Ussery's with Louisiana Land Records

Last Name           First Name  Init Date Parish                         Acres
USSERY           ANTHONEY       W 1843 DeSoto/RedRiver              80.0000
USSERY           ANTHONY        W 1846 DeSoto/RedRiver               0.0000
USSERY           ANTHONY        W 1846 DeSoto/RedRiver              91.3000
USSERY           PETER            1860 LaSalle                      39.8000
USSERY           PETER            1860 LaSalle                      39.8000
USSERY           RICHARD          1837 Grant/LaSalle               160.0400
USSERY           RICHARD          1837 Madison/Tensas              169.4200
USSERY           RICHARD          1844 Catahoula                    80.7000

Catahoula Parish, LA
1820 Census of Catahoula Parish, LA

Richard Usery - 1 m under 10; 1 m 16-26; 1 f under 10; 1 f 16-26

1840 Census of Catahoula Parish, LA

A= under 5 years of age
B= of 5 but under 10
c= of 10 but under 15
D= of 15 but under 20
E= of 20 but under 30
F= of 30 but under 40.
G= of 40 but under 50
H= of 50 but under 60
J= of 60 but under 70
K= of 70 but under 80
L= of 80 but under 90
M= of 100 and upwards
                    ABCDEFGHIJKLM       ABCDEFGHIJKLM

Mary Usary              1010000000000       0111110000000
Richard Usary           1111101000000       0200010000000

1850 Catahoula Parish Census:

This census may not be an exact replica of the original. The names were probably spelled "Torrey". It was sent to me by Joan Carr . She is researching the Tovery family and would appreciate any information you might have regarding the people in this
census. There is a link between this group and the information provided by Mary Sparks later in the page:

Thomas W. Tovery  24 MS
Mary Ursery 49  NC (hard to read) Possibly Peter Usery's mother?
Peter Ursery 12 LA (believed to be the Peter Usery that Mary Sparks is researching)
Robert Tovery 6 LA
Enoch Watley 40 LA (Believed to be the husband of Susan Whatley)
Margaret Tovery 30 MS (sister to Thomas W. Tovery)
Eliz. Whatley 6 LA
Narcissa Whatley 5 LA
Mary A. Ursery 16 LA (believed to be sister to Peter Ursery and half-sister to Thomas W. Tovery)
William Watley 3 LA
Caroline Whatley 2 LA
[Joan Carr also provided this information: In the book, Report of Public School Taught in the River Settlement, by Thomas Cockerham, "Six months
Commencing the 12th of Nov. 1832 and ending the 22nd of May 1838 report these Tovery children: Thomas, Margaret, Elizabeth, Sally and

All of the above children were born in MS. Elizabeth Tovery and Sally Tovery married into the WHATLEY family. Thomas W. Toery's daughter,
Mary, married William Whatley. The Tovery's are strongly tied to the Watley's in Catahoula/LaSalle Parishes.

I believe that the Tovery family traveled with the USSERY family from MS to LA. Therefore, I don't know where my unknown Tovery died in MS or
LA, but I do believe Mary Tovery married an USSERY either in MS or LA and is the mother of the PETER URSSERY that Mary Sparks is
researching (see below).

I know that Thomas Jefferson Tovery was from Catahoula/LaSalle Parish. He spoke of Pete Ussery. My mother is the fifth child of Thomas J.
Tovery ,is now 78 years old, and her only surviving sibling is in her 80's. Thomas J. was 62 years old when my mother was born and died when
she was 9 years old.

