#13022 T.F. USSERY, Private, Co. F, 14th Reg. 1 Aug 1861,Auburn; 17 Apr 1865 Gettysburg, VA, disability, age 56, Rock Mills, PO

JAMES USERY, Co. F, 59th George: Enlisted May 13, 1862, at Isabella; died in hospital, Richmond, VA, December 29, 1862, pneumonia.

ANDREW J. USREY, Co. F, 13th Ind.: Declaration for Remarried Widow's Pension. Cass Twp. Sullivan Co., IN., 20 Nov. 1916: Rebecca McBride declares she
is 75, born 22 Jul. 1841, formerly widow of Andrew J. Usrey, Co. F, 13th Indiana. That she married said soldier 4 Aug. 1864 under the name of Rebecca
Simmons , at Fathersham, Sullivan Co., IN. That neither had previously been married. That said soldier died Sept. 15, 1872, at home, Sullivan Co., IN, and that
she was divorced from him. That she was formerly pensioned as widow of said soldier. That she did no remarry except to John G. McBride, and he died in
1901. Wit: Julia Gregor, Cass; Lithe Goodman, Sullivan.

War Dept, Mar. 31, 1917: "The name Andrew J. Usrey has not been found on the rolls of Co.F, 13th Indiana Inf. or Cavalry."

DANIEL F. USRY, Pvt. Co. A, 48th GA Inf.: Enlisted Mar. 4, 1862, Gibson, GA, by Allen Kelly for 3 years. Absent, sick leave, July 1862. Sick in hospital,
Richmond, VA, July 1862, catarrh. Dec. 1863, General Hospital, Winer VA. Present Sept. and Oct. 1864.

Susan E. Usry, Glascock Co., GA, 1910, application for pension: widow of Daniel F. Usry, Co. A, 4th GA INf., Mar. 10, 1862 to surrender at Appomatox. Died
Dec. 29, 1893, Glascock Co., GA. Married Jan, 25, 1866. Property, 125 acres of land, 2 cows, etc. Widow died 1911?

GEORGE J. USRY, Corp., Co. G, 7th Battn, Gerogia Cav. (SG): Enlisted Aug 4, 1861, Gibson GA., for 6 months. Taken out by the enrolling Officer.

George J. Usry, Pvt. Enlisted 3 Sept. 1861 at Camp McDonald by Capt. J.A.R. Hanks for duration of war. Private, Co. A, 20th Georgia Inf. Absent on sick
furlough, Sept.-Oct, 1861? On roll of prisoners of war; captured Glasgow Co., GA, Dec 26, 1864? Released Jan. 21, 186_. Oath of allegiance sworn to at
Point Lookout, MD., June 21, 1865. Residence, Glascock Co., GA. Fair complextion, light brown hair, blue eyes, 5' 10". Date of discharge, 2 Jan. 1862. Paid 3
Jan. 1862. Transportation provided on WGA RR to Camp McDonald, 10 miles beyond Atlanta.

Muster Roll of Company I, 2 Regt of Georgia Militia, Glascock Co., Georgia includes George J. Usry. Enlisted as a private in Co. B, 22nd Reg't GA Inf., Sept 3,
1861. No record of discharge. Enlisted as a private in Co. I, 2nd Reg't GA Mil. in 1864. Captured in Glascock Co., GA, Dec. 26, 1864. Released at Pt. Lookout,
MD, June 2, 1865.

G.J. Usry, Glascock Co., GA, Dec. 1, 1902, application for indigent pension, Co. A, 22nd GA and Co. I, 2nd GA. Resident of GA for 63 years., since birth in
Oct. 1840, Warren Co., GA. Enlisted Sept. 3, 1861, Glascock Co., GA., Co. A, 22nd Rgt, served six months. When discharged Jan. 1862, went with Militia Co
2, GA and served until surrender. My regiment was furloughed home in Nov 1864 from Griggin, GA. Sherman's army took us prisoner until the war broke.
Occupation farming. Family: wife, one boy, two girls. Wife feeble; one daughter invalid. Disapproved Jun 9, 1903.

George J. Usry, Oct. 1, 1910, new application: Captured Nov 16, 1864; prison at Pt. Lookout, MD. Granted New Service Pension $60 for 1911-1914.

Eliza Usry, Glascock Co., GA., Oct 29, 1917. Widow of G.J. Usry. Married Oct 26, 1866. G.J. Usry died Dec 16, 17 0r 18, 1916. Had 170 acres of land, valued
at $1000. Widow now has 78 acres of land and one mule; total value $575. Her application was attested by G.F. Usry. The widow died Jan 18, 1927. The
estate applied for $100 due her.

JOHN L. USRY, Pvt. Co. F, 8th GA Reg. Cav.: Rachael Usry, Glascock Co., GA, 1900 application for widow's pension. Widow of John L. Usry, Pvt. Co. F, 8th
GA Reg. Cav., Sept. 1862 to April 1865. Surrender Apr. 9, 1865, Appomatox, VA. Discharged Montezuma, GA. Died May 1, 1881.

M.D.C. USRY, 4th Corp, Co. H., 2nd GA State Line Troops: Militia Enrolling List, 1 Jan 1864, Glascock Co., GA.: M.D. Usry, aged 18 years, 10 months; planter;
born Georgia.

Mary Usry, Sept. 17, 1910, application for widow's pension, Glascock Co., GA. Widow of M.D.C. Usry, enlisted 1862, Gibson, GA. Married April 20, 1865. Died
May 10, 1889. Property, 181 acres of land, one cow. The widow died in 1914?

Must Rolls of Co. H., 2nd (Stoey's) Regt Inf GA State Line: 14 Feb 1863 to Mar 31, 1863, M.D.C. Usry, 4th Corp. Enslisted Feb. 16, 1863 at Sandersville, GA
by Capt. Evan. Mar 31 to May 31, 1863,Camp Wilson, no present, 2nd Corporal. May 31 to Jul 31, 1863, 2nd Corp.,present Camp Whittaker. Feb 16, 1863,
4th Corp. Jul 31 to Sept. 30, 1863, Camp Womble, 2nd Corp., in hospital, no pay. M.D.C. Usry discharged on or before Nov. 1, 1863, Camp. Ruff.

Georgia Adjutant-Inspector Gen: "Letters Sent, Circulars and Special Order, Feb. 1, 1861-Oct. 8, 1864, pg. 501, Vol 1, part 2, Special Orders 175: Corp.
M.D.C. Usry, Co. H., is hereby discharged from the service of the State on Surgeon's Certificat of permanent disability. By order of the Commander-in-Chief,
H.C. Wayne, Adj. and Inspector General.

