Illinois Records

Alexander County, IL
Marriage Records:

Peter H. Ussery, St. Louis, 20 to Miss Anna Walls, Balcom,Union Co., ILL, 23 m. 24 Oct 1891; John T. Ussery, father, consented.
Miss Emma Usrey, Morehouse, 40 to Charles Holman, Morehouse, New Madrid Co., MO, 39 m. 9 Aug 1902
Mrs. America Josephine Ussery, Cairo, 50 to Casper Yost, Ciro, 67 m 26 December 1903
Miss Dicie Ursra, Ballard Co., KY, 20 to Hezekiah Terrell, Poplar Bluff, MO, 28 m. 23 Aug 1911

Crawford County, IL

USREY, DAVID to PIGG, SUSAN 10/29/1836

Fayette County

USSERY, Squire T. to  OGLESBY, Catherine Matilta     07/04/1839    DB A/ Pg 14   
USSERY, Squire T. to   STIGALL, Minerva    11/25/1842   A/  20
USSERY, Matilda to PHELPS, Brady      02/12/1848   A/  32       
USERY, Ann  to     CURRAN, Henry     12/25/1865   A/  94         
USERY, Sarah to   OGLESBY, Thomas J.      04/07/1872   A/ 133         
USREY, John D. to     BECK, Mary A.      04/03/1890   

Franklin County

USERY, EDWARD  to  RISLEY, BARBARY J      02/20/1873  
USERY, ELMER E      to  TAYLOR, VIOLA    10/04/1908                       
ESSARY, JOHN T   to FLANNIGAN, SUSAN      11/08/1866   
ESSARY, M T to      ADAMS, HALEY J          01/11/1877   

PUCKETT, ADAM H  to   ESSARY, HELEN       04/26/1889    
HAYS, JOHN JR   to   ESSARY, MARY      05/17/1868     
JONES, JOHN   to   ESSARY, MARY J        12/01/1898   
EUBANKS, JOHN S  to    ESSARY, MISSOURI M         08/26/1880       
CLEM, JOEL L  to       ESSARY, RACHAEL C        09/02/1886  

SHAW, JAMES M      to     ESSARY, SUSAN JANE    02/15/1883    

Hamilton County

1880 US Census,
Shelton Precinct
Usry, Minerva w f 50 TN NC NC
Usry, George w m 20 son KY TN KY
Usry, Eliza w f 20 dau KY TN KY
Usry, William w m 12 son ILL TN KY
Usry, Florida I. w f 9 dau ILL TN KY

Usry, David w m 50 farmer KY NC NC
Usry, Gill w f 53 wife KY NC NC
Usry, Fannie w f 20 dau KY TN KY
Lewis, David A w m 16 grandson KY KY KY
Lewis, Charity Bell w f 11 grandau. KY KY KY
Lewis, Charles M. w m 9 grandson KY KY KY
Lewis, Mary E. w f 7 grandau. KY KY KY

1870 US Census, Hamilton Co., IL

Twp 4, Range 5E, page 468

Usry, James 48 m w farmer KY
Usry, Minerva 45 f w TN
Usry, Edward 19 m w KY
Usry, Mary 18 f w KY
Usry, Josephine 15 f w KY
Usry, George 14 m w KY
Usry, Eliza 10 f w KY
Usry, Fannie 7 f w KY
Usry, James 5 m w IL
Usry, Vick ? 2 m w IL

Jackson County, IL

April 14: A fire broke out April 9 at 1 o'clock in the morning on the second floor of the Logan House. Robert NEAL, a boarder, Ellen DODD and Clementine
FROET, employees, jumped from the window. A drummer, R. W. SNABE, who travels for Adams & Wabene of St. Louis, failed to get our of his room and
perished in the flames. The Logan house was built in 1843, was owned and run by Mrs. D. A. ROGERS, valued at $7,000, but insured for $2,000. Mrs.
ROGERS occupied it only 10 days. Mr. SNABE was a resident of Chicago and leaves a wife and two children.

April 14: Monday of last week, Mrs. BOAN, who lives on a street back of Ussery's Opera House in Anna, was washing out of doors, heard screams and on
entering the house, found her 4-year-old son with his clothes on fire. He lingered until Wednesday, when death relieved him.

