The following is not a complete listing of Ussery's who served in the Civil War. Please keep in mind the various way "Ussery" could have been spelled for
just one soldier, so there may be duplicates. If you would like to add your ancestor, please feel free to email me!

Pvt. J.L. Ussery Co. A, 1 Ark. Inf.
Pvt. James R. Ussery    Co A, 1 Ark. Inf.
Pvt John Ussery Co. K, 2 Ark. Inf
Pvt. Morgan L. Ussery  Co. F, 9 Ark. Inf.
Martin L. Ussery Co. F, 9 Ark Inf.
R.D. Ussery  Co. C, 10 Ark. Inf.
Brv. 2 Lt. William T. Ussery, Cos. F & C, 10 Ark. Inf.
Pvt Moses A. Ussery Co. A, 15 Ark. Inf.
Pvt. J.L. Ussery Co. C, 15 Ark. Inf.
1st Sgt Morgan Ussery Co E, 19 Ark. Inf
Pvt. John Usery Co. C, 23 Ark Inf
Pvt. William Usery Co. G, 30 Ark. Inf.
Sgt. William J. Ussery Co. A, 1 Ark. Cav
Pvt. J. Usery Co. C, 1 Ark. Cav
Pvt. W.B. Usrey Co. G, 2 Ark. Cav
Pvt. William A. Usrey River's Ark. L.A.
Pvt. F.W. Ussery Desha Ark. Mil

Company I, 1st Cherokee Mounted Volunteers:
USERY, D.C., Pvt
USERY,  Isaac, Pvt
USERY,  James, Pvt
USERY, John, Pvt.
USERY, Philip, Pvt
USERY, William, Sgt.
USERY,  William Jr., Pvt.

ESRY, W.T. Pvt.,Co K 13th TN Inf.

ESSARY, Henry Robert, Pvt. Co. e, GA 44th Inf. Enl. 3/4/62 . Residence Spalding Co., GA.
ESSARY, Elbert S.
ESSARY, William T., Pvt.,Co. K, 13th TN Inf.
ESSARY, T.P. Pvt.,Co A, 42nd TN Inf.

ESSERY, G.H., Pvt.,Co. A., Ham's Mississippi Cavalry
ESSERY, Jackson, Pvt.,Co. K, 50th AL Inf.
ESSERY, J.F., Pvt.,Co. F., 12th MS Inf.
ESSERY, John, Pvt.,Co. C, 28th TX Cavalry
ESSERY, P.H., Pvt.,Co. C, 28th TX Cavalry
ESSERY, Philip, Pvt.Co. A., 6th LA Inf.
ESSERY, Thomas, Pvt.,Co. G, 4th Conf. TN Inf.
ESSERY, T.P. Co. A, 42nd TN Inf

UCERY, William C, Pvt.,Co. B., 31st TN Inf.

URCERY, W.H., Pvt.,Co I, 10th TN Cav.
URCERY, W.C., Pvt.Co. L, 13th TN Inf.

URSRA/ursry, John, Pvt.,Co. B, 6th TN Cav.

URSURY, John M., Pvt.Co. b, 31st TN Inf.
URSURY/Uscery, Warren C., Pvt.,Co. B., 31st TN Inf.

USARY, William H., Pvt.Co L., 13th TN Inf.

USCERY, Dempse, Pvt.,Co. B., 31st TN Inf.
USCERY, J.M., Pvt.Co B. 31st TN Inf.
USCERY, W.C., Pvt.,Co B, 31st TN Inf.

USREA, Nathaniel, Pvt.,Co D., 17th TN Inf.

USREY, Alexander, Pvt.,Co D., 17th TN Inf

USREY, Henry, Pvt.Co J., 19th TN Cav.

USSERY, J.R. Pvt. Co. D KY 2nd Inf. Enlisted 7/13/61 Camp Boon, TN. Killed 12/7/62 Hartsville, TN USREY, Jacob, Pvt.,Co. D., 17th TN Inf.

USREY, Richard L., 2nd Lt., Co. D KY 2nd Inf., Enl. 7/13/61 Camp Boon, TN. Wounded 6/14/64 Kenesaw Mountain, GA.

USREY, Samuel W., Pvt. Co. E.,NC 2nd Inf. Enl. 7/15/62 at Wake Co., NC age 24. Listed as: POW 5/3/63 Chancellorsville, VA; wounded 5/3/63
Chancellorsville; Confined 5/5/63 Washington DC Hosp; transferred 5/27/63 Old Capitol Prison, Washington DC; Paroled 6/10/63; transferred 6/10/63
City Point, VA; exchanged 6/12/63; absent 6/14/63; detailed 2/22/64; returned 10/15/64.

