Georgia Court Records and Census

Summary of Head-of-Household, 1850 U.S. Census of States: Georgia

Franklin Co: Mumford Usry 47-m-SC
Houston Co: James W. Usery 33-m-SC
Jones Co: John C. Ussery 23-m-GA; John M. Ussery 16-m-GA; John Ussery 18-m-GA; William Ussery 61-m-VA
Laurens Co:
Meredith Ussery 60-m-NC
Warren Co: Peter Usry 47-m-GA; John Usry 56-m-GA; Solomon A. Usry 22-m-GA; Peter Usry 26-m-GA
Wilkinson Co: William Ussery 25-m-GA; John B. Ussery 27-m-GA; Welcome Ussery 33-m-GA; Levi Ussery 60-m-? Peter Ussery 35-m-?

Georgia's Third Land Lottery allowed every bachelor with three years residence in Georgia one draw and every married man with like residence was allowed two draws.
If such bachelor or married man was an invalid or indigent veteran of the War of the Revolution, he was allowed two additional draws. His military record was not limited
to service in the State of Georgia. When entering his name for two veteran's draws, the applicant was required to take the following oath: "I do further swear that I was an
officer or soldier during the Revolutionary War, that I was engaged in the service of the United States, and that I am an invalid or indigent officer or soldier of the
Revolutionary War."
By Act of June 9, 1825, establishing the Fifth Land Lottery of 1827; every veteran with three years residence in Georgia was allowed three draws if unmarried or four
draws if married, regardless of where he had enlisted or in what regiment he had fought.

From the information indicated above, the State of Georgia has published the Authentic List of All Land Lottery Grants Made to Veterans of the Revolutionary War by
the State of Georgia.:

Thomas Usery of Crawford County: 1832 draw No. 236-7: Georgia Public Lands Record The Cherokee Land Lottery: containing a numberical list of the names of the
fortunate drawers in said lottery, with an engraved map of each district 1838. Page 211 Seventh District, Third Section Cherokee #236 Thomas Usery, r.s. Turner's
Crawford* book notes: r.s.{revolutionary soldier} granted previous to the first day of January 1838

John Ussery of Wilkins County; 1827 draws Nos. 123-10 and 128-15

Appling County
1820 Land Lottery:
John Ussery of Hall Co. drew land of Miller's 29303 of Appling County.
Meredith Ussery of Laurence County drew land of Watson's 6-2 in Appling County.

Lawton Randall Ursrey served as a member of the Georgia House of Representatives in the 1950s, representing Jeff Davis County. The information about Lawton¹s
father, Lyman Colquit Ursrey, being born in Jeff Davis County about 1876 is probably inaccurate. Jeff Davis County was not formed until 1905. The county was formed
out of portions of Appling and Coffee counties. Lyman was probably born in Appling County since Hazlehurst was, at that time, located in Appling County. € Jack
Weatherly, Lawton Ursrey¹s grandfather, was one of the pioneer settlers of this area of the state. We have in Hazlehurst a Weatherly Blvd. and a Weatherly Park, both
named for the Jack Weatherly family. € The Jeff Davis County cemetery referenced several times in the Ursrey web site as ³Betilla Free Will Baptist Ch. Cemetery²
probably is ³SATILLA Free Will Baptist Church Cemetery.² Satilla FWBC Cemetery is one of the largest and oldest cemeteries in the county, located in the Satilla
community near the Big Satilla and Little Satilla rivers. I have never heard of a Betilla FWBC Cemetery.

Among those listed in the web site as Lawton¹s siblings are ³Mamie Ursrey of Hazlehurst, mar. Robert Crosby. Ch: Madelilne (sic), Robey (sic).² Mamie Ursrey Crosby
died just recently here in Jeff Davis County. Her surviving children are daughters Madeline Crosby Crowe and Robbie Crosby Roberts.

Listed in the web site as Lawton¹s children are Lawton Randle Ursrey Jr., who is presently a professor at Middle Georgia College and Gerald Lyman Ursrey,. Gerald
Jerry is the person I am looking for but have been unable to locate. The woods of Jeff Davis County are full of Ursreys and Usserys, mostly good, solid folks who you
would be proud to have in your family. I, too, am interested in geneaology but can¹t recall any Ursreys, Usserys, Usrys, etc., in my lineage.

If I can be of any assistance, please don¹t hesitate to call on me. Tommy Purser Editor-Publisher Jeff Davis County Ledger PO Box 460 Hazlehurst, GA 31539 Tommy

Baldwin County

Land Deed Records:

1807 Land Lottery, Thomas Ussery of Baldwin Co drew land in 5th, 163-6
1875 Mary Ussary from William Wood, deed, Lot 1, Sq 8; Lot 3 Sq 82.
1878 P-341, Maxey Ussary from William Wood, warranty deed, Lot 3, sq. 82.
1879 P-452, Maxey Ussery to M. Cones, warranty deed, S. corner of lot 3, sq 82, 1/4 acre
1880 D 253, M.J. Ursery to Perry and Derton, morgage, 75 acres.
1908 3-391, George A. Ussery, from E.W. Gould, warranty deed, Lot 9 Blk C, Barrett Heights.
1917 QQ-51, George Ursery to G. Sanford, lots 9 and 10, Blk C Barrett Hts.
1923 11-194 J.M. Usery from Mrs. Mary Humphries, warranty deed, 5/6 acre, 321st Dist.
1928 10-449 Matilda Ursery to J.C. Johnson, B.T, 5 1/16 ac, 321st Dist.
1930, 16-114, W.J. Ursery from L. Giles, warranty deed, Lot 12, Sec 2 in 321st Dist.
Probate Records, Baldwin Co:
8 Feb 1928: Will of Mrs. Matilda Ursery: All of property to son, Lorette P. Usery. Exc: Lorette P. Ursery.

Cemetery Records, Baldwin Co.
Milledgeville Cemetery: (on western edge, next to fence, section 5, row 5)

L.D. Usery
Matilda Jones Usery b. Nov 18, 1861 d. Oct. 29, 1950
John H. Usery b. Sept 4, 1856 d. Feb. 8, 1927

Bibb County
Marriage Records:
USERY (Ursery), Lucy Sarah Elizabeth, and James Boyd mar. 19 June 1860.
USSERY, Welcome and Isabell Sanders, mar. 14 Aug. 1860.
USSERY, Albert and Carrie Adridge, mar. 4 July 1880.
USERY (Usury), Mary and C.A. Windham, mar. 7 June 1896.
URSERY, John (col) and Leliann Waters, (col), mar. 10 Dec. 1896
USSERY, Ben (col) and Maggie Brown (col), mar. 9 Sept. 1902
USERY (Ursery), Ola and John W. Purvis, mar. 22 Dec. 1911
USERY, Richard (col) and Lula Johnson (col), mar. 21 Dec 1912
USSERY, Benjamine Harrison (col) and Annie Lee Jackson (col), mar. 25 Jan 1917.
USSERY, Ola and Carroll Byrd mar. 14 Mar 1917
USSERY, John (col) and Savannah Goolsby (col) mar. 5 Nov. 1917
USSERY, George and Mollie Morrell mar. 2 Aug 1919
USERY, Kennie Mae (col) and Jim Wilson (col) mar 9 Feb 1920
USRY, Henry Grady and Cleavie Childre, mar 17 Apr 1920
USSERY, Tom (col) and Sallie White (col) mar 28 Mar 1920
USSERY, Euell Mark and Lillie Mae Conrad, mar 7 Aug 1920
USSERY, Dan (col) and Bettie Targason (col) mar. 31 Dec 1922
USSERY, Ned (col) and Charlie Mae Coney (col) mar 19 Mar 1925
USSERY, Alfred C. and Menthie Peterman, mar 2 May 1925
USERY, Lena (col) and Alex Harvey, mar 5 Jan 1926
USSERY, Junius (col) and Maggie Lee Goolsby (col) mar 4 Apr 1927
USSERY, John Stephen, (col) and Martha Neel (col) mar. 22 Sept. 1928.
USSERY, Joe (col) and Ella May Thomas (col) mar 20 Jan 1929
USSERY, William Walker (col) and Albenda Jackson mar. 2 Nov 1930
USSERY, John Henry (col) and Mamie Lee Smith (col) mar. 11 May 1932
USSERY, Florine (col) and James Card (col) mar 23 May 1934
USSERY, Herman and Mary Hunnicut, mar 4 July 1935


