John Ussery and Cathleen

John Ussery was born Jan. 17, 1796 in North Carolina to Thomas Ussery and Sarah. He died about 1827. On Dec. 24, 1812 he married Cathleen on
Dec. 24, 1812 in Dublin, GA .

Their children were:

Peter Ussery b: 1815 mar. Anne Dixon on 13 May 1841
Elisabeth Ussery b: 1817
William Welcome Ussery b: 1819 in Georgia mar. Lidy?
John B.Ussery b: Apr 27, 1822 in Georgia mar. Cynthia Crumbey/Crumley.
Daniel Bruce Ussery b: Oct 1825 in Laurens co. GA d: Nov 5, 1899 in Wilkinson Co., GA mar. Rebecca Crumbly. 2nd wife: Mary Christina Wynne.

Descendants of John B. Ussery and Cynthia Crumbey
JOHN B. USSERY was born Apr 27, 1822 in Georgia to John Ussery and Cathleen. He married CYNTHIA CRUMBLY Jan 4, 1846 in Wilkinson Co., GA,
the daughter of JOHN CRUMBLY and JUDY CONE.

In the 1850 US Census Wilkinson Co., GA 93d District, John was listed as farmer with a wife and two children. He enlisted for the Civil War on4 Mar
1862 in Irwinton, GA.

John B. Ussery and Cynthia Crumbey had the following children:
Americus Jane Ussery, b. 1846, Wilkinson County, GA.
Mary Ussery, b. 1848, Wilkinson Co, GA.
Elisabeth Ussery, b. 1852, Wilkinson Co, GA.
Benjamin Franklin Ussery, b. Feb 26, 1854, Wilkinson Co, GA; d. June 21, 1939 Jeff Davis County, GA. Satilla Cemt.
William J. Ussery, b. Abt. 1857, Wilkinson Co, GA; m. Elsy Jane Cauley.
Pete? Ussery

Descendants of Americus Jane Ussery and William Connell
Americus Jane Ussery was born 1846 in Wilkinson County, GA to John Ussery and Cathleen. The father of the last 4 children(Connell) was William
Connell, born 1861, married 20 Sep 1881, died 1924. (info per

I might be assumed that her son, Zebulon, was born out of wedlock.

Zebulon Marylon Pike Ussery, b. Jul 28, 1869, Soperton, Truetlen Co., GA; D. Jul 1936,Laurens Co., GA.
Demanies Connell, B. 1883, Montgomerie, GA.
Charles Connell, B. 1887, Montgomerie, GA.
Milton Connell, B. 1889, Montgomerie, GA.
Pate A Connell, B. 1897, Montgomerie GA.

Descendants of Zebulon Marylon Pike Ussery and Elisabeth Johnson
Zebulon Marylon Pike Ussery was born to Americus Jane Ussery on Jul 28, 1869 in Soperton, Truetlen Co., GA. His father is unknown. Zeb died in Jul
1936 in Laurens Co., GA. He married Elisabeth Johnson who was born on b: Oct 31, 1874 in Wilkinson Co., GA and died Nov 20, 1920 in Wheeler Co.,
GA. They had the following children:

Lela or Lealor Ussery, born: 3 Nov 1892
William James Ussery b: Apr 15, 1894 mar. Ethel A. Mosteller b: Abt. 1894
Thomas Ussery b: Jun 1896 in Wilkinson, GA
Eliza Jane Ussery b: Jul 1, 1898 in Wilkinson, GA
Norah L. Ussery b: Feb 1900 in Wilkinson Co., GA
John Daniel Ussery, born 25 Dec 1901 (Grandfather of
Ema Elizabeth Ussery b: Apr 17, 1905 in Wilkinson Co., GA
Jesse Ussery, born 24 Dec 1906
Cynthia Ussery, born 13 Sep 1908
Albert Prentice Ussery, born 5 May 1913
Claudy Ussery, 15 Sep 1915
Frank Ussery
Boney Ussery

Descendants of Benjamin Franklin Ussery and Wives
(Some corrections and additions provided by DeWayne Ussery Please contact if you are a part of this family)

BENJAMIN FRANKLIN USSERY was born Feb 26, 1856 in Wilkinson Co, GA, to John Ussery and Cynthia Crumbey.and died June 21, 1939. His first wife
was Ann Frances "Fanny" Graham, who was born March 29, 1856 and died April 26, 1897. It is believed they were married around 1875. He married his
second wife, Martha E. "Mattie" Silas in 1898 in Laurens Co., GA. Benjamin was buried in the Betilla Free Will Baptist Ch. Cemetery, south of Hazel
Hurst, Ga.

