Richard Ussery of Lancaster Co., S.C. and Wives:
           Mary (Goodwin?) - 2nd wife unknown - and Elizabeth Elkins

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Richard Ussery was born about 1731 in Hanover Co., VA to John Ussery and Elizabeth Mask. The Hanover County Court House was burned during the Civil War and all
records were destroyed. However, found in the Vestry Book of St. Pauls Parish, Hanover Co., an early mention of John Ussery and Richard Ussery, Nov. 12, 1771.
Richard was married three times and raised three sets of children. He died in 1828 in Lancaster Co., SC and is buried beside his third wife, Elizabeth Elkins in what was
the Hanging Rock Presbyterian Church Cemetery.

About 1752, Richard married his first wife, Mary (Goodwin?), of King William Co., VA. She is believed to have been born about 1735 in King William County, VA, and
having died in 1775 in Hanover Co., VA. Two years later, Richard married a second time. To this date, researchers have been unable to recover her name. His third
and final marriage was to Elizabeth Elkins in 1797.

After the death of Richard's father in 1759, he moved his family from King William Co. to Hanover Co. The 1763 Hanover County tax records lists Richard as owning
193 acres of land. In 1777 Richard served in the Hanover County Militia XIV Regiment. He was once reported AWOL with a price of $25 placed on him. (Virginia
Gazette, Nov. 28, 1777 by Alexander Perdie, pg. 3, col.2)

Ten years later, Richard bought land from Elizabeth and William McDonald in Richmond Co, N.C. and is listed in the 1790 cenus of that county. It was while in Richmond
County that he married Elizabeth Elkins.(b. aft 1780 - d. 1838) Elizabeth was the daughter of American patriot Richard Elkins who was born in King George Co., VA on
Dec. 9, 1761.

Exerpts from "Our Native Heath" by Myrtle Bridges page 15

"1800 July 23. Richmond County, NC. Mr. Richard Adams, Please to take notice that on the 19th day of Septembernext I shall attend atthe dwelling house of William
McDonald in the District of Lancaster in the State of South Carolina to take the Deposition of Benjamin Carsels, John Wilkerson, William McDonald, RICHARD USSERY,
John Carsels [Carswell?], Elizabaeth McDonald, Gillum Ezell, Patty Carsels and James Ingram to be read in evidence in the suit now depending in the County Court of
Richmond wherein you are plaintiff and I am defendant, and this you shall receive as notice to attend and cross-examine if you think proper. Also take notice that I shall
begin at ten o'clock in the morning and if the business cannot be done that day I shall proceed the next day.

[signed] John McDonald.

A true copy of this notice was delivered to Mr. Richard Adams on the 2nd day of August in the year of 1800 by me. Daniel McDonald. [signed] John Ingram, J.P.

(Cvil Action papers 1795-1700 CR.082.325.6)

Children of Richard Ussery and Mary (Goodwin?):

Christian Ussery b: Jan 24, 1754 in King William Co, VA mar. John Lemay b: Jan 9, 1759 in Hanover County, VA
Mary Ussery b: 1756
Richard Ussery, Jr. b: 1757 in King William Co. or Hanover Co, VA
Thomas Ussery b: Jan 25, 1759 in King William Co., VA mar. Sarah

Children of Richard Ussery and Second Wife (name unknown):

Woodford Ussery b: Abt 1785 in Virginia
Samuel Ussery b: 1790 in King William Co., VA? mar. Rachael Louis ?
Children of Richard Ussery and Elizabeth Elkins:

Lavinia Ussery b: Abt 1798 in Lancaster Co., SC mar. John Robertson
Dudley Mask Ussery b: Jul 1801 in Lancaster Co., SC mar. Cynthia McClure b: Sep 1, 1801 in SC
Mumford Ussery b: May 10, 1802 in Lancaster Co, SC mar. Mary Bailey b: Mar 11, 1813 in SC 2nd Wife: Ella Evans
Delilah Ussery b: 1805 in Lancaster Co. SC
Elizabeth Ussery b: Nov 8, 1807 in Lancaster Co SC

Lavinia Ussery and John Robertson
Lavina Ussery was born about 1798 in Lancaster Co., SC to Richard Ussery and Elizabeth Elkins.
She died in 1845 in Lancaster Co., SC and is buried at the Hanging Rock Pres. Cemetery. She married John Robertson. They had the following children:

William Robertson
Samuel Ussery Robertson mar. Caroline Horton

Mumford Ussery 1802-1888
(See Franklin Co., GA Census Info.)

