she died very shortly after my husband left, March 17, 1854. He told me her given name was Mandy? and her maiden name was Morgan. My husband was
born December 14, 1824 in Blount Co., Alabama. ...I know that the Morgan Ussery who died in 1873 was not my husband....I had two children by Mr. Ussery but William
Wallace died June 5, 1896 and is buried here....

There was a man named John Choat who enlisted at the same time my husband did, in the same company as I understand. They corresponded after our marriage. Mr. Choat
died in 1871-72. Mrs. Choat...was Anne Olivia Choat. She was a half-breed Cherokee and her maidenname was Bushyhead.....

My husband was born Dec. 14, 1824, in Blount Co. AL. His hair was almost black. He was five feet 8 1/2 inches high...he was in the hospital with measles while in the Mexican
War in Mexico.

My husband's name was George Morgan Ussery. I have heard him say he was always called "Morg" and disliked the name. So when he came west he gave his name as
George, and was known here by that name, though a good many more knew him by no name but "Arkansas". the application for bounty land is a fraud. I know at any rate that
the Morgan Ussery who died in 1873 was not my husband.

My house has twice burned down since my husband's death and I haven ot a single thing showing his signature....I think I would recognize his signature...he made an old
fashioned "S" with a dot in this way (client makes a demonstration). [more discussion on signature]...

[ Note: The above coincides with information found in
Josephine Usray Latimer's Interview

Department of the Interior, Office of Special Examiner Oct. 24, 1898 Case of Phylena M. Ussery No. 7027

To Claimant: You are hereby notified...on the 24th day of October 1898...conduct a special examination of the aforesaid pension claim, at which time and place all material
witness will be heard...You have the privilege of being present....I.C. Balch [Her attorney]

Letter to Hon. H. Clay Evans, Commissioner, D.C. Oct. 30, 1898:
...The filing April 10, 1890 of the application for county lands of Gaston M. Ussery of Garland County, Arkansas, as guardian of the minor heirs of Morgan Ussery, necessarily
tended to throw doubt upon this whole case. It is clear that client's husband, George M. Ussery, did not die in Arkansas in 1870...the Morgan Ussery who died there was not
the person who rendered the Mexican War service as claimed...the client, in giving an account of the soldier's relatives, mentions Philip Ussery, a brother sixteen or more
years his senior, who had among other children a son Morgan...There are doubtless several survivors of the immediate family of Philip Ussery, and through some of them no
doubt persons can be located who knew the soldier. I believe the pension claim of Phylena Ussery is necrilodius and I believe fraud is being attempted by Gaston M. Ussery....
Respectfully, I C Balch

Letter to Hon. Commissioner of Pensions, Washington, DC Oct. 17, 1898:
...I have returned all papers in the claims for pension referred to determine which soldier performed the service in the Mexican War, George Morgan Ussery who died in
1883 in Arizona, or the Morgan Ussery who died in Arkansas in 1877 , ....from the testimony taken I have not the slightest hesitation in saying that the Morgan Ussery who
died in Arkansas in 1877 is the soldier who served in the Mexican War....I also believe that the George Morgan Ussery whom the claimant says is her husband is the uncle of
Morgan Ussery of Arkansas, and the younger brother of Philip Ussery...the general opinion of her seems to be that he was driven away and drifted west and married claiment
and then added Morgan to the middle of his name. It is possible that the claimant made the additions for him. She makes a lame explanation of how he added George when
the real addition was probably Morgan....claimant Phylena speaks of Philip as her husband's brother, while Gaston and Albert speak of him as their uncle....Claimant changes
the name but forgets to change the relationship to fit her story and the allege place she puts her husband in....The bible record shows Morgan Ussery born May 17, 1824,
while her husband was born Dec. 14, 1824, and Albert the oldest son says that they were about the same age, about right for false impersonations.... Prudy Moore of Carbon
Hill, Walker County, Alabama, an aunt of Morgan Ussery's ...might be able to throw some light on the case.....respectfully F.W. Rawls.

