Meredith Ussery and Jane Watson
Information provided by Earl S. Chambers

Addition information provided by J.T. Ussery --See
Laurens Co, GA for more information on this family.

Meredith Ussery was born in NC about 1790 and died in Laurens Co., GA in 1868. Evidence reveals that his parents were Thomas Ussery (d. 1821
Laurens Co) and Elizabeth (d. 1820 Laurens Co.) See Will and Land Records in Laurens Co., GA.

It has been written that Thomas had a brother, name unknown at this time, who was married to Sally. They had the following children: Lydia,
Catherine, Milly & John. Milly married Elias Hutto. Both Milly and John are listed on the Land Deeds of Elizabeth. More research is needed on this

On March 6, 1817 Meredith married Jane Watson. Three years later in 1820 Meredith Ussery drew, from the lottery, land in Watson's 6-20 of
Appling Co. and in Watson's 287-8 in Irwin Co. He is listed in the Laurens Co. 1830, 1840 and 1850 Federal Census. As his wife Jane was not listed
in the 1850 Census, it is presumed she was no longer living. It is interesting to note that all of his children are still living with him when the 1850
census was taken.

Meredith Ussery and Jane Watson had the following known children:

Nancy Temple Ussery 1824 - 1901 mar. Robert Jackson Watson
Maston Ussery
Caroline Ussery Abt. 1827 - mar. Theophyllins Dean
Adeline Ussery Abt. 1827 - mar. Worthy
John T. Ussery Abt. 1829 - mar. Nancy Bowen 1842 - ......... *2nd Wife of John T. Ussery: Mattie Richardson
Peter Ussery b. abt 1830 (Listed in the 1850 Laurens Co., GA Census)
Serena Lorena Ussery Abt. 1834 - mar. Elias Vann - 1864

Maston Ussery and Darkis Lydia Ann Ussery
Maston Ussery 1825 - 1901 was born to Meredieth Ussery. Maston served in the civil war. In August of 1865 he took the standard
Oath of Allegiance :

I, Mastin Usery of the County of Laurens and State of Georgia, do solemnly swear or affirm, in the presence of Almighty God, that I will henceforth
faithfully support, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States and the Union of the States thereunder, and that I will, in like manner,
abide by and faithfully support all laws and proclamations which have been made during the existing rebellion, with reference to the emancipation of
slaves. So help me God. Signed, Mastin Usery. Subscribed and sworn to before me this 31st day of August 1865, Washington Baker, Ordinary. I
hereby certify that the above is a true copy of an oath taken and subscribed before me by Mastin Usery this the 31 day of August 1865. Washington
Baker, Ordinary

Both Maston and his wife Darkis Lydia Ann Ussery (b. abt. 1833) are buried in the  Ussery Cemetery in Laurens Co. GA. They had the following
Erwin Lafayette Ussery
Nancy Jane Ussery Abt. 1858 - mar. Watson
Polly Ann Lupinney Ussery 1864 - Abt. 1927 mar. Mack C. Scott

Erwin Lafayette Ussery and Samantha Ann Elizabeth Collins
Information provided by Earl S. Chambers

Erwin Lafayette Ussery was born December 25, 1855 in Laurens Co., GA to Maston Ussery. He died January 09, 1911. On August 19, 1883 in
Laurens Co., GA he married Samantha Ann Elizabeth Collins who was born April 1864 in Wilkinson, GA and died January 22, 1916 in Laurens Co.,
GA. They had the following children:

Hassie Sophronia Ussery 1884 - 1917 mar. Allison Morgan ......... *2nd Husband of Hassie Sophronia Ussery: James Adkinson
Charlie Lee Ussery 1886 - 1927 mar. Addie Jane Ussery 1893 - 1946
James Maston Ussery
Earl Lafayette Ussery 1889 - Abt. 1890
Cleveland Henry Ussery
Mary Jane Ussery 1892 - 1921
Darkis Ann Elizabeth Ussery 1893 - 1924 mar. Colquitt Lee Harrison 1880 - 1951
Martha Lucinda Ussery 1895 - 1980 mar. James D. Roberts ......... *2nd Husband of Martha Lucinda Ussery: William Henry Harrison 1880 - 1931
Welcome Ussery 1896 - 1951 mar. Eliza Jane Ussery 1898 - 1983........ *2nd Wife of Welcome Ussery: Cora Lee Powell 1916 -
Morrie Rollins Ussery 1898 - 1943 mar. Emma Elizabeth Ussery 1905 - 1948 ........ *2nd Wife of Morrie Rollins Ussery: Alma Ardelia Miller 1904 -
Elijah Columbus Ussery 1900 - Abt. 1901
Lewis Eldridge Ussery 1905 - 1910

Welcome Ussery and Wives: Eliza Jane Ussery and Cora Lee Powell
Info provided by Dwayne Ussery

Welcome Ussery was born in 1896 and died in 1951. He was the son of Erwin Lafayette Ussery and Eliza Jane Ussery. She was born Jul 1, 1898 in
Wilkinson, GA and died in 1983.

