John Ussery of Lunenburg Co., Va and his wife Sarah Blackwell

Note: The marriage between Sarah Blackwell and John Ussery has never been proven. I felt the following email deserved consideration with regard to
the continual question as to "Who is Sarah Blackwell"

(From Van Blackwell on Nov. 27, 2007:

I have been looking over your information on the Ussery family, especially the information you have posted on I am impressed that you
don't assign dates to people without a good reason. As you mention there is no firm proof, only circumstantial evidence, to show that John Ussery
was married to Sarah Blackwell. If this connection does exist many people assign this Sarah as another daughter of James Blackwell and his wife
Lydia Turner. I have never been able to believe this connection. The dates that most people list for John and Sarah would make them almost 100
years old when they died, I would like to propose an alternate possibility and get your opinion as to the possibility. I think that if John Ussery and
Sarah Blackwell were in fact married, that Sarah was probably a daughter of James Blackwell and his wife Mary Glenn, thus making her the sister to
James Glenn Blackwell. It is well known that the sons of James Glenn Blackwell were in Lunenburg Co. by the 1750's, and this is the same time that
John and Sarah Ussery are found there. Since it is believed that James Glenn Blackwell was born in 1701, then if Sarah is his sister then that would
put her date of birth at about 1703 or later, and John Ussery would have been born about the same time. This would make him in his mid-40's when
he died and Sarah Blackwell Ussery about 67 when she died. This fits better with the currently known information than anything else that is currently
out on this family. You opinion is welcome. Van Blackwell

It is strongly believed that John's parents were Mary (mn unknown) and John Ussery b. abt 1640 in New Kent Co., VA St. Peter's Parish.

Very little is known about Mary and John. It is believed that after John died, Mary left Hanover when her son John moved to Lunenburg County and
lived in the household of her daughter-in-law Sarah, who was by then also a widow. Supposedly son John gave his daughter Mary a slave by the
name of Roger, and her husband Robert Leveret was trying to obtain proof of the gift in order that his wife would have clear title to Roger, who was
now a grown man. Apparently Robert Leveret tried to have his wife's grandmother (Mary) attest to the ownership of Roger who he believed to have
been distributed to John from the Hanover estate of his father John or was in her dower portion of the estate. During the May 7, 1760 court session in
Lunenburg, Robert Leveret tried to obtain this proof by providing a Mathew Turner as his witness to prove this "deed of gift". Turned testified that
about 12-13 years earlier he saw John Ussery take a negro boy Roger by his hand and give him to his daughter Mary, and Ussery told Turner to take
notice that he had made the gift to her. [LOB6:105,107].

The Court dismissed the petition. More than likely Mary Ussery was already deceased and her dower had returned to the estate which would
therefore pass on to Sarah, Robert Leveret's mother-in-law. Eventually an agreement was made between Robert and Sarah, who indeed have a
dower right to Roger, that she would give him clear title for the slave in exchange for Leveret tending her crops.

Lunenburg County, VA (Cumberland Parish) was formed from Brunswick County in 1746. So far no mention of an Ussery record in Brunswick County
has been found. It is Lunenburg county in which a the researcher can find a solid beginning. Except what has been gleaned from the Lunenburg
County Courthouse records, very little seems to be known about JOHN USSERY or his wife Sarah BLACKWELL.[Note: no proof has been found that
Sarah's last name was Blackwell. More than 30 years ago someone attached that name to her and she's been called that ever since. However, the
Ussery's and the Blackwell's were from the St. Paul's Parish in Hanover County. A processioning of lands in the first precinct of the parish was held
24 Sept. 1708/09 and it contained the names of Blackwell and Ussery.

One of the first Ussery transactions took place on Feb. 20, 1747. Jonathan Mote sold to John Ussery 337 acres at Crooked Run of the Nottoway
River [LDB1:185].

On August 5, 1751, after John’s death, the Land Grant issued to him by King George of Great Britain was filed in Lunenburg Co., VA. As far as we
know, it is the only patent issued to an USSERY found in Virginia The patent, recorded in Patent Book 30, pg 490, was not entered until 5 July 1751,
after John died.:

"I, George and second, by the Grace of God of Great Britain, France and Ireland King...........for the consideration of the sum of 40 shillings of good
and lawful money grant to JOHN USSERY the certain tract or parcel of land containing 400 acres, lying and being in the county of Lunenburg, on
both sides of Crooked Run and bounded as follows: to the south 23 degrees east, 60 poles; south 30 degrees west 100 poles; north, 75? degrees
west 280 poles; north 30 degrees east 440 poles; south 70? degrees east 116 poles; south 30 degrees west 170 poles; north 55 degrees west 72
poles; south 8 degrees west 66 poles; up Crooked Run. Dated 5 August 1751"

On February 20, 1745, JOHN bought approximately 337 acres from Jothan Moot in Lunenburg. His death ca. 1748 resulted in the tithe list for that
year to contain the consecutive entries:

"At Widow Userey’s William Userey 2 tithes (son William now of legal age)
Robert Moore 2 tithes"

It seems JOHN USSERY died not long after Lunenburg County was formed, leaving Sarah with the task of raising her children in a new frontier. Her
son William , now of legal age, resumed the responsibilities as the male provider.