URSERY, E.M. Pvt.,Co D, 18th TX Inf
URSERY, G., Pvt. Co. K, 2nd S.C. State Troops.

URSERY, John, Pvt. Co. A, 20th S.C. Inf.
URSERY, John L., Pvt., Co. G, Hampton's Legion, S.C. Inf.
URSERY, L.F., Co I, 24th TX Cav.
URSERY, M.J., Pvt., Co. F, 21st S.C. Inf
URSERY, M.S. Pvt.,Co G., 13th TX Cav
URSERY, W.L. Pvt.,Co A, 10th TX Cav.

URSRY/USRY, Benjamine, Pvt.,Companies F & B, 15th TX Cav.

USARY, J.W., Pvt., Co. K., 3rd S.C. Reserves.
USARY, J.W., Pvt., Co A., 20th S.C. Inf.
USERA, William, Pvt.,Co. G, 30th Arkansas Inf.

USEREY, John R, Pvt.,Co D, 2nd KY Mounted Inf
USEREY, S.M. Pvt.,Co E, 5th Alabama Inf

USERI, C.J., Pvt.,Co G, 11th LA Inf.

USERY, A.O., Pvt.,Co I, 63rd Alabama Inf.
USERY, Albert, Pvt.,Co K, 43rd NC Inf. Residence Anson Co. Enl. 4/7/64 AnsonCo. Listed as: Wounded; Hospitatlized 5/31/64 Richmond; Absent 2/28/65;
Paroled 5/16/65 Salisbury, NC

USERY, Benjamin, Pvt.,Co F, 27th LA Inf
USERY, Butler, Pvt.,Co F, 12th LA MS Cav

USERY, D.C., Pvt.,Co I, 1st Cherokee Mounted Vol.
USERY, Dempsey, Pvt.,Co D and B, 18th TN Cav.
USERY, Dempsey, Pvt.,Co. E, Newman's Reg't TN Cav.

USERY, F., Pvt.,Co D, 55th VA Inf

USERY, George, Pvt.,Co B, 13th Btn NC Light Artillery. On rolls 2/28/65. Also served Co. B, NC 36th Inf.

USERY, George, Pvt. Enl. 1/29/63 Wake Co., NC. Co. B. NC 2nd Light Art. Transferred 11/4/63 into Co. B, NC 13th Batt. Light Art.
USERY, Green H., Pvt.,Co C, 34th (later the 37th) MS Cav
USERY, Green B., Pvt.,Co A and F, 52nd GA Inf
USERY, Green B., Pvt., Residence Worth Co., GA. Enl. 5/13/62 Co. F, 59th GA Inf. Died Richmond VA hospital 1/14/63

USERY, Hampton, Pvt. Co. K, NC 49th Inf. Residence Gaston Co., NC/ age 38/farmer. Enl. 3/15/62. Listed as POW 4/1/65 Five Forks, VA; Confined
4/5/65 Point Lookout, MD; Oath 6/21/65 Point Lookout, MD
USERY, Hampton, Pvt.,Co C, 70th Btn NC Heavy Art
USERY, Hampton, Pvt. Co. C, NC 10th Bat. Heavy Art. Res. in Union Co., NC/ age 18/ Laborer. Enl. 3/15/62; 3/12/64 transferred to Co. H, NC 42nd Inf.
Also served in Co. D, NC 37th Inf and Co. K, NC 45th Inf.
10th Bat. Heavy Art. Also served in Co. D, NC 37th Inf.
USERY, Hiram, Pvt., Enl. 11/26/63 Montgomery Co., NC. Co D, 10 Btn NC Heavy Art. Died of disease 1/25/64 Brunswick Co., NC

USERY, Isaac, Pvt.,Co I, 1st Cherokee Mounted Vol.

