Kentucky  Records

Summary of Head-of-Household, 1850 U.S. Census of States: Kentucky

Mecklenburg Co: James Ursrey 21-m-TN and David Ursrey 22-m-TN.

Barren County

Barren Co Deed Book AA, p. 77

From: Welcome Ussery of Jackson Co TN
To: Joshua Pennington
Type: Land on Big Barren River
Names cited: James Button, Daniel Pennington, Stewarat Pennington, Jacob Chism
Date: 15 Sept 1804

Boyle County, KY
Vital Records
Margaret Ursery died Dec. 12, 1852,aged 67, born in Virginia; daughter of John Linkhorn.
Warner Ursly, born July 19, 1853, son of W.C. and Letty Taylor Ursley

1850 Boyle Co, KY US Census
Ursery, White Cotton [Batten?] 35 m Farmer KY
Ursery Lelitia 30 f  KY
Ursery Elizabeth 14 f  KY
Ursery William T. 9 m  KY
Ursery Carolina T. 10 f  KY
Ursery Iowes W 7 m  KY
Ursery Nancy M. 5 f  KY
Ursery John W. 4 m  KY

Bullitt County, KY
Tax list 1800: John Essrey

Calloway County, KY

Carl Usrey, 22 to Lanelle Cunningham, 16, mar Sept. 1928. Parents J.R. Usrey, Mary Bondurant; M.T. Cunningham, Sula Palmer
Floyd Usrey, 17 to Lavelle Beack, 14, mar 19 May 1930. Parents: William Usrey, Maud Treas; A.K. Beack, Lela Cole
Ida Steele Ussery, 21 born Montgomery Co., TN to James L. Minor 21, born Montgomery Co., TN. Mar 9 Apr 1932. Parents: J.L. Minor, Caroline Mills; N.L.
Ussery, Hattie Bagwell
Ruby J. Usrey, born Graves Co., KY, resident Sedalia, KY to S/Sgt James E. Collie. Married 17 May 1943. Parents: R.N. Usrey, Pearl Slaughter; Ermon Collie,
Ovie Spann
Alvin Usrey, born Marshall Co., KY to Anna Byrd, mar. 20 Jan 1951. Parents: Carly Usrey, LaNelly Cunningham; Infield Byrd, ____ Wenason

Christian Co., KY

Harris Ussery, 24 born Montgomery Co., TN to Agnes Hudgins, 22. mar. 22 Dec 1934. Parents: Will and Kate Ussery; G.E. and Jane Hudgins
Ernest E. Ussery, 36, born Montgomery Co., TN to Marguerite Farmer, 18, mar. 31 Mar 1945. Parents: Wilmer Ussery, Katie Harris: G.R. Farmer, Hattie Brown.

Cumberland Co., KY
1800 Tax list: William Ussery

Daviess Co., KY

Lloyd Usery born Stillville, MO to Alma Hendrix, born Ohio Co., KY, mar 21 Dec 1931. Parents: W.R. Usery, Julia Usery; T.V. Bratcher, Martha Frances

Fayette County, KY
Lunatic Asylum:
James Uzsery, 28 m Labor KY  

Graves Co.

J.R. Usrey to Flora McClain
A.L. Usrey to Addie Pitzer m. 29 Oct 1894
S.B. Usrey to Lonnie S. Kennedy m. 23 Dec 1896
W.D. Usrey to Laura Gordon m. 4 Oct 1897
O.B. Batts, 65 to Jennie K. Usrey, 46, divorced, father is Lewis Kennedy. Mar. 22 Apr 1924
Rupert L. Usrey, to Ola May Martin mar. 20 Mar 1929
Robert S. Usrey 24 to Georgia Ruth Doron, 23. mar 17 July 1937; parents, Robert Usrey, Pearl Slaughter; D.W. Doron, Ora Holloway.
Charles H. Usrey born Graves Co; resident of Cincinnati, Ohio to Darlene Stewart, born Cincinnati. Mar 21 Aug 1946?. Parents Robt. Usrey, Pearl Slaughter;
Wm. Stewart, Irene ___?
Philip Edward Usrey, Jr. 23 teacher, to Zan Beth Mohler 19, born Marshall Co., KY. Mar. 19 Mar 1960. Parents: Philip E. Usrey, Nancy Lou Johnson; Gaylon
Mohler, Mary Erlene Coursey
Richard Usrey to Jane Hargis? m. April 1855.