In Landon C. Bell’s Sunlight on the Southside,John and brother, William USSERY are listed on the tithe list in Lunenburg County as follows:

   JOHN USSERY & James Blackwell: Tithes 3, Heads & Scalps-6 between Hounds Creek & Mehrrin River-1749
   John Usery & William Usery, 3 tithes: John Blackwell 2 tithes; 6 heads & scalps.
   William Usery, 1 tithe, Hounds Creek & Meherrin River- 1748

*This Mastain Ussery is probably the son of John Ussery ** Charlotte County formed in 1764

The following are a few of the legal activities relating to JOHN USSERY’s estate from October 1750 to October 1770:

Order Book 2, Page 348-October Court 1750-Lunenburg Co., VA: Sarah Ussery, widow of JOHN USSERY, deceased, summoned to appear at the
next Court to show cause why she has not administered on the estate of her deceased husband.

Order Book 2, page 461-October Court 1751-Lunenburg Co., VA: William Ussery granted administration on the estate of JOHN USSERY, deceased,
and with John Tabor and John Blackwell, his securities, entered into and acknowledged bond.

Order Book 2, Page 467-October Court 1751- Lunenburg Co., VA: Ordered that John Williams, Reps Jones, William Rivers and Robert Moore, or any
three of them, do appraise the personal estate of JOHN USSERY, deceased.

Will Book 1, Page 72, Recorded May 5, 1752-Lunenburg Co., VA: Inventory and appraisal of the estate of JOHN USSERY, deceased, made by
Reeps Jones, William Rivers and Robert Moore-value 62 pounds 4 shillings 9 pence- returned to Court by William Ussery, administrator. As Follows:

"An Inventory of the Estate of John Ussery, Dec'd

Will Book 1 page 72 Lunenburg Co., VA

To two [?] Hogs @ 25/ To Deasen hed of cattle @ 80/  L 5.5.0
To one mare and two colts @ 70/   3.10.0
To one negeoro Boy @600/ To one Woman (negeoro] @300/  45.0.0
To a barrell of Old Buter @12/6 To sum Tin Ware @ 1/6  0.14.0
To a Box Iron and Heaters @ 3/6  0.03.6
To Lumber @ 3/. To one old Chist @ 2/   0.05.0
To Beding @ 200/ To 3 Bedstids and one Cord @ 8/  0.04.0
To Looking Glass @ 1/. To one Hand Saw and Old Chear @ 3/  0.04.0
To two Iron pots and hooks @16/  0.16.0
To a barrel of old Iron @ 4/. To two stovepots @ 5/   0.09.0
To a barrel of Lumber @ 1/2 To one Lumb @ 5/  0.06.3
To one water pail and pigen @ 4/   0.04.0

Wm. Ussery, Administrator  L 62.4.9

These Things Appraised by Us: Reese Jones, William Rivers, Robert Moore

Three bedsteads could be divided as 1 for widow Sarah, 1 for boys and one for girls. At a Court held for Lunenburgh County the Fifth Day of May

On Nov 9, 1769- SARAH USSERY, "relict of JOHN USSERY", deeds to son JOHN USSERY- quit claim all dower rights 300 acres land in Lunenburg
Co., VA, Parish of Cumberland, on both sides of Crooked Run Creek, it being the same land recently sold by my son to William Meredith.

October 11, 1770- To all people to whom this present writing shall come, SARAH USSERY, relict of JOHN USSERY deceased, sendeth greetings, etc.
Know ye that the said SARAH for and in consideration of five shillings good and lawful money of Great Britain, to her in hand paid, the receipt
whereof she doth hereby acknowledge, together with the natural love and affection that she hath beareth toward her son JOHN USSERY hath
removed, released and quit claim, and by these presents doth clearly and absolutely remove, release and forever quit claim of all manner of dower
right and title of dower whatsoever, so as neither she the said Sarah or any other person or persons in the County of Lunenburg and Parish of
Cumberland, on both sides of Crooked Run Creek, it being the same land lately bargained and sold by my said son JOHN USSERY to WILLIAM
MEREDETH reference being had to the deed from said JOHN USSERY to said WILLIAM MEREDETH will more fully appear. In witness whereof the
said SARAH USSERY hath hereunto set her hand and affixed her seal the eleventh day of October in the year one thousand seven hundred and
SARAH (x her mark) USSERY
At Court held for Lunenburg County, the 11th day of October, 1770.


