Kansas Records

Atchison County

Marriage Records:
Stonewall Ussary, aged 25, of Buchanan Co., Missouri and Carry Vestal, aged 17, of Buchanan County, Missouri; married 5 January 1891.

Cherokee County

Marriage Records:

William J. Raines aged 21 and Anne E. Usrey, aged 17, married May 28, 1875 [dau. of David Usry and Susan Pigg)
L.R. Jester 34 and Mary Jane Usry 24, married Feb 6 1878 [dau. of James K. Usery]
William Bledsoe Usery 23 and Betty Moore 19 married Oct 5 1879 [son of James K. Usery] [See Los Angeles Co., CA for marriage info to Josephine
James Usrey 39 and Rachel Turner 21,m arried Mar 27 1881 [son of James K. Usery]
E.O. Hathway 21 and Harriet 'Hattie' Usery 22, married Mar 8 1884 [dau. of James K. Usery]
Owen S. Gorman 23 and Mamie S. Usery 21, married March 30 1884 [dau. of James K. Usery]
Alfred B. Herring 29 and Lillie E. Usery 20, married Dec. 23, 1887 [dau. of James K. Usery]
Phillip Usery 29 and Mary J. Atkinson 29, married Dec 2, 1888 [son of James K. Usery]
Philip Usery 50 and Fannie Boyles 37, married Aug. 26, 1893
John Usery 18 and Amanda Haggardd 18 married Nov. 21 1900
Edward Miller 24 and Lula W. Usrey 18 married Nov 21 1900
T.W. Usrey 34 and Emily J. ? 39, married Mar 25 1901
C.S. Usrey 25 and Swagger??? 18, married Nov 20, 1901
Cassius B. Ferguson 43 and Anna? Usrey 16, married April 16, 1907. Date: Sun, 3 Nov 2002 22:26:31 EST Subject: Usrey/Haggard connection To:
Dear Cindy, I stumbled across your website while trying to find information on Amanda Haggard. She is my husband's grandmother. She was first
married to John Usrey and had four children. When he died she married my husband's grandfather, Philip Duffy. I have more information. I have a
copy of her bible records, who her mother and grandparent are. Still trying to connect her to her father John Haggard. Don't know a lot about him yet.
Please contact me and I'll try to have all my research handy. My name is Cheryl Duffy, my husband is Patrick. Bye for now.

Leavenworth County

Marriage Records:
George W. Ussary 25 of Platte Co., MO and Hattie Wilson 24, married Sept 12, 1891
Charles H. ? 21 and Mary A. Ussary of Platte Co., MO, married July 6, 1891