Name of Deceased:    Benjamin Franklin Ussery
Age at Death:    54  
Birth Date:    abt 1950
Death Date:    Aug/27/2004
Newspaper Title:    Macon Telegraph, The  
Newspaper Location:    Macon, GA, US
Obituary Publication Date:    Aug/30/2004
Locations Mentioned in Obituary:    Macon, GA; Thomaston, GA; Byron, GA; Thomaston, GA; Bethpage, NY
Other Persons Mentioned in Obituary:    Anita Boswell Ussery; David (Billie Jean) Ussery; Dean Hemp; Miss Jaimie Howard; Tiffany Campbell; Henry C. Ussery; Freeta
Tarrer Ussery; Miss Amber Campbell; Benji (Ann) Ussery; William Ussery (Bubba); Guest Book; Ryan Campbell

Name of Deceased:    Betty Tindall Ussery
Age at Death:    57  
Newspaper Title:    Macon Telegraph, The  
Newspaper Location:    Macon, GA, US
Obituary Publication Date:    Apr/29/2004
Locations Mentioned in Obituary:    Milledgeville; Eatonton; Joy Tindall
Other Persons Mentioned in Obituary:    Patricia Ward Dorothy Gibbs; Leslie; Dale Lyn Ussery; Melinda Dawn Day; Wayne Tindall; Timothy Ussery; Helen McCoy Tindall;
Marshall Tindall; Kim Tindall

Brooks County

1900 US Census Brooks Co., GA
Ed. 16, Sheet 2, Vol 7; Quitman Twp
Usry, Isaac T., mw, 45 mar, b TN, father TN, mother GA (See Calhoun Co., AL for more info on Isaac T. Usry)
Nannie, fw, 40, wife GA-GA-GA
Linsy, son, mw, 22 single, AL-TN-GA
Georgia, dau, fw, 20 single, AL-TN-GA
Jeanie, dau, fw, 16, single, AL-TN-GA
Jewel, dau, fw, 9, single, AL-TN-GA
Hinnie, dau, fw, 6, single, AL-TN-GA

Burke County

Midville City Cemetery

Usery Jack W. 09 Dec 1914 30 Jan 1977
Usery Vera Mae 12 Jan 1912 14 Mar 1995

1798 Tax List showing slave owners: John Ussery, superintendent for heirs of Andrew Taylor.

Land Lotteries:
1805: John Ussery of Burke Co drew two blanks
1805: Sally Ussery, widow of Burke Co, 1 price
1807: Milly Ussery of Burke Co drew land in Wilkinson Co Dist 13.
1807: Abner Ussery of Burke Co drew land in Bell's dist, Early Co.
1807: Martha Ussery of Burke Co drew land in 5th dist., Houston Co.
1807: Elizabeth Ussery of Burke Co drew land in Coweta Co, 3rd Dist.
1798 General Tax List:

John Ussery, owner; 1 dwelling, 4 outhouses, 17 acres.
Sarah Ussery, owner; 1 dwelling, 1 outhouse, 80 acres.
David Usseery, owner; 1 dwelling, 2 outhouse, 80 acres.

Head Right Land Grants:

David Ussery, CCCCC 6-200, 3 July 1799, 200 acres bounded by Sims' Branch; Sims, and vacant land.
Elizabeth Ussery, EEEEE 428-128, 21 July 1803, 128 acres bounded by Batt Jones, George Honors and Lassiter.
John Ussery, DDDDD 515, 26 Nov 1801, 148 acres bounded by Brier Creek, Perry land, Ussery, Milton.
Tax Defaulters, 1804-1806: Abner Ussery and Thomas Ussery

Clerks Records: 30 Sept. 1800: Geo. Poythress testifies that David Ussery and Clement Martin escaped from jail.

1830 U.S. Census:

Elizabeth Ursery 1f 5-10, 1f 15-20 1f 30-40

1840 U.S. Census:

Elizabeth Ursery 1f 15-20 1f 20-30 1f 50-60


Abner Usery, Captain, Burke Co., 12 July 1822-10 May 1823; MR 1808-1829.

Carroll County


25 Sept. 1857: W.J. Ussery and Miss L.A. Griffith

1827 Land Lottery:

Official Register of Land Lottery of Georgia -- 1827, p.81

Fortunate Drawers: John Ussery, R. S.
       Captains District: Currys
       Number: 123
       District: 10
       County: Carroll County
Land Deed:

23 Sept. 1836: Mary Ann Umphlett to Anthony C. Usry, land in 8th dist of Carroll County. 44-8
24 Feb 1840:
Anthony Carroll Usry of Warren Co to John R. Lane of Jefferson Co for $150, land of 8-44

Coweta County

1827 Land Lottery:

William Ursery of Bibb Co. drew land in Mullin's 94-8 in Coweta Co.
Elizabeth Ussery of Burke Co drew land in Roe's 559-3 of Coweta Co.

Crawford County
1832 Land Lottery:

Thomas Ussery of Crawford Co drew land in Turner's 403-4 of Lee Co.

Military:  Revolutionary Soldiers Living in Georgia 1827-28: Thomas Usrey of Crawford Co.

Dooley County

1821 Land Lottery:

Thomas Ussery of Twiggs Co drewland in Griffith's 14-13 of Dooly Co.
John Ussery of Warren Co drew land in Haris' 59-6 of Dooly Co.

Early County
1820 Land Lottery:

Abner Ussery of Burke Co drew land in Bell's 170-8 of Early Co.
John Usery, Jr., of Jones Co drew land in Griffith's 38-7 of Early Co.
John Ursery Sr of Jones Co drew land in Griffith's 317-28 of Early Co.
William Ussery of Warren Co drew land in 150th, 21-27, of Early Co.

Elbert County

Land Lotteries:

1805- Thomas Ussery of Elbert Co drew two blanks
1805- Usery Almond of Elbert Co drew a blank

Emanuel County

Ida Cowart Ussery was born Mar. 15, 1880 in Emanuel Co., Ga. and died Feb. 4, 1909. She was the d/o Curtis Cowart and Emily Proctor Cowart. She is buried in Hebron
Cemetery, Emanuel County, Ga. On her tombstone it says: Ida Ussery d/o C. & Emily Cowart. We would like to know what Ussery she married. Any help would be
appreciated. Thank you, Claudia

Franklin County

1850 U.S. Census, Dist 32:
Usry, Mumford 47 m farmer SC
Usry, Mary 30 f  SC
Usry, Delilah 45 f  SC
Usry, Richard 13 m  SC
Usry, Charles V. 12 m  SC
Usry, Mary E. 8 f  SC
Usry, Rachel D. 6 f  SC
Usry, Cynthia D. 4 f  SC
Usry, Sarah L. 2 f  SC

Glascock County
Land Deeds

To John Usry from John Chalkers, 1847
To Peter Usry from M.D.C. Usry 1821
To J.F. Usry from John Usry, 1821.


Usry-Thigpen Cemetery: about one mile from Bethel Church.

Eliza Usry died June 15, 1868, aged 51 years
Peter Usry died Oct 11, 1882 aged 65 years
Fannie Usry, died Apr. 1900, aged about 65 years
Mary Usry Anderson Johnson March 6, 1856 Aug 9, 1935
Samuel Stuckey Anderson Aug. 5, 1862, May 25, 1893
Columbus Usry June 10, 1861; March 7, 1897

Small cemetery near Blankenship Road

J.C. Usry Feb. 4, 1871; Dec. 22, 1899
Rev. John L. Usry Nov. 11 1829; May 1, 1881

Bethel Church Cemetery:

Carlton C. Usry 1890-1949
Katie Lou Usry 1893-1947
Curtis Usry 1928-1929
Alfonso Usry Oct 31, 1909; Sept 15, 1914
C.L. Usry June 14, 1872; Sept. 11, 1912
John C. Usry Aug 27, 1878; Aug. 15, 1942
Mrs. Mary C. Usry 1868-1942
I.G. Usry 1862-1937

Gwinnett Co., GA
Land Lotteries:

182? Elizabeth Ursery's illeg. drew land in Moore's Sec. 2, Muscogee County

Hall Co., GA
1820 Land Lottery

John Ussery drew land in Miller's district 193-3 of Appling Co.
Levi Ursury of Wilkinson County drew land in Kelter's 96-10 of Hall Co.