Deposition of Robert Williams Oct 29, 1898: Age 74, occupation farmer. I was raised in Hempstead Co., Ark. I was 21 years old in 1846, when the Mexican War broke ut. The
governor, Thomas I. Arew, called for ten companies. We made up a company at Washington and I enlisted, but there were ten cmpanies made before we reported at Little
Rock, and we were rejected. It was there I met George M. Ussery....We were together a good deal while they remained there. His name was George Morgan Ussery, but I
called him George. He was from the Indian Territory not far from Ft. Smith, Ark. The next time I saw him was in California in 1854. Just after he came to the coast I met him at
Yreke, Siskayou County. We were in California several years together. We also met up in Oregon.... .I have known him from 1846 to 1882 when he departed this life July 16
on Salt River about 35miles above Phoeniz, AZ. George Morgan Ussery was in the Oregan Indian War of 1857. His name will appear on the Muster Roll of Capt. Michael
Buhey Co. of Oregon Mounted Volunteers of Southern Oregon. He was married only once and resided with his wife Phylena M. Ussery up to the day of his death..Two sons
were born of this marriage...
(Usry Bul #21 pg 2)

Letter to Hon. H. Clay Evans, Commissioner from I.C. Bach, Special Examiner

........The filing April 10, 1890 of the application for county lands of Gaston M. Ussery of Garland County, AR, as guardian of the minor heirs of Morgan Ussery of Garland Co.,
Arkansas, necessarily tended to throw doubt upon the whole case. It is clear that client's husband, George M. Ussery, did not die in Arkansas in 1870, and in the light of Col.
Robert L. William's testimony, the Morgan Ussery who died there was not the person who rendered the Mexican War service as claimed. ....Col. Williams is well known in this
part of the Territory. I found him at work bare footed and bare headed but he has a good head and fine big blue eyes and anyone taking him for either a fool or a weakling
had best not carry it to the limit of a test, for I am told he is one of the readiest shots in a country where shooting is reduced to a science......

It appears from Gaston M. Ussery's reply of 20 May 1892 to office letter, that his address was then Ussery P.O., Garland Co., Arkansas. I recommend further examination at
that point upon the question of identity. I would suggest extreme care and discretion in taking Gaston Ussery's statement. Nothing should be revealed to him touching the
inquiry here or what it discloses, until further information has been obtained from him and other sources available tending to establish the facts.

There are doubtless several survivors of the immediate famly of Philip Ussery, and through some of them no doubt persons can be located... I believe the pension claim of
Phylena Ussery is necrilodius and I believe fraud is being attempted by Gaston M. Ussery....Respectfully, I C Balch, Special Examiner


July 14, 1899:Deposition of Gaston Moarse Ussery

Oct. 13, 1899: Deposition of Albert C. Ussery

Oct. 12, 1899:Deposition of Adaline Ussery

Dec. 6, 1899: Deposition of George Ussery

Dec. 7, 1899: Deposition of Samuel Ussery

Dec. 7, 1899: Deposition of John Ussery

April 18, 1900: Deposition of James Usray (At some point James changed the spelling of his surname)

Dec. 11, 1899: To Hon. Commissioner of Pensions
.... Phillip Ussery ...appears was killed in this territory in 1862. He had two wives, a white woman and a Cherokee by whom he had quite a numerous family, viz; Samuel,
George, Philip, David, John and Betsy, Polly and Prudy by one wife and William and by the other wife he had James, Isaac "Tobie" and Morgan and a girl named Martha.
These children are dead, ..but James at Goodland, I.T., way down near the Texas line. I took the testimony of George Ussery the son of William Ussery, also of Samuel the
son of Isaac Tobie, and John the son of David and each the grandsons of old Philip Ussery who was killed by the Indians in 1862. George Ussery is a half- or quarter-breed
Indian while the others are white or appear to be so. George and Samuel appear to be and are considered upright honest men. The latter is a farmer who has a better farm
and surroundings than the average in his portion of the territory. The farmer devotes his time to hunting or the number of hounds that made for me, some seven or eight,
when I drove up....John is said to be a professional gambler in Sallisaw, yet his manner of testifying indicated he was telling truthfully all he knew of his family......

....The sons of Philip, grandfather of George, John and Samuel, killed off the murderers of their father and Jim fled to Goodland for his personal safety and has never
ventured out but once....I did not go to see him because of the expense...if there is an Examiner in or near Paris, Texas, it would cost less than to go from here.

From careful review of the testimony in the case I am convinced that Phylena's husband Geo. Morgan Ussery was a brother or half-brother of Philip Ussery who was killed in
1862. That he went to California in an early day. That he was not in Arkansas at any tmie, or ever left his discharge papers there as alleged by Phylena and that claimant
Phylena has heard him speak of a relative Morgan Ussery who was a soldier and determines to make use of her knowledge for her own benefit; also that the Col. Williams
who seems so positive that the George Ussery he knew was the Mex. war soldier has been deceived.