Jefferson County, IL


Johnson County, IL

Marriage Records

Lydia Ussery to D.E.N. Burch m June 5, 1847 by I.N. Pierce, J.P.
William Mathis to Jane Ussery m. Apr 8, 1847 by David E. Burch, JP.
William Ussery to Lucretia Canady m. May 19, 1848 by D.E. Burch, JP
James Graden to Edaline Canady m. May 19, 1848 by D.E. Burch, JP
William Canady to Cebra Ann Ussery m. Jan 25, 1849 by D.E. Burch, JP
Bolin G. Ussery to Adaline Richards m. Sept 18, 1850 by A.I. Kuykendall, JP
John N. Penrod to Nancy Graden m. May 23, 1851 by F.E. Hendry, JP
James R. Willet to Nancy C. Ussery m. Mar 30, 1856 by T.N.Hogg, JP
William Kanady to Sarah P. Craden m. Oct 1, 1857 by B. Worrell, JP
P.M. Ussery to Miss Maryann Graves m. 22 Dec. 1858
Sylvester Ussery to Rebecca Canady m. 12 Nov 1866
Peter Usrey to Nancy Adeline Bryan m. 28 Mar. 1870
Thomas Usery to Miss Clementine M. Watson m. 1 July 1875
Julia A. Ussery, 22 nest; dau. of Bowlen Ussery (and Adaline Richards) to James R. Anderson, 27 next; son of J.F. Anderson m. May 7, 1879
Thomas F. Ussery, 29 next, son of Wm. Ussery to Mary E. Johns, 23 next; daughter of Wm.T. Tichnor m. July 16, 1882
Thomas G. Ussery , 33 next; farmer, born ILL; son of Sylvester Ussery to Laura McIntosh, 24 next; b. ILL., dau of Nelson Canady and Willet; m Dec 1,
R.E. Usery, 27 next; shoemaker; son of John Ussery; to Ann Bertie Sullivan, 21 next; born Mt. Edan; dau of Wm.Sullivan mar. Sept 6, 1896 at Vienna
Usery, W.P. to Pippins, Mary Isabella 12/05/1894
Birth Index, Johnson County

Allen O., son of Sylvester Ussery
Ida Leona, (1912?)daughter of Peter Ussery (and Nancy Adaline Bryan)
Jerome Eugene, son of Thomas Ussery
Gertrude Ussery, dau of Wm. Usrey
1850 US Census, Johnson Co., IL

Dist. 2, Oct 9; page 334
Ussery, Bolen G. 19 m farmer TN
Ussery, Adaline 16 f  TN

Ussery, Squire 35 m farmer TN
Ussery, Minerva 23 f  TN
Ussery, William 7 m  MO
Ussery, Anna 5 f  MO
Ussery, Doctor 3 m  IN
Ussery, John 2 m  IN
Ussery, George 9/12 m  IL

Ussery, Sylvester 50 m farmer NC
Ussery, Mary (Barnett) 45 f  GA
Ussery, Peter 23 m  TN
Ussery, Nancy O 15 f  TN
Ussery, Martin V.B. 13 m  TN
Ussery, John 6 m  MO
*  Ussery, William R. 3 m  MO
*  * See 1860 Census

Ussery, Wm. H. 27 m farmer TN
Ussery, Teneria 23 f Lucretia? TN
Ussery, Peter T. 1 m  ILL
Ussery, Sarah G.(V?) 80 f  GA

Canady, Melmoth   
Canady, Martha   
Canady, Rebecca   

18? Mathis, William 20 NC
Mathis, Jane 24 TN
Mathis, Sara Jane 3 IL
Mathis, Z. Sylvester 1 IL

(William Mathis to Jane Ussery m. Apr 8, 1847 by David E. Burch, JP. Johnson Co, IL)

1860 US Census, Johnson Co., IL

Ussery, Phillip 28 m farmer IN
Ussery, Mary A. 17 f  IL

Ussery, Sylvester 59 m farmer NC
Ussery, Polly (Mary Barnett) 53 f  GA
Ussery, John 16 m  IL
Ussery, William R. 12 m  IL
Ussery, Silvester 9 m  IL

