James K. Usery and Mary Ann Griffin
Bible Records of Shelby & Maletha Ussery
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Bible Records of Carrie Usrey Hutson
Bible Records of James H. Fulghum and Eliza Jane Ussery and Mary A. Ussery
Bible Records of James USSERY and Frances C. Mayfield
Bible Records of Jackson Mayfield and PalinaLists Annie Ussery and Daniel Marion
Bible Records of JOHN USSERY and Mary Brown
Lemay-Ussery Bible Records
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                                                         Peter Usry/Usery and Elizabeth Swint
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                                                         James K. Usrey Bible Records

Should you have any information on this family, please contact Randy Baxley

James K. Usrey - b. March 3, 1833; d. June 20, 1911; married Mary Ann Griffin, March 27, 1853 (Mary Ann Griffin Usrey - d. January 26, 1894).
They had 11 children:

Sarah Catherine Usrey - b. January 27, 1854; d. March 1, 1925; married B.F. Arnold, February 22, 1877.
William Bledsoe Usrey - b. Sept 3, 1856; d. Sept 17, 1925; married Bettie Moore, Oct 5, 1879. (Bettie Moore Usrey - d. Jan 26, 1892). Married
Josephine Wilkinson, May 22, 1895 (J. Wilkinson - d. June 19, 1927).
Andrew J. Usrey - b. February 24, 1858; d. April 16, 1858.
Philip Usrey - b. June 6, 1859; d. October 4, 1921; maried Mary J. Atkinson, December 2, 1888.
Harriet (Hattie) Usrey - b. June 2, 1862; married E.O. Hathaway, March 9, 1884 (E.O. Hathaway - d. October 30, 1906).
Nancy S. Usrey - b. December 28, 1863; d. September 14, 1918; married O.S. Gorham, March 30, 1884.
Lillie Jane Usrey - b. March 1, 1867; married A.B. Herring, Dec. 25, 1887 (A.B. Herring - d. January 8, 1927)
John D. Usrey - b. August 26, 1870; d. February 6, 1881.
James Henry Usrey - b. January 11, 1874.
Sylvester Usrey - b. March 5, 1876.
Ollie May Usrey - b. December 30, 1878. Married Cecil D. Boyer, unk date (Cecil D. Boyer - d. February 14, 1925)
Info of Randy Baxley:

My connection to this Usrey lines comes down from William Bledsoe Usrey, to daughter Gladys Minerva Usrey who married Thomas Carroll
Weinbrenner (my maternal grandparents), to daughter Ellen Adele Weinbrenner who married Allen E. Baxley (my parents). The family bible
itself is in the possession of my sister, Linda (Baxley) Cox. She sent me this information after my parents passed away.

In addition to the information from the family bible, she also sent me an old photograph showing James K. Usrey with 8 of his children & their
spouses. As soon as I can get the photograph reproduced, I will send it to you as well.

One of the problems I have been having is trying to connect this Usrey line to any other one. With this information, can you make any
connections to any other Usrey/Ussery/etc. lines that you have? The only things I have been able to find so far is on another web site that listed
Lillie Usrey and A.B. Herring as being married in Baxter Springs, Cherokee Co., KS. I checked the Cherokee Co. website and found that there is
an Usrey Cemetery locted there, but there isn't any list or information of who is buried there. In addition, I found that Philip Usrey is buried in
Pacific Coast Cemetery, Redondo Beach, CA.

                                                 Bible Records of Shelby Ussery and Maletha Ussery

For more information on Shelby and Maletha, see Mississippi Census and Land Records

Copied from the Ussery family Bible of Mr. and Mrs. Shelby Ussery, currently in the possession of Mr. and Mrs. Dean Blythe, Monticellow, Ark.
Mr. Dean Blythe is the great grandson of the above mentioned Mr. and Mrs. Shelby Ussery; the grandson of Mr and Mrs. John Jefferson Blythe,
Sr; and the son of Mr. and Mrs. James Howard Blythe. (Uart706)

N.U. McMillian and Catherine McMillian married Dec. 28, 1820
Shelby Ussery and Maletha (McMillian) Ussery, his wife, married 13th of Sept. 1831
Cleopatra Ussery was born June the 27th, in the year 1832
Leander Franklin (Thomas) Ussery was born Nov. 9, 1833 (written by S. Ussery May 28, 1840)
Causada Ernella Ussery Mar. 6th A.S. 1842
W.V. McMillian born Oct. 8, 1800
William W. Ussery was born the 30th day of Oct. 1845
James Thomapson was born Feb. 29, 1829
A. Thompson was born Oct. 3, 1840
Henry Bascom Ussery departed this life July 31st A.D. 1852
Leander Franklin Ussery departed this life July 31st A.D. 1864
Catherine McMillian was born Feb. 26, 1802
Sara Rose was born Sept. 1st in the year of our Lord 1827
David Ussery was born Aug. 13, 1833