The second son of Richard and Elizabeth Ussery, Mumford was a farmer, teacher and an "herb doctor" in the Lancaster community. In 1844, Mumford purchased the
right to practice "herb medicine" from Samuel Thomson for $10.00. The Medical Society of S.C. frowned upon this short cut to medicine and called it "quackery" but
"herb doctors" were the difference between health and serious sickness on the frontier where medical doctors were no readily available.

His first wife was Ella Evans of Lancaster who he married in 1835. His second wife was Mary Bailey born Mar 11, 1813 in SC and died June 26, 1888 in Hart Co. GA.
Mumford died June 14, 1888 in Hart Co., GA. Both he and Mary are buried in the Providence Methodist Church Cemetery. Mary was related to Martha Jane Bailey who
became the wife of Charles Evans Ussery. (Usry Bul. 57 pg 3)

Rev. Hugh McLeese of the Harmony Presbyterian Church wrote the following obituary:

Obituary of Mumford Ussery 1802-1888

"The wheels of weary life at last stand still. Died at his residence in Hart Co., GA Jun 14, 1888. Mr. Mumford Ussery, aged eighty-six years, one month and four days. In
the deceased went down a high type of Christian manhood. For seveeenty years he was a member of the Presbyterian Church and for forty years of this time he was
an elder. One of the most tender and watchful of under-shepherds that the writer has ever been priviledged to meet with the ranks of the militant church. The spiritually
troubled rarely or neve hesitated to communicate to him their perplexities and hindrances. We know that brethern who from time to time statedly ministered to the
church where his last service of thirty-one years of eldership was spent, will bear us out in saying that often depression in some individual member was discovered
through his efficiency, when otherwise it might not have been reached at all.

He lived, as a rule, with his lamp trimmed, high light burning, his loins girt about and himself as one waiting for the coming of the Lord. Kindly, affectionate, and genial in
all the relations of life. We do not always see his equal when we look at what is called man. The upper temple has gained a priest unto God. The church militant has lost
the prayers and the tireless sentinelship of a vigilant soldier. Peace to his ashes and hail to his perfected sainthood above."----McLeese

Children of Mumford Ussery and Ella Evans:

Richard Samuel Ussery b: 1836 in Lancaster Co, SC d: Jul 5, 1862 in Petersburg, VA
Charles Evans Ussery b: Oct 30, 1838 in Heath Springs, SC d: Mar 29, 1923 in Hart Co., GA Bowersville Cemetery
Mary Elizabeth Ussery b: Jan 5, 1842 d: Jul 18, 1908 in Hart Co. GA Providence Methodist Church Cemetery
Children of Mumford Ussery and Mary Bailey:

Rachael Donnely Ussery b: Abt 1844
Cynthia Delilah Ussery b: 1848 mar. Henry (Parker) Holland after 1884 when her sister died.
Martha Matilda Ussery b: Dec 23, 1854 d: 1884 mar. Henry (Parker) Holland
James Mumford Ussery b: Sep 12, 1857 d: Dec 21, 1905 in Hart Co. GA Providence Methodist Church Cemetery. *2nd Wife: Anna Mae Ussery b: Mar 12, 1870 in
Lancaster Co. SC d: Mar 24, 1952 in Lancaster Co. SC Beaver Creek Cemt m: Apr 10, 1898 in Hart Co. GA
Sarah L. Ussery b: Unknown in Hart Co. GA? d: in Purvis, Miss? mar. Ishom Dyar Nov 17, 1870 in Hart Co. GA

Descendants of Charles Evans Ussery 1838-1923
Charles Evans Ussery was born Oct 30, 1838 in Heath Springs, SC to Mumford Ussery,and died Mar 29, 1923 in Hart Co., GA . On May 1, 1870 in Hart Co., GA he
married Martha Jane Bailey, born Aug 8, 1851 to Jehu and Elizabeth Hammond Bailey. At the time of her death on Feb 19, 1923, she was living with her daughter Mrs.
Sam Lovingood of Hart Co., GA . Both are buried at the Bowersville Cemetery.