1820 U.S. Census

John Ussery 1m 0-10, 1m 45 up; 3f 10-16 2f 16-26 1f 26-45

1830 U.S. Census

John Usry 1m 20-30 1f 15-20

Hart Co., GA

Bowersville Cemetery:
C.E. Ussery Oct. 30, 1838; Mar. 29, 1923
Martha J., wife of C.E. Ussery Aug. 8, 1851; Feb 19, 1928 (Martha Jane Bailey)
Ira G. Ussery June 27, 1886; Jan. 22, 1948
Samuel E. Ussery 1871-1947
Scheffer Ussery 1879-1962 (Mary Scheffer Doyle)
Mary Martha Max Ussery 2-23-1911

Hart Cemetery

Cynthia Ussery Jan. 11, 1868 - May 28, 1963
J.R. Jones 1866-1897
Rosia Record Swaim June 28, 1893 - June 16 1957
James Leroy Record Jan. 22, 1884 - Oct. 4 1939
W.H. Ussery 1856-1933
N.M. Ussery, wife of W.H. Jan 20, 1859 - May 31 1895
Mackey Ussery, dau. of W.H. & N.M. b & d June 12, 1893
Oatus Ussery, son of W.H. & N.M., June 13, 1890-Oct 10, 1890
Infant Ussery, son of W.H. & N.M. 9-18-1888 - 10-1-1888
Ebner Ussery, dau. of W.H. & N.M., 9-19-1885 - 7-29-1886

Henry Co., GA
1821 Land Lottery
John Usry of Warren County drew land in Harris' 57-13 of Henry Co.

Houston Co., GA
1821 Land Lottery
Martha Usrey of Burke Co drew land in Burke's 213-5 of Houston Co.
John Usery of Laurens Co drew land in Steven's 203-9 of Houston Co.

Land Deeds

John Usry of Wilkinson Co to William Colley, 15 Feb 1826, 202 acres; C-46
Jeremiah G. Ussery from Wm. C. Mims, 17 Oct 1870, mortage N-416


27 Aug 1835: Eli Ussery and Sarah Watson
20 Nov 1861: Jeremiah G. Ussery and Miss Martha M. Smith

1850 U.S. Census

Upper 14th Dist. 396-396:
Usery, James W. 33 m farmer SC
Usery, Sarah 30 f SC
Usery, Columbus 12 m GA
Usery, James 7/12 m GA

Irwin County

John A. Usry b 8-30-1872 married Pitsy Dykes b. 3-12-1879 1820 Land Lottery
Meredith Ussery of Laurens Co drew land in Watson's 287-8 of Irwin Co.
David Ussery's orphans of Twiggs Co drew land in Belcher's 335-6 of Irwin Co.
Carroll Usry of Warren Co drew land in 150th div. of 18-16 in Irwin Co.

Jeff Davis Co., GA

Satilla Freewill Baptist Church Cemetery , south of Hazelhurst:
Evelyn Ussery Gay Oct. 31,1932; Jan 9, 1951
James Patrick Ursrey 1886-1963
Benjamin Franklin Ussery Feb. 26, 1856; June 21, 1939
Infant son of Mr. and Mrs. E.L. Ussery
Mary J. Ursery May 14, 1846; Sept 7, 1912
L.C. Ursrey Aug. 5, 1876; Nov 3, 1925 [Lyman Colquit Ursrey]
Margaret, wife of L.C. Ursrey Oct. 7, 1878; Sept. 21, 1898 and infant baby
Trallis Key Ursrey June 8, 1902 Nov 19, 1960
T. Jeff Ursrey Oct 6, 1902 Jan 15, 1929
URSREY ANNA BELL ROSS B.12/28/1895 D.12/17/1982
URSREY TROY L. B.10/31/1908 D.12/20/1908 S/O L. C. & WELTHY URSREY
URSREY W. S. B.3/31/1888 D.4/26/1976
USSERY MARTHA E. SILAS B.11/14/1878 D.5/26/1930
USSERY SUSIE HARRELL B.4/4/1905 D.1/20/1948

Jefferson Co., GA
1820 U.S. Census:
Abner Ussery 1m 45 up; 1f 0-10 1f 10-16 1f 45 up

Jones Co., GA
1820 U.S. Census:
John Ursery 1m 0-10, 1m 10-16, 1m 45 up; 2f 10-16, 2f 16-26, 1f 45 up

1830 U.S. Census:
John Ursary 1m 10-15 1m 50-60; 1f 30-40
John Ursary, Jr. 1m 5-10, 1m 15-20; 1f 0-5,1f 15-20, 1f 20-30

1840 U.S. Census:
Ussery, John C. 23 m farmer GA
Ussery, Micha 33 f GA
Barker, Sarah S. 15 f GA
Barker, Ann 12 f GA
Barker, Thomas B. 8 m GA
Barker, Alley 5 f GA

Ussery, Martha A. 37 f GA
Ussery, Frances I. 18 m GA
Ussery, John M. 16 m GA
Ussery, Jeremiah G. 14 m GA
Ussery, Harriet E. 12 f GA
Ussery, Sophronia 11 f GA

Ussery, Louisa 45 f GA
Ussery, John 18 m GA
Ussery, Zachariah 14 m GA
Ussery, William 10 m GA
Sarah Pippin 73 f MD

Ussery, William 61 m farmer VA
Ussery, Mary 40 f VA
Ussery, Sarah I. 16 f
Ussery, Julia A.S. 13 f
Ussery, James Malone 11 m

1850 US Census

William Ussery age 60 born in VA
Mary age 40 born in VA
Sarah S. age 16 born in VA
Julia A.S. age 13 born in VA
James Malone age 11 born in VA.


29 Oct 1812: Mary Ann Isham Ussery and John Driver
25 July 1820: William Ussery and Polly C. Singleton
15 Oct 1821: John Ussery and Louisa Thompson
10 May 1822: Lemuel P. Ussery and Martha A. Smith
2 Jan 1823: Sophia Ussery and William G. Maddox
31 July 1828: Rainey Ussery and Jesse Maddox
27 May 1829: Sarah Ussery and John P. Hammock
16 April 1837: Elizabeth Ussery and Uriah Mitchell
31 May 1837: John Ussery and Miss Sarah Mitchell
23 Aug 1842: Susan Annie Ussery and James M. Maynard
14 Apr 1846: Mrs. Sarah Ussery and Edward Brooks (Widow of John Ussery
15 Jan 1851: Miss Jane Ussery and Seth Toles
15 Jan 1852: Miss Frances Jane Ussery and Julius C.W. Driver
7 Sept 1852: Miss Julia A. Ussery and John Gowles (Towles?)
25 Dec 1859: William Ussery and Mary Sanders
22 May 1860:
Zachariah Ussery and Miss Nancy Beasley
Land Lotteries:

1820 John Usry Jr. drew land in Griffith's 3807 of Early Co.
1832 Mastain Ussery drew land in Taylor's dist. 861-12 of Lee Co.

Land Records:

John Usery from John R. Scott, 1 June 1811; 202 1/2 ac in 12th Dist., C-167
John Usery from Mordecai Jacob, 1 Apr. 1812, 202 1/2 acres 11th Dist., $700; D-246.
John Usery from Hardy Sanders, 16 Feb. 1839, 100 acres 12th Dist. P-643
Freeman Usery from J.F. Anderson, 26 Nov. 1918,160 acres, GG.338.
Frank Usery from H.B. Esell, quit claim, 29 Jan. 1821, 140 acres. RR-313.
John Ussery by Executor, to Jeremiah Smith, 202 1/2 acres, Mullen's lot. R-113; 1846.
William Ussery to William Jackson, 20 Dec. 1847, 202 1/2 acres, $200. Driver place.
John Ussery to Robert C. Chamgers, 20 Aug 1856, 125 acres; S-206

Court Records

John Ussery to Robert Blackwell, 6 Dec. 1813, Book E, page 126: John Ussery appoints Robert Blackwell of Lunenburg Co., VA, as his attorney, to collect money due
him from Lemuel Ussery and others.

