Missouri Records

Andrew Co.

Drexas Ussery, Atchison, Kan under 18 to Raymond Barker, Atchison, Kan under 21, mar. 8 Nov 1937 (1939?) : Albert Ussery, father of Drexa; Olive
Barker, mother of Raymond


Atchison Co.

Ira Ussery, Norwood, over 21 to Bessie Long, Westboro, under 21 mar. 4 Mar 1927


Benton Co.

J.S. Ussery, Cross Timbers, over 21 to Mrs. Maudie Ussery, Leeton, mar.30 Dec 1933 Robert M. Knoles, Lincoln, 19 to Lena Ussery, Cross Timbers, 17
mar. 25 Oct 1942; Mothers: Jessie L. Knoles and Mrs. J.W. Ussery


*USSERY, Edward M. [Martin] b/ 29 Dec 1930 - Climax Springs Cemetery
USSERY, Evelyene d/23 Dec 1986 - Climax Springs Cemetery
*Son of Orville and Leona Gabel Ussery/ grandson of Joseph Martin Ussery and Marquarett "Maggie" Tudor Ussery.


Buchanan Co., MO

Marriages :

John Ussery and Elizabeth Ann Cockerman mar. 23 Dec. 1847
Obe. M. Vestal and Lizzie Ussary mar. 14 Feb. 1894
William R. Ussary (of Wallace) to Olive Foster (of Wallace) mar. 31 Oct 1909
O.F. Ussary, (DeKalb) to Bertha Brown (Dearborn) mar. 20 Jan 1917
Clarence P. Ussary to Helen E. Eiman m. 1929
John Kane, Kansas City to Mrs. Sarah Ussery, Kansas City mar. 12 Sept. 1930
Charley W. Ussary to Hazel Bernice Richards, under 21 mar. 2 Sept 1931
Lloyd Jackson Ussary, St. Joseph, under 21 to Hilah Jane Thomson, Agency, over 19 mar. 6 Oct 1942
Vera Doyle Ussary, Agency toMiss Pauline Staggs, Agency mar. 31 Dec 1942
Charles Richard Ussary to Patricia Ann Lane mar 1952
Philip Ray Ussary to Anne Marie Gramer mar. 1957
Daniel Neechan to Peggy J. Ussary mar. 1952
James Paul Ussary to Betty Jane Julian mar. 1958
John Dean Ussary toJoan Frances Pollard mar. 1960
Donald Dean Ussary to Donna Rae Sheeks mar. 1955

St. Joseph City Directory 1958
James, student r 514 Williams
James P., chem MFA OIL  r. Agency, MO  

St. Joseph City Directory 1959
Charles W. (Hazel B.)
Donald D. (Donna R)
Olive F. (wid. Riley)
Phillip D (Annie M)

St. Joseph City  Directory 1961
C.W., 2213 N. 3rd
Charles R (Patricia A.) cattle buyer, Sertz Packing h 1801 S. 24th
Chas. W (Hazel B) supv St. J&L P Co. h 2213 N 3rd
Donald D (Donna R) scaller Dugdale Packing Co.  h 2012 Main
Doyle  mech Grooms Implement r. Agency, MO
Olive (widow William R) h 1204 N. 10th
OliveF (widow Riley) 2 2213 N 3rd
Phillip (Anne) Sertz Packing Co h 2007 Washington Ave

St. Joseph Telephone Book:
Chas. R. 1801 s 24
Don 2012 Main
Doyle RFD 1 Agency
Jas G. 2211 Doniphan
Clarence P. RFD 1 Agency
John RFD 1 Agency
Lamar  , Faucett
Lloyd Mrs. 1204 N 10
Phillip R 5328 Barbara

Land Deeds

To Henderson Ussery from ? & St. Joe R.R. Co., 13 Mar 1869, Deed Book 75, pg 45; NW 1/4 NE 1/4 Sec 15 Twp 56 Range 35 in Center Township.