1870 US Census, Johnson Co., IL

Ussery, Phillip 38 m w farmer IN
Ussery, Mary A. 27 f w  IL
Ussery, Emma 9 f w  IL
Ussery, Andrew 5 m w  IL
Ussery, William 3 m w  IL
Ussery, Susan 10/12 f w  IL

Ussery, Sil (Sylvester)  19 m w farm laborer IL
Ussery, Rebecca (Canady) 22 f w  IL
Ussery, Thomas 1 m w  IL

Ussery, Sylvester 70 m w farm laborer NC
Ussery, Mary (Barnett) 65 f w  NC

Ursrey, William 47 m w farmer IL
(This Ursrey spelling is changed to Ussery in the following deed records)  Ursrey, Lucrecia 45 f w  TN
Ursrey, Tom 16 m w  IL
Ursrey, John 11 m w  IL
Ursrey, Logan 6 m w  IL
Ursrey, Elisa 1 f w  IL

Ursrey, Peter 21 m w farmer IL
Ursrey, Adeline (Bryan) 16 f w  AL

1880 US Census, Johnson County, IL

Goresville 234-234
Ussery Letter w m 31 Farmer IL TN TN
Ussery Nancy w f 26  KY NC NC

Bloomfield 22-22
Usrey William, farmer w m 52 Farmer IN GA GA
Usrey Mary w f 33 wife IL IL IL
Usrey Emma w m 31 dau KY Ind IL
Usrey Jackson w m 16 son IL Ind. IL
Usrey Susan w f 10 dau IL Ind. IL
Usrey Mary w f 8 dau IL Ind. IL
Usrey James w m 3 son IL Ind. IL
Usrey Not named w m 1/12 son IL Ind. IL

Bloomfield Twp 133-133
Ussery Cresy w f 53 widow TN NC SC
Ussery John w m 21 son IL TN TN
Ussery Logan w m 17 son IL TN TN
Ussery Eliza w f 12 dau IL TN TN

Cachu Twp. 177-177
Usery Sill (Silvester) w m 31 farmer IL IL IL
Usery Rebecca (Canady) w f 30 wife IL IL IL
Usery Thomas w m 12 son IL IL IL
Usery James w m 10 son IL IL IL
Usery William w m 14 son IL IL IL
Usery Mary J w f 5 dau IL IL IL
Usery Charles w m 3 son IL IL IL
Usery Allen w m 2 son IL IL IL
Usery Sally? w f 55 mother IL IL IL
Usery Paratty w f 30 sister IL IL IL

Ursie Ike w m 44  IL IL IL
Ursie Emily w f 44 wife IL IL IL
Ursie Martha w f 15  IL IL IL