Charles fought in many battles during the Civil War. (See Pension Records)

Their children:

Sammuel Edgar Ussery b: Mar 10, 1871 d: Dec 6, 1947 in Hart Co., GA mar. Mary Schaffer Doyle Apr 14, 1895 in Hart Co. GA, b: 1879 d: Nov 2, 1962 in Hart Co., GA.
Both buried in Bowersville Cemetery
John G. Ussery b: Sep 12, 1872 d: Jan 17, 1951 in Hart Co., GA mar. Alpha Henrietta Hill Dec 28, 1902 in Bowersville, GA b: Oct 8, 1884.
Robert Pinkney Ussery b: Jun 13, 1875 d: Jun 8, 1953 mar. Enoree Brown Dec 11, 1904 in Starr, SC b: Dec 24, 1888 d: Aug 20, 1959
Flarra Ussery b: Mar 2, 1878 in Old Cone County, GA d: in Bowersville, GA mar. Sam Lovingood b: Jun 1871 d: in Bowersville, GA Both buried in Bowersville Cemetery
John Brooklyn Ussery b: Jul 5, 1881 d: May 27, 1962 Apr 18, 1903 mar. Austin Bowers b: Aug 19, 1884 d: Dec 15, 1969
Ira G. Ussery b: Jun 27, 1886 d: Jan 22, 1948 in Hart Co., GA Bowersville Cemetery mar. Beulah Hill on Mar 15, 1915

Richard Samuel Ussery 1836-1862
Richard, son of Mumford Ussery was only about 13 when his parents moved to Franklin Co. (now Hart Co.), GA and bought property in what is now known as the Reed
Creek Community. He enlisted in the C.S.A. at Hart County on May 6, 1862 as a private in Co. L., 2nd Regiment Rifles. He is said to have died from medical causes
after having eaten improperly cooked dried beans. He died in the South Carolina Confederate Hospital at Petersburg, VA July 5, 1862.

He and his wife Sarah had a son, Samuel Visley Dudley Ussery. He was born about 1862. He married Jane Beasley. The following is a listing of their children. Note the
spelling change to Esuary by their son J. Gordon Esuary:

J.Gordon Esuary b: Aug 16, 1888 d: Apr 9, 1947 mar. Ethel Pitts b: Apr 3, 1895
Henry Usery b: Mar 15, 1895 d: Mar 27, 1958 mar. Fannie B. Tucker b: Dec 11, 1895 d: Apr 10, 1973
Elma Usery mar. Rueben Tucker
Mary Lee Usery mar. Raymond Burdette  -

Christian Ussery 1754-1825 mar John Lemay
Christian Ussery was born Jan. 14, 1754 to Richard and Mary Goodwin,and died Sept. 9, 1825. She married John Lemay on January 6, 1781. John Lemay was born
Jan. 9, 1759 in Hanover Co., VA to Charles and Susannah (Turner?) of Virginia. He died Jan. 5, 1834. In his will, executed in July 1834 in Granville Co., NC, John
Lemay left several tracts of land and a total of thirteen slaves to his children. He regarded his slaves more than just property as the following shows:

"It is not my wish that my negroes should go out of the family and prefer, their being held by the above named children, and it is my wish that they should purchase the
negroes at the valuation and the money arising to be equally divided between my children."
John Lemay kept a record of his slaves and the year of their birth:

Bradfor 1803
Daniel 1811
Mose Day 1815
Madison Taborn 1824
Olive Cob 1815
Fuller 1809
Dow 1813
Braxton 1810
Rose Dy 1815
Willey Sims 1810
In 1777 John Lemay enlisted in the 14th VA Regiment under Capt John Winston, served under General George Washington, and in 1780 received his discharge in
Lancaster, PA.