1870 US Census:

Ersery, Henderson 37 m w farmer $600/22  Tennessee
Ersery, Sydney W. 33 f w  KY
Ersery, Arm E. 9 f w MO
Ersery, Mary E 5 f w MO
Ersery, Amanda 3 f w MO


Butler Co., MO

J.R. Man of Hot Springs, Garland Co., Ark., over 21
Minnie Ussery of Gad's Hill, Reynolds Co., over 18
mar. 30 Nov 1908 at Piedmont

William Usery of Piedmont, Wayne Co., under 21
Beulah Tucker of Piedmont, over 18
mar. 16 Mar 1922; consent of William Usery, father

Pearl Morss of Patterson, Wayne Co., under 21
Nina Usery of Piedmont, Wayne Co., of 18
mar. 31 May 1919 at Poplar Bluff

Edward Sutton of Des Arc, Wayne Co., over 21
Lucile Usery of Des Arc, over 18
mar. 22 Sept 1945 at Poplar Bluff

1920 Census Index:

173b 4b 89 Essary Lambert son M W 8 S yes Missouri Missouri Kentucky none
173b 4b 87 Essary Laura wife F W 49 M yes yes Kentucky Kentucky Kentucky yes none
173b 4b 86 S. 9th St Essary Ode M head R M W 49 M yes yes Missouri United States United States yes farmer truck farm W
173b 4b 88 Essary Otis S. 9th St son M W 12 S yes yes Missouri Missouri Kentucky none


Callaway Co., MO

Miss Nancy C. Usry to Bethel A. Davis mar. 15 Apr 1874


Camden Co., MO

W.R. Ussery of Rolla, over 21 to Laura Tyler of Rolla, over 18 mar. 12 June 1940 Rosa Ursey, under 18 to John Quick of Barnumton, Camden Co., mar 16
Mar 1908; consent of William De Rossett, natural guardian

1870 Federal Census - Warren Township

47-47 $--$550 Farm Laborer

Gunter, A.T. age 30 MO
Nancy age 35 AL
Urcery, Jesse age 14 MO
50-50 $--$375 Farm Laborer

Taylor, G.B. age 51 TN (Godfrey)
...Lavina E.* age 36 TN
...John F. age 16 MO
...Jesse P. age 15 MO
...Juliet J. age 12 MO
...Martha J. age 10 MO
...William A. age 9 MO
...Anniel L. age 6 MO
...Rosana age 4 MO
...Drury (b. Mar. 1870) age 4/12
Taylor, Emma age 15 MO
...Tabitha H. age 11 MO

(*This is Lavina Gunter widow of Annual Ussery....all of the children are listed as Taylor but the first six listed are the children of Annual & Lavina Ussery)
Info contributed by Kathy Harmon eharmon@airmail.net


Cape Girardeau Co., MO

Charley Ussery, over 21 to Anna Diamond, over 18, mar 22 Dec 1933; consent of Maude Diamond, mother
Everett Ussery of McClure, Alexander Co., IL, over 21 to Mabel Walker of Jonesboro, Union Co., IL, over 18 mar 30 Oct 1937
Curtis Hales (Hahs?) of Oak Ridge, 23 to Minnie Ussery of Cape Gir., 18, mar 16 May 1927; consent of Reena? Ussery, mother
Hayward Poe, over 21 to Verna Ussery, under 21, mar 24 Mar 1931; consent of Lena Ussery, Mother
Ronald Perry, over 21 to Neltie Ussery over 18, mar 7 July 1934
Rayburn N. Foster of Morley, Scott Co., under 21 to Vera Ussery, 18; mar 20 Jul 1935; consent of Lena Ussery, mother and H.S. Foster, father
Oscar Ussery of Jonesboro, Union Co., IL, age 30 to Charlene Price of St.Louis, 26; mar 22 Nov 1941
Glenn Franklin Ussery of Crystal City, Jefferson Co., 28 to Irene La Verne Cowan of Crystal City, 25;  mar. 27 Oct  1943
Cecil F. Ussery of Whitewater, 29 to Anna A. Ussery of Whitewater; mar. 24 Mar 1947
James Elroy King, age 17 to Patricia Louise Ussery age 18; mar 14 Sep 1952 - consent of Sam King, Jr.
Alvin Jerry Farrow, 19 to Clara Ellen Ussery age 15; mar 20 June 1953 - consent of Mrs. Emma Farrow and Gusta Ussery


Carter Co., MO

Usery, Lowery to Kennedy, Sarah; 9 Feb 1896
Usery, Nova to Shomaker, Frank,  17 Apr 1898
Usery, Rufus V., of Fremont,over 21 to Bertha E. Kennedy of Barren, over 18; mar Nov 29, 1909 at Van Buren
Usery, George to Mrs. Minta Rawlings; mar 1 Jul 1915 at brides residence
Usery, Lowery (?) to Eva Driskill, under 18; mar 3 Dec 1938 at Van Buren
Usery, Dorris of Fremont, over 21 to Elsie Bates of Winona, over 18; mar Oct 7, 1917
Usery, Fraze? of Fremont to Altie Moore of Chilton; mar 12 Nov 1917; James Moore, father, consented
Usery, Sam of Hurley to May Murler of Garwood; mar 7 Oct 1917