Land Deed Records, Johnson Co

G-55: 6 Sept 1855: to Silvester Ussery from Johnson Co. Court, 640 acres in 6-12-2
F-257: 2 Apr 1856- to Boland G Ussery from John L. Gillespie, 40 acres in 21-13-3
G-202: 30 Mar 1857-to Philip M. Usry from Daniel C Chapman, 767 acres in 19-11-3E
Y-404: Mar 1859- from Bowlin G Ussery and wife Adeline to Joshua H. Ramy, warranty deed toland in 33-13-3
I-119: 24 Sept 1860- from Phillip M. Ussery and Mary Ann his wife to James H. Lury, 167 acres in 19-11-3
K-3: 19 Apr 1862- to William Ussery from T.J. Chapman
N-194: 23 Apr 1867- to Phillip Usry from Hiram J. Worley, land in 4-12-3E
T-98: 9 Aug 1872- from Phillip M. Usrey and wife Mary to N.J. Bonson, warranty deed to land in 4-12-3
O-82: 21 Jan 1878- from Lucretia Ussery, admx, to W.F. Adams, in 6-11-2; estate of William H. Ussery
Z-25: 2 Apr 1878- from Julia A. Ussery and Adaline Crawford to William J. Fern, warranty deed tolot 24, block 12 in town of Vienna; heirs of Bolen S.
55-485: 1 Sept 1883- from Sylvester G. Ussery and wife Rebecca to J.M. Rainboldt, warranty deed.
32-543: 29 Oct 1887- from Logan Ussery et al (Eliza, Peter, Adaline, and Lucretia Ussery) to John A. Simpson, warranty deed to land of SE 1/2 of SW 1/4
and SW 1/4 section 35, Twp 12, Range 3. Signed by W.L. Ussery, J.B Ussery, Eliza Ussery, P P Ussery, N A Ussery and Lucretia Ussery
44-404: 23 Dec 1887- to Thomas Usrey warranty deed for lots
44-402: 3 Feb 1888- from Thomas Usrey to Nancy Jane Neely warranty deed to lots 2 and 3 in block 3, New Burnside, IL.
34-323: 1 Sept 1888- from P.P. Ussery and N.A. (Nancy Adaline) his wife to W.F. Adams, warranty deed to land in 17-12-3
42-432: 12 Oct 1889- to A.J. Usrey from P.M. Usrey and wife, warranty deed toland in 4-12-3
42-432: 12 Oct 1889-from P.M. Usry and wife Mary to A.J. Usrey, warranty deed to 35 acres in 4-12-3
38-46: 17 Mar 1890- to P.P. Usrey from B.J. Hobbs, warranty deed to land in 3-11-3.
36-175: 4 Sept 1891- to William P. Usry from W.C. ? and wife, warranty deed to land in 29-11-3
42-484: 11 Dec. 1896- from Philip M. Usry and wife Mary Ann to Wm P. Usrey, warranty deed to land in 4-17-3
45-46: 24 Jan 1898- to M.V.Usrey from Aline P. Maze, warranty deed to lots in Burnside.
?: 23 Oct 1899- from J.S. Usrey to P.A. Usrey, quit claim deed to land in 11-36-8
39-488: 19 Mar 1900- from Martin V. Usrey to T.A. Edmundson, quit claim deed 48-138: 21 May 1901- from Martin Usrey to T.A. Edmondson, warranty
deed 79-612: 14 Apr 1928- from Wm P. Ussery and wife Belle to J.H. Flora, Sr., warranty deed to land in 4-12-3

Lawrence Co., IL
Marriage Records

John W. Usrey, 30 w., born Sullivan Co, IN; farmer Allison Twp; to Anna Cauettura, 19w., born Alliserea; m. 25 Dec 1898. Parents: James Ursery; Mary
Berrs; S.L. Cauettura; Carrie Rodlinger -------------

Macon County

USERY, Flora to MOFFETT, David A. 12/19/1878 /

Macoupin County

Atlon Telegraph, Feb. 3, 1995 Obituary: Wilsonville---Florence Lorene M. Ussery, 64, died at 11:34 a.m. Wednesday, Feb. 1, 1995, at St. Francis
Hospital in Litchfield. Born in Woodburn Dec. 2, 1930, she was a daughter of the late Harvey and Florence M. (THRONE) DAVIS, Sr.

Her first husband, Leonard GARRETT, died in 1963. She married Jay E. USSERY March 21, 1957. He survives. In addition to her husband, surviving are
a son, Curtis E. GARRETT of Springfield; two daughters, Sharon GARRETT NESSL of Gillespie and Jaylene USSERY KNAPP of Granite City; three
granddaughters; four grandsons; a great-grand son; two brothers, Harvey DAVIS, Jr. of Bunker Hill and Lawrence DAVIS of Hardy, Ark.; two sisters, Cora
DAVIS NOEL and Betty DAVIS TREMBLAY, both of Bunker Hill; three nieces; and seven nephews. She was preceded in death by an infant daughter,
Janie Marie USSERY. Visitation will be from 4 to 9 p.m. today at Jacoby-Wise Funeral Home in Bunker Hill, where services will be at 1 p.m. Saturday. The
Rev. Kenneth Martin will officiate. Burial will be in Woods Cemetery near Woodburn. Pallbears will be Travis Nessl, Shawn Garrett, Jesse Bridges, Jay E.
Ussery, Paul Tremblay and Marshall Noel. Memorials may be made to the American Cancer Society.