Their children were:

Richard Ussery Lemay b. Sept 26, 1781 mar. Elizabeth Cook Jan 18, 1804 Mecklenburg Co., VA
Lewis Lemay b Apr. 12, 1784 mar. Lucy Ussery (his cousin)
Temperance Lemay, b. July 23, 1786 mar. Gideon Crews
Samuel Lemay, b. Oct 20, 1788 mar. Temperance Wilson
Polly F. Lemay, b. Oct 20, 1788 mar. John R Hicks
Kitty Lemay, b. Apr. 16, 1791 mar. Ashley Crews
Goodwin Lemay, b.Mar. 30, 1794, d. Feb. 12, 1815
Susannah (Sookie) Williams Lemay, b. Mar. 14, 1797, married Joel Ussery, her second cousin, son of Thomas Ussery. Joel Ussery was born in 1802 and married
Susannah Lemay Jan. 29, 1828. He died Aug. 3, 1857.

Dudley Mask Ussery and Cynthia McClure
Dudley Mask (Mass) Ussery was born July 1801 in Lancaster Co., SC to Richard and Elizabethand died Feb 17, 1875 in Lancaster Co, SC. At the time of his birth, his
father would have been 70 years old. His wife was Cynthia McClure b: Sep 1, 1801 in SC to John and Elizabeth McClure of the Beaver Dam area. d: Jun 20, 1879 in
Lancaster Co., SC. Both are buried in the Beaver Creek Cemetery. Dudley spent his life on the family farm in Lancaster. He served the community as a farmer,
carpenter, wheelright and teacher. Active in the church, Dudley moved his membership from the Hanging Rock Presbyterian Church to the Beaver Creek Presbyterian
Church about 1830. On My 8, 1859 he was elected ruling elder; on Sept 10, 1870 elected Clerk of Session.

Three of their sons fought in the Civil War. Samuel's remains are unknown, John Calvin returned home ill as did William Dudley.

Their Children:
Sarah Elizabeth Ussery b: Mar 30, 1828 in Lancaster Co, SC d: Mar 29, 1881 in Lancaster Co. SC
John Calvin Ussery b: Apr 27, 1831 in Lancaster Co, SC d: Sep 29, 1863 in Lancaster Co. SC Beaver Creek Presbyterian Ch Cem.
Samuel Ussery b: Abt 1835 in Lancaster Co, SC d: Jan 1863 in Killed in Civil War- Remains unknown
William Dudley (W.D.) UsseryPresbyterian Ch. Cem. mar. Mary Lavina Robertson b: Oct 1, 1844 in SC d: Aug 30, 1926 in Lancaster Co. SC Beaver Crk. Presbyterian
Ch. Cemet. m: Dec 1866

William Dudley (W.D.) Ussery and Mary Lavina Robertson
William Dudley Ussery was born Mar 18, 1841 Lancaster Co. SC to Dudley Mask Ussery and Cynthia McClure . He died Jun 4, 1912 Beaver Creek, Lancaster Co. SC .
In Dec. 1866, he married Mary Lavina Robertson who was born Oct 1, 1844 in SC and died Aug 30, 1926 in Lancaster Co. SC. They are both buried in the Beaver
Creek Presby. Ch. Cemetery.

William served as a Pvt., Co. H., 2nd S.C. Inf.. He enlisted at Lancaster, SC by Capt. McManus Oct 13, 1862; wounded at Chickamauga; reported on muster roll of Oct.
31, 1863 and Feb. 29, 1864; as at home on furlough; reported on muster rolls of April 30, 1864, as present; on last available muster roll June 30, 1864 as present.

On Sept. 24, 1871 he was elected ruling elder of Heath Springs Presbyterian Church. He served in this capacity from 1894 until his death.