Cass Co., MO

Elisha B. Ussery (?) to Jila Tillery mar 27 June 1873, Wesley Wright, MN
Samuel M. Ursury (?) of Archie to Emma R. Waldren of Archie; mar 10 Mar 1898


Cedar Co., MO

Anneliza Ussery of El Dorado Spring, over 18 to William T. Large of El Dorado Springs; mar 14 Oct 1886


Christian Co., MO

Eva Ussery to James Jack mar 25 Jul 1929
Ruth Ellen Usary to WilliamTaylor; mar 12 Sept 1936
Beulah Ussery to Dennis Bolt; mar 21 Aug 1937
Sylvester Ussery to Florence Routh; mar 25 May 1940 by David Ussery
Helma Usrey, age 40 to Sidney M. Weed age 45; mar 25 Apr 1943


Clark Co., MO

Fletcher Usrey of Chicago, 17 to Ann J. Doogan of Willow Springs, Cook County, IL age 17 ; mar 9 Oct 1944 at Kahoka. Consent of Treat Usrey, father;
Mrs. Maribell Doogan, mother.


Clinton Co., MO

Stonewall Ussary, Buchanan Co. to Miss Parry Vestal, Buchanan Co; mar 8 Jan 1891


Clay Co., MO

Orville Ussery of Kansas City, KS over 21 to Marie  Urich of Johnson City, KS; mar 1 Nov 1941
Theresa Ussery of Lafayette Co., MO to Donald E. Cowick; mar 27 Nov 1947, Lexington, MO


Cole Co., MO
Military Records
Military Records of the Adjutant General's Office at Jefferson City:

Mexican War: JOHN USSERY, pvt, age 24, enrolled June 28, 1846 Ft. Leavenworth, KS. Mustered in June 28, 1846, Capt. W.S. Murphy's Co. B, Capt. J.S.
Wood's Co. B. Discharged Aug. 18, 1847
JAMES USSERY, pvt, Co F Capt. Dorban. Enlisted 11 Mar 1865, Wiston, MO: mustered 16 Mar 1865, St. Joseph, MO; transferred toCo. F from Co. H; out
31 Aut 1865, Benton Bks, MO
SILVESTER USSERY, pvt. Co. C. Dallas Co. Home Guards, Capt. Leomons. Enrolled 24 June 1861, Buffalo, MO; left for Illinois 12 Aug 1861
JAMES URSARY, Pvt., Co. D, 82 Regt. EMM, Capt.Woods. Enlisted 11 Nov 1863, Weston MO; 11 Nov 1863 by E. H. Norton; 144 days in service; deserted
HENRY USSARY, Co. G, 82 Regt. EMM, Capt. Osborn. Ordered enrolled. In 30 Nov 1863, in New Market, MO by Maj. Clark; relieved 8 Jul 1864; 221 days
in service
MARTIN V. USSERY or USSARY, pvt. Co. D, 7th Prov. Regt. EMM; enrolled 1 Apr 1863 at Mt.Vernon, MO, by Lt. Col. J.S. Coleman; detailed from Co. A.,
26 EMM; in 1 Apr 1863; relieved 29 Feb 1864; S.O. 13, HQ 4th Dist. EMM; 335 days
A. USSERY, pvt, Co. A 26 Regt. EMM, Capt.E.D. Brown; enrolled 16 Aug 1862, Buffalo; volunteered ND ______ 7 Aug 1867
BOWLINE USSERY, pvt., 26 Regt EMM, Capt.E.D. Brown; enrolled 6 Aug 1862, Buffalo; volunteered U.S. Service.
ANNUEL URSURY, age 31, pvt Co. F, 8 Reg.Cav.Vol., Capt Coffee. Enlisted 2 Aug 1862, Buffalo; in Sept 12; died at Duvall's Bluff, AR, 23 May 1864 of
HENRY URSERY, age 18 pvt Co. E, 32 Regt. Ing.Vol., Capt. Clark. Enlisted 27 Aug 1863, Crawford Co., MO. 20 Oct 1862?; Died of disease 27 Feb 1863
near Vicksburg, MS.
ELISHA B. USERY, pvt. Clark's Crawford County VMM, Capt. NG Clark; enrolled 1 May 1865, Rolla, MO; relieved from duty 11 May 1865
W. URSERY (W.R. Ursery?) age 23, pvt. Co. E, First Mo. Cav. Regt. Inf. Vol., Capt.Holland. Enlisted 20 Dec 1861, Springfield. In battles: Surgar Creek,
Bentonville, Elk Horn, Farmington, Iuka, Corinth, Baker's Creek, Big Black, Vicksburg; paroleld, not heard of since. Native Platte County, New Market, MO.
ELISHA B. URSERY, pvt. Ferguson's Crawford County Prov. EMM., GO 107, Capt. W. H. Ferguson. Enrolled 10 Sept 1864, Steelville; relieved 8 Apr 1865;
238 days.


