John Ussery of Lunenburg Co., VA and Wives: Mary and Anne

The records are not clear as to when JOHN USSERY was born to John Ussery and Sarah (Blackwell?) It is a known fact that he died in Lunenburg Co., VA
prior to Dec. 13, 1804, the date of the filing of his will. His first wife was MARY (last name unknown) bore him six known children. His second wife was ANNE
GREEN bore him none. Anne, also known as Nancy, was the daughter of John and Jane Green. Her siblings were James, Thomas, William, Jane, Peggy,
Sarah, Alsy, Mary Callaham and Elizabeth Gee. Mary and Elizabeth were the older sisters and were married before their father died in 1768. Will of John Green

See Will and Estate Settlement of John Ussery

Children of John Ussery and Mary:

Mastain Ussery - before Dec. 1810- [listed as deceased in Dec 1810 hearing of father's estate settlement. Lunenburg Co., VA LOB19:237]

Annis Ussery
Sarah Ussery b: Abt 1750 d: Aug 1844 in Chester Co., SC. mar: John Brown 2nd Husband of Sarah Ussery:Thomas Rainey

Mary Ussery d: Bef May 17, 1832 Married Oct 3, 1786 in Lunenburg Co to Sherrard 'Moses" Callihan?

Samuel Ussery b: Abt 1766 in VA. His second wife was Matilda Dunman [Note: It is believed that Matilda may have been the widow of another son of John's.]

John Ussery

Lunenburg Co. Tax Lists for 1783 and 1784 for Personal Property:
1783:  Thomas Ussery - Henry
     John Ussery - Hager, Suckey, Harry
     John Ussery, M [astain] Ussery, W[illiam] Elmore - Jim, Jack, Peter, Jack, Jenny, Bet, Pat
1784 - John Ussery, Mastain & John Ussery -  Jack, James, Peter, Jack, Patt, Jane, Bett, Besse, Primus, Jane, Tom, Tim, Will, Hannah, Bob

1784 - John Ussery's estate - Hager, Suke, Hary, Cele

Annis Ussery and Samuel Ragsdale

It isn't known when Annis Ussery was born, but she is the daughter of John Ussery and Mary. She died Dec. 1824 in Claiborne Co., MS. She married Samuel
Ragsdale on Mar 20, 1788 in Warren Co., N.C.
Her father's Will left a negro woman named Bess and all her children to "my daughter, Annis Ragsdale." In Samuel Ragsdale's probate in 1823, he gives his
land to two sons but the slaves were divided among the five legatees...One slave woman was named Bess.
On October 10, 1805, Samuel and Annis gave power of attorney to Samuel Ussery, Jr. to sell 230 acres of land in Montgomery County, N.C. (Lunenburg, VA
Deed 20-131A)
Lunenburg court records: 13 Oct 1805 Saml. Ragsdale & wife Annis to Lucas Gee all of L for 450 lbs. 300 ac. in L where sd. Ragsdale lives Adj…L. Gee rec.
13 Feb 1806

See Samuel Ragsdale's Will

Annis and Samuel had the following children:
John Ragsdale mar. Sarah Cooper
Francis B. Ragsdale b: Nov 16, 1801 d: 1863 mar. Drucilla Mundale
Edward Ragsdale d: Abt. 1834 mar. Mary Ann Ragsdale
Nancy B. Ragsdale mar. Truly
Patsy Ragsdale mar. Crane
William Ragsdale