[Note From Barbara Thomas <>  :  I have a Richard L. Usrey death certificate : Born 1-31-1832 Indiana died 3-17-1916 Murphey
Kentucky  Informant was Robert Usrey from Mayfield Ky  buried in Little Bethel Graveyard 3-18-1916 Graves Ky.  He was married first to Jane Hargis April
1855. She died in August 12, 1859. He was living with Mariah Beasley Usrey in 1880 Census in Mayfield Granves Co Kentucky.  Children were: Mary L age 13
(1867); Stephen 11 1869; Oscar T. 8 1872; Robert N 1874.  Robert Usrey died in 2-12-1928 born 9-22-1873. Spouse Pearl Slaughter . Father Dick Usrey,
Mother Mariah Beasley. buried in Lebanon Kentucky.  Mariah Beasley is the daughter of Stephen Beasley born 1805 died around 1887, mother was Judith
Thomas born about 1806 In Granville Co NC and died prior to 1841 in Granville Co NC. Step mother to Mariah was Elizabeth. Do you know anyone that is
researching this family? Thank you. Barbara Thomas Knoxville Tn.]

1840 US Census
Richard Usrey 1m 5-10, 1m 10-15, 1m 15-20, 1m 40-50; 1f 10-15, 1f 40-50

1850 US Census

Dist 2 746-746
Richard Ussery 54 m farmer 600 SC?
Mary Ussery 52 f NC
Joseph Ussery 30 m IN? TN? not clear
Richard L.Ussery 21 m " " "
John Ussery 7 m " " "

Vital Records
J.L. Usrey died August 1850, aged 23, married; daughter of Henry Hargis
R.D. Usrey died Oct. 21, 1857, aged 61, born in NC; son of P. and T. Usrey
Richard Usrey married Jane Hargis, April 1855
John R. Ussery, died at Hartville, 1862 Civil War.


"History of the Orphan Brigade", by Thompson

R.L. Usrey of Graves County was elected second lieutenant July 13, 1861, and to first lieutenant October 5, 1863; fought at Donelson, Hartsville, Stone River,
Jackson, Chickamauga, Mission Ridge, Rocky Face Gap, Resaca,Dallas, Pint Mountain and Kinnesaw Mountain. Was wounded in the hip.

John R. Ussery, Graves County, fought at Donelson and was killed at Hartsville, Dec 7, 1862.

Green Co.
Land Grant: Welcome Ussery 150 acres, 1799, Love Creek.

Hardin Co.
1810 Census: Jonathan Essary 2m 0-10, 1m 16-26, 1 m 26-45; 1f 16-26

Henderson Co.

Wilson Drew, 22, resident of Wenslow, IN; to Isabell Usrey, 21. divorced; Oakland Cinty, IN; born Stendale, IN. Married 16 Nov 1918. Parents: Andrew J &
Manda Drew; Henry Martin, May Douglass
Noble M. Reed, 31, born Adams Co., IN to Helen Usery, 29 born Pike Co., IN. married 13 April 1933. Parents: Burton W. Reed, Berta Mae Reed, Walls Co., IN;
Charles W. Usrey, Pike Co. IN and Frances Usery, Warrick Co. IN.

Lincoln Co.
Warrants No. 340-351, Dated Feb. 1798

To a detachment of Militia ordered into service of this state from the 6th (Lincoln County) Regiment by his Excellency James Garrand on the Wilderness Road
under the command of Lieut. Weedon Hawkins in 1797, commencing 1st April and ending the 30th, inclusive: Weedon Hawkins, Lieut L 7/16/0
Thomas Davis, Ensign L 6/0/0
Hugh Lawrence and Edwd. Chapman L 4/6/0
Thomas M Roberts and Beverly Cox L 3/19/11 1/2
Nathan Taney and Wm. Terrill L 3/19/11 1/2
Toliver Brunaugh and Berry Neal L 3/19/11 1/2
Adam Smith and Jas. Spell? L 3/19/11 1/2
Nimrod Faris and Jno. Cook L 3/19/11 1/2
Wm. Sally and Moses Coller L 3/12/0
James Campbell and Cous. Topett L 3/12/0
George Breading and William Usury L 3/12/0
Henry Barlow L 1/19/11 3/4