Cooper Co., MO

Edith N. Usry of Montgomery Co, over 18 to W.M. Arnold, Cooper County, over 21; mar 3 Oct 1899 at Prices Brancy, by E. W. Reynolds, ME Church South


Crawford Co., MO
(Usry Bul. 16, pg 10)


C. C. Dotson of Berryman, Crawford Co., Mo. over 21; Miss Mary Usery of Berryman, Crawford Co., Mo. over 18; license 16 December 1887; married on
18 December 1887 by James L. Caldwell, MG at James Gillichi’s, Crawford Co., Mo.
Hiram Usery and Sarah Godby married 17 Sept. 1866  
Charles B. Ursery and Julia C. Cook mar. 10 Sept 1873
Bulus Orr and
Emma A. Ursery mar. 14 June 1892
Riley Usery of Berryman and Julia Kimberlin, mar. 8 Feb. 1899 at home of bride
Luther Usery of Huzzah and Birdie Almeda Browning
of Scotia, mar Sept. 18, 1904
Harold O. Usery of Steeleville and Edith G. Woods mar 10 Mar 1921; consent of W.R. Usery, father; W.P. Woods, father
Luther Usery? and Mrs. Myrtle Huitt of Huzzah mar 29 June 1924
Donald E. Usery of Cuba and Catheryn Ann Spaneville mar 19 Jan 1947

Land Patent

William Usery of Crawford County, 15 Dec 1857, S1/2 NE1/4 of 14, NE1/4 of 22 , NW 1/2 NW 1/4 of 23-37-2, 180 acres

Land Deeds

To Henry Estes from William Usery, warranty deed, Dec. 27, 1854
To James B. Martin from William Usery, warranty deed, Sept. 10, 1867
To John W. Gregory from William Usery, warranty deed, 31 Oct 1870
To William Usery from Wm. Hudspeth, warranty deed, 1 Jul 1854
To William Usery from W.D.Simmonds, warranty deed, 4 Dec 1866
Hiram Usery from W.H. Parker, warranty deed, 16 Nov 1870

1860 Census
Curtois Township

William Usery  41 m KY farmer
Jane [Dawson]Usery 43 f KY  
James H. Usery 15 m KY  
Elisha B. Usery 14 m MO  
Hiram Usery 12 m MO  
Charles B. Usery 6 m MO  
Mary F. Usery 4 f MO  
Martha E. Usery 2 f MO  

This family can also be found on the St. Genevive, MO Census

1870 US Census - Curtois Twp:
USERY, Wm 57 m farmer KY
Usery, Jane 53 f  KY
Usery, Charles 16 m MO
Usery, Mary F 14 f MO
Usery, Martha E. 12 f MO
Usery, Nancy J 9 f MO
Wright, Thomas 11 m MO
Wright, John 21 m farm labor IND
1880 US Census:

USERY, William w m 61 KY NC KY
Usery, Jane [Dawson] w f 63 wife KY ? KY
Usery, Hiram , w m 32 son; widower MO KY KY
Usery, Nancy J w f 14 daughter MO KY KY
Usery, Mary J. w f 11 granddaughter MO MO MO
Usery, Emma A w f 9 granddaughter MO MO MO
Cook, Thomas w m 28 farmer TN TN GA
Cook, Mary F [Usery]  w f 24 wife MO KY KY
Cook, Ada L. w f 3 daughter MO TN KY
Cook, Ida C w f 6/12 daughter MO TN KY


Curtois Baptist Church near Berryman:

Charles Usery 1853-1909
Cathern Usery 1855-1925
Wm. Usery Dec. 15, 1818 - Aug. 21, 1896
Jane Usery, dau. of W. Dawson, wife of Wm. Usery, Jan 30 1817 - June 12 1894
Nancy Mason 1860-1925
Greene Mason 1860-1940
Bulus Orr Aug 22, 1866 - Mar. 17 1894
Emma M. [Usery] Orr Mar. 4, 1871 - Mar. 20, 1958
Henry Blain Orr, son of Bulus and Emma A. Orr, Dec 26, 1892-Apr 20, 1893
Hiram Usery  9 Apr 1848 - 27 Jul 1922
Mary Louisa (Martin?) June 9 1825 - Aug? 1900
Neva I., dau. of G.T. & M.F. Cook (Mary Francis Usery) died May 15, 1894, age 16m 3d
Infant son of G.T. & M.F. Cook (Mary Francis Usery) died Jan 9 1886, age 14 m
Mary A. dau. G.T. & M.F. Cook (Mary Francis Usery) died Aug 16, 1888
Viola White nee Cook 1883-1955
Leonard Mason 1886-19__
Cora E. Mason 1884-1928
Naomi Mason 1922-1923
Cecil Mason 1912-1922
Malcolm Mason 1921-1921
Ava Lee Mason 1888-1888
Ida L. Mason 1893-1899
Era Mason 1895-1913
Greene Mason 1860-1940
Nancy Mason 1860-1925
Minta Ann Dotson Jan 13, 1899-Oct 11, 1900

Steelville Cemetery:

William R. Usery 1876-1946
Julia Usery 1876-1929
Tressie J., dau. of W.R. & J.M. Usery, Aug 13, 1905 June 24, 1917
Lee Pounds 1872-1934
Cora Pounds 1878-19__
Cherryville Baptist Church Cemetery:

Kenneth S. Usery Jan. 3, 1913 - Jan 22, 1959 [son of Luther Hanson Usery]


Dallas Co., MO

Will of Thomas H. Ussery, deceased. The court appointed Moses Killian curator of the estate of Thomas B. Ussery, minor heirof the deceased, 8 Oct 1872.
Security: Geo. P. Gammon and Sylvester Ussery.

Marriage Records

Polly Young and James W. Ussery [son of
Silvester Ussery] 29 Sept 1873
William Shadrick & Martha Jane Ussery [dau. of
Annuel Ussery ]13 May 1875
Mary Ann Ussery & Simon B. French 5 Jan 1869
L.V. Sidwell, under 18 to Aaron Johnson Ussery, of Lousburg,over 21, issued 29 Mar 1894. [Son of Silvester Ussery]
Rebecca Essary, 16, Conway toJames A. Gann?, 21 Charity. Issued 12 Feb 1897
Amanda Essary, 19, Laird to Isaac J. Chapman, 23 of Tilden. License 20 Oct 1897
Wm. F. Condren of Buffalo, 20 to Lucy V. Sidwell of Louisburg, 20. m 6 Jun 1901
George W. Ussery, Cross Timbers to Grace D. Admire, Cross Timbers, mar. 26 Aug 1960
1860 Mortality Schedule Benton Twp: USSERY, Rachel J. age 3/12m born in mo. died in may whooping cough sick 3 weeks

1870 Mortality Schedule
Grant Township: USSERY, Lutisha age 4/12m born in mo. died in august brain inflammation

1860 Census, Dallas Co

Benton Twp 120-120:

Bolen Ussery 23 m farmer /120 TN
Sarah Ussery 28 f house work TN
Dianah F. Ussery 3 f MO
Peter M. Ussery 10/12 m MO

Annuel Ussery 27 m farmer 60/300 TN
Lavinia Ussery 24 f house work TN
John F. Ussery 6 m MO
Jesse P. Ussery 5 m MO
Jurusha Ussery 3 f MO
Martha J. Ussery 1 f MO


Peter Ussery 65  m farmer 4000/1600 NC
Dianah Ussery 53 f TN
Doctor B. Ussery 20 m MO
William Ussery 18 m MO
Andrew J. Ussery 16 m MO
Martin V. Ussery 16 m MO
King D. Ussery 11 m MO

Sylvester Ussery 26 m Blacksmith  TN
Catherine Usery 25f MO
Mary E.D. Ussery 6f MO
James W. Ussery 5m MO
David P. Ussery 3m MO

Thomas Ussery 33m Blacksmith TN
Mary A. Ussery 29f TN
Henry M. Ussery 10m MO
Mary D. Ussery 8f MO