Note: The above power of attorney record is important, as it indicates that some of the Jones Co., GA Ussery's came from Lunenburg Co., VA.

1820 Tax Digest: Thomas Mullin's Dist:
John Usry, 1 pole, 23 slaves, 675 upland acres 2 and 3 Jones; 250 acres upland Early Co., 20th Dist.
William Usry, 1 pole, no slaves.

Probate Records:

Joseph Holland appointed Administrator of the goods of Mastain Ussery, deceased, late of this county. Sureties: Joseph L. Holland and William G. Maddox, Dated 5 Nov
Balsam Peters appointed Administrator of the estate of John Ussery, deceased. John Marsh, William Brook and B.H. Green were his sureties on the bond. Recorded 6
Mar 1844 by George Macarthy.
Will of John Ussery, Book C, page 336

(see family page)

To my wife Sally, my lands called my homeplace (450 acres) adjoining the lands of Joseph L. Holland, J. Middlebrooks, and William Ussery, bought by me from Robert M.
J. Mitchell. Robert F. Mitchell and Ransom Mitchell. Also, to my wife: 9 negroes: Old Jack and his wife Rose; Peter Dilsey and her child Randel; Freeman; America and
her two children Becks (Decks?) and Mose; also all my hogs and cattle, 1 yoke oxen and 1 oxcart, 2 horses, 3 beds and bedsteads,one half of my bedclothing, all my
Remainder of my property to be sold by the Executor on credit of 12 months. Pay debts due, then divide the balance into 9 equal shares: daughters- Nancy Cheasman
Singleton, Sally Hammock, Julia Maddox, Sophia Maddox, Caroline Maddox, and (Mary Ann) Polly Isham Driver; Son- William; Children of my deceased son John Ussery
and children of my deceased son Lemuel P. Ussery.
If my wife has a competent child before my death, my wife is to provide for it out of her portion.
I nominate friend Robert I. Hardeman to by Executor.
Witnesses: Daniel Leslie, David D. Mitchel, George Tillman. Subscribed in court 22 Sept 1845; Gilbert E. Thigpen

Lemuel P. Ussery's minors:Jeremia G. Smith appointed Guardian of Frances, William, Jeremiah G., Harriet and Sophronia Ussery.Bond Arranged Nov. 5, 1845.

Balsam Peters was appointed Guardian of the person and property of John Ussery, minor orphan child of John Ussery, Jr., dec'd. Recorded Dec. 10, 1845.

William G. Maddox appointed Guardian of the person and property of Zachariah Ussery and William Ussery, minor and orphan of John Ussery, Jr.,dec'd. Recorded Dec.
10, 1845.

Laurens Co.

Ussery Cemetery
Laurens County, Georgia.
Take US44/GA29 to Hughes Dairy Road(CR435), take left onto Hughes Dairy Road, go to Marley Cannon Road(CR 415). Take first dirt road on left, Cemetery straight

Research by Earl S. Chambers

two unmarked infant graves

six unmarked adult graves

Allen, J.H. 15 Apr 1858 26 Mar 1908

Allen, wife of J.H. 15 Apr 1863 26 Apr 1899

five infant buried beside J.H. Allen and wife

Anna dau of Elvie Christian 25 Dec 1883 1884

Bell, Dollie Allen 28 Mar 1883 25 Nov 1946

Bell, Joseph Luther 7 Oct 1877 7 Jun 19512

Bell, Nazreath Jenkins 17 Jul 1899 18 Nov 1963

Bell, Grover Cleveland 17 Jul 1918 15 Jan 1973

Bell, Murray Thurman 10 Apr 1912 17 Feb 1977

Bell, Dorothy Ann 14 Nov 1956 3 Aug 1985

Harrison, Colquitt L. 4 Oct 1880 27 Jul 1951

Harrison, Darkis 3 Aug 1893 2 Dec 1924
(dau of Erwin L. and Samantha A.E. Ussery, wife of Colquitt Harrison)

Iversonalle, son of Mr and Mrs (J.H. Allen), Mallie b.d. 1901

Manning, Cora Ussery 1907 1942 wife of Joseph J. Manning

Manning, Infant Dau dau of John L. and Mary E. Manning

Manning, Infant Son son of John L. and Mary E. Manning
Manning, Infant Son son of John L. and Mary E. Manning

James Larry Manning 30 Jul 1951 3 Feb 1996

Manning, Joe Wiley no dates, infant

Manning, John L. 1900 1967

two son infants right side of John L. Manning

one dau infant right side of John L. Manning

Manning, Preston (infant) right side of John L. Manning

Manning, John L. Jr 28 Apr 1932 1 Sep 1996

Manning, Shirley Fortner 9 Sep 1934/ (beside John L. Jr Manning)

Manning, Joseph James 1895 1975 US Army WW I

Manning, Jr Joseph James no dates, infant

Manning, Mary Etta 1900 1979 wife of John L. Manning

Manning, Preston son of John L. and Mary E. Manning

Manning, Talmadge Franklin 2 Jun 1939 18 Nov 1983

Morgan, Hassie Sophronia Ussery 25 Jul 1884 15 Oct 1917
[dau  of Erwin L. and Samantha A.E. Ussery and wife of  Allison Morgan]

Unmarked adult beside Hassie Morgan

Pope, Craig 8 Sep 1884 3 Dec 1937

Pope, Frances Harrison 12 Sep 1876 7 Dec 1937

two adult unmarked graves to left of Frances Pope

Pope , John D. 7 Mar 1891 15 Oct 1913

Pope, Sara E. no dates, infant

Pope, Martha J. no date, infant

Pope, Mr G.W. no date, adult grave

Pope, Mrs G.W. no date, adult grave

Scott, Loupiney Ussery 1927 wife of M.C. Scott
[dau. of Maston Ussery)

Smith, Charles L. 4 Sep 1930 7 Sep 1989

Smith, Charlie T. 3 May 1896 7 Nov 1965

Smith, Allie Ussery 1894 1962

Tipton, Mrs W.L. 1904 1933

Ussery, Addie Jane 8 Sep 1893 3 Mar 1946 wife of Charlie L. Ussery
(son of Erwin L. and Samantha A.E. Ussery)

Ussery, Alfred Wiley Vecent 20 Jun 1910 16 Jun 1938 (son of James and Mamie L. Ussery )

Ussery, Ardelia Miller 28 Jun 1904 6 Feb 1962 wife of Morrie R. Ussery

Ussery, Charles Lee, infant(right of Charlie Lee and Addie Jane Ussery)

Ussery, Charlie Lee 9 Aug 1886 22 Jul 1927

Ussery, Darkis Lydia Ann wife of Maston Ussery

Ussery, Dessie Pearl 20 Feb 1927 3 Jan 1935

Ussery, Earl Lafayette 1 Jul 1889 1890
(son of Erwin L. and Samantha A.E. Ussery )

Ussery, Eligah Columbus 10 Jul 1900 1901
(son of Erwin L. and Samantha A.E. Ussery )

Ussery, Erwin Lafayettie 9 Jan 1911  [His birth date is believed to be Dec 25, 1855 and death date Jan 9, 1911]

Ussery, James Maston 1 May 1888 28 Mar 1926

Ushery(Ussery?), John age 73yrs, died 23 Apr 1913

Unmarked grave beside John Ushery

Ussery, John Paul 21 Jun 1925 25 Feb 1951 GA S1 WW II

Ussery, John Roy 26 Apr 1903 4 Jun 1974

Ussery, Lewis Eldridge 17 Feb 1905 1 May 1910
(son of Erwin L. and Samantha A.E. Ussery )