I would appreciate any information on the Ussery's in MS. I would love anything that may be available on the Tovery family. Please contact Joan

1860 Catahoula Parish

Calvin Usery age 24, b. LA
J.B. 35-m b LA
Rosalee - f 27 - b LA
Mary - f 11- b LA
Arrena - f 9 - b. LA
Henery - m3- b. LA
John DeVory - 35 male- b Ireland
Richard Ussery - 39 m b. LA School Teacher
Milly  39-f born LA
Elizabeth 6f- born LA

Mary Usery age 49 f Planter, born in NC
Peter Usery age 22 m. born in LA
R. Toviry?, age 17 m. born in LA
J.G. Usery, age 34 m Planter, born in LA
Emoline, age 20 f, born in GA
Richard, age 5 m, born in LA
Nancy, age 3 f, born in LA
Martha 6/12 f, born in LA

David Usery, 37 m Planter, born in KY?
Evoline, 19 f, born in LA
Susan,5 f, born in LA
Jessy, 5 f, born in LA

1870 Census of Catahoula Parish, LA

Peter Ussery - 35 - Farmer - La
S.J. Ussery - 26 female- LA [Susan Jane Duncle]
T.W. - 5 male - LA
P.M. - 3 male - LA [Peter Miles or Peter Martin]
M.J. - 10/12 female - LA

1870 - Susan Ussery, age 14, born in LA, living in the household of James Young and wife, Evaline.


#2, USSERY, Richard to Caroline VAN NESS, 23 July 1846 - p. 1
#345, USSERY, J. S. to Emily SHIPP, 11 May 1854, p. 244*
#352, USSERY, David to Eveline BARNETT, 25 May 1854, p. 249
#729, USSERY, Richard C. to Amelia O'NEAL, 19 July 1860, p. 544

Book B - 1863-1882
#578, USSERY, Nancy to Jesse WALDEN, 4 March 1871, p. 379
#619, USSERY, Mary Jane to Gilbert ARMSTRONG, 28 May 1873, p. 402
#695, USSERY, L. A, to S. T. FRAZIER, Esq., 22 January 1873, p. 443
#987, USSERY, Nannie to Jath NEWSOME, 20 February 1877, p. 595
#1165, USSERY, Martha M. to A. M. ST. JOHN, 14 February 1879, p. 696
#1431, USSERY, Mary Elizabeth to Benj. B. BROWN, 22 June 1881, p. 842

#275, USSERY, Richard G. to Amelia O'NEAL, 19 July 1860, p. 190
#1270, USSERY, Joseph to Martha WARWICK, 15 January 1880, p. 748

Book C - 1883-1897
USSERY, Charles C. to Georgia Auria (?) LABORGE, 8 July 1896, pp. 728-29

INDEX TO NOTARIAL BOOK C Direct: USSERY, James to R. C. BRIGHTMAN, 8 October 1820, p. 115--for $250 a parcel of land lying in the
Catahoula Prairie fronting on said prairie being part of tract conveyed to JAMES LEAVINS by Comm. Cert. Reg. B #711, dated 5 June 1807, 100
acres. LEAVINS conveyed to CARSON, CARSON conveyed to WM. GRIFFIN, GRIFFIN conveyed to JAMES USSERY... /s/ JAMES (x) USSERY,

USSERY, James by Wm. GRIFFIN, 11 March 1820, p. 81
Book E:
USERY, Richard to Mary ORGELTHROP, 4 June 1839, p. 119
Book G:
USSERY, Richard to Sarah GLENN, 1845, p. 382
Book K:
USSERY, Mrs. Mary (352K) to U. WHATLEY, 22 October 1855, p. 292
Book O:
USSERY, Susan Jane [Susan Jane Drunole (Duncle), wife of Peter USSERY], 20 December
1873, p. 431
USSERY, p. 527
Book P: USSERY, p. 366, 591, 592, 593
Book 2: USSERY, S. J. Heirs, p. 222
Book 4: USSERY, C. C., p. 185
Land Records:

K-292: Mrs. Mary Ussery, 22 Oct 1855, receives from Uriah Whatley the land NE1/4 34-8-2, 11 acres
N-602: 10 Feb 1870, Peter Ussery, owing $1200 to his wife Susan J. Drunole (Duncle) deeds cattle, etc., to her.
N-700, Jeptha H. Hopkins for $50 sells to Matthew Ussery S1/2 NW 1/4 SW 1/4 of 24-10-2E.
N-738 Richard S. Ettiell, agent for Josiah Roundtree of Adams Co., MS., for $375 sells to Matthew Usery the land, E1/2, NE1/2 of 11 and NW1/4 of
12 and N1/2 of S1/2 of 12-102E
If anyone has information on the following please contact M.C. Sparks:
I am most interested in the information on Peter Ussery, Jr and Mary Devore and their son Matthew (b. 1830, Catahoula Parish, LA) . My Usserys
came from the Catahoula Parish/LaSalle Parish as well. I have long tried to no avail to establish the parentage of Richard and James "Ursery,"
both found on p. 21 of the 1820 Catahoula census (actually taken in 1821). In Feb., 1821, Richard was listed in the 16-26 age bracket and was
engaged in agriculture. James was also 16-26 and was engaged in manufacture. There are no Usserys listed in the 1830 census.

In 1840 James had disappeared, but Richard was still there, found on p. 53. Also on p. 53 was Mary "Usary," with a child under age 5. The easy
explanation is that she was James's widow and that he died after 1835. ???

In 1850, Richard was listed on p. 75 and Mary "Ursery," age 49, was listed on p. 62 in the Torry [Tovery] household, presumably with a daughter
named Margaret Torry [Tovery]. Her place of birth was either N.C. or Ill., depending on how you look at that column. Also with her were Peter
Ursery, 12, and Mary A., 16. The boy Peter was my great-grandfather. Peter Martin Ussery later married Susan J. Duncle, and they lived around
Sicily Island, Catahoula Parish. They are buried at Eden Cemetery on Hwy. 8, just west of Jena, Louisiana. Their sons Peter M. (Miles or Martin)
Ussery and Charles Edward Ussery lived in Grant Parish, LA. Charles Edward often spoke of "Matt" who lived in TX.

Does any of this sound familiar? Is it possible that Peter and Milly Jarvis had a son named James? Is it possible that their son Richard died later
than the date in the web site (1823) in LA instead of MS?

Mary Ussery Sparks

Louisiana General Land Office Records to 1908

Last Name           First Name  Init Date Parish                         Acres
USSERY              ANTHONEY       W 1843 DeSoto/RedRiver              80.0000 USSERY              ANTHONY        W 1846 DeSoto/RedRiver               
USSERY              ANTHONY        W 1846 DeSoto/RedRiver              91.3000
USSERY              PETER            1860 LaSalle                      39.8000
USSERY              PETER            1860 LaSalle                      39.8000
USSERY              RICHARD          1837 Grant/LaSalle               160.0400
USSERY              RICHARD          1837 Madison/Tensas              169.4200
USSERY              RICHARD          1844 Catahoula                    80.7000

Anthony Wayne Pope Ussery and Kezia Jones

Anthony Wayne Pope Ussery was born Oct. 30, 1800, and died Oct 28, 1844. He was married on April 17, 1827 to Keziah Jones who was born
Feb. 3, 1812 and was the daughter of Jesse Jones, born January 7, 1781. Keziah died after Dec. 1873.

A.W.P. Ussery and family were living in Hardin County, Tennessee as shown on the 1830 U.S. Census: A.W.P. Ussery age 20 to 30 years; 1 male
under 5 years; 1 female to 30 years.

At some time prior to 1837, A.W. P. and family moved to Louisiana. At the Court House in Shreveport, LA, we find on May 14, 1837 he is
mentioned as stationed at Ft. Jessup, near Shreveport, and 25 miles from Nagadoches. Members of the family addressed him as Captain A.W.P.
Ussery. As to what regiment he was with, we do not know.

On May 4, 1840, Anthony Wayne Pope Ussery and family were living in Springfield, Caddo Parrish, Louisiana.