1860 Census- Green Twp

J.W. Ussery 30m Blacksmith  TN
Easter Ussery 40f ILL
Ruth Ussery 6f MO
Sarah E. Ussery 4f MO
Manda Ussery 1f MO

1870 Census, Dallas Co

Grant Township

Sylvester Ussery   age 36 TN
...Catherine age 35 MO
...Mary E. age 16 MO
...James W. age 15 MO
...Peter L. age 12 MO
...Alice age 9 MO
...Frank P.F. age 6 MO
...Sarah C. age 5 MO
...Josephine age 3 MO
...Virginia age 1/12 MO

1880 Federal Census  
Miller Township
96-97 Farmer
Shadric, William age 26 MO -- KY
...Jane age 22 wife MO MO MO
...Monroe age 1 son MO MO MO
(This is Martha Jane Ussery...d/o
Annuel Ussery and   Lavina (Gunter) Ussery)

97-98 Farmer
Taylor, Fred age 63 Tn -- Tn (This is Godfrey...second husband of Lavina Gunter)
...Emeline age 44 Tn -- -- (This is Lavina Gunter...widow of Annuel Ussery )
Usery, William age 19 st-son MO MO TN
...Luther age 16 st-son MO MO TN
Taylor, Rosey age 13 dau MO TN TN
...Drury age 10 son MO TN TN
...Elnory age 7 dau MO TN TN

Reynolds Cemetery

Frank Fowler  Nov 2, 1833 March 1, 1923
Rachel A. Fowler Feb 8, 1834 June 5 1890 [Rachel Ann Sadler]
Henry B. Fowler 1835-1913  [Henry Butterworth Fowler]
Wife Lucinda 1843-1918 [Lucinda Howard Tinsley]
Clark Fowler Nov 6, 1866 Dec 8 1936


Warranty deed to Frank Fowler from Nancy Barger, Oct. 28, 1881; Book J, pg 125; NW 1/4 of SW 1/4 of Section 7, Twp 34, Range 20.
Sylvester Ussery from George Gammon, 27 Nov 1867
Martin V. Ussery from Peter Ussery 25 Jan 1868
Jackson Ussery from Martin Ussery, 20 Oct 1871
Jesse W. Ussery from D.A. Lindsey 6 June 1886
Thos. H. Ussery from United States, patent, 1 Oct 1860, filed 28 Jul 1886; 3-34-20 79 acres
Thos. H. Ussery from United States, patent, 1 Jul 1859, filed 30 Jul 1886; 3-34-20, 199 acres
Sylvester Ussery from United States, Nov 1, 1859, filed Dec 20, 1889, Patent 27, page 124; 2-34-20
Sylvester Ussery from United States, June 1, 1859, filed Dec 20 1889, Patent 27, page 125; 2-34-20
Sylvester Ussery from Killian James, March 26, 1858, filed Dec 20, 1889, warranty deed, book 27, page 127; 2-35-20
Jesse W. Ussery from Wm. B. Marsh, warranty deed, Sept. 25, 1858, filed Feb 12, 1886; 15-35-20
Peter Ussery from B.F. Ussery, July 27, 1861, filed 20 Jan 1899, warranty deed

The Buffalo Reflex, Dallas Co., MO 1923

Frank Fowler was born in Jackson Co., TN, Nov 2, 1833 and died at the home of his son near Pitsburg, MO, in Hickory Co., on March 1, 1923, at the age
of 89 years, 3 months and 27 days. On March 5, 1856, he married Rachel Ann Sedler, and four children graced this union, three of whom survive, being:
Purdy Fowler of Saline County, Andrew of Hickory County and J.V. of Chicago, Illinois. Lydia Fowler, deceased wife of Marion Self of this city was the
fourth. During the war he was an officer in the Confederate Army. He came to Dallas County in 1873 and has since made his home in this and Hickory
County. He was an uncle of Mrs. V.R. Walker and Sam Fowler, and grandfather of Anna Self of Buffalo. Services were held Sunday at Reynolds Chapel,
conducted by Elder V.P. Walker at 12 o'clock, followed by interment beside the remains of the companion who preceded him in death many years ago.