USERY, J. Pvt.,Co C, 1st Arkansas Cav
USERY, J.E., Pvt.,Co F, 42nd Alabama Inf
USERY, J.G., Pvt.,Co D, 3rd Btn MS Inf
USERY, J.M. Pvt., Co A., 1st SC Inf, aged 28 from Barnwell
USERY, J.M. Pvt.,Co B, 31st TN Inf
USERY, James, Pvt.,Co F, 59th GA Inf
USERY, James M., Pvt.,Co E, 45th Alabama Inf.
USERY, James, Pvt. Co. E, NC 28th Inf. Enl. 8/1/64 Montgomery Co., NC/age 19. Surrendered 4/9/65 Appomattox. Listed as Wounded 6/27/62 Gaines'
Mill, VA; Deserted 2/15/65. (returned)
USERY, John, Pvt.,Co E, Newman's Regt, TN Cav.
USERY, John, Pvt.,Co C., Newman's Reg't, TN Cav.
USERY, John, Pvt.,Co I, 1st Cherokee Mounted Volunteers
USERY/USRY, John, Pvt.,Co C, 23rd AR Inf
USERY, John, Pvt.Co E, Newman's Regt TN Cav
USERY, John, Pvt.,Co I, 1st Cherokee Mounted Vol
USERY, John, Pvt.Co A, 20th SC Inf
USERY/USRY, John C., Pvt.,Co F and C, 34th MS Inf
USERY, John Calvin, Pvt.Co C, 64th MS Inf
USERY, J.R., Pvt.,Co H, 28th MS Cav

USERY, M., Sergeant, Co. E, 19th AR Inf
USERY, Martin V., Pvt.,Co A, 26th Georgia Inf
USERY, Morgan L., Pvt.,Co F, 9th AR Inf
USERY, Moses, Pvt.,Co A, 15th AR Inf

USERY, Philip, Pvt.,Co I, 1st Cherokee Mounted Vol

USERY, R., Pvt.,Co A, 6th LA Inf
USERY/Ussery, R.S.,Pvt.,Co F, 62nd GA Cav

USERY, S.N., Pvt.,Co E, 5th AL Inf
USERY, S.W., Pvt.,Co A, 1 SC Inf
USERY, Samuel, Pvt. Co. D, GA 57th Inf. Enl. Wilkinson Co., GA 5/3/62. Died Chattanooga, TN 1863

USERY, Thomas, Pvt.,Co E, 23rd NC Inf
USERY, Thomas, Pvt.,Co B, 2nd SC Art

USERY, W.D., Pvt.,Co H, 2nd SC Inf, enlisted Lancaster Co., Oct 13, 1862; wounded Chicamauga; on rolls June 1864
USERY, Warren C, Pvt.,Co E., Newman's Reg't, TN Cav
USERY, William B., Pvt.,Co E., Newman's Reg't, TN Cav
USERY, William, Pvt.,Co G, 30th AR Inf
USERY/USSERY, William, Pvt. Co I, 5th GA Reserves
USERY, William, sergeant, Co I, 1st Cherokee Mounted Vol
USERY, William Jr., Pvt.,Co I, 1st Cherokee Mounted Vol
USERY, William C, Pvt.,Co E, Newman's TN Cav
USERY, W.L., Pvt.,Co A, 10th TX Cav.

USEY, John, Pvt.,Co C, 23rd AR Inf
USEY, Ransom G, Pvt.,Co I, 43rd AL Inf

USREY, Alexander, Pvt.,Co D, 17th TN Inf
USREY, Augustus, Pvt Harrell's Ark. Cav.
USREY, A.W., Pvt.Co D, 10th AL Inf