Jim Ussery of Goodland, Texas, is a son of Philip, ought to be able to give information relative to whether his father had a brother named George Morgan Ussery who was a
soldier in Capt. Pike's Co....Prudy Moore of Carbon Hill, Carroll Co., Arkansas, should also be seen and questioned closely as to Morgan or George Morgan Ussery in the
family....I hereby recommend further examination as indicated on Jim Ussery and Prdy Moore.....H.S. Harrell, Special Examiner

Deposition of James Ussery/Usray
[Reader please note that James Ussery changed the spelling of his name to Usray. I didn't change the spelling in the deposition.)

On April 18, 1900, James Ussery was deposed by the Government concerning the Pension Application case of Phylena Ussery. The following is extractions from that

...I am 53 years of age, I was a member of Vandevily's Regt. Cherokee Vol. C.S.A. I am a son of Philip Ussery who came from somewhere in Alabama.....he had brothers
George Ussery and Morgan Ussery...I have never heard of but one Morgan Ussery, and only my brother George Ussery was older than Morgan and younger than my father
Philip...yes, my uncle George Ussery had a wound. He was stabbed near the small of the back...It was done in a fight he had with a fellow in Indian Territory....Yes, my father
sold a lot of mules to the government in time of the war early in the father had sons named William, Samuel, Philip, David, James (myself) and John, Isaac and
Morgan, also George. They all died down in the Territory...I have read a portion of the statement of Phylena M. Ussery....Her husband must have been my father's brother
George Ussery....signed James Ussery

April 30, 1900; to Hon. H. Clay Evans, Commissioner of Pensions:
....The testimony of James Ussery is herewith...He has been sheriff and his reputation for truth is good. A number of people told me that any thing that he might say could
certainly be relied on. I consider his statement more reliable than any of the Usserys in the territory for the reason that he is older and that he testifies from personal
knowledge. He says that his father Phillip had two brothers George and Morgan...that Morgan lived not far from Little Rock, Ark., and that he claimed to have been in the
Mexican War, that his uncle George Ussery lived in Indian Territory near Tahlequah and that he went to California in 1849 with Robinson Clay.....Respectfully, E.E. Hoge,
Special Examiner

Family of James Usray and Malinday Roebuck
James Usray was born Oct 10, 1847 and died in the Indian Territory, OK. He married Malinday Roebuck, who was born Oct. 9, 1846 and died Aug 26, 1888 in Indian Territory,
OK. They are both buried in the Roebuck Cemetery in Hugo Co. OK.

Malinday's parents were William Roebuck and Folayah Polayah "Annie" Homer (Homma). Her maternal grandfather was Sig-Red Crawfish aka John Homer (Homma) of the
Shacchi Homer (Homma) Nation. Malinday had the following siblings: David Roebuck, Epraim Roebuck, Enoch Roebuck, and Edmond Roebuck. For more information on the
Roebuck/Homma family, please see the
Josephine Usray Latimer Interview

James and Malinday had the following children:

Emma Usray mar. Mr. Russell
Josephine Usray mar. Mr. Latimer
Anna Usray mar. Mr. Self
Ella B. Usray b: Sep 11, 1874 d: Dec 11, 1884 in Indian Territory, OK- Roebuck Cemet., Hugo Co. OK
Rosa Usray

Issac Tobie Ussrey and Sarah Harmon

Information provided by Charlene Ussrey Roberts Charlene has indicated the change of spelling of the surname which I have shown here.

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osephine Usray Latimer's Interview for more information on this family.

Issac Tobie Ussrey was born ca 1840 in the Indian Territory to Phillip Ussery and Nancy Narrowback . He died around 1896. He married Sarah Harmon. He and Sarah had a
son Samuel b. about 1873 in the Indian Territory. Samuel married Margrette Foreman. This family is listed in the book History of the Cherokee Indians by Emmett Stars.