PETER USRY, Militia Enrolling List, Jan. 1, 1864, Glascock Co., GA; Peter Usry, aged 45 years, 6 months; planter; born Georgia.

W.J. USRY, Pvt. Georgia Conscripts, May 1, 1863 to Oct. 1, 1863, employed by Major Harder, enrolling duty, Glascock Co., GA.

DANIEL USSERY/USREY, Co. E, 110 U.S.C.T.: War Department memo: Daniel Ussery enrolled Dec., 7, 1863 and mustered out with company Feb. 6, 1866.
Born in McInburgh, VA; age 29; 5' 9"; complexion, eyes and hair, black; laborer.
Dept. of Interior, Oct. 16 1894: Daniel Usrey died Feb. 11, 1886.

Affidavit of A.H. Hewitt, resident of Bailey Springs, Alabama, Lauderdale County: Knew a soldier named Peter Perkins. Died Feb. 1886. Told Affiant his name
was Daniel Ausrey, but was in difficulty and changed his name. Had step-son by name of Tom Walker

Declaration for Widow's Pension, 25 Aug. 1894, Giles Co., TN: Julia Ussery, 54, declares she is widow of Daniel Ussery, who enlisted at Pulaski, TN, 12 Dec.
1863 in Co. E., 110th Regt USCT, as a Private; discharged Feb. 6, 1866 and died Feb. 11, 1886, and married Julia Walker on May 15, 1869 at Lynnville. Child
under 16, Ophelia Ussery, born March 11, 1881.

Affidavit of Julia Ussery, Nov. 22, 1895, Columbia, TN: I was born and raised on Robinsons Creek, Giles Co., TN. I belonged to Henry Walker (dec'd); my
husband belonged to Daniel Ussery. My husband was named Daniel Ussery also. My husband was born in Old Virginia. Daniel Ussery bought him when he
was a boy. My first husband was Jerry Walker, who belonged to Henry Walker's father. His young master took him with him to the Army and Jerry died at
Bowling Green. I have been married three times. My second husband was Spencer Walker. I was married to Spencer in time of war after I hear of Jerry's death.
I was married to Spencer under the slave custom, with the consent of our owners. Spencer was a soldier too. He was in the 110th. I lived with Spencer Walker
about a year and a half after he came back from the Army. I was not divorced from Spencer Walker. He went on and married again after we parted, and I did
the same.

Widow's Pension: Julia Ussery, Lynville, Giles Co., TN. Soldier: Daniel Usrey, Pvt. Co E, 120th USC Volunteer Inf. Children:

Richmond and Joe, twins, born Jan 16, 1871
Lenny and Maggie born Jan 11, 1873
Lucintha born Jan 11, 1874, died April 17, 1879
Daniel, Jr., born March 18, 1878
Roseanna born Dec. 15, 1876, died Oct. 11, 1879
Ophelia born March 11, 1880

Widow's Pension, Julia Ussery, PO Lynnville, Giles Co., TN. Soldier, Daniel Usrey, Pvt. Co E, 110th USC Vol. Inf. $8 per month. Rejected Feb. 4, 1895;
claimant not legal widow of soldier. Soldier enlisted Dec. 7. 1865; hon. discharged. Feb. 6, 1866; died Mar 6, 1886. Claimant's marriage to soldier, Apr. 15,

Declaration for Widow's Pension, 28 Jan 1905; Julia Ussery, 64, resident of Lynnville, Giles Co., TN., widow of Daniel Ussery. Married under the name of Julia
Walker to Daniel Ussery in 1869 by Green Edmondson, near Roberson Fork, at Griffin, Tenn. No Children listed.

JOSEPH E. USREY, Pvt. Co. G, 2nd U.S. Vol. Inf.: Declaration for Original Invalid Pension, Polk Co. AR, 15 Oct. 189_. Joseph E. Usry, aged 57,a resident of
Ink, Polk Co., AR., says he entered the service as a Private in Co. G, 2nd Regiment US Volunteers, commanded by Col. Carm, and was honorably discharged
at Ft. Leavenworth, Kansas. Age 57; height 5' 9", dark complexion; black hair, light eyes. Now suffering from disease of heart, rheumatism, etc.

Affidavit: "I, J.B. Usrey do swear that I am 49 years old, lacking a few months, a brother to Joseph E. Usry, who was conscripted by the Confederate Army and
forced to serve in Co. F, 42nd Alabama."

Memo from Joseph E. Usrey: My present wife is Rebecca Ann McFee. She was a widow of McFee when I married her Dec. 1, 1880. Married first to Polly M.
Billingsly, Dec. 13, 1857, Fayette Co., AL, died 1873. Married second to Nancy V. Billingsly, a widow, in 1873. I am not married now. My first wife Polly died
about 1873. I am now divorced.

letter to Hon. H. Clay Even: Joseph E. Usrey died some time last Feb. or March.

PHILIP USREY, Co. E., 43rd Ind. Vol. Inf.: Enlisted 15 Feb. 1865 for one year; honorably discharged 14 Jun. 1865. AWOL 5 days, Mar 8, 1865 to Mar. 13,
1865 and in confinement 57 days. Deserted Mar. 8, 1865 at Indianapolis. Arrested March 13, 1865. Received at Indianapolis March 15, 1865. Returned to his
company from prison, May 5, 1865; discharged June 14, 1865.

Declaration for Original Invalid pension, Cherokee Co., KS. 25 March 1891: Honorably discharged Indianapolis, Ind., 14 June 1865 at close of war. Aged 47; 5'
3"; dark complexioned; dark hair, dark eyes. Contracted scolic rheumatism in left arm and wrist and left knee, at Camp Morten, MD., March 1865. Resided in
Sullivan Co., IN up to year 1877, then to Cherokee Co., KS.

Marriage record, F-97: Philip Usry of Indian Territory, aged 50 and Fanny Boyles of Indian Territory, aged 37, married 26 Aug. 1893, Cherokee Co., KS.

Affidavit, May 4, 1898,by Philip Usrey: Former wife, Sarah A. Simmons, died Dec. 13, 1892, Evapa Reserve, Indian Territory. Children Living: Lulu, b. Mar. 6,
1883; B.L. b. Aug. 20,1886; Amma b. May 25, 1888 and Elvin b. Aug. 10, 1890.