USREY, Butler, Pvt. Co F, 12 MS Cav., enl. 1 Sept. 1863
USREY, Dempsey, Pvt. Co. D,B, 12th Tn Inf
USREY, F.W. Desha Ark. Mil
USREY, G.H., Pvt. Co. C., 34th Miss Inf., org 3 Mar 1862 Lafayette Co.
USREY, George , Pvt.,Co B, 2nd NC Art
USREY, George, Pvt.,Co B, 13th NC Light Art
USREY, Henry, Pvt.,Co B, 56th? NC Inf
USREY, Henry, Pvt.,Co I, 18th TN Cav, Newman's
USREY, J., Pvt Co C, 1 Ark Cav
USREY, J.E., Pvt.,Co F, 42 Inf
USREY, J.M., Pvt-Corp. Co D, 3rd Btn. MS Inf (State Troops) July 1862
USREY, Jacob, Pvt.,17th TN Inf
USREY, James B, Pvt.,Co G, 12 MS Cav
USREY, James B, Pvt.,Co B, 35th NC Inf
USREY, John C., Pvt. Co. C., 34th Miss Inf. Lafayette Co.
USREY, James M.--3rd Btn.
USREY, John R, Pvt.,CO D, 2nd KY Mounted Inf
USREY, John, Pvt Co C 23 Ark Inf
USREY, Joseph E, Pvt.,Co F, 42nd AL Inf
USREY, L.F., Lt., Co H, Moreland's AL Cav
USREY, L.F., Pvt.,Co B, Jeff Davis MS Cav
USREY, Philip, Pvt.,Co E., 43rd Ind. Vol. Inf.
USREY, Randolph, Pvt.,Co K, 56th AL Partisan Rangers
USREY, R.E., Pvt.,Co D, 10th AL Inf
USREY, R.G., Pvt.,Co F, 43rd AL Inf.
USREY, Richard L., 1st Lt., Co D, 2nd KY Mounted Inf
USREY, S.M., Pvt., Co. E, 5th Ark, Rode's Brigade (from Lauderdale Co., AL)
USREY, Samuel W., Pvt.,Co E, 2nd NC Inf
USREY, Seth, Pvt, Co A 3rd Ark Inf.
USREY, W.B., Co G., 2nd AR Cav
USREY, Warren C., Pvt., Co. E, Newman's TN Cav.
USREY, William C., Pvt., Co. E, Newman's TN Cav.
USREY, William B., Pvt., Co. E, Newman's TN Cav.
USREY, William, Pvt., Co B, 35th NC Inf
USREY, William A., Pvt River's Ark. L.A.
USREY, William, Pvt Co G, 30 Ark Inf.
USREY, William Sgt, Co A, 1 Ark Cav
USREY, William A., Pvt.,Capt. River's AR Light Art

USRY, A., Pvt., Co K, 43rd NC Inf
USRY, Albert, Pvt., Co D., 10th AL Inf

USRY, Daniel F, Pvt.,Co A, 48th GA Inf. Enl. 3/4/62 / residence Glascock Co., age 19.
USRY, Daniel W., Pvt.,Co E, 46th NC Inf. Enl. 7/16/62 Wake Co., NC age 28.
USRY, Daniel F., Pvt.,Co. A, 48th GA Inf
USRY, D.W., Co E, Mallett's Bat, NC
USRY, D. Washington, Pvt.,Co E, 46th NC Inf

USRY, George J, Corp., Co G, 7th GA Cav
USRY, George J. Pvt., Co B, 22nd GA Inf

USRY, Hampton, Pvt., Co. G, 37th NC Inf. (also listed as Usery)
USRY, Hampton, Pvt., Co. H, 42nd NC Inf. (also listed as Usery)
USRY, Hampton, Pvt., Co.K, 45th NC Inf (also listed as Usery)
USRY, Hampton, Pvt., Co.K, 49th NC Inf. (also listed as Usery)
USRY, Henry, Pvt.,Co B, 56th NC Inf

USRY, J.B. Pvt.,Co 1, 4th Conf Inf
USRY, J.F., 1st Lt., Co G, 7th Btn Ga Cav
USRY, J.L., Pvt.,Co. G, 8th GA Cav
USRY, J.L., Pvt.,Co. F, 62nd GA Cav
USRY, J.W., Pvt.,Co. G, 7th GA Cav
USRY, James Adolphus, Pvt. Co. D, 10th AL Rgt
JUSRY, Augustus, Pvt.,Co D, 10th AL Inf.
USRY, James M., Pvt., Co B., 22nd GA Inf
USRY, James W., Pvt.,Co B, 22 Ga Inf. Enl. 5/6/62 ; Residence Glascock Co., GA; Listed as paid 6/20/62. Also served Co. I, GA 2nd Militia.

USRY, Jesse R., Pvt.,Co H, 43rd NC Inf. Enl 2/24/62 Anson Co., NC; Listed as wounded 7/1/63 Gettysburg; POW 7/5/63 Gettysburg; confined 7/7/63 Ft.
Delaware, DE; Paroled 7/30/63 Ft. Delaware; Exchangaed 8/1/63 City Point, VA; returned 1/30/64; wounded 6/2/64 Cold Harbor, VA; returned 11/3064;
wounded 3/25/65 Petersburg; hospitalized 4/3/65; POW 4/3/65 Richmond

USRY, John B., Pvt.,Capt. Packer's Co, MS Pope Guards
USRY, John L., Pvt.,Co. F, 8th GA Reg. Cav.
USRY, John L., Pvt., Co A, 19th TN Inf
USRY, John L., Co A, 111th U.S.C. Vol. Infantry
USRY, John A., Pvt., Co D, 10th AL Inf
USRY, Joseph Freeman, Corp., Co E, 46th Regt,NC Inf. Enl. 2/21/62, Granville Co., NC as a private. Listed as: wounded 5/10/64 Spotsylvania Court
House, VA; Returned 9/30/64; deserted to enemy 3/3/65; confined 3/7/65 Washington, DC; Oath 6/15/ 65 Washington DC

USRY, Joshua F., Pvt.,Co A, Cogg's Legion, GA
USRY, J.W., Pvt.,Co G, 7th Btn GA Cav
USRY, J. Y., Pvt.,Co A, Cobb's Legion, GA

USRY, M.D.C.. 4th Corp, Co. H., 2nd GA State Line Troops.