[Note: Frank Fowler was the grandson of
Mary Ussery Fowler]

Graham Cemetery:

Essary, John 17 Oct 1886 - 30 Jun 1888 son of G & M


Dent Co., MO

1880 US Census - Salem Township
USERY, Charles B. w m 26 works on RR  MO TN MO
Julia C w f 24 wife TN NC SC
Maria A. w f 6 dau MO MO TN
William R. w m 4 son MO MO TN
Cora M. w f 2 dau MO MO TN


Douglas Co., MO

USSERY, Albert N. or Norwood to Tresa Funderburg 2 Aug 1914
USSERY, Monroe of Cold Springs to Oppal Sisco mar 6 Aug 1914; consent of A.J. Sisco


Dunklin Co., MO

George Riley to Bertha Usrey of Bernie, 11 Aug 1917
Lula Usry of Malden to Ulysses McConnell m Dec 9 1919
Everet Ussery of Green Co, AR to Marie Melton  4 Aug 1930
Hilda Ussery  to Freddie Dodd 12 Oct 1929
Zula Usery of Kenneth to Elijah Masterson 23 Nov 1929
Walter Usrey of Bragg City to Ella Cross 13 Jan 1931
S.L. Essary to H.C. Robison 1891
Hazel Usery of Bragg City to Paul Knisell mar. 25 May 1935
Christine Ursury of Bragg City to Talmage Young mar 14 May 1938
Margie Pauline Usery of Kennitt to Haskell Gerald Williams mar 28 May 1958
Betty Jean Usrey of Bragg City to Tony Walter Bruton mar 30 Apr 1960

Horner Cemetery, Clay Township:
Billy Wayne Usery 25 Apr 1948- 9 Dec 1970
W. Halbert Essary 1892-1939
Henry W. Essary 1883-1951


Franklin Co., MO

William Ussery of Calhoun County, over 21 to Maudie Peck of St. Louise, over 18. Mar 24 Dec 1937
Georgia Usery of Sullivan to William Braggett of St. Louis: mar 21 Feb 1942
Mary E.Usrey of Webster Groves to V.L. Brookman of St Louis; mar 28 Jul 1958


Gasconade Co., MO

Roy Ussery, Jr. to Dolores Stark mar. 19 May 1953


Greene Co., MO

Thos. H. Ussery to Mary Sebers m. Mar 30, 1849
Sylvester Ussery to Catherine Killion m. Jan. 20, 1853
R.M. Miller to Mary D. Ellison m. Oct. 12, 1854
Wm. N. Gottefried of Springfield, over 21 to Miss Vina Usry of Springfield,over 8 m. Jan 29, 1900
Sherman Brownlow of Springfield, under 21 to Letha Ussery of Springfield, under 21 m. Nov. 28, 1923
Adolphus D. Usrey of Springfield,over 21 to Helma Le Bolt of Springfield, over 21 m. Nov. 24, 1927
Joe Ussery of Semour, over 21 to Opal M. Collins of Springfield, under 21 m. March 16, 1929. Consent of mother, Mrs. Minnia E. Collins

ESAREY, James 4 Jul 1861, Springfield [spouse: Phebe?]
ESSARY, Emeline 1 Feb 1980, Springfield
ESSARY, Hiram, Watts Cemetery
ESSARY, Isham/Isom 4 Mar 1934, Springfield
ESSARY, Mable Jane 5 Apr 1984, Springfield
ESSARY, Noah 7 Dec 1960, Springfield
ESSARY, Sherman Edward 27 Aug 1957, Springfield


Book G. pg. 58: 4 Feb 1854, warranty deed. Peter Ussery and his wife Dianah of Greene County, for $50, deed to Charles Breech, Sect. 27, Twp 30,
Range 19, 40 acres. (Now in Webster County)


1840 US Census: Peter Ussery 3m 0-5; 3m 5-10 2m 10-15 1m 1m 30-40; 1f 10-15;; 1f 20-30

1850 US Census- Ozarks Twp.
Peter Ussery 45 m farmer $1600 NC
Dianna  43 f TN
Jesse W. 22 m TN
Anual 20 f TN
Sylvester 18 m TN
Larry B. 15 m TN
Bolen 14 m TN
Jacob P. 12 m TN
Benjamin F. 10 m MO
William 8 m MO
Andrew J. 7 m MO
Martin V. 7 m MO
Sarah E. 4 f MO
David B. 2 m MO

Jesse M. Preston 35 m farmer TN
Elizabeth  27 f TN
Rebecca J. 8 f TN
Mary M. 6 f TN
William A. 5 m TN
James J. 3 m MO
Martha B. 4/12 f MO


Hickory Co., MO

1886 - JOSEPHINE USRY- Mother, age 19; Father not listed. -A. C. CURL, M.D., CROSSTIMBERS, Medical Attendant