Livingston Co., KY
1810 U.S. Census: Thomas Essery 11101 32001 ----

McCracken Co., KY

Robert Jones to Azilee Ussery (c) mar 6 Sept 1920 William J. Ussery to Loraine Smith mar. 31 Mar 1928 Rupert Lucien Usrey to Ola May Martin, 21 Mar 1929.
Parents: Robert Usery, dec'd, Pearl Slaughter Usrey; Will Martin; mother deceased. James Rodgers, born Stavely, VA to Jeanene Usrey 21, born Evansville, IN
mar. 14 Nov 1953. Parents: James Harvey Ridgers, Beulah Painer; Lowell Ansel Usrey, Fern Greenwell

Madison Co., KY
1800 Tax List: Thomas Usrey  

Marion Co., KY
1850 US Census
Dist. 1 551-551
John Ersery 29 m farmer KY
Elizabeth Ersery 28 f KY
Margaret Ersery 68 f VA
Mary Calvert  64 f KY

Marshall Co., KY

David R. Usrey to Sarah A. Cutchin m. 13 Oct 1865
Susie Usrey to John W. Treas mar 17 Mar 1891
Gertie E. Ursery [dau. of David R. Usrey] to A.J. Cates mar. 28 Jan 1895
Minnie Ursery [dau of David R. Usrey] to H.M. Estes 31 Jan 1898
J.R. Ursery, 31, m/2; born Marshall Co to Mary M. Bondurant, 26 born Marshall County. mar. 1 May 1898
William A. Usrey 27 to Maude Treas 22, mar. 30 Jan 1909
Nonna Usery to D.Y Dunn mar. 21 June 1918
Harold Usrey, 20 to Opal Darnall, 18 mar. 15 Dec 1922
Nora Usrey to Gilbert Mohler mar. 29 Sep 1937
Flora Mae Usrey to Orphus Terrence Burnett mar. 11 Dec 1938
1850 US Census David Reed 53 m farmer NC
Susanna Reed 44 f NC
Jane L. Reed 16 f AL
Elizabeth C. Reed 15 f KY
Ramy E. Reed 11 m KY
Wm. A. Reed 8 m KY
Drura G. Reed 5 m KY
David R. Usrey 3 m KY

1860 US Census:

S. Reed 55 f farmer NC
E. Owens 29 f NC
W.A. Reed 20 m farmer KY
D.R. Usery 16 m farmer KY
W.W. Owens 4 m KY
1870 US Census

Ursery, David R. 23 m w farmer KY
Sarah A. Ursery, 20 f KY
James R. Ursery 5 m KY
Susan W. Ursery 1 f KY
1880 US Census

Ursury, David R. w m 33 farmyer KY IN NC
Sarah A w f 31 wife KY NC NC [mn Cutchin]
James R w m 13 son KY KY KY
Susan A w f 11 dau KY KY KY
Dora A. w f 9 dau KY KY KY
Minnie L w f 4 dau KY KY KY
Gertie E w f 1 dau KY KY KY
Cutchin, Sarah w f 75 mo-in-law NC NC NC

Muhlenberg Co., KY

Thomas M. Lewis, 22 to Miss Margaret C. Usrey, 15 mar 6 Mar 1866 at David Usrey's. Parents: A.M. Lewis, dec'd, born KY and Nancy Ann Lewis, born KY.
David Usrey b. TN and Martha M. Usrey, b. KY. Land Deed

24 Feb. 1831 to James Ursery or Useryy from B.F. Dillingham, 100 acres on Cypress Creek, $200, Book 15, page 190.
10 Nov 1837 to T. Mathis from William Usery or Ursery; 15-353
Book 17, page 531: to William Usery from William J. Vich 50 acres on Cypress Creek
Birth Records