USRY, N.M., Pvt.,Co A, Hardy's Btn AL Cav Res

USRY, Peter

USRY, Ransom L., Pvt., Co F, 62nd GA Cav
USRY, R.L., Pvt., Co F, 8th GA Cav
USRY, R.L., Pvt., Co F, 62nd GA Cav
USRY, R.L., 1st Lt., Co D, 2nd KY Mounted Inf
USRY, Robert Claudius., Pvt., Co D, 10 AL Inf

USRY, Thomas H. ,Pvt., Co E, 23rd NC Inf., enlisted 7/8/62 Wake Co., NC. died of disease 12/17/62 Richmond Va.
USRY, Thomas, Pvt., Co E, 23rd NC Inf
USRY, Thomas, Pvt., Co D, 37th NC Inf; enl. Sept. 16, 1861 Union Co., NC. 11/20/61 muster into Co. D, NC 37th Inf., disch. Jan 1862- Union County, NC
USRY, Thomas, Pvt., Co D, 60th TN Mounted Inf
USRY, Thomas,Co I, 35th TX Cav
USRY, Thomas J., Pvt., Packer's MS Guards
USRY, T.J., Pvt.,Co I, 4th Conf Inf

USRY, W.A., Pvt.,Co D, 10 AL Inf
USRY, W.C., Pvt.,Co D., 29th MS Inf
USRY, W.D., Pvt.,Co H, 43rd NC Inf
USRY, W.D., Pvt., Co H, 48th NC Inf. Enl 10/31/64. Listed POW 4/3/65 Richmond, VA; Confined 4/24/65 Newport News. VA.
USRY, W.J., Pvt.,Georgia Conscripts
USRY, W.S., Pvt., Co H, 43rd NC Inf
USRY, William J., Pvt.,Co K, 39th AL Inf
USRY, William Thaddius, Pvt., Co D., 10th AL Inf

USSARY, Alexander, Pvt.,Co E, 20th AL Inf
USSARY, F.W., Pvt.,Desha Co Bat AR Mil
USSARY, John, Pvt.,Co A, 2nd SC Inf
USSARY, William J., Sgt., Co A, 1st AR Cav

USSEREY, H.L., Pvt., Co E, 20th AL Inf
USSERRY, Miles, Pvt., Co D, 3rd NC Art

USSERY, Albert Pvt.,Co., F, 4th Ark. Vol. Cav.
USSERY, Alex H., Pvt.,Co E, 20th AL Inf
USSERY, Alex T.?, Pvt.,Co E, 20th AL Inf
USSERY, Alfred, Pvt., Co E, 38th NC Inf
USSERY, Angus, Pvt.,Co A, 1st (Gregg's) SC Inf; transferred from a Florida Reg't; on rolls Dec. 1864
USSERY, Annuel Co. I, 8th MO. Cav.
See also Annual Ussery Family
USSERY, A.P., Pvt.,Co B, 2nd FL Inf
USSERY, B.W., surgeon
USSERY, Calvin J, Pvt.,Co F, 3rd AL Reserves
USSERY, Charles E. , Pvt/Corp., Co. H. 15th GA. Inf. Ussery, Charles E. - Private July 15,1861. Appointed 2d Corporal December 10,1861.
           Wounded in cheek at Darbytown Road, Va. October 7,1864. At home on wounded furlough close of war.
          (Born in Lancaster, S. C. October 30,1841.)