The following is a deposition of Samuel Ussery concerning a Pension Application made by a Phylena Ussery.(Usry Bul. 22 pg 1)

Deposition B, Case of Phylena M. Ussery, No. 7027; Minors of Morgan Ussery, No. 218620 (Usry Bul 22 pg 1)

On this 7th day of December 1899 near Sallisaw, Cherokee Nation, Indian Territory, before me. H.S. Harrell, a special examiner for the bureau of Pensions, personally
appeared Samuel Ussery, who, being by me first duly sworn to answer truly all interrogatories propounded to him during this special examination of aforesaid claim for
pension, deposes and says:

I am 26 years of age; my post office address is Sallisaw, I.T. I have lived here all my life and am the son of Isaac Ussery who was born in this territory. I do not know just where
he was born. My father died in 1896. He did not know his age. He must have been 50 some years old. My grandfather's name was Philip Ussery. I do not know the name of
Philip's wife. I never saw my grandfather. He was killed during the war. I do not know what time though, I do not know how many brothers father had. My father was a soldier
but whether in the army of the north or south. I never heard of any relative named George Morgan Ussery. My father had a brother Morgan who died here ten years ago. He
was a younger man than Pa was. I do not think any of them knew their ages. I do not know anything about a Morgan Ussery ever going to California or Arizona. Not that I know
of have I any relatives living in Ark. I never saw or heard of any.

I cannot give you the names or addresses of any of my family who could tell you anything of the Ussery's in Ark.

I have heard my father speak of his father Phil having two wives, a white and a Cherokee woman. He had two sets of children. I do not know the name of either. I have heard
of George Ussery but never saw him. Don't know if he was ever married nor when or where. I never saw any of the Arks. Ussery's and know nothing about them. I never heard
of any one named George or George Morgan or Morgan Ussery who were soldiers. I have heard you read the statements of Albert, Gaston M., and Phylena Ussery and can
state that Philip Ussery was killed by jayhawkers and he had girls named Mary, Prudy, Polly. Polly died when I was a small boy. Prudy left a family. Can't tell where they are
living. I do not know anything about Albert or Gaston M. Ussery or the persons named by them. Polly and Mary Ussery are dead.

I'm not interested nor related that I know of. Your questions understood. I am correctly recorded herein. Signed: Samuel Ussery

David Ussery and Eliza Quincy

David Ussery was born in Baron Fork, Indian Territory to Phillip Ussery and Harriet Alexander. He died in 1884. His wife was Eliza Quincy. They had one known child who
was John Ussery.

The following is a deposition of John Ussery concerning a Pension Application made by a Phylena Ussery.(Usry Bul. 22 pg 1)

Deposition C
Case of Phylena M. Ussery, No. 7027 and Minors Morgan Ussery, No. 218620

On this 7th day of Dec. 1899, at Sallisaw, county of Cherokee Nation, State of Indian Territory, before me. H.S. Harrell, a special examiner of the Bureau of Pensions,
personally appeared John Ussery, who, being by me first duly sworn to answer truly all interrogatories propounded to him, during this special examination of aforesaid claim
for pension, deposes and says:

I am 30 years of age; my post-office address is Sallisaw, I.T.; occupation drayman. I was born and have resided here all my life. I am the son of David Ussery and Eliza Ussery,
maiden name Quincy. Father died when I was quite small. I do not remember the date. My mother died in 1884. My father was born in this territory near Baron Fork. I do not
remember what his father's name was. Can not tell whether it was Philip or not. I never heard of one Philip Ussery who was killed during the war. There used to be a Philip
Ussery here who died since the war along before my father did. It must have been some twenty-six years ago. My father had five brothers: Morgan, Jim, Isaac, Philip and
Samuel. They are all dead except Jim. All except Morgan were soldiers. I could not say as to their services. I think they were divided up. There was another brother also. His
name was William. I never heard of Geo. Morgan Ussery who lived in Ark. I never heard of Phylena or Gaston Ussery. I think I have heard of Albert Ussery but I am not sure.

I have heard you read the testimony in the case of Phylena Ussery gives the names of my uncles and aunts and I have heard about that transaction in mules she mentions. I
heard Uncle Isaac speak of this. All my aunts and uncles are dead except Jim and he lives in Choctaw Nation; Goodland is his postoffice. I heard from him about three years
ago. This is all the statement I can make about any relatives or their family history. I am not related nor interested questions under study. This recorded correctly. Signed:
John Ussery

William Ussery
William Ussery died Feb. 22, 1885 . His parents were Phillip Ussery and Harriet Alexander. The following information was taken from a sworn deposition of his son,
George Ussery, in regard to pension claims made by Phylena M. Ussery.(Usry Bul. 21 pg 10). No further information is known about William's spouse or other existing children.