F.E.P. Ussery was born Apr. 13th in the year of our Lord 1847
Jane Munn was born Feb. 9, 1804
A.O. Ussery was born 12th of Feb. 1850
H.B.B. Ussery was bor the 1st day of Aug. 1851
Shelby Ussery died Aug. 24th 1852
Maletha Ussery deid Sept. 14, 1852
Henry B. Ussery died July 31, 1853
Leander Franklin Ussery departed this life 31st July 1864 at Newman, Georgia

William R. McMillian born Apr. 29, 1829
Neapolian B. McMillian born Dec. 11, 1828
John E. Winn was born May 6th, 1802

                                                                 Bible Records of Carrie Usrey Hutson

Usry Bul No. 11 page 9
T.C. Usrey born Aug. 10, 1822 died June 25, 1898 aged 75-11-15
Leithey J. Usrey born July 1827 died Jn 14 1881
J.B. Usrey born Oct. 5, 1853
S.T. Usrey born July 10, 1855
R.A. Usrey born Aug. 7, 1857 [Name is Robert Andrew, married Nancy Rebecca 'Minnie' Gooch in Oct. 1898. Three children: Ora Lee, Rebecca
and unknown name. per Clint Usrey]
F.J. Usrey born Oct. 22, 1862
H.H. Usrey born Apr. 16, 1867, died July 28, 1944, aged 77 [Name is Hull Higgson per Clint Usrey
Susan C. Usrey born Mar. 11, 1877, died Dec. 2, 1946 at 71

                                 James H. Fulghum and Eliza Jane Ussery and Mary A. Ussery

Published by American Bible Society, New York, 1853(Usry Bul 71)

James H. Fulghum born Oct. 3, 1821
Eliza Jane Ussery born March 27, 1839
Mary Clark Fulghum and Elizabeth Brown Fulghum born June 28, 1858
Eliza J. Fulghum born March 12, 1860
Mary A. Fulghum born January 9, 1844 (second wife and sister to Eliza J. Ussery)
James T. Fulghum was born June 28, 1866
T.M. Fulghum born April 1, 1868
Sallie W. Fulghum born Oct. 17, 1870
Nannie G. Fulghum born May 22,1873
Willie P. Fulghum born January 11, 1876 (daughter)
John A. Fulghum born Sept. 1, 1878
Mattie Fulghum born January 14, 1881

James H. Fulghum married Eliza Jane Ussery on Oct. 4, 1857
James H. Fulghum and wife Mary A. Ussery were married May 24, 1865

Mary C. Fulghum died Nov. 4, 1892
Eliza J., wife of James H. Fulghum died July 25, 1860
Eliza J., dau. of James H. Fulghum died July 25, 1860
Willie P. Fulghum, dau of J.H. and and Mary Fulghum died March 11, 1897
Nannie G. Fulghum, dau of J.H. and M.A. Fulghum died July 16, 1899
James H. Fulghum died Feb. 18, 1901
Mary A. Fulghum died May 28, 1904, age 60 years 4 mos 19 days

                                         Bible Records of James USSERY and Frances C. Mayfield

Usry Bulletin No. 67, page 10:

The following is a copy of the family record as taken from the family Bible of Jesse M. Mayfield and Frances Key Mayfield:

Jesse M. Mayfield               Feb. 11, 1791 b. Warren Co., NC, died Monroe Co., MS
Frances Key Mayfield         Nov. 17, 1795
Martha H.                           Nov 4, 1814; m. A. Murphy, Nov 16,1833
John Jackson                    Nov. 20, 1816; m. Rachel Palina
Elizabeth C.                      May 17, 1818; m. John Gardiner, Nov 25, 1834
Sarah L.                           July 4, 1821; never married
William B.                         Jan. 11, 1825; never married
Jesse Daniel                    Dec. 5, 1829
Frances C.                       Feb. 5, 1829; m. JAMES M. USSERY
Eleanor S.                          Mar. 22, 1832

This Bible came into the possession of their son, John Jackson Mayfield, whose wife was Palina Mayfield. The following is to be found in the

Paulina Mayfield        May 3, 1812  Mar. 23, 1883
Louisa Ann              Nov. 21, 1840; m. Dr. Laurence
Frances Amanda          Oct 9, 1844; m. Lewis Booth
Daniel Marion           Nov. 15 1847; m. ANNIE USSERY
Emma Jackson            May 28, 1853; m. Fuqua