The Usry Bulletin #133, Dec 1979;  page 4, written by Jessie P.M. Lappe in Sept 1955:   
When A.W.P.  Ussery, born 1800, married 1827 Keziah
Jones, born 1812, they received a bible as a wedding present from her Father, Jesse Jones, born 1781.  I suppose her  Mother was not living
when they married, as her name is not recorded in the Bible, and I am sure it was a gift from her Father, or his name would not have been
recorded in the Bible.  Jesse Jones must have impressed upon his daughter, Keziah, how important it was to keep the family records.  I believe the
first records in the Bible was the following:

Jesse Jones, born January 7, 1781
Keziah Jones, born February 3, 1812
A.W.P. Ussery, born October 30, 1800  (These three are recorded together)

In the year 1955, this Bible is now 128 years old, has passed from First, Second, Third and on to the Fourth Generation, and is now in the
possession of Franklin Wayne Ussery, born 1902.

Now a few words about a remarkable, brave and must have been a lovely lady, Keziah Jones.  She and her first husband, A.W.P. Ussery, were
blessed with seven sons, but passed through the sorrow of losing three in childhood.  They were married seventeen years when her husband
passed away in 1844.  Then Keziah Jones Ussery married 1845 William H. Stratton, born 1816, second husband.  They were blessed with one
daughter born 1846.  The sorrow came when her  husband passed away May 1847, and their daughter, Mary A. passed away September 1847.

In 1848, Keziah Jones Ussery Stratton married James G. Gailbreath, born 1816, third husband.  They were blessed with three daughters:
Elmira I. b 1849, Elizabeth Ann b 1851 and Henrietta Emily Gailbreath.

Keziah must have lived with, or near, her fourth son, Charles C. Ussery (b 1834) as she recorded his marriage 1856 to Sarah Ann Virginia Cregg
(b 1838), also she listed the names and dates born of five of their children:  William Harwood 1856,  Paralee 1858,  A.W. P.  1861, William
Franklin 1863 and James Shelby Ussery, 1867.

Charles C. Ussery, name recorded when born as Chesterfereld C. Ussery.  His middle name must have been Charles, and he preferred it to
Chesterfereld, and was recorded when married, also when birth of first child was recorded, as Charles C. Ussery.

Her second son, Franklin C.P. Ussery (b 1830) must have lived near his mother, as his daughter, Marry K. Ussery (1869) is recorded in the Bible.  
This may be his only child, as he passed away in 1873.

First son, William Shelby Ussery (b 1828)
Third son, James E. Ussery (b. 1832) and
Sixth son, Egbert H. Ussery (b 1840), passed away in childhood.

Fifth son, Theodore Ussery (1836) served in the Confederate Army in the Civil War, then settled in Pennsylvania.

Seventh son, Dr. A.W.P. Ussery (b 1842) came from Louisiana to Texas, and I suppose did not live near his mother, when his children were born,
as they are  not recorded in the Bible, and after his mother passed away, the Bible came to him and he passed it to his daughter, Marrianna, and
she passed it to his grandson, Franklin Wayne Ussery .

The last record in the Bible, was when her son, Franklin C.P. Ussery, passed away in 1875.

There are thirty-eight dates, of birth, married and died, with named recorded in the Bible.  While the records do not give me the information as to
what her  husband's occupation was, or if active in politics or interested in their community, but I do know they were gentlement of the highest
character, and well-educated, or this little lady would not have married them.  Since she and her husband, A.W.P. Ussery, had a son, who was a
Doctor, it is possible that he was also a Doctor.

I believe A.W.P. stands for Anthony Wayne Paralee Ussery, several descendants named Wayne and one named Paralee.  I am sure that Paralee
is a family name, and may have been A.W.P. Ussery mother's name.  I am sure Chesterfereld is a family name, and may have been Keziah Jones
mother's maiden name.
 (Legal documents have proven the name as Anthony Wayne Pope Ussery)

Since there are no records in the Bible, her husband, James G. Gailbreath, and their three daughters, must have still been living, when she
passed away, some time after 1873, but date not recorded in the Bible.

Keziah Jones Ussery Stratton Gailbreath was the mother of eleven children.