McDonough County

Marriage Records

James W. Ussery to Miss Minnie Sanford m 24 Dec 1879 at Tennessee, IL
Oliver C Ussery, 23, Lamcino Twp., to Miss Effie M. Dugger, 17 m 10 Sept 1905
J. W. Ussery, 51, Littleton to Miss Sarah Derry, 37, Littleton m 10 Nov 1906 at Macomb
Charles H. Ussery, 31, Lamoine Twp., to Miss Eunice Creasey 27; divorced May 1906: mar. 27 May 1907 at Colchester
Charles B. Coleman, 27, La Harpe to Miss Luella A. Ussery 18, Colchester mar. 20 Sept 1924 at Macomb
Charles Franklin Pershing to Miss Emma I Ussery m 23 Dec at Macomb

Massac County, IL
Marriage Records

James Usrey 21 Calloway Co., KY to Lela Young, 21 Hardin Co, KY m 13 Aug 1832 Philip Usrey, Mayfield, KY 25 to Nanny Lou Johnston 19, Mayfield

Shuyler Co., IL
Death Record

John Weaver Ussery died 13 August 1934, aged 53-1-7. Buried at Gillette Cemetery, Bainbridge Twonship, Schuyler County. Born 6 July 1881, Cross
Timbers, Missouri. Occupation: Coal Miner. Wife: Isabelle Ussery; Father: Sylvester Ussery, born Hartsville. Mother; Catherine Killian born Kentucky. Info
by C.H. Ussery, Birmingham, IL

St. Clair Co., IL
Marriage Records

John Smith, 23 b Evansville to Lillie Ursery, 23 b. Carterville, TN m 16 Nov 1916, Belleville
Cecil Travis, 33 w born MO to Laura Usery 26 w born IN, mar 18 July 1935
Jesse Ursery,25 w born Belleview, TN to Iman Tolley 25 w born Black Arc., AR mar 13 April 1931
William P. Ussery 40 w born Wright Co; blacksmith to Ruch Couchman 39 w Green Co m 3 Nov 1925
Mike Tabacchi 23 born Venic Italy to Hazel Ussery 20 w born St Louis mar 5 Mar 1925

Union Co., IL
Marriage Records:

M.V.Ussery to Miss Eliza A. Mizenheimer m. 29 Oct 1860
John T. Ussery to Miss America J. Casper m. July 3, 1868 (Divorced Sept 11, 1886)
M.V.Ussery , Anna, 38 to Mrs. Elizabeth Brockman, Anna, 36 m. 20 Dec 1876
William C. Ussery, Ana to Miss Olie Crowell, Anna, 19 m. 22 May 1883
John T. Ussery, Anna, 40 to Miss Lilt Thomas, Anna 28 m. 5 Dec 1886
John T. Ussery, Anna, 45 to Miss Lilly Ussery, Anna 26 m. 6 Mar 1890
Charles Ussery, Jonesboro, 21 to Miss Roenna Peel, Jonesboro, 15 m. 13 Oct 1898, mother consented
Franklin Ussery, Jonesboro, 21 to Miss Lena Gale, Jonesboro, 21 m. 21 June 1904
Charles Ussery, 22 near McClure to Bertha Belcher, 24, Jonesboro m. 20 Sept 1936
Probate Index:

Book D, Page 68, Box 313; Ussery, Rebecca-- Died intestate April. 1, 1897. Her son, Thomas G. Ussery applied for appt. as administrator. Thomas noted
other survivors were: Charles, Mary Frick, James, Francis Williams. Witnesses to his bond, George W. Hall and Abner E. Smith. Letters issued to Thomas
G. Ussery 3 April 1897. Estate closed 6 Sept. 1898.

Box 687; Martin V. Ussery (son of Ussery, Sylvester ) made his will 31 May 1915, filed 3 Aug 1915 at age 77 in Will Book 3, page 158. Martin died 24 Jan.
1916, Anna, Union Co., IL. Left to son William Calvin of Paris, KY 8 lots of land in Pongola plus 20 acres plus $8000. Left his granddaughter Dorcas
Hampton Ussery of Paris, KY $2000. Residual to wife Elizabeth Ussery and daughter Agnes Ussery.