According to the June 11, 1962 interview with Benjamin's grandson, Coston Barkwell Ussery, Benjamin had a "half-brother named Pete, father of Mary,
grandmother of Lawton" and that Benjamin had been married a third time, her name unknown.

It is believed he and Fanny Graham had the following children:

Donia Ussery
Berchie Ussery died at age 18
Emma Ussery, m. George Knight.
John Thomas Ussery
Lee Oler Ussery mar. Mattie Myers Ch: David, Billy and Joyce
Wilbert Ussery (twin to Emma) mar. Ellen Allagood
James Calvin Ussery
Charley F. Ussery
Francis Otha Ussery

Homer Ussery
Thomas Otis "Theotis" Ussery.
Children of Benjamin Ussery and Martha E. "Mattie" Silas are:

Virgil Oliver Ussery mar. Nell Wood Ch: Verlyn and Stewart V.
Emmet Lonzo Ussery of Hazlehurst. mar. Effie Maud Rodgers Ch: Emmett Morrell Ussery
Flara Mae "Florida" mar. Stokely Butts. ch: Leon, Laura, Thoron & Betty Joyce
Carlton Ussery
Marion Burtis Ussery, m. Juanita Gilbrath.
Benjamin Prentice Ussery mar. Plural Rawlings or Rollins. Ch: Bennie & Voncite
Ora Ussery, mar. Addison Varnidee.
Clara Ussery of Coco Beach, FL mar. Gyton Faircloth
Madie Ussery, mar. Allie Snips. Ch: Allie, Jr.
Willie Pearl Ussery, mar. Tom Woods. Ch: Ronald
Source: Usry Bul 150 page 7)

Descendants of Francis Otha Ussery and Iris Corinne McDaniel
Francis Otha Ussery was born Feb. 26, 1897 to Benjamin Franklin Ussery In 1962 his residence was Hazlehurst, Ga. He married Iris Corinne McDaniel
who was born Nov. 27, 1900 in Laurens Co., GA.

Coston Barkwell Ussery b: Feb 2 in Laurens Co., GA mar. Geneva Gibson
Frances Wynez Ussery mar James C. McDaniel
Guyce Ussery Maribeth Charlene Ussery mar John R. Calhoun Wendell Otha Ussery mar. Beverly Gaither

(Source: Usry Bul #150 pg 6)

Descendants of Thomas Otis Ussery and Rose Veldt Gilbreath
Thomas Otis Ussery was born around 1898 in Jeff Davis County, GA to Benjamin Ussery. Who Thomas' mother was is unknown at this time. They had
the following known children:
Carlton Ussery
Juanita Ussery
Garland Ussery
Wayne Ussery
Kenneth Ussery

Descendants of James Calvin Ussery and Lela Mullis
James Calvin Ussery was born 1875 in Laurence Co., GA to Francis Otha Ussery. On Nov. 25 , 1895 in Laurens Co., GA. he married he married Lela
Mullis Their children:

Grover C. Ussery
Rhoda Ussery
Joe Ussery
Olin Ussery
James Albert Ussery b: Oct 7, 1910 in Dublin, GA (Interviewed by John Usry -Bul 167 pg 5- on June 21, 1964, Jacksonville, FL. Claims there was a third
wife of Benjamin Franklin Ussery)
Belle Ussery
Anna Pearl Ussery
Odie Ussery

Charlie F. Ussery and Anne E. "Stella" McCracken
Charlie F. Ussery was born in 1879 to Benjamin Franklin Ussery. He married Anne McCracken and had the following children:

Andrew Ussery mar. Stella Fann
Eldridge Ussery mar. Lillian Kight
(source: Usry Bul 150 pg 6)

