Descendants of John Calvin Ussery/USRY

John Calvin Ussery was born Sep 23, 1833 (possibly in NC) to Holden Ussery and died March 5, 1890 in Collin Co., TX, Viney Grove Twp. (He might be
buried in the Chambersville Cemetery) His first wife, Sarah L. Tidwell, was born 1829 probably in Dickson, TN and died in 1872, probably in Mississippi.
They were married Dec 22, 1857 in LaFayette Co., MS. Sometime after the War Between the States, John changed the spelling of his name to USRY.

Their children:
Mary Texana Usry b: Nov 14, 1858 d: Feb 10, 1911 m. Virgil Alexander Cruse
W.Dave Usry b: Apr 20, 1862 m. M.V. Castleberry? m: Jan 27, 1881
John Bolivar Usry b: Jan 10, 1866 d: Dec 25, 1915 m. Rosie Lee Gilley
C.H. Usry b: Feb 4, 1867
Robert Millington Usry b: Sep 22, 1869 d: Mar 11, 1948 m. Clara Morrow

2nd Wife of John Calvin Usry was Susan B. Burt. She was born Jan 30, 1833 and died d: Oct 24, 1876 m: Jul 10 1872. They had the following children:

Dora Samantha Usry b: May 17, 1873 d: Oct 31, 1954 m. Joseph Nelson Wade
Richard Wade Usry b: Dec 13, 1875 d: Oct 21, 1958 m. Sarah Josephine Odella Whitworth

John Usry's third wife was Mahaly A. Rustain. She was born in 1852 in Arkansas and died in 1910 in Collin Co, TX. It is believed she is buried in the
Chambersville Cemetery. They had the following children:

Viola Usry
Lou Ada Usry b: Jan 7, 1880 d: Abt 1910 m. N.H. Richardson
Franklin Burch Usry b: Jun 25, 1883 d: Jan 28, 1950 m. Minnie Lea Akin
Lennie Florence Usry b: Jan 12, 1888 m. John H. Marks

John Bolivar Usry and Rosie Lee Gilley

John Bolivar Usry was born Jan 10, 1866 in near Jackson, Miss to John Calvin and Sarah Tidwell Usry. He died Dec 25, 1915 in Rains Co, TX. On June 5,
1892, he married Rosie Lee Gilley in Rains Co., TX. They were married by
Benjamine F. Morrow, the father-in-law of John's brother Robert Millington
Usry. Rosie Lee Gilley was born Aug 22, 1877 in Wood Co., TX? and died Apr 8, 1973 in Rains Co, TX . She was the daughter of Ben. W. Gilley and
Margaret Samantha Kerbow. Both John and Rosie are buried in the
Colony Cemetery.  Located in Rains County, TX
They had the following children:

John William Usry
Birdie Samantha Usry b: Aug 12, 1896 in Rains Co, TX d: Mar 2, 1980 in Rains Co, TX Colony Cemetery mar. Jim David Tucker b: Jan 29, 1893 d: Sep 8,
1941 in Rains Co, TX Colony Cemetery
Benjamin F. Usry b: Aug 3, 1898 in Rains Co, TX d: Aug 22, 1898 in Rains Co, Tx
Dora Lee Usry b: Feb 17, 1901 in Rains Co, Tx d: Oct 5, 1988 in Rains Co, TX Colony Cemetery mar. Wesley Burnett Watts b: Jan 6, 1900 d: Jun 22,
1976 in Rains Co, TX Colony Cemetery
Milton Franklin Usry b: Jan 8, 1902 in Rains Co, TX d: Jul 2, 1976 in Mineola, Wood Co, Tx Roselawn Memorial Gardens mar. Emma Lucille Weaver b: Jan
12, 1903 in Angelina Co, TX d: Oct 15, 1976 in Wood Co, Tx
Jettie Dale Usry b: Oct 19, 1904 in Rains Co, Tx d: Aug 14, 1995 in Rains Co., TX Colony Cemetery mar. Earnest Nelson Henderson b: Aug 17, 1895 in
Rains Co, TX d: Apr 15, 1980 in Rains Co, Tx Colony Cemetery
Damer Usry b: Sep 6, 1907 in Rains Co, TX d: Jan 4, 1911 in Rains Co, Tx Colony Cemetery
Dave Lee Usry b: Jun 12, 1910 in Rains Co, TX d: Apr 19, 1928 in Rains Co, TX Colony Cemetery
Norma Linnie Usry b: Feb 4, 1913 in Alba, TX mar. Charlie McColluch b: Jan 25, 1905 in San Antonio, TX
Johnnie Viola Usry b: Oct 30, 1915 in Rains Co, TX mar. Johnnie Alvis Moody b: Sep 6, 1912 in Rains Co, TX d: May 5, 1985 in Rains Co TX Colony

John William Usry and Mary Ethel Wall
John William Usry was born Jun 21, 1893 in Rains Co, TX and died Jan 15, 1971. He married Mary Ethel Wall who was born Feb 25, 1897 in Rains Co, TX
and died Mar 10, 1966 . They are both buried in the Colony Cemetery located in Rains Co. They had the following children:

Letha Mickvay Usry b: Aug 14, 1915 mar. William Robert Mayes b: Aug 30, 1919 d: Aug 17, 1994
Daisy Mildred Usry b: Apr 27, 1917
Henry Ford Usry b: Jul 13, 1919 d: Nov 15, 1920 in Wood Co., TX
Melba Joy Usry b: Dec 18, 1921 in Alba, TX mar. David Larimore Desha b: Dec 5, 1922