E.A. Usery, f, b. 15 Oct 1857; parents Jas. Usery and M. Underwood
John B Usery, m b. 30 Aug 1858; d. 31 Aug; parents David Usery and Martha Gill
Josephine Usery, f, b. 20 Aug 1856 (or 22 Aug 1854); parent James Usery and Manerva Underwood
Fanny E. Usra, f, b. 10 July 1859; parents David Usra and Martha Gill
W.H. Usra died 15 Mar 1854; born Muhlenburg Co.; parents: David Usra
1850 US Census
Dist 1, 144-144
Ursry David 23 m TN  
Ursry Martha 23 f KY  

Dist. 1, 155-155
Herndon, Edward 74 m farmer VA
(Ursry) Herndon Elizabeth 50 f NC  
Ursry James 21 m TN  
Ursry William 18 m TN  

1860 US Census:

James Ussery 31 m farmer TN
Minerva Ussery 30 f TN
Edward T. 9m TN
Mary J 7 f TN
Josephine 5 f TN
George U. 4 m TN
Eliza 2 f TN
Elizabeth F. 1 f TN
David Ussery 30 m farmer TN
Martha 31 f KY
Eliza C. 9 f KY
Mary F. 6 f KY
Joseph E. 5 m KY
Cynthia J. 3 f KY
James E. 4/12 m KY

Pulaski Co., KY
William Ussery, Capt., 44th Regt., Militia, August 8, 1803

1810 U.S. Census William Usery 3101/2201

Russell Co., KY
Land Grant, 27 Oct 1827; 27-466 to James Ussery, 150 acres, Puncheon Camp.

Simpson Co., KY

Cecil Ussery 22 b.Columbia TN to Marie Petty 21, born Columbia, TN mar. 3 Feb 1940. Parents: Robert Ussery, Zora Sneed; Kyle Petty, Mary Higgins
James W. Ursery, 23 born Linton, TN to Edna B. Buchanan 21, mar. 14 Aug 1946. Parents: John E. Buchanan, Mary McNeal; Enoch Ursery, Tennie Harrison
Census Records:

1820 U.S. Census - Larkin Ursrey - 10001-10100
1830 U.S. Census - Larken Ussery 2m 0-5, 2 m 5-10, 1 m 10-15, 1 m 30-40; 2 f 0-5, 1 f 10-15, 1 f 30-40
1840 U.S. Census - Martha Usery 3 males 0-5, 1 male 5-10, 1 male 10-15, 2 males 15-20, 1 male 30-40; 2 f 0-5, 1f 10-15, 1 f 30-40

1880 US Census

Dist 35-56/ 215

Matilda I. Lowery w f 15 KY KY KY
Mary Lowery w f 15 sister KY KY KY
Ofilia Lowery w f 11 KY KY KY
Rithey Ursery w f 5 TN TN

Todd Co., KY

Louis Ussery, 32, b. Montgomery Co., TN to Miss Ledley Logan Cobb, mar. 24 May 1929. Parents: Mary Haris and Sterling Ussery, [son of William Neblett
"Buck" Ussery and Elizabeth Ann Neblett] ; R.L.Cobb, Mary Logan
Ben William Ussery 26 to Miss Evelyn Albright mar. 17 Sept 1932. Parents: S.S. Ussery, Mary Harris; Oscar Albright, Hattie Bagwell Albright

Union Co., KY

Manuel Ussery, col., 34, born Clarksville, TN to Daisy Denton, 29 mar. 1923; Parents: George Ussery, Delia Merkaby; Charly Denton, Della Morton
Charles Edward Usery, 35 b.White City, IL to Mary Lillian Bailey 33, div., born Owensboro, KY, mar. 15 Jul 1946. Parents: William Usery, Elsie South; Lee
Bailey, Antha Graves
Jack Jamerson to Elizabeth Usery mar. 24 Dec 1938. Parents: James Jamerson, Ruth Fields; William Usery, Elsie South.

Warren Co., KY

Thomas McWain to Betsy Ussery mar. 31 Jan 1818

Wayne Co., KY
1830 U.S. Census Thos. UrseryBarbara Thomas <>