USSERY, Daniel Pvt.,Co. E, 110 U.S.C.T.
USSERY, Daniel B. Pvt.,Co. F, 2nd GA. and Beckam's Artillery
USSERY, Dempsey, Pvt Co. B. 31st TN Inf
USSERY, E.M., Pvt., Co. D, 18th TX Inf.
USSERY, E.P., Pvt., Co. D, 3rd TN Inf
USSERY, F.C.F., Pvt., Co C., 2nd TX Inf
USSERY, Frank, Pvt. Capt. Duncan's Tishomingo Rangers, Miss. Cav.
USSERY, George C., 1st Lt., Co D, 24th Miss Inf; 1 Aug 1861, Lowndes Co.
USSERY, G. John Co. A, GA 2nd Inf, POW 12/13/64 Dorchester
USSERY, Gilbert H., Pvt. Co. H, 3rd TN. Inf; Sappers & Mines
USSERY, Henry R., Pvt. Co. D, 24th Miss Inf.
USSERY, Henry, Pvt. Co. J?, 18th TN Cav
USSERY, Henry; Co. B, NC 56th Inf. Enl. 5/8/62, residence Cumberland Co., NC. His record: POW 5/22/63 Gum Swamp, NC; Confined 5/25/63 New
Berne, NC; Paroled 5/26/63 New Berne, NC; Exchanged 5/28/63 City Point, VA; Returned 7/1/63 (place not stated); Wounded 6/17/64 Petersburg, VA;
Hosp. 6/20/64 Farmville, VA.; Furloughed 6/27/64 (place not stated); Returned 1/1/65 (place not stated); POW 4/1/65 Five Forks, VA; Confined 4/6/65
Point Lookout, MC and Oath of Allegiance 6/21/65 Point Lookout, MD

USSERY, J.B., Pvt.,Co A, 1st SC Inf
USSERY, James B., Pvt. Co. B, NC 35th Inf. Enl 5/1/64 at Raleigh (residence Richmond Co., NC). Listed as deserter 7/19/63; POW 3/25/65 Fort Stedman,
VA; Confined 4/2/65 Point Lookout, MC; Oath of Allegiance 6/21/65 Point Lookout.
USSERY, J.C., Pvt. Co. I, 14th Cons. Miss Inf, Apr. 9, 1865
USSERY, J.G., Pvt., Co. F., 43rd Miss INf. Lowndes Co.
USSERY, J.G., Pvt., Co. C, 12th GA Cav.
USSERY, J.L., Pvt, Co. A, 1 Ark. Inf
USSERY, J.L.,Pvt Co C, 15 Ark Inf
USSERY, J.M., Pvt, Co. I, 32nd TX Cav.
USSERY, J.M., Pvt. Co. B, 31st TN Inf
USSERY, J.R., Pvt. Co D, 33rd TX Cav.
USSERY, J.W. Private. Co. D, GA 63rd Inf.; enl. 7/27/63. Hospitalized 10/3/64 Floyd House Hospit. Mcacon GA.
USSERY, James R., Pvt, Co. A, 1 Ark. Inf
USSERY, James M., Pvt., Co. A, 1st (Gregg's) S.C. Inf; enlisted Barnwell Dist July 18, 1861;taken prisoner at Noel Station May 23, 1864; on rolls Dec. 1864
USSERY, James "Stanton" Pvt.,Co I, 10th IL Inf.
USSERY, James J. Pvt.,Co A, 1st LA Cav. Scouts
USSERY, James M., Pvt.,Co A, 1st SC Inf
USSERY, Jesse Pvt.,Co F, 6th Georgia Infantry
USSERY, John, Pvt.,Co A, 2nd SC Inf
USSERY, John, Pvt.,Co K, 2nd Ark Inf
USSERY, John , Pvt.; Illinois 01 February 1862 - Union Army
USSERY, John, Pvt.,Co F, 45th Georgia Infantry
USSERY, John B., Pvt.,Co A, 49th Georgia Infantry
USSERY, John C., Pvt.,Co H, 32nd Alabama Vol. Troops
USSERY, John C., Pvt. Co. I, 43rd Miss Inf, Lowndes Co.
USSERY, John Calvin, Corp. Enlisted 5/30/61 at Richmond Co., NC as Corporal. 5/30/61 . Listed as Confined 5/15/62 Ft. Delaware, DE; POW 5/31/62
Seven Pines, VA; Paroled 10/15/62; Exchanged 10/20/62/ Returned 11/15/62. Promotions: Priv 5/10/62 Sergt Major 1/1/64. [See Family Info]
John T. Ussery Co. H 60th ILL Inf. (See pension record)

USSERY, John M., Sgt. Co., D, 24th Miss Inf., Lowndes Co.
USSERY, Joseph, Pvt. Co. B, 23rd Tn Inf.
USSERY, Joseph Wyatt, 1st Sgt/2nd Lt., Co. A, 1st (Gregg's) S.C. Inf; 36, enlisted at Barnwell Dist., July 13, 1861; wounded at Cold Harbor, 1862; appt.
2nd Lt. July 1863