Case of Phylena M. Ussery No. 7027 and Minors on Morgan Ussery No 218620. Deposition A:

On this 6th day of December 1899 near Juaslie? County of Cherokee Nation, Indian Territory, before me. H.S. Harrell, a special examiner of the Bureau of Pensions,
personally appeared George Ussery, who, being by me first duly sworn to answer truly all interrogatories propounded to him during this special examination of aforesaid claim
for pension deposes and says:

I am 43 years of age; my post-office address is Marbel, Indian Territory, occupation a farmer. I am a son of William Ussery who died Feby. 22, 1885, near Sallisaw. I had one
brother named John Ussery who died when he was small. My father had the following brothers: Samuel, George, Philip, David and John, and half-brothers James, Issac or
Tobe and Morgan. He had Betsey, Polly and Prudy, full sisters was Martha, the only one I know anything about.

The name of my grandfather or father's father was Philip, who was killed during the war. I cannot say just when, as I was small, but I think along about 1862. He was killed by
bush whacking Indians. My grandfather was not in any service but all his boys fought in the southern army. My father and all his brothers that I have named were in the
southern army. I have heard my father speak of an Uncle Morgan, but I do not know what his last name was, whether Ussery or not. The only brothers my grandfather had
that I know of were two full brothers and one half brother. The names of his full brother I do not know. The half-brother's name was George. Not that I know of George Ussery
ever have any other name than George. I never heard him called George Morgan Ussery. George Ussery left, to the best of my recollection, so Father said, and went to
California alone in 1848 or 1849. Anyway it was about the time gold was found out there. I have heard he left California and went I think to Arizona about 1894 or 1895. No,
that is wrong. It was in 1894 or 1895 that I heard he went to Arizona; when he went there I do not know. I do not know how old my father was when he died nor if he or George
Ussery was the eldest. I have never heard of George Ussery's death. I've lost trace of him. He went to California with Robinson Clay and it was Clay who told me that he had
gone to Arizona. I do not believe I ever saw George Ussery, as he left this country in or about 1849 and I was born in 1856. Nancy Narrowback was the name of my
grandfather's wife. She was Cherokee. I do not know that George Ussery was ever married in California. George Ussery had one child here who was killed here. Can't tell
when he was killed. He was killed beyond Fort Gibson. I can't tell you anything about his mother or whether she was ever married to George Ussery. I heard he married while
in California. I did not hear the name of the woman he married. I never heard of one Phylena Ussery or Phylena Tonge. I never knew an Ussery who was in the service in the
Mexican war or in the northern army during the late Civil War.

I never knew personally any of the Ussery's living in Arkansas but I have heard my father Phillip Ussery speak of relatives living about Little Rock, Ark. I have heard them
speak of Uncle Morgan and an Aunt but her name I do not recall. I can't now tell you the name of Uncle Morgan's wife. I have heard it but would not know it now if I heard it. My
grandfather's name was Philip and he had a white woman and a Cherokee woman wives and raised a family by each. I have given you their names: David Ussery's son John
is now living at Sallisaw, and Tobe's son Sam lives near Sallisaw and they are the only sons. The name of grandfather's white wife was Harriet Alexander and she is dead. She
died shortly after the war began. I do not know the date. I have heard you read the statements of Phylena Ussery, Albert and Gaston M. Ussery and I believe Phylena Ussery
is the one that Uncle George married. I do not know which George Ussery I was named for. Phil Ussery's mother whose name I don't know went to visit a son in Ark. and her
son Phil here in the territory. She died near Phil's but I do not know when.

Signed: George Ussery

                                          Morgan Ussery and Rhoda Caroline Lynch


Photo courtesy of Rudy Shuffied. Gravesite is near Hot Springs, Ark in Garland County near Mazam Creek.

Arkansas Census Records)

Morgan Ussery was born May 17, 1824 in Walker Co., AL to William Ussery and Esther Morgan,  and died Jun 28, 1877 in Garland Co., AR. (His birth record was
recorded in the family bible which was used in a Application for Pension Case in 1897. Usry Bul #21, pg 9)

On March 15, 1848 in Pulaski Co., AR he married
Rhoda Caroline Lynch who was born Dec 29, 1829 in TN and died Feb 20, 1884 in Garland Co., AR. (Their marriage was
recorded in White County, AR).