Pensioned July 3,1901, dating from July 15,1890. Increased from $8 to $12 per month by Act of Feb. 6, 1907. Born Aug. 7, 1843, Sullivan Co., IN.

Notary, Cherokee Co., KS, 19 Feb. 1907: Philip Usrey in possession of a Bible record that once belonged to David Usrey, father of Philip Usrey. It is very much
torn and had many births recorded there, one of which is Philip Usrey, born August the 7th, 1843.

Mr. Philip Usrey, Galena, KS: You are informed that your claim under the Act of May 11, 1912 is rejected on the grounds that you did not render 90 days
active military service during the Civil War. J.L. Davenport, Jan. 3, 1913.


Widow's pension filed Feb. 14, 1925 by Martha C. Usry of Williamson County, Bartlett Post office, Texas. Approved Feb. 28, 1925. Widow of James Adolphus
Usry, who departed this life on 3rd day of April 1922 in the County of Williamson,TX. Married deceased on 18th day of December 1866 in the county of
Calhoun, Alabama. Claimant is 78 years old 5th day of September 1924, born in Calhoun County, AL. Has resided in Texas since 1893. Swears husband
served four years and was discharged from prison in Fort Delaware at end of the war.

Papers from War Dept., Adjutate General's Office, Feb. 21, 1925: The records show one James D. Usry, Co. D, 10th AL Inf, CSA enlisted June 4 1861 at
Alexandria, AL. Muster roll Sept. and Oct. 1864 shows him absent. Prisoner of War, captured at Gettysburg, July 3, 1863, a Private.

Prisoner of War records show that he was captured July 2, 1863 at Gettysburg and released June 10, 1865 at Fort Delaware, Del., on taking the Oath of
Allegiance, a Private

Residence: Marion Co., TN. The name of James A. Usry has not been found on the muster rolls of the organization.

Martha C. Usry died May 1, 1926, Williamson Co., TX

ANNUEL USSERY, Co. I, 8th Mo. Cav: Dallas County, Missouri, 15 June 1864, Lavina E. (Gunter) Ussery, aged 35, resident of Dallas Co., says that she is the
widow of Annuel Ussery, Private in Company I, commanded by Capt. McAdoo in the 8th Regiment of Missouri Volunteer Cavalry, commanded by Col. Giger;
that her husband died at Duvall's Bluff, Ark., 21 May 1864; married to ANNUEL USSERY in Dallas Co., Missouri on 7 Nov. 1859, by John Hatfield, Minister of
God; that her name was LAVINA E GUNTER; that rebels burned the record office in 1863. Their children:

John F. born 1 Sept. 1853
Jesse P. born 26 May 1855
Juliet J. born 2 Jan 1856
Martha J. born 18 Dec. 1859
William A. born 23 April 1861
Annual L. born 7 Nov. 1863
All children still living. J.C. Eldridge and W.H. Gammon swear they know this.

State of Missouri, County of Laclede, James A. Tallinferro certifies a list from the family bible of ANNUEL USSERY, Deceased:

John B. born 1 Sept. 1853
Jesse P. born 2 May 1855
Jerusha J. born 2 Jan 1857
Martha Jane born 18 Dec. 1859
William A. born 29 April 1861

Surgeon General's Office, Washington, D.C. Sept. 24, 1864. Pension Application 5-4974, Private ANNUEL USSERY, Co. I 8th Missouri Cavalry Volunteers is
reported by Regiment Surgeon as having died May 21, 1864 at Regimental Hospital, Duvall's Bluff, Arkansas of Dysentery.

Dept. of Interior: Minor children of ANNUEL USSERY, Private, Co. I, 8th Mo. Cav. Vols., are entitled to receive pay at the rate of $8 per month, commencing 24
May 1865, until 6 Nov. 1879:

John F., who will be 16 on 31 Aug. 1869
Jesse P. 1 May. 1871
Jerusha 1 Jan. 1873
Martha J. 17 Dec. 1875
William A. 28 Apr. 1877
Annual L. 6 Nov. 1879

Dallas Co., MO: Eli Butts swore that on the 30th day of Nov. AD 1865 he was a Justice of the Peace and joined in matrimony Godfrey M. Taylor and Lavina
Ussery, widow of ANNUEL USSERY, deceased, at the residence of the affiant.

28 Dec. 1865, Lavina Ussery of Dallas Co., MO, appointed Doniphan & Field to handle her pension claim.

Adjutant General's Office, April 16, 1866 Application No. 54,974: ANNUEL USSERY was enrolled on the 2nd day of August 1862 at Buffalo, Missouri, in
Company I, 8th Regiment of Cavalry Missouri Volunteers, to serve 3 years and mustered in as a Private, 12 Sept. 1862, at Springfield, MO. Died at Duvall's
Bluff, Ark., May 23, 1864 of chronic diarrhea.

18 Feb. 1867, Preston G. Bradshaw was appointed Guardian of the persons and curator of the estates of: (minor heirs of Annuel Ussery, dec'd) John Francis
Ussery, Jesse Peter Ussery, Jerusha Ussery, Martha Jane Ussery, William Allen Ussery, Annuel Ussery.

Camden, MO 11 Aug. 1888, Mrs Lavina E. Taylor aged 52, a resident of Linn Creek, swears she was the wife and widow of ANNUEL USSERY, who enlisted
October 7, 1861, in Co. I 8th MO Cav and served until 21 May 1864 when he died in the service. That she remarried on the 30th Nov. 1865. Made application
for pension in 1865 but her attorney died; that her children drew pension from 24 May 1865 until 6 Nov. 1879

ALBERT C. USSERY, Pvt., Co. F., 4th Arkansas Vol. Cav: Declaration for Increase of Pension, 28 Dec. 1903 by Albert C. Ussery, aged 55, Bear, Garland Co.,
AR. Enrolled at Benton, AR., 19 Nov. 1863,Co. F, Private, 4th AR Cav. Vol. Discharged Little Rock, 30 June 1865. Disabled by piles, tumors, eczema, disease
of the heart.

5' 9", dark complexion, brown eyes, black hair, born Dec. 15, 1848, Pulaski Co., AR. PO Address, Bear, Montgomery Co., AR. Pensioned at $8 per month, per
Act of Jan. 27, 1890.

Deposition of James M. Carter, Garland Co., AR, aged 74 of Royal, AR. Saw Albert C. and Adeline married 12 Dec. 1867. Understand that she was first
married to James Ennis in 1864 and he died in Jan. 1865.