A.W.P. and Keziah had the following children:

William Shelby Ussery b: Apr 3, 1828 d: Sep 20, 1829
Franklin C.P. Ussery b: May 13, 1830 d: Dec 4, 1875 mar. Keziah?
James E. Ussery b: Mar 11, 1832 d: Mar 30, 1840
Charles C.-Chesterfered Ussery b: Jun 24, 1834 mar. Sarah Ann Virginia Cregg b: May 27, 1838
Theodore Ussery b: May 10, 1836
Egbert H. Ussery b: Feb 22, 1840 d: Apr 4, 1849
Dr. A.W.P. Ussery b: Dec 17, 1842 Louisianna mar. Mary Elizabeth Gailbreath
Keziah and A.W.P. were married seventeen years when he passed away in 1844. In 1845 she married William H. Stratten, b. 1816. They had one
daughter born 1846. In May 1847 William Stratten died and in September of 1867 their daughter Mary died also.

In 1848, Keziah married James G. Gailbreath, born 1816. They had three daughters: Elmire I (b 1849); Elizabeth Ann (b. 1851) and Henrietta

Keziah must have lived with or near her fourth son Charles C., as she recorded his marriage in 1856 to Sarah Ann Virginia Cregg (b. 1838), also
she listed the names and dates born of five of their children: William Harwood, Paralee, A.W.P., William Franklin and James Shelby Ussery. In
1848, Keziah Jones Ussery Stratton married James G. Gailbreath (b. 1816). They were blessed with three daughters: Elmira I. born 1849;
Elizabeth Ann born 1851 and Henrietta Emily Gailbreath, born 1853.

(Source: Usry Bulletin No. 133 page 4)

Rapides Parish, LA

Birth:     November 12, 1916
Death:     January 5, 1976
Father:    Benjamin CRAIG
Mother:    Matilda FRANKS
Married:   January 5, 1932
Brothers:  John Benjamin, Foster Henry, Ernest Ramon, James Carl, Shelby Dewayne
Sisters:   Doris PERSER, Florence Inez USSERY, Bobbie June MILLER
Spouse:    Monroe CAMPBELL
Children:  Jerry, Wilbert Ray

Benjamin Franklin CRAIG
Birth:    March 22, 1892
Death:    February 23, 1953
Epitaph:  In heaven the family circle can not be broken
Father:    James A. CRAIG
Mother:    Jane E. THOMPSON
Brothers:  Oliver Hugh, William, Joseph M., Dallas, Foster W., Lee Roy, Earl
Sisters:   Beulah STILLEY GRACE, Lavina LOWE
Spouse:    Matilda "Tillie" FRANKS
Children:  Doris MCCORMICK PERSER, Florence Inez USSERY, Pearl CAMPBELL,
      John Benjamin, Foster Henry, James Carl, Shelby Dwain,
      Bobbie June FUQUA MILLER

daughter CRAIG
Birth:     October 15, 1928
Death:     October 15, 1928
Epitaph:   Infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs. B. P. Craig our darling
Father:    Benjamin Franklin CRAIG
Mother:    Matilda FRANKS
Brothers:  John Benjamin, Foster Henry, Ernest Ramon James Carl, Shelby Dewayne
Sisters:   Doris MCCORMICK PERSER, Florence Inez USSERY, Pearl CAMPBELL, Bobbie

James Carl CRAIG
Birth:     March 25, 1930
Death:     January 13, 1979
Epitaph:   Rest in peace
Father:    Benjamin CRAIG
Mother:    Matilda FRANKS
Brothers:  John Benjamin, Foster Henry, Shelby Dewain
Sisters:   Dorris MCCORMIC PERSER, Florence USSERY, Pearl CAMPBELL, Bobbie June
Spouse:    Thelma WEBB, Louise _?_
Child:     James Larry CRAIG