Morgan enrolled on the 20th day of Nov. 1863 and served as Captain, Co. F, 4th Reg. of Ark. Vol., to serve three years. He was discharged from the service of the United
States on the twentieth day of June, 1865, at Little Rock, AR; Under a telegram from the WD, AGO, dated June 1865, Record Dept. of AR from Capt. Wayght.

At 40 years of age his height was 5'8" and weighed 165. He had a ruddish complexion, dark hair and by occupation a farmer. The claim for a pension for the minor children
was allowed on June 28 1877, one day before he died, in Garland Co., AR, and a lump sum was paid to them in 1891. The file number of such minor children was 218,620. It
was twelve years from his discharge in 1865 until his death in 1877, and it was fourteen years after his death that the minors drew a lump sum. In 1884, widow, Rhoda
Caroline Ussery was granted a pension, and she died in 1885. No one ever thereafter drew any of her pension which she was entitled to from 1877, which being the date of
the death of her husband, Morgan Ussery.

Children of Morgan and Rhoda:

Albert C. Ussery
Mary C. Ussery b: Oct 30, 1850 mar.Cornelius Bill Priddy b: Jan 8, 1846 in Georgia d: 1920
Frances M. Ussery b: Jan 17, 1853 mar.Dammeroy /Dammeron
Gaston Moarse Ussery
Prudence Ussery b: Oct 16, 1856 mar.Smith
Safrene Ussery b: Jul 16, 1859
Melissa T. Ussery b: Feb 28, 1866 mar.Rankin
William Warner "Billy" Ussery b: Mar 9, 1867 mar.Sarah Jane Menser b: Abt 1872
Archibald Lynch Ussery b: Sep 1, 1870 in Garland Co., AR d: 1911 in McCurtin Co., OK mar.Sarah Jane Sorter b: Oct 5, 1876 m: Mar 1, 1892 in Garland Co., AR
William H. Ussery b: Abt 1871 in AK
Santa Rosa Ussery b: Apr 18, 1874 in AK mar.DeWitt C. Richard b: Abt 1860 m: Mar 23, 1892 in Garland Co., AR

George Morgan Ussery and Lula Jane Hughes

George Morgan Ussery was born Apr 30, 1879 in Garland Co., AR to Gaston Moarse Ussery. He died Nov 30, 1932. On June 19, 1898 he married Lula Jane Hughes who was
born July 4, 1882 d: Apr 4, 1969. They had the following children:

Maude Frances Ussery mar. Lewell Marcus Chronister *2nd Husband of Maude Frances Ussery: Jack H. Johnson
Douglas Archie Ussery b: 1919 in DeQueen, AR mar. Mozette McCary b: 1919 in Antlers, OK
Grace Ussery mar. Claude Lynch
John Ussery mar. Ruth Pendergrass
Stanley Ussery mar. Wilma DeWitt
Robert Ussery
Clark Ussery
Iva Mae Ussery mar. Burl Dycus

Gaston Moarse Ussery and Martha E. Cason
Gaston Moarse Ussery was born Dec 30, 1854 to Morgan Ussery. He died about 1906. He married Miss Martha E. Cason who was born about 1856 in Texas and died 1895.
They had the following children:

William Roscoe Ussery b: Apr 5, 1875 in Garland Co., AR mar. Susie
George Morgan Ussery
Albert Joshua Ussery b: Apr 24, 1880 in Garland Co., AR d: May 1916
Ruie Anna Ussery b: Jun 4, 1882 d: Dec 1897
Saphronia Elora Ussery b: Sep 22, 1883 mar. Thomas Owens
John Ira Ussery b: Sep 22, 1885 in Little Rock, AR d: Sep 23, 1945 in OK mar. Margaret Louise Williams
Mary Ethel Ussery b: Sep 28, 1887 mar. Henry Jenkins
Rose Etta Ussery b: Oct 30, 1890 mar. Price
Attie Albert Ussery b: 1892 mar. Guy Miller
Gracie Dell Ussery b: 1895

See Jefferson Co., Ar. Info

Deposition of Gaston Moarse Ussery
On July 14, 1899, at Pike's Mill, County of Sevier, State of Arkansas, Gaston Moarse Ussery was deposed by the Government concerning the Pension Application case of
Phylena Ussery. The following is extractions from that deposition:

My name is Gaston M. Ussery, age 44; occupation millling and carpentering and my P.O. is Avas, Ark. I made an application for my brothers and sisters, as the children of
Morgan Ussery, a corporal in Capt. Wm. H. Warner's Company F 4 Ark. Vol. Vac...they got the pension about 12 or 14 years understanding was that my father had
received a land warrant for his service in the Mexican war...never got the land.