John Thomas Ussery and Ellen Bass
John Thomas Ussery was born to Benjamin Franklin Ussery. He and his wife Ellen had the following children:

Brady Ussery
Letty Ussery
Thomas Ussery
Vestall Ussery
Margie Ussery

(source: Usry Bul 150 pg 6)

Homer Ussery and Sarah Beddinfield
Homer Ussery was born to Benjamin Franklin Ussery. He married Sarah Beddinfield and had the following children:

Franklin Ussery - killed in hunting accident age 17
Donia Ussery
Fanny Ussery mar. Mr. Mathis (ch: Mary and Dearine)
Prentice Oliver Ussery b. 18 Jun 1919 d. 13 Jan 1964 mar. Martha Earl Whitehurst (b 8 Aug 1926 d. 7 Sept 1971). Both buried at Riverside Cemetery,
Macon, GA.
(Contact Ronald Oliver Ussery of Bleckley County, Cochran,GA )
Allie Ussery
Pete? Ussery
Source: Usry Bul 150 pg 6)

B.F. Ussery's Mystery Family
According to the June 11, 1962 interview with Benjamin's grandson, Coston Barkwell Ussery, Benjamin had a "half-brother named Pete, father of Mary,
grandmother of Lawton" and that Benjamin had been married a third time, her name unknown.

In the interview with Francis Otha Ussery, (Coston's father) he also stated that Benjamin Franklin had brothers named Pete and Jackson, also half
brother and sister named William Simmons and Lisa Simmons. And Otha stated during the interview that Levi was his grandfather who was buried in the
Macedonia Church near Cochran? He also stated his grandmother's name was "A Sanford". Levi, like Jackson and Benjamin Franklin, was from
Wilkinson County, GA.

The records of Levi and Rachel Ussery, give an interesting but weak link. The following is the family info as written by John Usry in his Bulletin #150
page 5:

Lawton Randall Ursrey was interviewed on June 12, 1962 in Hazlehurst, GA. Lawton was born in Jeff Davis County, Nov. 17, 1913. Married Geraldin
Quinn. Father was Lyman Colquit Ursrey born Jeff Davis Co. about 1876; died 1925. Mother was Mary J. Ursery May 14, 1846; Sept 7, 1912 (possibly
Lyman's second wife). It is believed that Lyman's first wife, Margaret "Mary" Ursrey was born Oct. 7, 1878 and died Sept. 21, 1898 with her infant baby
(see Cemetery Info) .

Lawton stated that his Grandfather was Jack Weatherly and Grandmother was Mary Ursrey. Great Grandfather was Peter Ursery

. So far no one else has provided this information on Benjamin having had a "half-brother named Pete, father of Mary the grandmother of Lawton" or
that Benjamin had been married a third time , but the fact that these families were buried in the same cemetery (Betilla Free Will Baptist Ch. Cemetery,
Jeff Davis Co., GA), and lived in the same community deserves further investigation. If this story is true, then there is another side of Benjamin Franklin
Ussery that has been a well kept secret up to now.

Lawton's siblings:

Thomas Jefferson Ursrey born Oct 6, 1902 and died Jan 15, 1929 Mar. Trollis Key. Ch: Margaret. Buried in Betilla Free Will Baptist Ch. Cemetery, Jeff
Davis Co., GA.
Bessie Ursrey of Augusta mar. J.B. Yaws
Mamie Ursrey of Hazlehurst mar. Robert Crosby. Ch: Madelilne, Robey
Jarman Colquitt Ursrey of Rt. 1 Hazlehurst
Lawton R. Ursrey
Ethyl Mae Ursrey of McBee, S.C. mar. Jimmy Johnson Ch: Jimmy Jr
Guy Norman Ursrey
Theo Frederick Ursrey of Perry, GA. mar. Aileen Kirkland. Ch: Terry & Ashley
Helen Ursery of Gadsden, Ala. mar. Arthur Houghton. Ch: Robert Earl, David, and Herbert Houghton

Lawton's children:

Lawton Randle Ursrey, Jr., b. Aug. 17, 1940
Gerald Lyman Ursrey b. Oct. 14, 1942