Ussery, Mamie Lee Purvis 5 Sep 1888 24 Mar 1981 wife of James M. Ussery

Ussery, Mary Jane 15 Mar 1892 9 Sep 1921
(dau of Erwin L. and Samantha A.E. Ussery )

Ussery, Maston 28 Sep 1901 age of 77 years

Ussery, Morrie R. 10 Mar 1898 20 May 1943
(son of Erwin L. and Samantha A.E. Ussery )

Ussery, N. Alberta 27 Mar 1914/
(dau of Mamie Lee and James M. Ussery)

Ussery, Samantha Ann Elizabeth Collins 22 Jan 1916
(wife of Erwin L. Ussery )

Ussery, Thelma D. 26 Jul 1898 24 Apr 1982 wife of John Roy Ussery

Carr, Viola Durden Ussery 8 Apr 1914 5 Oct 1975 wife of Wm. H. Ussery

Ussery, Wiley infant(to right of Charlei Lee and Addie Jane Ussery)

Ussery, William Henry 2 Jun 1913 26 May 1983

Vann, Horace Estell 6 Oct 1877 18 Feb 1887

Watson, D. H. 30 Aug 1863 14 Oct 1937

Watson, Ella J. 10 Aug 1865 22 Feb 1943 wife of D.H. Watson

Three infants to left of D.H. and Ella J. Watson

Watson, H.(Hardy) J.(Jackson) 1861 1943(1948?)

Watson, Infant Son son of D.H. and Ella J. Watson

Watson, Infant Son son of D.H. and Ella J. Watson

Watson, Infant Son son of D.H. and Ella J. Watson

Watson, Polly Ann 19 Nov 1905 wife of H.J. Watson, 40 years

Williams, Alice Ussery 6 Aug 1937 12 Feb 1980 wife of Henry H. Williams

Williams, Dwayne 3 Dec 1962 26 Jan 1966
(son of Henry H. and Alice Williams )

Williams, Jr Henry H. 11 Feb 1915 8 Jul 1981


Dec 24, 1812: John Ussery to Catherine Ussery
1814: Elas Hutton (Hutto?) and Milly Ussary/Ussery
1816: Polly Usry and John Hutto [This is Mary Ussery, daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth Ussery of Laurens Co., GA]
6 Mar. 1817: Meridy [Meredith] Usery and Jane Watson [Son of Thomas and Elizabeth Ussery]
19 Sept. 1820: Thomas Ussery and Mrs. Nelly Burch
21 July 1821: Thomas Usery and Milly Smith
17 Aug 1856: Mastin Ursery and Miss Dorcus E. Ursery (Date might not be right)
Will of Elizabeth Usery:[Wife of Thomas Usery]
Milly Hutto, Leny (Lony?) Smith, Jane Ussery saith that on 30 Sept. 1820 we did hear Elizabeth Usery state as her will, wish and desire for the distribution of her propery:

Give Mary Hutto one bed quilt, ect.
To Welcom Usery one young sorrel filly, etc.
To my brother John Usery my riding mare, etc.
Sell the land and remaining property. Divide equally between Mary Hutto's children, Horace Lester's children of his last wife, and John Usery's children.
John Usery was appointed Administrator, 5 Mar 1821.
Land Lottery: Laurens Co., GA:

1820 Meredith Ussery of Laurens Co. drew land in Watson's 6-20 of Appling Co.
1820 Meredith Ussery of Laurens Co. drew land in Watson's 287-8 in Irwin Co.
1821 John Usery drew land in Steven's 196-8, Monroe Co.
1821 John Usery drew land in Steven's dist. 203-9, Houston Co.
1832 Mastin Ussery of Jones Co. drew land in Bailey's Dist., 295-19 of Troup Co.

Land Deeds, Laurens Co:

E-458: 26 Dec 1811: to Elizabeth Ussery from Labon? Watson, $100 for 202 1/2 ac. lot 338 of 22nd Dist.
D-55: 17 Jan 1814: to Thomas Ussery from Thomas Montcrief, $200 for land of lot 239 in 2nd Dist. of Wilkinson, now Laurens Co.
E-460: 23 Apr. 1816: to Elizabeth Ussery from John Hutto et al, land in 2nd Dist., lot 271, et al; John Hutto and wife Lydia, Hansel Roberts and wife Catherine, Eli Hutto
and wife Milly daughter of Sally Ussery (widow, formerly of Burke Co.) and John Ussery, her son.
F-13: 7 Mar 1818: from Mary Elizabeth Usery to Theopolis Brookins, $270 for 202 1/2 ac. in lot 338 of 2nd Dist, formerly in Wilkinson Co.
J-155: 8 Oct 1826: from John Ussery of Laurens Co to Peter Hutto, $200 for lot 271 in 2nd Dist.
"Laurens County, Georgia Legal Records 1807-1832" compiled and edited by Allen Thomas.

May 27, 1816-Hansel Roberts, husband of Catherine Roberts, who was daughter of Sally Usery, sold to Elizabeth Usery.
2nd L.D., L.L. #271. $50.00. Witnesses were Meredith Usery and Justice of the Peace Hugh Thomas.

Hansel Roberts was the son of Frederick Roberts and Angeline Douglas(s). Hansel was accused in 1811 of the murder of Benjamin Harrison (the Indian fighter, not the
president). The Governor of Georgia issued a $100.00 bounty for Hansel's capture. He was eventually captured and tried in 1812. The outcome of the trial has been
speculated for some time. Some say he was hanged while others say he was acquitted. I believe that he must have been acquitted, because if he was hanged afer the
trial in 1812, he certainly couldn't have sold anything to Elizabeth in 1816.

1820 U.S. Census:
Daniel Usery 1 m 0-10 1 m 10-16 1 m 16-26 1 m 45 up.... 2 f 10-16
Thomas Ussery 2 m 0-10 1 m 10-16 1 m 45 up ...1 f 26-45

1830 U.S. Census:
Meredith Ursury 1m 0-5, 1m 5-10, 1m 30-40, 2f 0-5, 1f 5-10, 1f 10-15 1f30-40

1840 U.S. Census:
Meredith Ursury 1m 5-10, 1 m 10-15, 1 m 40-50; 1f 5-10, 1f 10-15, 2f 15-20, 1f 20-30, 1f 50-60

1850 U.S. Census:
Watson, D.P. 28 m farmer GA
Watson, Centha 24 f  GA
Watson, Seabron 1 m  GA
Watson, Casiah 60 f  GA
Ursury, Dorcus 15 f  GA

Ursury, Meredith  60 m farmer NC
Ursury, Nancy 26 f  GA
Ursury, Caroline 23 f  GA
Ursury, Adaline 23 f  GA
Ursury, Peter? 21 m  GA
Ursury, Maston 18 m  GA
Ursury, Serena 16 f  GA

1900 Census
Hampton Mills #344...Enumeration date: 12 June 1900 #210/212 pg 161-162

Joel Ussery  Head 48 Dec 1851 GA GA GA
Nannie Ussery Wife 43 Jun 1856 GA GA GA
James Ussery Son 24 Dec 1875 GA GA GA
Charles Ussery Son 21 Jul 1878 GA GA GA
Lucy Ussery Dau 19 Oct 1880 GA GA GA
Anna Ussery Dau 17 Jul 1882 GA GA GA
Benj. Ussery Son 15 Dec 1885 GA GA GA
Ida Ussery Dau 13 Jul 1886 GA GA GA
Willie Ussery Son 8 Feb 1892 GA GA GA
Albert Ussery Son 4 Oct 1895 GA GA GA

1910 Census
Hampton Mills #344 Enumeration date: 21 April 1910 #122/122 pg 90

Joel Usery Head 59 GA GA GA
Nancy J. Ursery Wife 53 GA GA GA
Jim S. Ursery Son 38 GA GA GA
Ida C. Ursery Dau 23 GA GA GA
William V. Ursery Son 18 GA GA GA
Albert J. Ursery Son 15 GA GA GA
James Barlow / widowed F-I-L 99 GA GA GA

1920 Census
Dexter / Hampton Mills #344
Enumeration date: 23 January 1920  #307/312 pg 58
Joel Ussery Head 68 GA GA GA
Nanny Ussery Wife 63 GA GA GA
James S. Ussery Son 45 GA GA GA
Joel Ussery Census info courtesy of

Lee Co.
Official Register of Land Lottery of Georgia -- 1827, p.117
       Fortunate Drawers: Orphan of Usry Almand,
       Captains District: Butlers
       Number: 37
       District: 3
       County: Lee County

           Official Register of Land Lottery of Georgia -- 1827, p.152
       Fortunate Drawers: Orphans of Usry Almand,
       Captains District: Butlers
       Number: 6
       District: 1
       County: Lee County                   

Official Register of Land Lottery of Georgia -- 1827, p.75
       Fortunate Drawers: John Ussery, R. S.
       Captains District: Curreys
       Number: 128
       District: 15
       County: Lee County

Macon County

AMERICUS -- Mr. Fred R. Usry Sr., age 80, died Wednesday night, April 7, 2004 at Sumter Regional Hospital. Funeral services will be held at 11:30 a.m. Saturday, April
10, 2004 at Cheek Memorial Baptist Church with burial to follow in County Line Baptist Church Cemetery in Macon County.