Questionnaire, filled out by Albert C. Ussery; April 12, 1915:
Children:William M. b Feb. 26, 1870 dec'd; George E., b. Nov. 30, 1872; John N. b. Feb. 5, 1875; Philip A., b. Dec. 29, 1877, dec'd; James M. b Aug. 12, 1881;
Joseph L. b. Dec. 21, 1881; Richard H., b. Feb. 28, 1884; Charles A., b. Feb. 8, 1887,dec'd; Rhoda E., b. Jan 22, 1889, dec'd.

Certificate of Death, Ouachita Township, Garland Co., AR: Albert C. Ussery, male, white, married; born Dec. 15, 1848; died Sept. 19, 1918, aged 69-9-4;
farmer; born Arkansas. Father: Morgan Ussery born Alabama. Mother, Ruby (Rhoda) Caroline Lynch, born Tennessee. Informant: George Ussery, Royal.
Lowe Cemetery; 20 Sept. 1918.

Declaration for Widow's Pension, Garland Co., AR, 27 Sept. 1918: Adeline Ussery, 71, resident of Bear, Garland Co., AR., widow of Albert C. Ussery. Married
as Adeline Ennes to Albert C. Ussery on 12 Dec. 1867 by John C. Priddy at Priddy's residence. Former husband died Jan. 26, 1865.

CHARLES EVAN USSERY, Pvt./Corp., Co. H., 15th GA Inf.: Enlisted July 13, 1861, Hart Co., GA by W.R. Poole, for 3 years or the war. Absent, wounded, in the
hospital, Oct. 1864. Absent, wounded furlough, Dec. 1864, Transfered to Camp Winder, Oct. 13, 1864. Transferred to Jackson Oct. 16, 1864. Typhoid Fever.
Returned to duty Aug. 13, 1864. Wounded in face severely, Oct. 13, 1864.

Charles E. Ussery, Bowersville, Hart Co., GA, 1895, application for Indigent Pension. Resident of GA for 46 years. Born Lancaster Co., SC Oct 30, 1841.
Farmer. Enlisted July 13, 1861, Hart Co., Co. H, 15th GA. Wounded Oct. 13, 1864, at Junction of Barby Town Road in VA. Died March 29, 1923?

Mrs. C.E. Ussery, Hart Co., GA 1910, application for widow's pension. Married May 1, 1870 in Hart Co. At surrender, was at home. Widow died Feb. 19, 1928.

The following information was obtained from Ussery, My Cup Runneth Over...Reunion 1992

Shortly before he died in March 1923 he related all about his experience here to his grand daughter Mrs. Clyde (Ruth) Young:

Camp Winder, GA from Jul 13 1861 until early fall 1861
Northern VA early fall 1861 until 1862
Developed typhoid fever Sept 16, 1861 and was sent to hospital at Richmond VA. He continued in hospital until May 4, 1862 when he was sent to Camp
Winder, GA.
He was sent back to Norther VA shortly affter July 1862
Fought in many battles in VA in 1862 and early 1863
Fought in Battle of Gettysburg, PA Jul 1-3, 1863. He told of being surrounded and needing water and drinking water from a small creek only to discoveer the
next morning that it was filled with dead horses and men.
He fought with Bennings Brigade led by General Henry Lewis Bennings, a former Georgia Supreme Court member.
Fought in Battle of Chicamuga, summer of 1863, after Gettysburg
Fought at Battle of Missionary Ridge and it was here that he was surrounded by Northern troops and their only means of escape was to delay advancing
northern troops. They delayed them by prizing up a large rock on Missionary Ridge, making the rock roll down the hill and scaring their horses. By prizing up
the large rock they found a spring which is still flowing.
Fought iin battled in northern VA in winter of 1863.
Developed Malaria or some other fever July-Aug of 1864. He was promoted to Corporal May 4, 1864.
He was seriously wounded Oct. 13, 1864 by a mini-ball going though his left cheek and coming out his left ear. He was left for dead and his men were making a
second check to see for sure who was dead and they detected life by the use of a mirror. He was wounded at junction of Barleytown Road near Petersburg,

DANIEL B. USSERY, Pvt.,Co. F, 2nd GA State Troops: Enlisted Spring of 1862, Wilkinson Co., GA, in Co. F, 2nd GA State Troops. Remained 8 to 10 months.
Discharged May 1863. Remained out about 3 months and joined Beckam's Artillery and remained with them until close of the war. Discharged about 15 May
1865 at Meridian, MS; 2 1/2 yrs of service.

Mrs. C.M. Ussery, Montgomery Co., GA application for pension. Widow of D.B. Ussery. Married 1865. He died Nov. 5, 1898. Serviced until 1865. D.B. Ussery
was on the Indigent Roll. Application attested by J.D. Ursery.

JAMES USSERY, Pvt. Co. I, 20 IL. Inf.: Enlisted May 15, 1863; discharged July 27, 1864. Enlisted Nov. 9, 1864; discharged July 16, 1865.

In 1913 correspondence indicates that James Ussery resided at Barton Junction, six miles north of Ouida, Phillips Co., AR.

Declaration for Pension, Phillips Co., AR., 18 Feb. 1913: Says he is 71 years of age, a resident of Oneida, Phillips Co., AR. Enrolled Corinth, MS. May 1863 at
Pvt. in Co. F. Was discharged at Louisville, KY., May 1864; also served in 20th IL Infantry, May 1865. Since leaving the service has resided at Hardeman Co.,
TN, 5 years, and Tunica, MS 25 years.

Interrogation of James Ussery, 18 Dec. 1913: "I was born 7 miles south of Bolivar, Hardeman Co., TN. July 24, 1841. My sister Sarah Cardwell had the record
but it was burned when her house burned. My father was Welcome Ussery. He owned land there. My mother was Henrietta Webb. Both dead. Years ago I had
three brothers: John Dockery Ussery, Frank Ussery, and William Ussery. All dead before the war. John and Frank were married. William was not. I had two
sisters, Sarah Cardwell and Bettie Reaves, all dead. The Confederates wanted to conscript me and I went to the U.S. Army. "Stanton" was a nickname. Married
Dec. 1865 in Memphis, TN by Squire Hall. Her maiden name was Armindia Rogers."

Affidavit of John Reaves, Hardeman Co., TN. 25 Jan 1914, names the Ussery family: John D., Mrs. W. A. Cardwell, Mrs. Betty Reaves, and Wilson Ussery. Also
a son Jim who ran off during the war and joined the Union Army.