USSERY, Leander F., Pvt., Co. K, 2nd Miss Inf., Yuka Rifles, Tishomingo, 1861

USSERY, M.A., Corp., Co. H, 19th Miss Inf.
USSERY, Martin Alfred, Pvt.Co. E, NC 38th Inf. Enl 8/21/64 Montgomery Co., NC. Listed Oath of Allegiance; Deserted 3/6/65 and Confined 3/13/65
Washington, DC.
USSERY, Martin L.Pvt. Co F, 9 Ark. Inf
USSERY, Martin V.B., Pvt. Co. F., 12th Miss Inf., Holmes Co., 1861
USSERY, Martin VanBuren Pvt.,Co D, Prov.En.MO Mil.
See MVB Ussery Family Page
USSERY, Martin VanBuren Pvt.,Co A, 26th Georgia Volunteers
USSERY, Matt, Capt. Pete Tomlinson' Co of Texas Rangers
USSERY, Matthew, Pvt. - Illinois 25 February 1864 - Union Army
USSERY, Morgan L., Pvt. Co F, 9 Ark. Inf
USSERY, Morgan L., 1st Sergt, Co E, 19 Ark. Inf
USSERY, Moses A., Pvt Co A, 15 Ark Inf
USSERY, Murphy, Pvt., Co E, 48th NC; enl May 18, 1862, Union County age 33. Died 10 June 1862 at Goldsboro (see Union Co, NC)

USSERY, O, Pvt.,Co C, 19th Btn. S.C. Cav.
USSERY, O, Pvt.,Kirks's Co., P.R.S.C.
USSERY, O'Bannon, Pvt.,Co K, 2nd S.C. Troops; Co. B., Kirk's Squadron of Cav; 19th SC Cav, Co. C; from Barnwell; surrendered at Durham Station

USSERY, P. , Pvt.,Co F 1st (Symon's) Georgia Reserves
USSERY, P.H.,Pvt. Co. I, 32nd TX Cav.

USSERY, R.D., Co C, 10 Ark. Inf.
USSERY/USRY, R.L Pvt.,Co. F, 8th Georgia Cavalry
USSERY, R.L., Pvt., Co. F, 62nd GA Cav.
USSERY, Richard Samuel Pvt., Co. L, 2nd Regt Rifles GA

USSERY, S.M., Pvt. Co. A, 44th Miss. Infantry
USSERY, Samuel A. , Pvt.,Co D, 57th Georgia Infantry
USSERY, Samuel, Pvt.,Co L, 2nd SC Rifles.
USSERY, S.W, Pvt.,Co A, 1st SC Inf (Gregg's), enlisted at Barnwell Dist. July 13, 1861; on muster roll of June 30, 1863; killed at Gettysburg July 1863

USSERY, Theodore B., Pvt.,Co A, 1st SC Inf, Gregg's Reg't; enlisted at Memphis, TN Feb. 20, 1861; discharged at expiration of term of service Feb. 20,
1862. (son of A.W.P. Ussery and Keziah Jones)

USSERY, T.B., Pvt.,Co C, 27th SC Inf
USSERY/USERY, Thomas, Pvt., Co B, 2nd SC Art
USSERY, W.C., Pvt. Co. I, 32nd TX Cav.

USSERY, W.D., Pvt., Co. H., 2nd S.C. Inf.; enlisted at Lancaster, SC by Capt. McManus Oct 13, 1862; wounded at Chickamauga; reported on muster roll
of Oct. 31, 1863 and Feb. 29, 1864; as at home on furlough; reported on muster rolls of April 30, 1864, as present; on last available muster roll June 30,
1864 as present.

USSERY, W.H., Pvt., Co. I, 19th TN Cav.
USSERY, W.J. , Sergeant, Co I, 5th GA Reserves
USSERY, W.O., Pvt.,Co B., 11th S.C. Reserves
USSERY, W.R., Surgeon, 42nd TN Inf.
USSERY, W.S., Pvt. Co. L, 13th TN Inf.
USSERY, Welcome , Pvt., Co. G. 5th GA Reserves
USSERY, William, Pvt., Co. F 3rd GA, Inf
USSERY, William, Pvt. Co. D-E, 24th Miss. Inf., Lowndes Co, MS
USSERY/USERY, William , Pvt.,Co 1, 5th Regt. GA Reserves.
USSERY, William, Pvt.,Co. F, 45th GA
USSERY, William D., Pvt. (of Anson Co.) 9/4/62 enl. at Wake Co.; Listed absent (on duty as provost guard); Sick; POW 4/3/65 Hosp. Richmond VA.,;
Trans. 4/23/65 Newport News, VA; Oath of Allegiance 6/30/65 Newport News. VA
USSERY, William C., Pvt. Co B, 31st TN Inf
USSERY, William H., Pvt. Co L, 31st TN Inf
USSERY, William Henry , Pvt. 56th NC Infantry CSA
Dale W Burriss A Descendant
USSERY, William R., Pvt., Co. K 120th Regt of Illinois Volunteers