Officiating will be the Rev. Houston Berry and the Rev. Tommy McConnell. Active pallbearers will be deacons of Cheek Memorial Baptist Church, Stan Folsom, Jim
Wilson, Bobby Hester, John Southwell, Donald Ritch, Pete Ellis, Heywood Jerkins, Marty VanHorn and Bobby Kirk. Asked to serve as honorary pallbearers are members
of the Senior Adult Sunday School Class.

A native of Schley County, Mr. Usry was born Dec. 15, 1923, a son of the late Joshua Franklin Usry and Alma Willis Usry. He was the retired owner of Usry's Paint and
Body Shop, and a member of Cheek Memorial Baptist Church serving as a deacon and Sunday school teacher.

Visitation will be from 6-8 p.m. today, April 9, at Greg Hancock Funeral Chapel. At other times friends may call at the family residence, 412 Peggy Anne Drive. Memorial
contributions may be made to Cheek Memorial Baptist Church, 1505 Macon Road, Americus, GA 31709.

Survivors include six daughters and five sons-in-law, Sheila and Melvin Jones of Ideal, Sharon Lee Gallops of St. Marks, Fla., Selene and Jerry Sellers of Brunswick,
Sonja and Robert Montgomery of Smithville, Lisa and Buddy Law, Leah and Buster Watson, all of Americus; two sons and daughters-in-law, Fred Jr. and Barbara Usry of
Americus and Brad and Debbie Usry of Albany. Three sisters and two brothers-in-law, Barbara Tatum of Macon, Joan and Sonny Coker of Gray, Elizabeth and Rainey
Reid of Moultrie; five brothers and sisters-in-law, Franklin and Gladys Usry of Americus, Douglas and Geraldine Usry of Ellaville, Willie and Myrtis Usry of Americus, Britt
and Cindy Usry of Ariton, Ala. and Jimmy and Judy Usry of Hampton, Va. Twelve grandchildren, five great-grandchildren, 15 step-grandchildren, 19 step-great-
grandchildren and a number of nieces and nephews also survive. His wife, Gholye Usry preceded him in death April 4, 1997. A brother, Millard Usry, also preceded him
in death.Greg Hancock Funeral Chapel is in charge of the arrangements.

Published in The Augusta Chronicle on 10/19/2004.
THOMSON, Ga.- Mrs. Agnes Partridge Usry, of Reese Street, Thomson, entered into rest October 18, 2004, at Doctors Hospital. Survivors include daughters, Terry
Ferguson (Steve) of Thomson and Donnette Connell of Evans; sons, Sebran A. Partridge (Pat) of Fort Valley, Ga.; grandchildren, Beth Campbell, Ben Huffman, Michael
Hayes, Lee Hayes, Joy Verner, Amy Connell and Josh Connell; seven great-grandchildren; sisters, Emily Smith, Helen Harper, Ruby Turner, Beatrice Morris, all of
Thomson, Credelle Ariail of Duncan, Texas, Mavis Bramlett of Atlanta and Imogene Cowart of Augusta; several nieces and nephews. Mrs. Usry was born in Oglethorpe
County, Ga. She was the daughter of Weaver Adkins and Nora Brown Adkins. She had lived most of her life in the Thomson area, and was a retired Seamstress. She
worked at Thomson Company for over 25 years. Mrs. Usry was a member of Salem Baptist Church. Graveside services will be at 11 a.m., Wednesday, October 2 0,
2004, at Savannah Valley Memorial Gardens. Pallbearers will be Bruce Adkins, Gary Adkins, Ed Darby, Keith Verner, Greg Morris and Steve Ferguson. The family will
receive friends from 7 to 9 p.m., Tuesday, October 19, 2004, at the funeral home or you may call at the residence. In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to the
American Lung Association. Beggs Funeral Home, 799 Cobbham Road; 706-595-4100.  

Edward John Usry, 43, of Rabbit Trail, died Monday, May 1, 2000, in Augusta, Ga. Born in McDuffie County, he was a son of John K. Usry of Grovetown, Ga., and
Patricia Stoddard of Tewksburg, Mass. He was a welder and a member of Stapleton Baptist Church. Survivors: wife, Faye Riley Usry; a sister, Jill U. Boyd of Albany, Ga.;
paternal grandmother,
Jewel Usry of Albany; and stepmother, Josie Usry of Grovetown. Visitation: 6 to 8 p.m. today at Edgefield Mercantile Funeral Home. Service: 2 p.m. Thursday at
Stapleton Baptist Church. Burial: Church cemetery.

Published in The Augusta Chronicle on 2/10/2004.
THOMSON, Ga.- Mrs. Evelyn R. Usry, 84, widow of the late Jack Usry, entered into rest Sunday, February 8, 2004 at the residence. Funeral services will be held on
Tuesday, February 10, 2004 at 11 a.m. at Sweetwater Baptist Church. Interment will follow in the church cemetery. Pallbearers will be her grandsons. Survivors include
four children, Jaclyn (Steve) Wukela, Florence, S.C., Kathleen Usry, David (Kay) Usry, Martinez, Ga., Danny (Theresa) Usry; six grandsons, Stephen (Laura) Wukela,
Michael (Kelli) Wukela, John Wukela, Florence, S.C., J.D. Usry, Drew Usry, Martinez, Ga., Daniel Usry; a granddaughter, Christine Usry; and a great-grandson, Stephen
Wukela, Jr., Florence, S.C. Mrs. Usry, daughter of the late J.D. and Grace Rucker, Hartwell, Ga., was born in Fulton County, Ga. She was a long time resident of
McDuffie County. Mrs. Usry, a loving mother, was a member of Sweetwater Baptist Church where she was secretary for Sweetwater Bap tist for over 30 years. 'Mrs. E'
leaves a multitude who will cherish her memory. Friends may call at Curtis Funeral Home, Thomson. Sign the guestbook at

Marion County

1830 U.S. Census
John Usry:1m 0-5, 1m 5-10, 1m10-15, 1m 70-80; 1f 0-5, 1f 20-30, 1f 30-40,1f 60-70

1840 U.S. Census, Dist. 196-
John Ussery:1m 10-15, 1m 90-100; 1f 0-5, 1f 5-10 1f 40-50

1850 U.S. Census, 124-124
James Adams 23 m farmer  GA
Julia Ann Adams 21 f    GA
Susan Usury 26 f    GA

Mitchell County

GEORGIA Census, 1860  Mitchell County
DIVISION: Camilla P.O. REEL NO: M653-131 PAGE NO: 3 REFERENCE: Enum.
Date: June 4, 1860; Asst. Marshall: Jos. J. Bradford

Ursery         Jos. E.        34   M    Laborer    Ga                        
Ursery         Caty           16   F     Ga
Ursery         Susan          15   F    Ga
Ursery         Frances E. (Elizabaeth)    14   F   Ga [* Mar. William (Bill) Malasha Butler in 1862]
Ursery         William        9    M       Ga

USURY, VENAR to  ISRAEL, L. F. 1-Aug 1880 GA Mitchell

Willam Butler and Frances E. Ursery (Ussery) had a daughter named Sallie Jane Butler who married Jonah Antney Davis in Pelham, Mitchell Co., GA.  Their daughter,
Martha Elminer Davis married Edward Solomon Sanders.  Their dau.  Ida Mae 'Cherry' Sanders is the mother of Margie Lott-ChapmanIf you have any information on this
family, please email or Margie Lott-Chapman
The Following contributed by Margie Lott-Chapman:

MT. EBAL CEMETERY : Beginning at the city water tank on U.S. 19N in Pelham, go north
approximately 1.2 miles to a dirt road (Millpond Rd.), turn right and then go approximately .9 of a mile until
Millpond Rd. turns to the right. Mt. Ebal Rd. will begin there and bear slightly to the left. Take Mt. Ebal Rd.
for .1 of a mile to Smith Rd. The cemetery is located on the corner of Smith Rd. & Mt. Ebal Rd. This
cemetery was established in 1898. This survey was done on 7 July 2001 by James L. Piland, Jr.