Affidavit of Charles A. Miller: John D. Ussery married a daughter of Zebedee Bailey.

Information from Col. John R. Reaves: "James Ussery's sisters Betty and Sarah would have nothing to do with him after his return from the war."

Mrs. Armindia Ussery died July 12, 1917.

Affidavit of Reddon Mashburn, Hardeman Co., TN., 26 Jan 1915: "Married John D. Ussery's daughter, now dead. Knew her as Mrs. Sarah Cardwell, wife of
Anthony Cardwell. Other sister, Mrs Reaves died earlier."

Mar 6, 1915, claim for pension rejected for inability to show identity with soldier of record.

May 29, 1917, paper refers to allegation that James or Stanton Ussery was born July 24, 1841, and then lived about 7 miles south of Bolivar, Hardeman Co.,
TN with his mother and father, Welcome and Henrietta Ussery, his brothers, John Dockery and Frank, and sisters, Sara and Betty.

July 2, 1917, claim for pension allowed at $16.50 per month, Starting Feb. 21, 19__.

Mrs. Armindia Ussery, widow of James Ussery died July 12, 1917. Resided in Memphis, TN per W.H. Wills.

JAMES J. USSERY, Pvt., Co. A, 1st LA Cav. Scouts: Widow's Claim for Pension, 24 May 1867. Emeline Shipp Ussery, Rapids Parish, Louisiana, aged 30 years.
widow of James J. Ussery, Pvt. in Co A, Co. H. Willett, 1st LA Ind. Scouts; maiden name Emeline Shipp; married to James Ussery on or about 10 May 1853 in
Catahoola Parish. Husband died at Morganza, LA, 27 Sept. 1864,of disease in line of duty. Children under 16 at time of his death: Richard F. b Mar. 1, 1855;
Nancy J. b. Aug. 17, 1858; Melissa b. Feb. 1, 1860 and Mary E. b. Aug. 27, 1863.

Adjutant General, Washington, D.C., July 20, 1867: Muster-out roll of Co H, 2nd LA Cav., late Co A, 1st LA Scouts, dated Nov., 12, 1864, reports Pvt. James J.
Ussery died in Regimental Hospital, Morganza, LA, Oct. 1, 1864.

War Dept., Washington DC, May 17, 1872: It appears that James Usurer, Pvt. Co H of 1st Regt LA Cav. Vol. died Sept. 26, 1864,of chronic diarrhea, reported
by Surgeon H.H. Smith

Mrs. Emeline S. Ussery, widow of James J. Ussery living in Winnsboro, Franklin Co., LA June 11, 1872. 7th Judicial District Ct., Catahoula Parish, LA., Sept. 2,
1886: James J. Ussery was married on 11th May 1854 to Miss Emeline Shipp by W.M. Slater, J.P.

Claim filed Aug. 12, 1892 by Martha M. Tidwell, dau., P.O. Sicily Island, Catahoula Parish, LA. Martha M. Tidwell, child of James G. Ussery made application for
pension. He left a widow who remarried about 1871 and died in 1873. Martha M. born January 31, 1860. Richard F. Ussery died Jan. 9, 1873. Nancy J. died in
1877. Mary Elizabeth died in 1882.

Affidavit of Mrs. Martha M. Tidwell 24 June 1895: All the children of James G. Ussery are dead except myself: sister Nancy who was the wife of J. Newsom, died
leaving a girl, Sallie Newsom.

Affidavit of Sarah Higgins, aged 67, Leland, Catahoula Parish, LA, 30 July 1895: That Sally Newsom was born 24 April 1879, child of Nancy Newsom, wife of
Jacob Newsom, married Feb. 1877. to Nancy Newsom, died 28 Apr. 1878.

Letter dated Sept. 3, 1940, Ferriday, LA from Mrs. (Bessie) Crum: "My grandmother died very soon after his death. He was wounded in the trenches, was
carried to the hospital and died soon thereafter and was buried in the Old Soldiers graveyard in Vicksburg, and on Aug. 18, 1892, when my mother Martha M.
Tidwell placed a claim she received $90.

JESSE USSERY, Co. F 6th Georgia Volunteers: Enlisted about March 1861 and served until Sept. 1861. He lost his life on 1 Sept. 1861. Died in Richmond,
VA. Enlisted May 1861. Widow's pension paid 1891, 1893-1902. Post Office: Camilla, GA.

Mrs. Martha Ursery, Mitchell County, GA, 1891, application for pension: No. 3012, $100 Warrant, widow of Jesse Ursery, Co. F 6th Georgia Volunteers.
Married Dec. 23, 1856. Enlisted June 1, 1861. Said to have become ill on the retreat from Yorktown, VA., and was taken to a hospital in Richmond and died of
disease. He has never returned home, neither has he ever been heard from since. Widow has resided Georgia since June 1, 1837. Jess Ursery is said to have
died about Nov. 1861 of diarrhea or Bright's disease.

JOHN USSERY, Pvt., Co F, 45th Georgia Infantry: Enlisted 4 March 1862 at Clinton, GA by D.A. Bonner, for 3 years. On company rolls Jan and Feb. 1862,
May and June 1864. Absent on rolls for July-Aug. 1864, prisoner of war. Captured May 6, 1864. Exchanged and furloughed Nov. 13, 1864 for 30 days. Absent
without leave since expiration of furlough. Captured Mine Run, VA., May 14, 1864. John Ussery, Pvt. Co F 49th GA., captured Spotts, VA., May 6, 1864. John
Ussery on register of prisoners of war at Fort Delaware, MD. Captured New Mine Run, VA., May 12, 1864. Received May 20, 1865. Exchanged Oct. 30, 1864.
Captured Spottsylvania, May 6, 1864. Exchanged Oct. 3, 1864. Arrived Ft. Delaware Oct. 3, 1864. John Ussery, Gen. Hospital, Danville, VA., Aug. 6,
1862..complaint debilitation. Returned to duty Aug. 25, 1862. Pvt. Co. F 45 GA. General hospital, Richmond, typhoid fever, July 16, 1862. Transferred to
Danville Aug. 5, 1862. Medical director, Winder, Ala. admitted Dec. 19, 1862. Jackson Hospital, Richmond, sublaxatis wrist. Admitted 30 Nov., 1863. Returned
to duty Dec. 29, 1863. Bounty paid $50.