My father's full name was Morgan Ussery and he was from Alabama and raised unti he was 16 when he came to Pulaski Co., Ar., near Little Rock. I don't know his father's
name. His mother was Easter Ussery. They both died in Garland Co., Ark. No, you have that wrong. His father died when he was quite young and he thought the rest of his kin
folks didn't treat him well so he brought his mother and two sisters Polly and Caroline to Pulaski Co., Arkansas. My father was only married once and that was to Rhoda
Carolina Lynch just after the Mexican War. They lived together until lhe died 16 miles from Hot Springs, near Chandler, and has been dead somewhere near 20 years.....

...I have heard my folks talk about his Uncles George and Phil Ussery. They went from Alabama with the Cherokee Indians close to Webber Falls, IT. George Ussery was killed
by the Pin? Indians during the war. He was murdered. I think my youngest brother Archibald Ussery said that Phil was dead, but I don't know when. My father said that George
had two wives; one of them a white woman near Webber Falls and then he had an Indian woman at the mill. The white woman was on the farm and he raised two families. I
don't recollect the names of either. I have never heard of Phylena M. Ussery

...Father's Mexican service was in the cavalry and he was a boy detailed to carry despolelies and do flaging. He used to talk about the Mexican war a good deal and could talk
Mexican well...father was never west of this state after the Mexican war...I lived with him most of the time until he died.

Father was born in 1820 I believe in Ala...he was a large tall man....I have some records here taken fromm a family Bible that are as follows: Rhoda C. Ussery died Feb. 20,
1885; Morgan Ussery born May 17, 1824 and died June 29, 1877; and Rhoda Caroline Ussery born December 29, 1829. I have a page here written by father a year or two
before he died, showing that he was mustered in at Hempstead Co., Ark., for 12 months Jan. 21, 1846 under Capt. Pike and mustered out at Monterey, Mexico about June 7,
1847 and signed Morgan Ussery, Corporal...signed G.M. Ussery

Albert C. Ussery and Adeline Ennis

Albert Chase Ussery was born Dec 15, 1848 in AR to Morgan Ussery and Rhoda Caroline Lynch. He died Sep 19, 1918 in Garland Co., AR. On Dec 12, 1867 in
Garland Co., AR he married
Adeline Ennis who was born Nov 6, 1846 in AR and died Apr 8, 1925 in Garland Co., AR . Both are buried in the Lowe Cemetery.

Adeline Ennis was born 06 November 1846 in Mazarn Twp, Montgomery Co., Arkansas and died 08 April 1925 in Garland Co., Arkansas.
On Nov. 19, 1863 Albert enrolled in Benton AR. as a private in Co. F, 4th AR Cav.
See his military pension papers
On Oct. 13, 1899, Albert was deposed by the Government concerning the Pension Application case of Phylena Ussery. The following is extractions from that deposition:

....I am 50 years of age; my post-office address is Bear, Montgomery Co., Ark; occupation farmer.

I am the oldest son of Morgan Ussery, and we both belonged to Co.F, 4th Ark. Vol. Cav. Father never was in any other Co. in this war but he was in Co. 13, Capt. Albert
Pike's Co. of the Dragoons of Ark. He was in the war a years from '46 to '47. He came home in 1847.

Father never had but one wife and her name was Rhoda Caroline Lynch. They were married in Jan. or Feb. 1848, I think. My sister Mary Priddy has the record and is in the
Chicasaw Nation somewhere. I don't know her address. They never got a divorce but lived together until he died June 29, 1877, with dropsy....My mother died in Feb.
1884-'85. They left nine of us children living: myself, Mary Priddy, Frances Dammeron, Prudence Smith, Gaston M. Ussery, Melissa J. Rankin, Wm. W. Ussery, Arch. S. Ussery
and Santa Rosa Richards. Mary Priddy's husband is Cornelius H. Priddy...Father applied for a pension in the late war but he never got it. Mother applied and the pension was
allowed before she died but she never got it. So the four youngest children finally got the pension, through my brother Gaston....father came from Alabama, Walker Co., near
Carbon Hill...I couldn't tell what father's name was but his mother was Esther Ussery

...Uncle Phil we heard was dead and he died in the Territory near Salisaw or Weber Fall, Cherokee Nation, I.T.....Sam Ussery died some years after the war in the same
country, but I don't know anything about his family.

