Samuel Usrey and Margaret Deweese
Samuel Usrey was born abt. 1810, possibly in White Co., TN. It is believed he was captured during the Civil War and died in NY. At this time it is not known
who his parents were. His wife was Margaret Deweese, who was born around 1814 in TN, and died Oct 31, 1890 in Carroll Co., AR.

They had the following children:

Seth Usrey
William Usrey b: Abt. 1842 in Tennessee
Augustus Usrey b: Abt. 1845 in Tennessee
Winsford Usrey b: Abt. 1847 in Tennessee
Elizabeth A. Usrey b: Abt. 1849 in Tennessee
Susan Usrey b: Abt. 1851 in Tennessee
Lusana Usery b: Abt. 1853 in Arkansas
Thomas Usrey b: May 3, 1857 in Tennessee d: Nov 1922 mar. Mary Taylor b: Nov 25 d: May 25, 1939

Seth Usery and Roxanne (Rose) Clark Usery

Seth Usrey was born Nov. 21, 1835 to Samuel and Margaret Usery. It is believed he was born in Tennessee. He died December 2, 1908 in Carroll Co., AR.
He married Rosanna "Rose" Clark, the daughter of Thomas Hughey Clark, Judge of
Carroll County. Rose was born Oct. 22, 1840. When she was about ten
years old, her father was murdered. She died Nov. 20, 1922. Both she and Seth were buried in the Clark Cemetery, which is now located in the middle of a

Seth and Rose are found in the 1860 and 1880 US Census of Carroll Co., AR with their children.

They had the following children:

Mary J. Usrey b: Abt. 1858 in Arkansas
Alice A. Usrey b: Abt. 1860 in Arkansas
Frank Usrey b: Aft. 1860
Julie Usrey b: Aft. 1860
Zille Usrey b: Aft. 1860 mar. Jeff Walker
Samuel Usrey b: Mar 18, 1864 in Carroll Co., AR d: Jun 29, 1956 in Pope Co., AR Gobbler Cemetery married Jane Fultz b: Jan 5, 1875 in Carroll Co., AR d:
Mar 19, 1956 in Monterey Co., CA King City Cemetery
Robert Lee Usrey b: Sep 11, 1871 in Osage, AR married Mary Jane Phillips b: Apr 23, 1871 in Carroll Co., AR d: May 21, 1960
Billy Usrey b: Feb 2, 1878
Tom Usrey b: Feb 2, 1878 d: Oct 15, 1939

Descendants of Thomas Wade Ussery and Mary May
Thomas Wade Ussery was born Jun 12, 1812 in NC and died Jul 2, 1880 in Faulkner County, AR . He married Mary May who was born Oct 19, 1819 in NC
and died Oct 3, 1899 in Faulkner County, AR. They are both buried in the Mt. Vernon Cemetery. I have no information in my files as to who Thomas Wade
Ussery's father was. They had the following children:

William Thomas Ussery b: Apr 28, 1840 in Miss d: Feb 25, 1883 in Faulkner County, AR Mt. Vernon Cemetery married Martha Ann Harrison b: Apr 27, 1839
in Van Buren Co., Ark. d: Jul 19, 1932 in Faulkner County, AR Mt. Vernon Cemetery
Robert D. Ussery b: 1842 in Miss d: Feb 17, 1862 in Nashville, TN Confederate Hospital
Mary A. "Mollie" Ussery b: Feb 18, 1844 in Mississippi d: Jan 16, 1903 in Searcy, Ark married Archibald L. Phillips
Nancy C. Ussery b: 1846 in Miss d: 1866 in Ark. married John L. Collins
Zachariah Taylor Ussery b: 1850 in Mississippi d: in Sulpher, OK
America F. "Met" Ussery b: 1851 in Tenn. or Miss d: in Ark. married Hilary Clay Carmichael
Joseph Lane Ussery
Lelia Ussery b: 1857 in Tenn. d: in Sulpher, OK married Jeremiah Parker
Louisa Ussery b: 1862 in Mt. Vernon, Ark. married Reuben R. Kirby

Descendants of Joseph Lane Ussery and Martha Jane Dean
Joseph Lane Ussery was born in 1856 in Tenn. or Search, AR to Thomas Wade Ussery. He died Mar 1, 1928 in Texas. He married Martha Jane Dean who
was born May 7, 1848 and died Apr 16, 1890. They had the following children:

Mary Ussery b: Oct 1872 d: Oct 21, 1876 in Faulkner County, AR Mt. Vernon Cemetery
William Arthur Ussery b: May 22, 1875 d: Aug 27, 1945 in Arkansas married Ludie Rea/Roe? *2nd Wife of William Arthur Ussery : Lillie Alice Alexander b:
Sep 15, 1880
Amber G. Ussery b. 1878 died Apr 27, 1953 in Arkansas... mar. Jesse Britton Henry
Joseph Cullen Ussery b: Mar 3, 1882 d: Jun 23, 1954 in Tyler, Texas Sand Flat Cemetery
married Rama. *2nd Wife of Joseph Lane Ussery: Martha Idella Russell May
Romie Jerome Ussery b: Jun 17, 1892 d: 1954 mar. Maggie Killmer b: Jul 4, 1892 in Texas
Dewitt Ussery mar. Maud Ivy
Paul Ussery