Mrs. John Ussery, (nee Jennie R. McGee, widow of John Ussery, 1910, Jones Co., GA., application for widow's pension. Co F, 45th GA., Pvt., enlisted March 4,
1862. Captured in the wilderness, VA., May 6, 1864. Received at Fort Delaware, Oct. 30, 1864. Exchanged Oct. 31, 1864. Absent without leave since furlough.
Married Dec. 1, 1883. Died Nov. 1, 1904, Juliette, GA. Widow born Nov___, Macon Georgia, Rt. 4. Admitted to pension Dec. 21, 1937?.

John T. Ussery, Co. H, 60th Illinois Vols.: Enrolled 1 Feb. 1862, Johnson Co., IL as a private in Co. H., 60th ILL Volunteers, for 3 years. John T Ussery married
to Miss America J. Casper, 3rd day of July 1868 by Fred L. Thompson, MOG, Union Co., IL.

Affidavit by John T. Ussery, 11 Dec. 1875: That he is aged 30; was captured in line of duty in Georgia; discharged 25 July 1865. Deposition of L.E. Payne,
Union Co., IL, 17 March 1883: Aged 47; sister of John T. Ussery. Declaration for Increase of Invalid Pension, 14 March 1884.

John T. Ussery married Miss Lilly Thomas, 5 Dec. 1886, by James W. Coleman, JP, Union Co., IL. Certificate by State Board of Health: Cora May Ussery,
female, 2nd child, white, born October 27, 1890 at Anna, IL. Father John T. Ussery, aged 47 born TN; occupation shoemaker. Mother, Lilly Ussery, 26, born IL.
Attendant, W.C. Ussery, M.D.

145,085, Pension granted 23 Dec. 1891 to John T. Ussery of $16 per month, for right inguinal hernia incomplete, and gunshot wound of right leg. Information
from John T. Ussery: wife, Lillie Ussery, nee Thomas, married 6 Mar 1891, Union Co., IL. Married first to America J. Ussery, 3 July 1868; divorced at Union Co.,
IL 11 Sept. 1886. Have five grown children. By last wife: Ralph Ussery b 30 July 1898 and Etta Blaine b. 30 Dec. 1891.

Funeral notice: Died at his residence in Anna, Tuesday, Feb. 19, 1907, at 4:30 PM, John T. Ussery, aged 61-7-17. Anna Cemetery 20 Feb.

Affidavit of William C. Ussery, M.D., 28 Feb. 1907: On Dec. 30, 1891 attended Lilly Ussery in childbirth when Etta Ussery was born.

Affidavit of Lilly Ussery, 2 Mar 1907: Aged 36, resident of Anna; widow of John T. Ussery, Pvt., died of myocarditis, etc., 19 Feb. 1907 at Anna, IL.

Pension No 630450 issued to Lilly Ussery, Mar 13, 1907: $8 per month, plus $2 each for 2 children. Pensioner died Sept. 26,1918, attended by her daughter
Etta Stephens. Lilly Ussery died Sept. 26,1918, in St. Louis, MO. John T. Ussery, Co. H, 60th Illinois Vols.

John T. Ussery enrolled 1 Feb. 1862, Johnson Co., IL as a private in Co. H., 60th ILL Volunteers, for 3 years.

John T Ussery married to Miss America J. Casper, 3rd day of July 1868 by Fred L. Thompson, MOG, Union Co., IL. Affidavit by John T. Ussery, 11 Dec. 1875:
That he is aged 30; was captured in line of duty in Georgia; discharged 25 July 1865.

Deposition of L.E. Payne, Union Co., IL, 17 March 1883: Aged 47; sister of John T. Ussery.

Declaration for Increase of Invalid Pension, 14 March 1884.

John T. Ussery married Miss Lilly Thomas, 5 Dec. 1886, by James W. Coleman, JP, Union Co., IL.

Certificate by State Board of Health: Cora May Ussery, female, 2nd child, white, born October 27, 1890 at Anna, IL. Father John T. Ussery, aged 47 born TN;
occupation shoemaker. Mother, Lilly Ussery, 26, born IL. Attendant, W.C. Ussery, M.D.

145085, Pension granted 23 Dec. 1891 to John T. Ussery of $16 per month, for right inguinal hernia incomplete, and gunshot wound of right leg.

Information from John T. Ussery: wife, Lillie Ussery, nee Thomas, married 6 Mar 1891, Union Co., IL. Married first to America J. Ussery, 3 July 1868; divorced at
Union Co., IL 11 Sept. 1886. Have five grown children. By last wife: Ralph Ussery b 30 July 1898 and Etta Blaine b. 30 Dec. 1891.

Funeral notice: Died at his residence in Anna, Tuesday, Feb. 19, 1907, at 4:30 PM, John T. Ussery, aged 61-7-17. Anna Cemetery 20 Feb.

Affidavit of William C. Ussery, M.D., 28 Feb. 1907: On Dec. 30, 1891 attended Lilly Ussery in childbirth when Etta Ussery was born.

Affidavit of Lilly Ussery, 2 Mar 1907: Aged 36, resident of Anna; widow of John T. Ussery, Pvt., died of myocarditis, etc., 19 Feb. 1907 at Anna, IL.

Pension No 630450 issued to Lilly Ussery, Mar 13, 1907: $8 per month, plus $2 each for 2 children. Pensioner died Sept. 26,1918, attended by her daughter
Etta Stephens. Lilly Ussery died Sept. 26,1918, in St. Louis, MO.

JOHN B. USSERY, Pvt./Sgt., Co A, 49th Georgia Infantry: Enlisted Mar. 4, 1862, Irwinton, Wilkinson Co., GA for 3 years. June 6, 1864 receipt for clothing.

John B. Ussery, Toomsboro, GA application for pension: Born April 17, 1822, Laurence Co., GA. Enlisted March 4, 1862 at Irwinton in Co A, 49th Reg. , GA.
Till surrender April 1865.

JOHN C. USSERY, Co H, 32 Ala. Vol. Troops: Enlisted Abbeville, Henry Co., AL., March 18, 1862 in Co H, 37th Ala., for 3 years. Application for indigent
pension. At home on leave when war closed. Warrant issued Jan. 7, 1898.

MARTIN VANBUREN USSERY, Pvt., Co A, 26th Georgia Volunteers: Oath of Amnesty, Alexandria, VA., Nov. 2, 1864. Residence, Walker Co., AL. Fair
complexion, brown hair, grey eyes, 5' 9". Statement of Martin V. Ussery, Co A, 26th GA Vols., Nov. 2, 1864, Alexandria, Va: "I am a native of Walker County,
AL; was in Georgia at the beginning of the war and entered the 26th Georgia Volunteers. I deserted from Richmond because the Confederate authorities
talked of putting negroes in the ranks with us. I wish to take the oath of allegiance to the United States. Martin VanBuren Ussery."