Elderedge Lafayette 'Fate' Ussery b: Apr 4, 1921 mar. Eunice Watson b: Apr 16, 1922
L.C. Ussery
Grady Landrum Ussery
Cecil Landrum Ussery
Cindy Ussery
Eunice Ussery
Children by 2nd Wife of Welcome Ussery: Cora Lee Powell b: 1916 :
Bernice Ussery
Lois Ussery
Ruby Nell Ussery

Cleveland Henry Ussery and Susie Jane Wilder
Information provided by Earl S. Chambers

Cleveland Henry Ussery was born in Laurens Co, Ga on Nov. 08, 1890 to Erwin L. Usery. He died April 11, 1966 in Lamar Co, Ga. On July 04, 1914
he married Susie Jane Wilder b: Oct 12, 1889 d: Dec 10 in Upson Co, Ga. They had the following children:

Fannie Louise Ussery b: Abt. 1909 d: February 14, 1973 mar. Freeman Pittman
Merian Alene Ussery b: May 05, 1915 mar. Carlton Piper
Ruth Evelyn Ussery b: September 23, 1916 mar. Onnie B. Lowry
B. H. Buddy Ussery b: November 07, 1919 mar. Lola Clyde Dowdy
Lila Mae Ussery b: February 17, 1921 mar. James Newsome ......... *2nd Husband of Lila Mae Ussery: mar. Robert Wood ......... *3rd Husband of Lila
Mae Ussery: mar. William Jack Pipen
Jeff Ussery b: December 12, 1922 mar. Lois Fountain ........ *2nd Wife of Jeff Ussery: mar. Bessie Long
Henry C. Ussery b: December 14, 1924 died Feb. 16th 2002 mar. Freda Tarrer
Benjamin Franklin Ussery b: March 22, 1932 d: November 18, 1932

James Maston Ussery and Mamie Lee Purvis
Information provided by Earl S. Chambers

James Maston Ussery was born in Laurens Co, Ga on May 01, 1888 to Erwin L. Ussery. He died March 28, 1926. On June 27, 1909, in Laurens
County he married Mamie Lee Purvis, who was born September 05, 1893 and died March 24, 1981 in Jeff Davis Co, Ga. They are both buried in the
Ussery Cemetery in Laurens Co., GA. They had the following children:

Alfred Wyley Vincent Ussery b: June 20, 1910 d: June 16, 1938 mar. Madilee Stone
Lelia Louise Ussery b: April 30, 1912 d: March 14, 1994 mar. Scott Morris ......... *2nd Husband of Lelia Louise Ussery: mar. George Rubin Howell
Naomi Alberta Ussery b: March 27, 1914 mar. Vance Young
Earl Lafayette Ussery mar. Lottie Belle Rawlins
Jessie Hamilton Ussery b: October 27, 1921 d: April 15, 1992 mar. Estell Ray ......... *2nd Wife of Jessie Hamilton Ussery: mar. Hattie Smith .........
*3rd Wife of Jessie Hamilton Ussery: mar. Ruby Dell Johnson
Jimmie Lee Ussery b: November 02, 1926 d: April 26, 1976 mar. Vera Mae Morris

Charlie Lee Ussery and Addie Jane Ussery
Information provided by Earl S. Chambers

Charlie Lee Ussery was born August 09, 1886 in Laurens Co, Ga to Erwin Lafayette Ussery. He died July 22, 1927 in Laurens Co., GA. His wife
Addie Jane Ussery was born September 08, 1893 to Willie Elie Ussery and Ella Ann Cauley.Addie died possibly on March 03, 1946 in Bibb Co., GA.
They had the following children:

Ella Jane Ussery mar. Lamar Suber ......... *2nd Husband of Ella Jane Ussery: mar. Collie W. Oneal ......... *3rd Husband of Ella Jane Ussery: mar. Bill
Wyley Ussery
Charles Ussery
Lonie Mae Ussery b: April 12, 1909 mar. Cornel Cannon ......... *2nd Husband of Lonie Mae Ussery: mar. Otis Johnson
William Henry Ussery b: June 02, 1913 d: May 26, 1983 mar. Stella McCall ......... *2nd Wife of William Henry Ussery: mar. Viola Durden b: April 08,
1914 d: Oct. 05, 1975
Clara Ussery b: August 04, 1918 mar. Harvel Meeks
J. C. Ussery b: August 18, 1921 mar. Mable Carline Parker