He and Mary had the following children:

Anna Mae Ussery b: Mar 12, 1870 Lancaster Co. SC d: Mar 24, 1952 Lancaster Co. SC mar. James Mumford Ussery (1st cousin once removed) b: Sep 12, 1857 d:
Dec 21, 1905 Hart Co. GA Providence Methodist Church Cemetery
Caroline (Carrie) Leigh Ussery b: Oct 21, 1876 d: Dec 12, 1955 Lancaster Co, SC Beaver Creek Cemt.
Marion McLure Ussery b: May 9, 1884 d: Jan 8, 1945
William (Willy) Richard Ussery b: Jun 25, 1887 Lancaster Co., SC d: Feb 7, 1958 Clayton, GA mar. Annie Cannon
John Milton Ussery b: Sep 26, 1867 d: May 28, 1875
Zeddie Lee Ussery b: Apr 27, 1872 d: May 25, 1875 GA?
Lillie Bell Ussery b: Jul 6, 1882 d: Sep 20, 1882

Lewis Lemay and Mary Ussery
Lewis Lemay was born Apr 12, 1784 in Virginia to John and Christian Ussery Lemay. He died Apr 15, 1857 in Lawrence Co., AL. On Oct 17, 1804 in Lunenburg Co.,
VA, he married Lucy Mary (Polly) Ussery, the daughter of Thomas and Sarah Ussery. She was born Aug 22, 1784 in Lunenburg Co. VA and probably died in Alabama.

Upon Lewis and Mary's marriage, Lewis was given a gift from Thomas:

Granville Co., NC - Deed Bk S/20:
I, Thomas Ussery of the County of Lunenburg and State of Virginia, for and in consideration of Lewis Lemay of the State of North Carolina and County of Granville
marrying my Daughter [Lucy Mary (Polly) Ussery], and having in marriage my said Daughter Mary and likewise in consideration of the great love, affection and regard I
have for my beloved Daughter Mary, do give unto the said Lewis Lemay and I hereby fully and amply give unto the said Lewis Lemay in consideration as aforesaid my
lands in the County of Granville and State of NC adjoining or near to Tar River and Below Taylor's Bridge, that is to say one Tract or parcel of land containing one
hundred and fifty acres more or less and one tract about a mile and a half there from containing fifty acres more or less, being two distinct parcels of land with the
premises, appurtenances and everything whatever thereunto belonging to him and to his Heirs, Executors, Admrs. and assigns forever and I likewise in and for
consideration as aforesaid for the same do give unto the said Lewis Lemay and unto his Heirs, Executors, Admrs. and assigns my negro fello Dice as his absolute
property and I likewise and for consideration as aforesaid give unto the said Lewis Lemay six feather beds and furniture, likewise and also one Roan mare and her colt
to him and to his Heirs, Exrs., Admrs. and assigns forever, my fellow DICE, I give unto the said Lewis Lemay, his Heirs, Exrs., Admrs. and assigns forever, in
consideration of all the premises I have of my own free will and accord hereunto set my hand and seal this 16th Oct. 1804. Signed Sealed and Delivered. Thomas (his
seal) Ussery. In presence of James McFarland, Samuel Ussery, Jas. F. Lankhead, John Lemay, Jurat.

Whereas the Roan mare that I gave Lewis Lemay in consideration of his marrying my daughter Mary having died last Christmas, I do hereby of my own free will and
accord give to the said Lewis Lemay in Lieu of the Roan mare that died, my Bay more to him as his own right and property to him his Heirs, Exrs., Admrs. and assigns
forever. In witness wheeof I have of my own free will set my hand and seal this 29 April 1805. Thos. Ussery (Seal) Test: John Lemay, Gideon Crews, Rich. Lemay

For more info on Lewis and Mary, see Granville Co., NC Records

They had the following children:

Mary B. Lemay b: Aug 29, 1805
Polly Williams Lemay b: Aug 29, 1805
Pleasant Mask Lemay b: Feb 22, 1820
Nancy Lemay b: Nov 16, 1809
William F. Lemay b: Apr 19, 1811 d: May 12, 1893 in Elkmont, AL mar. Millie 2nd Wife of William F. Lemay: Anna Essary b: May 14, 1813 in TN d: May 1, 1855 in
Lawrence Co., TN; *3rd Wife of William F. Lemay: Ruth A. Essary b: Abt. 1820 in TN
Lewis Allen Lemay b: Jan 30, 1813 mar. Nancy
Charles W. Lemay b: Sep 10, 1814
Woodford Ussery Lemay b: May 4, 1816
Allen Thomas Lemay b: Apr 1, 1818