White Sulpher Springs, Louisianna
1860 US Census

Name State County Location Page Year Age Sex Age Ranges Census Type  
Usery, Calvin  LA CATAHOULA PAR. HARRISONBURG P.O. 475 1860          
Usery, David  LA CATAHOULA PAR. FUNNY LOUIS P.O. 551 1860          
Usery, J. B.  LA CATAHOULA PAR. CASTOR SPRINGS P.O. 527 1860          
Usery, J. G.  LA CATAHOULA PAR. FUNNY LOUIS P.O. 549 1860          
Usery, M.  LA CATAHOULA PAR. CASTOR SPRINGS P.O. 520 1860          

Winn Parish, Louisianna
Provided by Greggory E. Davies 120 Ted Price Lane Winnfield, LA 71483

Contributed by Miles

The eastern portion of Winn Parish, in the early days, was made up primarily of small-scale farmers, living on land that was not the most
productive. Though many owned slaves, in small numbers, they opposed secession, war, and just about anything else. (A side note, it was in this
section that the Socialist, and later Populist movements were headquartered. I think Eugene Debs, Socialist Candidate for President of the United
States Presidency came to Winn Parish while campaigning as Winn, especially the eastern portion, was a hotbed for Socialist sentiment) The fact
that many of these small-scale farmers held slaves, yet were opposed to war/secession, adds to my long held theory that slavery was not the
cause of the War of Northern Aggression.

However, history is written by the winners, and to suit their purposes, and only in recent years has much of their written history been found to be

Moving along, I have references which I cannot find at present, to writings by occupation/carpetbag leaders, wherby they state that Winn Parish
was so liberal in its dealing with blacks, that it was virtually impossible to spread malcontent among the races. To paraphrase, the quote went
something very close to (keep in mind this was said by Freedmen's Bureau white, Union soldiers) "we are having a hard time stirring malcontent
among the races in Winn. The darkies and whites, work together, farm together, eat together, and go to church together. They even bury their
dead together. We have our work cut out for us in Winn, etc.............".

I find it interesting that Messers. Ussery and Thornton wished for a company of Union, occupation soldiers, particularly blacks, to be sent in to the
parish to deal with "them". And of course, there is no doubt in my mind that "them" referred to is the local post-war homeguard that was formed to
fend off radical carpetbag occupation jayhawking reconstructionist who were in Winn Parish following the war, raping, robbing, and pillaging the
poor. A part of this homeguard was to become the West & Kimbrell Clan, and part of them, known as the "inner-circle" split off to form a band of
outlaws equally as treacherous as the radicals.

Reconstruction Era: Ussrey & Thornton Letter, 1866, Winn Parish, LA.:

From: Freedmen's Bureau Records (Obtained by Hon. Jeff Reeves)

Winn Parish, LA. Aug. 18/66 (8-18-1866)

Bvt. Maj,

We send J. F. Bridges to haul those rations you promised the widow Presley-We find her to be in destitute circumstances, has 4 (or 7) children the
eldest about 9 years old, and a girl at that. Our parish is much in want of assistance especially all this portion East of the Dugdamonia, whis is the
loyal portion of the parith, they have been so badly treated on account of their Union proclivities that there are many good and loyal people who
are now suffering Besides there are at least calculation 4 (or 40) union widows whose husbands died in the Federal army, that are now suffering,
and no steps have been taken as yet to draw their pensions; we therefore earnestly solicit that you, immediately, make a special requisition to
supply our parish.

We continue to hear that Capt. Butts of Vernon is killed and the U. S. Collector for direct Taxes, is said to be missing, misteriously(sic). Those
same traitors have threatened to take some of our scalps for having been in the Yankee Army. We hope they will send on a battalion of the
bigest(sic) blackest negroes that they can command

Your Obedient Servants

Matt. Ussery

Wm. Thornton

(Update June 19, 1998: There is actually another Ussery (Benjamin) to be found in Winn Parish, Louisiana. He is on the 1860 census, in the
household (#1 on census)of Philip Bernstein. He is listed as a clerk. He served and died in the American Civil War.