MARTIN V. USSERY, Pvt., Co., D. Prov. En. Mo. Mil.: Application for Invalid Pension, 4 Mar 1903: Martin V. Ussery, aged 59, of Hawly, Wright County, Missouri,
enrolled at Buffalo, Dallas County, Missouri. "I was born at Green County, Missouri, March 20, 1844. Enlisted 1862 and 1863 at Buffalo. Residence has been
in Dallas County until 1869, and is Wright County ever since. My height 5' 11"; 145 pounds."

Application filed March 9 1903, Hawley PO Wright County, MO. Enlisted April 1 1864 discharged Feb. 29 1864. Declaration for increase of pension: 21 May
1904, appeared Martin V. Ussery, aged 60, late a member of Company D. 7th Regiment Prov. En. Missouri Militia, a resident of Hawley, Wright County, MO;
enrolled at Topeka, Kansas, pension agency at $6 per month. Born 20 March 1844. Martin V. Ussery, pension issued Oct. 17, 1904: rate $10 from Sept. 7,

Sarah Adaline (Morrison) Ussery, Mountain Grove, Rt. 5, Wright Co., MO, widow of Martin V. Ussery who died July 27, 1911. Letter from Civil War Division, to
Mrs. Sarah A. Ussery, Sept. 8, 1911: "You state that the soldier died July 27, 1911. Whereas affidavits by Levi Tudor, J.M. Ussery and Henry Ussery testify that
he died July 26, 1911."

Application for widow's pension: Sarah A. Ussery, 66, Mountain Grove, MO, declares she is widow of Martin V. Ussery; that she was married under the name of
Sary A. Morrison to said Martin V. Ussery on 24 Sept., 1862 at Pike Co., MO. Children living: Joseph M, b Sept. 20, 1863; Dovey C. b Jan 4, 1871; Mary F. b
March 22, 1873; James A., b Jan. 20, 1875; Silvester b. March 9, 1877; Elizabeth A. b. March 24, 1879; Eliza J., b Aug. 5, 1881; Fannie F., b. Dec. 9, 1885
and David P. b April 9, 1888.

Letter from J.M. Ussery, Norwood, MO., "Advise you that Sarah A. Ussery died 27 Dec. 1915." Bill submitted by David P. Ussery, for 2 days and nights
attendance as nurse during last illness of Sarah A. Ussery, Dec. 28, 1915, Norwood, MO. Application for reimbursement by J.M. Ussery, 17 Jan. 1916. Full
Name: Sarah Adaline Ussery. Buried Ussery Graveyard, Wright Co., MO.

MATT USSERY, Capt. Pete Tomlinson' Co of Texas Rangers: No. 1640645, Kate Ussery, widow of Matt Ussery. Declaration for Widow's Pension, Indian Wars:
Webb County, TX 13 Apr 1929. Mrs. Kate Ussery declares that she is 70 years of age, was born June 19,1859,in Live Oak County, TX; that she is the widow of
Matt Ussery who enlisted July 16, 1865 at Oakville, TX in Capt. Pete Tomlinson's Company of Texas Randers to fight Indians. Discharged Nov. 25, 1865
having served 30 daysor more against the Comanches. Died Nov. 7, 1905 in Grant Parish, LA. Also served in the Confederate Army during the Civil War. That
she was married to said soldier Oct. 18, 1875, as Miss Kate Gallagher, of Live Oak County, TX. Neither previously married; no children.

Widow's Pension Rejected, June 22, 1929. No record of organization. Military organizations in 1865 in Texas were under Confederate jurisdiction. Several
affiants, Laredo, TX, Jan 1930, testified that they knew Matt Ussery in Tomlinson's Rangers: Jesus Herrera, Jesus Ramirez, Secundino Molena and Marcos

P. USSERY, Pvt., Co F 1st (Symon's) Georgia Reserves: Enlisted April 26, 1864, Savannah, by Major Berry. Absent without leave, April to October 1864.

R.L. USRY or USSERY, Pvt. Co. F, 8th Georgia Cavalry: Enlisted July 1, 1862, Sandersville, by Maj. Griffin. Present April-August 1864. Entitled to bounty.
Admitted to Chimborazo Hospital, Richmond, VA, June 21, 1864; returned to duty June 26, 1864.

SAMUEL A. USSERY, Pvt. Co D, 57th Georgia Infantry: Enlisted May 3, 1862, Savannah, by Col. Cleveland, for 3 years or duration of the war. $50 bounty
paid. Born Wickman Co., GA. Died Nov. 18, 1862 diarrhea, Chattanooga TN. His widow, Emaline Usrey, Wilkinson County, asked for the commutation money
due, Feb. 14, 1863. Jackson W. Ussery signed as a verifier.

WILLIAM USSERY/USERY, Pvt. Co 1, 5th Regt. GA Reserves: Enrolled May 22, 1864 in Pulaski Co., by Capt. Mobley. Absent sick, pneumonia, Ocmulgee
Hospital, Bacon, GA., Dec. 1, 1864 to duty Dec. 17th. To Hospital Greensboro, NC., March 1865.

W.J. USSERY, Sergeant, Co I, 5th GA Reserves: Enlisted July 7, 1864, Pulaski Co., GA by Capt. Mobley.

WELCOME USSERY, Private, Co. G. 5th GA Reserves: Enrolled May 18, 186_ at Hawkinsville, GA., by Capt. C.E. Clarke, for the war.

WILLIAM USSERY, Pvt., Co F, 45th GA: Enlisted Clinton, GA, Jones Co. by R.W. Bonner, for three years. General Hospital, Richmond, typhoid fever July 16,
1862. Transferred Aug. 30, 1862 to Majors Island. General Hospital, Richmond, Sept. 2, 1862, diarrhea. Furloughed 30 days, Oct. 21, 1862. Present Jan-
Feb. 1864. Captured May 6, 1864 Mine Run, VA. May 12 received at Fort Delaware May 20, 1864. Jackson Hospital March 13, 1865, diarrhea. Died March 28,

WILLIAM R. USSERY, pvt, Co. K 120th Regt of Illinois Volunteers: 7 Mar 1863, Cert. of Disability for Discharge. William Ussery of Capt. Uriah Axley's Co., was
enlisted by Capt. Axley of the 120th Regt of Illinois Volunteers at Vienna, IL on 14 Aug 1862 to serve 3 years; he was born in Johnson Co., IL; is 18 years of
age, 5' 6" high, dark blue eyes, dark hair and was a farmer. Has been unfit for duty for 60 days.