Sarah Ussery and Anthanasius Elmore
Sarah Ussery was the daughter of John and Sarah Ussery. So far I haven't uncovered Sarah's birthdate, but it is believed she died before 1785 in
Lunenburg Co., VA. She married Anthanasius Elmore who was born 1734 and died Feb 17, 1784 in Orange Co., NC. His father was Peter Elmore, Jr.
from New Kent Co., VA. Sarah had the following children:

John Elmore b: 1758 in Lunenburg Co VA
Athanatious Elmore
James Elmore
Sarah Elmore
Mastin Elmore
Information for this article contributed by Jean McSwain

Athanasius Elmore, son of Peter Elmore II and his unknown wife, was born circa 1734 in New Kent County, Virginia. Athanasius signed his mark "X"
on legal documents. He migrated to the Virginia Southside (Mecklenburg/Lunenburg Counties) about 1746 with his brothers John and James.
Athanasius married Sarah Ussery, the daughter of John and Sarah Blackwell Ussery*, sometime around 1757 probably in Lunenburg Co. VA. Further
history of the Blackwell family can be found in The Old Free State by Landon C. Bell. [To date no proof has been found that Sarah's maiden name
was Blackwell. cc]

Athanasius and Sarah had the following children: John, Randle, Mary who married Edward Rippy II, Ann who married James McSwain and Hugh Kerr,
Athanasius, James, Sarah, and Mastin. It is believed the children were born in Mecklenburg and Lunenburg Counties, Virginia.

The first record of Athanasius Elmore is in Virginia Order Book No 7 for the May Court of 1761. On that date Richard Hanson sued "Arthur Elmore"
for 5 pounds, 13 shillings, 8 pence and 3 farthings; Hanson was awarded the amount.

In the 1764 tithes for Cumberland Parrish by David Garland the name of "Arthy Elmore" is noted as having 100 acres of land. Various forms of his
name were used during the following years. No sons over the age of 16 were listed as tithes until 1776 when three tithes were listed: "Arther", John
and "Maurice" which is believed to have been Randall.

Deed Book 10 page 201 lists on 8 August 1765, Athanasius received property from William Ussery of Orange County, NC for œ 24, 2 shillings. The
property was located on the southside of Crooked Run going up Buzzard Branch, being 100 acres.

Deed Book 11 page 398 on 11 October 1770, Sarah Ussery, relict of John (mother-in-law of Athanasius) gives away her dower claim to the 300 acres
owned by John Ussery, Athanasius and William Elmore.

Deed Book 12 page 13 dated 12 June 1770 an indenture is recorded between John Ussery of Lunenburg County, Athanatious Elmore of
Mecklenburg County, and William Ussery of Orange County, North Carolina on one part and William Meriday of Lunenburg County, Virginia of the
second part. There were 300 acres in all. Athanasius was noted living in Mecklenburg County, Virginia in the preceding deed, but he was back in
Lunenburg County prior to the 1776 tithe where he is listed as "Arther".

Order Book 13, page 51, John Ussery and Mary his wife,Athenatious Elmore and Sarah his wife, and William Ussery and Jusith his wife came into
court and agreed that they acknowledged a deed of coveyance to William Meredith. Deed certified and lodged in the Clerk's Office.

Athanasius witnessed a will written by Francis Neblett dated August 2, 1777 and proved June 11, 1778 and recorded in Will Book 2 page 471. On
June 11, Athanasius deeded 55 acres to his brother, James Elmore. They are both noted as being from Lunenburg County and the land being the
plantation on which James lived. Arthur made his mark as did his wife Sarah.

The Revolutionary War Pension record of John Elmore, son of Athanasius, states: "After this, the said John Ellmore removed with his father to
Orange County in North Carolina where he resided until after the war was over."

According to the Orange County, NC List of Taxable Property, Vol. I, 1780-1781, page 43, "Athenetious" Elmore had œ1400 of taxable property. It is
believed that this taxable amount included the 240 acres of land on Haw River that was sold by John Elmore, his son, to Janet Anderson on
November 10, 1792.

From the North Carolina Archives and Records in Raleigh, North Carolina, we find the notation, "John Elmore and John Walker esq. and Andrew
Gibson acknowledged themselves indebted to James Freeland, Elia McDaniel, and John Taylor Esqr. in the sum of one hundred pounds to be void
upon Condition that the said John Elmore keep the County of Orange indemnified from all costs and charges by reason of four orphans children of
Athanatious Elmore Deceased. Acknowledge. John (his X mark) Elmore. These orphans were James, Mastin, Athanasius, and Sarah.
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