George Ussery died during the war and was killed at the battle of Oak Hill up on the line of Ark. and Missouri....

I got a letter from a woman named Donahoe from some part of Wisconsin, Clark Co. I think, about a year ago. She said her mother was an Ussery and had two brothers one
of whom was Morgan Ussery and she thought maybe her mother and my father were brother and sister. She said her brother Morgan was supposed to have gone into the
Confederate army and was killed. She wanted to know if I knew anything about him and had learned of it through seeing the name Ussery in the post office guide. The post
office Ussery was named after my brother Gaston.....

My father was something like 6 feet tall, maybe a little taller, born May 1824 in Alabama, eyes blue, hair dark and straight, complexion light, and no marks of any kind. He was
straight and square and weighed about 200 pounds when he was himself...he was paralyzed in the army in the latter part of 1864. He got better so he could get around....
There is no one living that I know of who was with father in the Mexican War....Father went to the Mexican war from Pulaski County and I was too young to remember...

On Oct. 14, 1899, Adaline was deposed by the Government concerning the Pension Application case of Phylena Ussery. The following is extractions from that deposition:

I am 53 years of age...I am the wife of Albert Ussery-son of Morgan Ussery. I can recollect Morgan Ussery when I was 4 or 5 years old.....he was married to Rhoda Caroline
Lynch...I attended burying. He died with dropsy....he didn't have any sermon preached. They just buried him....He never had another wife and never lived in Arizona...
From this point Adaline's testimony was like her husband's

Children of Albert and Adeline:

William M. Ussery b: Feb 26, 1870 d: Bef 1915
George Edward Ussery
John N. Ussery b: Feb 5, 1875
Philip Anderson Ussery b: Dec 29, 1877 d: Bef 1915
James Monroe Ussery b: Aug 12, 1881 mar. Stella M. Eubanks b: Abt 1882 m: Dec 1, 1898 in Garland Co., AR
Joseph L. Ussery b: Dec 21, 1882
Ezra? Richard H. Ussery b: Feb 28, 1884 mar. Ellie Savage
Albert Charles Ussery b: Feb 8, 1887 d: Jan 4, 1906 in Garland Co., AR Lowe Cemetery
Rhoda E. Ussery b: Jan 22, 1889 d: Bef 1915

George Edward Ussery and Georgia Wheeler
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George Edward Ussery was born Nov 30, 1872 in Arkansas to
Albert C. Ussery and Adeline Ennis. He died in Bear, AR and is buried in the Cunningham Cemetery. On
Jan 1, 1893 in Garland Co., AR he married Georgia Wheeler who was born Aug 19, 1875 and died in Bear, AR and also buried in the Cunningham Cemetery. They had the
following children:

Clifton Ussery d: in Bear, AR Cunningham Cemetery mar. Jewell McKinney
Curtis Ussery mar. Delilah Hight
Clarence Crittenden Ussery b: Dec 1, 1897 in Garland Co., AR mar. Maggie Lee
Crockett Ussery b: 1899 d: Jul 1953 mar. Nettie Davis
Clark Ussery b: Feb 18, 1908 mar. Iva Hight

Clifton Ussery and Jewell McKinney

Clifton Ussery was born Aug. 30, 1914 to George Edward Ussery and Georgia Wheeler. He died July 24, 1982 in Callifornia, but his body was shipped to Arkansas where
he was buried in the Cunningham Cemetery. His wife,
Jewell McKinney, was born Aug. 9, 1917 and died in Hot Springs, Ark. on Aug. 2, 1993. She is also buried in the
Cunningham Cemetery. They had the following children:

  1. Shirley Ussery
  2. Verlon H. Ussery mar. Sharon Sue Marshall
  3. Peggy Ussery
  4. Gary Lynn Ussery
  5. Lana Delores Ussery
  6. Douglas Ussery d: in Bear, AR Cunningham Cemetery
William Usery and Wives:
Mrs. G. (Stephens) Fisher and Mrs. Roxy (Franks) Casbeer