Surgeon General's Office: William R. Ussery, pvt. Co. K, 120th IL Vol., entered Jefferson General Hospital, Memphis, TN. Feb 9, 1863, with diarrhea, and was
discharged from service March 13, 1863.

Declaration for an Original Pension, 4 July 1881: Mary ("Polly" Barnett) Ussery , aged 77, deposes she is mother of William Ussery. She was married to father
of soldier in TN on 5 April 1822 by James Baldridg. Sylvester Ussery born April 5, 1853. She has not again married. Her residence is Anna, IL. Soldier was a
minor; father was 65 at soldier's enlistment. Death of husband, Feb. 14, 1873. Letter from Mary Ussery: No one had aided me in preparing affidavits except
John C. Stockweather of Washington, DC., and Jesse Ware of Jonesboro, IL and my two sons, M.V. and John Ussery of Anna, IL.

Deposition of Mary Ussery: My family in 1863 was: Caroline Edwards, M.V. Ussery, John T. Ussery and Sylvester Ussery, who were my children. Caroline was
then a married woman and did not live with me. M.V. Ussery was a married man and did not live with me. John T. Ussery was in the war as a soldier in the 60th
Regt IL Vol. Sylvester was then 13 years old and lived with me. My husband Sylvester Ussery was then living with me also, and my husband was then 65 years
old, he having been born in the year 1800. My daughter Caroline was then 28 years old and my son M.V. was then 26 and my son John was 19. My son
William died in the spring of 1863, he was born the 25th day of March 1847. Her marriage to Sylvester Ussery took place in Maury Co., TN at the age of 17
years in the year 1826. Deposition by John T. Ussery, 17 Oct 1881: Sylvester Ussery raised a large family of boys; 3 of them lost their lives in war, 2 in Mexico
in 1848 or 1849. From the Clerk of Court, Johnson County, IL: I find no assessment against Sylvester Ussery, the father of the said William Ussery, except for
the years 1864 and 1867, for personal property. 20 March 1883. Deposition by Martin V. Ussery, 4 June 1884: Sylvester Ussery, husband of claimant, died at
the house of the affiant, in the city of Anna on 14 Feb 1873, at the age of 73. Pension to Mary Ussery, mother of William, Pvt. Co K, 120th IL Inf Vol., $8 per
month commencing July 29, 1881. U.S. Pension Agency, Chicago IL, Feb 16, 1889; Report that Mary Ussery has been dropped from the rolls because of
death. Last paid $12 to 4 Dec 1887.

WILLIAM SILAS USSERY, Pvt., Co L, 3rd Reg't Arkansas Cav. Vol: Certificates No. 426,348 and 510,872: Alcy Ussery, Mother of William S. Ussery, Pvt. Co L,
3rd Ark. Cav. Soldier enlisted in Conway County, AR, 16 Jan 1864, in Co L., 3rd Rgt AR Cav Vol; died at Mt. Vernon after June of 1865. Discharged June 30,
1865; died Sept 4, 1865. Declaration (of mother) filed April 21, 1891; death of father, Nov. 1865.

Deposition of Alcy (Pullum) Ussery, 20 July 1893: Aged 75 years, a resident of Mt. Vernon, Faulkner Co., AR. Mother of William S. Ussery who died in 1865.
When her son volunteered in the U.S. Service, she had to leave the county and went to Illinois.

Affidavit of M.F. Morris, 50, and Sarah Crossno, 54: Knew Pearson Ussery and Alcy his wife. William S. Ussery borned about 1847.

Affidavit of James H. Reynolds, Faulkner Co., AR, 7 Apr. 1896: I was 2nd Lieut., Co. G, 3rd AR Cav. I remember William S. Ussery. He was known as Silas
Ussery. Never married.

Affidavit of Sarah Crossno, Faulkner Co., AR, 7 April 1896: I am the daughter of the claimant. William S. Ussery was my brother. I was in Illinois with my parents
when he came out of the Army and died.

Pension to Alcy Ussery stopped on account of her death, 4 Feb 1898. Pension was $12 per month.

ZACHERIAH USSERY Pvt., Co F, 45th GA: Enlisted Clinton, GA, Jones Co. by R.W. Bonner, for three years. Bounty paid $50. General Hospital, Richmond,
VA., admitted July 16, 1862, typhoid fever. Transferred Aug. 5, 1862 to Danville. General Hospital, Danville, VA., Aug. 6, 1862, debiletitis?. Discharged Aug.
29, 1862. Absent without leave from Feb. 14, 1864. Appointed corporal, Oct. 15, 1864. Zachariah Ussery, Jones Co., GA., application for Indigent Pension.
Born Jones County, June 1835. Enlisted Co. F., 45th GA, March 1862. Remained in the service the entire war. Disabled by train wreck in 1864. Wife: Nancy.
Discharged Danville, VA., April 1865. Farmer.

Nancy Ussery, Jones Co., Ga., 1907, application for pension. Widow of Zack Ussery. Married May 22, 1860. He was on the Indigent Pension Roll at $60.00. He
died March 7, 1907.

EDWIN USSERY, Pvt. Co A, 111th U.S.C. Vol. Infantry: Invalid pension; died Nov 10, 1897. Visa Ussery, widow, Marche, Pulaski Co., Arkansas.

Affidavit of Edwin Ussury: I was late Private in Capt. Marshall' Battery A., 111th Regiment U.S.C. Volunteers, and was enrolled at Pulaski, TN, Jan. 1, 1864, and
discharged at Nashville, TN, 13 April 1866, at muster out of company.

12 May 1891, aged 53.

Affidavit of Visa Ussury, 8 July 1901: Married first Tom Scales, who died near Cummins, GA, soon after the war. Widow for about 6-7 years. Married second
Mr. Mack Harrold and went to Arkansas. He died fall of 1882. Then married Mr. Edwin Ussury. Edwin was married twice before; his first wife was Sylvia and the
second was Joycie. They died before is marriage tome. I was born in Gwinnet Co., GA. Married to Edwin Ussury on Feb. 2,1892. No minor children by him. He
said he was a child in Virginia. He was a slave and belonged to a Mr. Phillips. Was afterwards sold to Mr. Ussury in Tennessee.
Civil War Records