Unmarked adult
Davis, Liller 12 Jul 1906 25 Oct 1912 dau of Jonah & Sallie Davis
Davis, Sallie 18 Dec 1867 7 Feb 1913 wife of Jonah Davis {Dau. of Willam Butler and Frances E. Ursery (Ussery)}
Unmarked adult

Muscogee Co., GA  

Official Register of Land Lottery of Georgia -- 1827, p.168
       Fortunate Drawers: William Ussery,
       Captains District: Mullins
       Number: 181
       District: 24
       County: Muscogee County

Rabun Co., GA   

Wesley Chapel Cemetery
Randolph Ussery; 17 Feb 1926-27 Jan 1996; "Son"; "Safe in Jesus' arms"

Ussery Double Marker: William Richards Ussery; 25 Jun 1887-07 Feb 1958
and Annie Cannon Ussery; 12 Oct 1895-24 Jun 1980; Foot stone, "Mother"

George M. Weatherly; GEORGIA; 1ST LT US ARMY; WW II; KOREA;
23 May 1923-04 Aug 1971

Carolyn A. Ussery Weatherly; 15 Jan 1923-01 Dec 1981

Richmond Co., GA   


Usry William R. 19 Jun 1937 20 Jul 1985

USHER, Henry to Mary Ann Grace  June 4, 1818

Published in The Augusta Chronicle on 8/20/2004.  
Retired Secretary AUGUSTA, Ga.- Mrs. Dollie L. Usry, 93, of Holden Dr., wife of the late Lum Usry, entered into rest on Wednesday, August 18, 2004 at the Medical
College of Georgia. Funeral services will be held at Central Baptist Church on Saturday, August 21, 2004 at 2 p.m. with the Reverend Jerry Wilson officiating. Burial will
follow at Westview Cemetery. Mrs. Usry will lie in state at the church one hour prior to funeral service time. Survivors include one cousin, Carolyn Spencer, Martinez;
three great nieces; three stepchildren; several grandchildren and great-grandchildren. A native of Bulloch County, Mrs. Usry was a member of Central Baptist Church
and was a secretary for the John J. Miller Company for many years. The family will receive friends at the funeral home Friday evening from 7-9 p.m. Sign the guestbook

Rockdale Co., GA


Essie Mcdaniel Ussery 2-19-1891 1-26-1963

Baby girl of Essie Ussery 1909-1909
J Thomas Ussery 2-24-1909 9-24-1975

Schley Co., GA

Family cemetery about six miles north of Ellaville:

In memory of I.G. Usry,  (Joseph Isiah Green Usry)  the son of John and Elizabeth Usry, the husband of Charity Usry.  Born May the 16th, 1824, and died Nov. 26, 1878.  
Age 54 years, 6 months, 10 days.

Land Lottery:
1807 David Ussery drew land in Stafford's Dist 19-11 of Wilkinson Co.

Thomas County

Thank you Carolyn Elkins for your contribution!
1910 US Census Thomas Co., GA
Ed. 147, Sheet 2, Vol 91;  
Usry, John A., head, wm 37, mar. GA-TN-GA
Pitsey, wife, wf, 31, GA-GA-GA
Linnie, dau, wf, 9, GA-GA-GA
Claudia, dau, wf, 5 GA-GA-GA
Susie, dau, wf 3 GA-GA-GA
John A., son, wm 1, GA-GA-GA
Pitsy and John married Sept 10, 1899 in Irwin Co., Ga.  Believed to be buried in the Wellborn Cemetery, Wellborn, Suwanee, FL.  Those markers read:

John Usry Co. E. 3 US Vol. Inf. Sp. Am. War b: 8-30-1872 d. 12-2-1940
Pitsy Dykes Usry, Rest in Peace b. 3-12-1879 d. 1-20-1970
See Calhoun Co., AL for more info

Also buried there is: Thelma J. Usry b 3-4- 1920 d 2-6-1991

Troup Co., GA

Land Lottery:
1827 Edward Ussery of Bibb Co drew land in Beard's 96-9 of Troup Co.
1827 Thomas Ussery of Crawford Co. drew land in Turner's 803-4 of Troup Co.
1827 Anthony C. Ussery of Warren Co drew land in Newsom's 201-21 of Troup Co.

Land Deed:

G-18, 20 Jan 1837: Peter Ussery to William Hammond.  Peter Ussery of Troup Co. and William F. Ussery of Troup Co. for $900 sell to William Hammond land N-294 5th
Dist, located NW of Gabbesville, near the river.

Twiggs Co., GA

Land Lottery:

1820 David Ussery's orphans drew  land in Belcher's 335-6 of Irvin Co.
1821 Thomas Ussery drew land in Griffith's 14-13 of Dooly Co.

1830 U.S. Census, Twiggs Co:
James Usrey 1m 60-70 1f 30-40

1840 U.S. Census, Twiggs Co:
Jesse Ussery 1m 20-30 1f 0-5, 1f 5-10, 1f 15-20

Warren Co., GA

William Usry and Jincy Callahan

1805:  Tax List, Capt. Newsom:
William Usry, 1 pole, 300 ac granted to Mays and Manon, Little Bryer Creek
1818:  Tax List, Capt. Harris: William Usry, 1 pole, 2 slaves, 305 ac. granted to Newsom, Deep Creek, 250 ac. Deep Creek; 450 ac, P. Harris; as parents for John Usry, 1

Head-Right Land Grants, Warren Co:

CCCCC 6-200, David Ussery, 3 Jul 1799, 200 ac. bounded by Sims, Sims' Branch and vacant lands.
0-5, 176-266?, William Ursery, 16 Dec 1820, 166? ac bounded by lands of Mitchell, Nunn, Harris, Edward
P-5, 734-100, Peter Usry,10 Oct 1827, 100 ac. bounded by lands of Wm. Sumter, Wm. Templer, Jas. Moore.
S-5, 2-315, Jno. Ursry, 20 Jan 1837, 315 ac. bounded by lands of Jenkins, Prescott and Chalkers.
S-5, 201-222, Jno. Ursry, 19 Sept. 1837, 22 ac. bounded by lands of Harris and Ursery.
S-5, 200-534, Jno. Ursry, 1837, 534 ac bounded by lands of Down, Moore, Newell, Ursery.
S-5, 711-278, A.C. Ursery, 13 Sept. 1838, 278 ac bounded by lands of Mary Thompson and Ursery.

Land Lotteries, Warren Co:
1805-David Ursery of Warren Co. drew two blanks.
1805- William Ursery of Warren Co. drew two blanks.
1807- Middleton Ussery drew land in Wilkinson Co.
1820- Carroll Usry drew land in Irwin Co.
1820- William Usry drew land in Early Co.
1821-John Usry drew land in Dooly and Henry Co.
1821-John Ussery drew land in Troup Co.
1821-Sarah Ushee drew land in Lee Co
1832-Anthony C. Ussery drew land in Muscogee Co.