Land Deed Abstracts, Union Co

To Martin V. Ussery from Zador Elmz and wife: Aug 18, 1868
To Eddy Ussery from Geo. W. Elms: Jan 7, 1870
To William C. Ussery from E.D.____: June 2, 1883
To Sylvester Ussery from James Castigan: Feb 15, 1886
To Raymond Ussery from America J. Ussery: Dec 18, 1894
To Thomas Ussery from M.V. Ussery: Apr 17, 1902
To John T. Ussery from Anna Loan Co.: March 21, 1905
To Charley Ussery from M.V. Ussery: Nov18, 1903
To Lilly Ussery from M.V. Ussery: Sept 8,1908
To Agnes Ussery from M.V. Ussery: 1910
To Albert W. Ussery from A.A. Lawrence: June 23, 1911
1880 US Census, Union Co

Anna; 29-29
Ussery John T. w m 35 retail grocer NC NC NC
Ussery America J. w f 26  IL NC IL
Ussery Raymond E. w m 11 son IL IL IL
Ussery Peter H. w m 9 son IL IL IL
Ussery Amanda w f 7 dau IL IL IL
Ussery Mollie w f 5  IL IL IL
Ussery Albert w m 3 son IL IL IL

White Co., IL
Marriage Records

Leonard H. Fishback, 22 next to Aretha Ursey, 26 w, White Co.; 2nd marriage; mar. 11 May 1944. Parents: Charlie Sloennis, Nellie Smith
George Usry, 27 farmer, born KY. to Miss Laura E Mitchem, 16 m. 24 Oct1887. Parents: James Ursy, Meneny Underwood
William Ursey, 21 w born Hamilton Co., to Miss Dollie Berry, 18 m. 20 Aug 1888. Parents: James Ursy, M.Underwood
Charles N. Essary to Alice Ann Essary 09/01/1892
Milton R. Owen 26, White Co to Jennette Usry, 17 White, mar. 3 June 1895. Parents: George W. Usry, Laura Mechem; William Owen, Mary Johnson
Charles Page 24 w., born Stewartsville, Ind to Miss Ethel Usry, 18 born Hawthorn m. 9 Sept 1909. Parents: Geroge Usry, Laura Meachum; Joseph Page,
Elizabeth Miller
George Usry, farmer, 47 cauc., born Mullenburg Co., KY., 2nd marriage; to Mrs Margaret Smith, 47 cauc., mar. 5 Jan 1906. Parents George Smith, Lavina
Smith; James Usry, Minerva Underwood
William O. Usery, 29 born Carmi, to Mrs. Katie Lewis 25, w., mar 7 Apr 1919. Parents: William Usery, Dollie Bell Berry; John Lewis, Jane Bottoms
William Usery, 37 born Carmi-3rd marriage to Mrs Rosa Hanley 23 w, born Carmi, mar. 21 Jan 1927. Parents: David L. Cozart, Leda Eston; William Usery,
Dollie (Rolla?) Berry
Russell Giltner Adams, 21 w., born White Co to Wilhelmina Usery, 18 w born Carmi-1st mar mar 9 Dec 1950. Parents: Luther B. Adams, Rosa Beta;
William Usery, Rose Cozart
LINDSEY, James C. to USSERY, Amanda 05/03/1868 DB 7/

Williamson Co., IL
Marriage Records

Ralph Ussery 21 of St Louis to Charity Everett of Cambria , Williamson Co., IL, 16; mar. 15 Aug 1917.

Illinois Civil War Veterans --

NAME                            COMPANY & UNIT              RESIDENCE

USSERY, JOHN                        H  60 INF                  DONGOLA
USSERY, MATTHEW                     D  120 INF
USSERY, WILLIAM                     C  120 INF              JOHNSON CO
USSERY, WILLIAM                     K  120 INF
USSERY, WILLIAM T                  I  97 INF                  VANDALIA
ESSERY, JOHN H                      C  15 CAV               BENTON
ESSARY, JOHN T                      B  59 INF                 WALNUT
ESSARY, WILLIAM                     A  110 INF               FRANKLIN CO
ESSARY, WILLIAM P                  E  110 INF CO        FRANKLIN CO