USSERY, William Silas, Pvt.,Co. L, 3rd Arkansas Cav.
USSERY, William T., Brv. 2 Lt., Cos F & C, 10 Ark. Inf

USSERY, Zacheriah , Pvt.,Co F, 45th GA. Born Jones Co, GA. 1835. Enl 3/4/62. Listed as wounded (train wreck in 1864, disabled.) Promoted 32d Corp
USSRY, Malisches G., Pvt., Co F 21st SC Inf.

Confederate Soldiers of Louisiana
Confederate Research Sources-- Volume 3

Ussery, John M.,Pvt. Co. E, Cons. Cres. Regt. La. Inf. En. Alexandria, La., June 8, 1863. Roll Jan. and Feb., 1864, Present, returned from desertion, Feb.
13, 1864. Absent without leave from July 15, 1863. Roll of Prisoners of War of detachments of different commands, C. S. A., Paroled Alexandria, La., June
4, 1865. Res. Rapides Par., La.

Ussery, Peter,Pvt. Co. K, 1st La. Cav. En. Feb. 2, 1863, Water Proof, La. Roll March 1 to June 30, 1863, remarks: Present. Recd. no pay. Roll Nov. and
Dec., 1863, remarks: Absent without leave since Oct. 1, 1863.

Ussery, Phillip,Pvt. 6th La. Inf. Federal Rolls of Prisoners of War. Paroled Falmouth, Va., May 3, 1863.

Ussery, William,Pvt. Co. K, 2nd La. Inf. En. May 11, 1861, New Orleans, La. Present on all Rolls to April, 1862. Roll May and June, 1862, Wounded at
Danville, Va. Roll July and Aug., 1862, Died in Hospl. at Danville, Va., Aug. 27, 1862.

Ursery, Richard (also on Rolls as Urser, R.),Pvt. Co. A, 6th La. Inf. En. Union Par., La., March 23, 1862. Roll to April, 1862, Absent in Hospl. Rolls from
May, 1862, to Aug., 1862, Present or absent not stated. Rolls from Sept., 1862, to Feb., 1863, Present. Roll March and April, 1863, Absent, missing since
April 29, 1863. Name appears as signature to a Parole of Prisoners of War, dated Office of the Provost Marshal General, Army of the Potomac, April 29,
1863. Federal Rolls of Prisoners of War, Captured Fredericksburg, Va., April 29, 1863. Sent to Old Capitol Prison, Washington, D. C. Paroled Old Capitol
Prison, Washington, D. C., May 10, 1863. Exchanged City Point, Va., May 13, 1863. Rolls from June, 1863, to Oct., 1863. Present. Roll Nov. and Dec.,
1863, Absent, sick (Richmond). Rolls from Jan., 1864. to April, 1864, Present. Rolls from May 1, 1864, to Oct., 1864, Absent, Prisoner of War, Captured
May 5, 1864. Federal Rolls of Prisoners of War, Captured Mine Run, Va., May 5, 1864. Sent to Pt. Lookout, Md., from Belle Plains, Va., May 18, 1864.
Recd. Elmira, N. Y., Aug. 17, 1864. Paroled Elmira, N. Y., Feb. 9, 1865, and sent to James River for exchange. Exchanged Boulwares and Cox Wharf,
James River, Feb. 20-21, 1865. Roll of Prisoners of War, C. S. A., Paroled at Appomattox C. H., Va., April 9, 1865.

Usery, Benjamin,Pvt. Co. F, 27th La. Inf. En. New Orleans, La., March 16, 1862. Roll to May 1, 1862, Present. Promoted to Corpl. of Color Guard, by
order Col. L. D. Marks, April 26, 1862. Rolls from Aug. 1, 1862, to Oct. 31, 1862. Died at Miss Springs., July 4, —. Color Corpl.
Civil War Roster