Land Deeds, Warren Co. GA:

A-182--1 Dec 1795: Elizabeth Cromley, Sr., Elisabeth Cromley, Jr., John Cromley, and Williams ESSARY and wife Katherine, heirs of Valentine Cromley; late of
Washington Co., to John Myrick, Jr. of Warren Co., 200 ac adjoining grantee.  Witnesses: Arthur Cromley, Geo. Weatherly Jr., and Solomon Gross.
C-363-- 29 Aug 1810: William Usry of Warren Co. to William M. Cowles of Richmond Co for $197, 197 ac on the waters of Little Briar Crk.
C-387-- 19 Sept. 1810:  William Usry from Nathan Harris and his wife Rhoda, for $1000, 300 ac waters Little Briar Crk, granted to James M. McCormick in 1797.
D-237-- 22 Aug 1813: Middleton Usry to Joshua Newsom for $300, one negro man named Will.
23 Sept. 1836: Mary Ann Umphlett to Anthony C. Usry, for $100, land in 8th Dist. of Carroll Co.
24 Feb 1840: Anthony Carroll Usrey of Warren Co. to John R. Love of Jefferson Co., for $150,land in 8-44.
X-124-- 8 Apr 1841: To John Usry from Sheriff Hall, Sheriff's sale for $10, 1/9 of 400 acres of pineland.
X-193-- 22 Nov 1843: Peter Usry to John Swint, Jr., 175 ac of land adjoining Thomas Aldridge and John Swint, Sr.
Y-194-- 30 Jan 1849: John Usry to Mabary Howell, for $50, 1/8 of 400 ac of land waters Deep Creek.
Y-244-- 7 May 1850: John Usry to Charles Sheriff, for $750, land in Warrenton.

1870 Warren County Census
Usry Cullen 29 Medical Dr.  Mary 25  Dober 5  Lilly 2

Usry John 40  Eliza 30  Dora 9  Mary 5  David 3  Allie V. 1  

Marriages, Warren Co., GA:

21 Sept 1809:Middleton Ussery   and Polly Newsom

10 Sept 1817: Anthony Usry and Miss Elizabeth Story

27 June 1819: John Usry  and Eliza Newsom

4 Dec 1823: Lucinda Ursery  and William G. Edmondson

20 Jan 1828:   Peter Usry  and Elizabeth Swint

27 Jan 1834: Katherine Usery and William Jenkins
7 Jun 1840: Winny Usry and John Williams
25 Jan 1844: Peter Usry and Eliza Morgan
11 Dec. 1845: Francis M. Usry   and Nancy Nunn
20 Aug 1846: Catherine Usry and Newel Barton
6 Sept 1849: Solomon A. Usry      and Miss Gracy Whilcher
Jan 1852: Mary Ann Usry and Arch E. Todd
20 Nov 1852: William L. Usry and Miss Catharine Johnson
25 Nov 1852: James W. Usry and Penelope R. Johnson
22 Feb 1855: John L. Usry and Rachel E. Hobbs
9 Aug 1855: Ransom C.L. Usry       and Sarah A. Usery

Legal Name Changes, Warren Co, GA:
19 Dec 1828:  Fleming Adrian Logen to Fleming Adrian Usry; Martha Ann Logan to Martha Ann Usry; William Carroll Logen to William Carroll Usry. (all children of William

Wills and Probates, Warren Co., GA:

9 Aug 1803: Elizabeth Rockmore applies for administration of the will of James Rockmore, test. Sureties: David Robertson and William Ussery.
29 Jan 1808, C6-7: Will of Sarah Coulter: lands, stock of horses, all her property to Middleton Usry.
6 May 1816: William Ussery granted letters of administration pro tem on the estate of Berryen? Ussery, deceased.
14 Jan 1822: The will of    William Usry  was submitted; postponed.
16 Sept 1822: John Usry  appointed guardian of person and property of Lucinda Usry, minor orphan of William Usry.  Edw. Harris and Joshua Newsome, sureties.
16 Nov 1822: Miss Lucinda Usry,      female minor, daughter of William Usry, over the age of 14, made choice of her brother John Usry as her guardian.
4 Apr. 1825: Peter Usry appointed Administrator of the estate of David T. Usry, late of Twiggs Co. (a minor). Ordered to give bond of $700.  Sec. Gideon Newsom and
Joshua Newsom
5 Mar 1826: Ordered and authorized Peter Usry, Adm. of David T. Usry, to sell negroes.
5 Nov 1844: Elizabeth Usry appointed Adm. of the estate of Anthony C. Usry, dec'd. Securities: Elizabeth Usry, Wm. R. Story, Andrew J. Story.
Nov 1847: Will of John Swint: wife, children: John Jr., Wm., Basdale, Lucy Ann, Mary Montgomery, Marthy Story and Elizabeth Usry (land in Irwin Co, 490 ac.)
6 Mar 1848: William Usry was appointed Guardian of the property and person of Martha A. Alexander and Selita Ann Avera, and the property of William C., Jane,
Elizabeth C., and Dawson B. Avera, minors and orphans of William Avera.  Security: William Usry and Solomon Newsom, Jr.
7 Apr 1854: John Littleton Usry appointed Administrator of the estate of Anthony C. Usry, dec'd. Security: Francis Usry and I.F. Usry.

5 Nov 1855: John L. Usry appointed Administrator of the estate of Solomon A. Usry.  Security: I.H. Usry.

Family info11 Oct 1855:  Will of John Usry: To wife Elizabeth, all of certain lands except some sold to John L. Usry and some reserved for Ransom C. Usry on Beach Tree
Creek.  Sell other propery, distribute to: son Daniel, $1000; dau. Elizabeth Johnson Melissy; son, Ransom C. Usry; dau. Sarah Ann Linny Sofrony; granddau. Gracy
Wilcher Usry, $1000; son Francis M. Usry, guardian of minor son David L. Usry and dau. Gracy Wilcher Usry.  Exec: wife Elizabeth.

Wilkinson Co., GA

Myrtle Springs Primitive Baptist Church Cemetery

JAN. 28, 1890
FEB. 2, 1923
Handwritten on slab
Wife of
JAN 28, 1890
FEB2, 1923

JAMES W. USSERY AUG. 27, 1861 JAN. 24, 1930

CORNELIA M. [Mercer] USSERY SEPT. 30, 1867 APR. 20, 1947
Land Lottery: Wilkinson Co. GA.

1807: Milly Ussery drew land Sandifer's 1-4-13 in Wilkinson
1807: David Ussery of Tatnall Co. drew land Staffords 19-11 in Wilkinson
1807: Middleton Ussery of Warren Co drew land Newsom's 176-6 in Wilkinson
1827: Levi Ursury  drew land in Kelton's 96-10 in Hall Co
1827: John Ussery drew land Curry's 128-15 of Lee Co.
1827: John Ussery drew land Curry's 123-10 Carroll Co.

Marriages, Wilkinson Co., GA:

27 Feb 1825:  Susannah Ussery and Presley H. Holly

13 May 1841: Peter Ussery and Anna Dixon

4 Jan 1846: John B. Ussery and Cynthia Crumby

29 Jan 1846: Levina Ussery and James Dixon

1 Feb 1846: Jesse Ussery and Martha Dixon

22 Oct 1846:  Jackson W. Ussery and Rebecca Chambers

1 Nov 1846: Lucy Ann Ussery and Valentine Crumby

18 Dec 1849:  William Ussery and Safrona Chambers

22 Dec 1850: Samuel A. Ussery and Emeline  Prudence Bush

4 Jan 1852:  Daniel B. Ussery and Rebecca F. Crumby (Crumbly)

3 Feb 1874: Jeremiah P. Ussery and Mariah J. Knight

24 Apr 1879:  Nancy L. Ussery to John L. Johnson

26 Sep 1876:   Lucy T. Ussery to J.R. Hansen

From Wilkinson Co., GA, Historical Collections by Maddox:
See Jackson W. Ussery for family listing.

1880 Census
Bethel #1245
Enumeration date: 04 June 1880  #78 / 78 page 420b

Joel Ussery Head 28 Farmer Ga Ga Ga
Nancy J. Ussery Wife 22 Farming Ga Ga Ga
James S. Ussery Son 5 At Home Ga Ga Ga
Charles R. Ussery Son 1 At Home Ga Ga Ga
Census info courtesy of