David P. Ussery to Miss Jeanette Berstrow m. Oct. 27 1878
Henry Kennedy of Hickory County, under 21 to Miss Sarah C. Ussery of Hickory County, under 18 m. Nov. 24, 1881. Father Sylvester Ussery, assented;
Henry and Elizabeth Kennedy also.
John H. Burton of Hickory County, over 21 to Miss Alice Ussery of Hickory County, over 18 m. Nov. 26, 1882
Peter D. Ussery of Cross Timers, over 21 to Miss Catherine Hoehn of Climax, Camden Co., under 18 m. Aug. 7, 1888. Assent of Joseph Hoehn, father.
Mr. Frank P. Ussery of Preston, over 21 to Miss Mary Haynes of Climax, over 18 m. Nov. 5, 1889
Herman Sanford of Preston, Hickory Co., over 21 toMiss Jennie Ussery of Preston, over 18 m. Nov. 5, 1889 at residence of P.D. Ussery.
P.L. Ussery of Cross Timbers, Hickory County, under 21 to Miss Effie May Hankins of Preston, over 18 m. Dec. 15, 1895; Catherine Ussery, mother.
Mr. Nedom M. Garner of Almon, Hickory County, under 21 to Miss Icy B. Ussery of Preston, under 18 m. Oct. 21, 1906; W.S. Garner, father; Peter David
Ussery, father.
Streeter Ussery of Preston, under 21 to Maude Roark of Childers, over 18 m. Oct 11, 1908; Peter David Ussery, father.
Joseph William Ussery of Preston to Myrtle Teague mar. 25 Oct 1908; Peter David Ussery, father
John A. Wright to Leona Ussery of Cross Timbers, mar. 23 Jun 1912
Richard B. Hickman to Lena Ussery of Cross Timbers mar. 28 Feb 1917; Peter David Ussery, father
Jessie A. Jackson of Preston to Icy B. Garner mar. 8 Oct 1914 [dau. of Peter David Ussery ]
George Ussery of Cross Timbers to Hattie Philbert of Preston, mar. 1 May 1920; Peter David Ussery, father; Frances Lake, mother of Hattie
Sylvester Ussery to Frances Teague of Fristoe, mar. 30 Nov 1923; Peter David Ussery and Rachel Bresears,, parents of Sylvester
Homer Duncan to Emma Ussery mar. 29 Nov 1930; J.W. Ussery, father
Lowell Belk to Olene Ussery mar 21 Oct 1939
Charles B. Hart to Icie Jackson , mar 10 Aug 1940 [dau. of Peter David Ussery ]
Shelly Ray Mewhin? to Mildred Ethel Ussery of Cross Timers, mar 21 Dec 1940; Geo. Ussery, father. [granddaughter of Peter David Ussery ]
Pearl Ussery to Jess Colbert mar 29 Aug 1941
Evelyn Jane Ussery to Delbert Aubrey Oldfield, mar. 26 Sep 1948

July 9, 1885: to Sylvester Ussery from P.D. Ussery, warranty deed 592
Oct. 11, 1895: to H.L. Sanford from J.W. Ussery,warranty deed 33-632
March 30, 1895: to F.P.F. Ussery from I.N. Matoney, mortage 7-226
March 3, 1896: to P.D. Ussery from W.W. Chrisape, warranty deed 30-306
Sept. 1, 1898: to A.J. Ussery from James S. Richards, warranty deed 33-511
Jan. 20, 1881: to J.W. Ussery from Calvin Bracken, warranty deed 32-546.
Mar 3 1890: Warranty Deed from Isaac Sidwell to Silvester Ussery
Census 1880 U.S. Census: Cross Timbers Township:
Ussery, David w m 23 farming MO MO MO
Julia E. [Berstrom] w f 18 wife MO MO MO
Edna [married Calvin Ruby Pendleton] w f 3/12 dau MO MO MO

1880 U.S. Census: Stark 49-50 Township:
Ussery, Sylvester w m 51 farmer TN VA TN
Catherine w f 44 wife MO - -
Alice w f 18 dau MO TN MO
Frank P.F. w m 16 son MO TN MO
Sarah C. w f 15 dau MO TN MO
Josephine w f 13 dau MO TN MO
Virginia A. w f 12 dau MO TN MO
Aaron J. w m 7 son MO TN MO
Charles H. w m 6 son MO TN MO
Phillip S. w m 4 son MO TN MO


Cross Timbers Cemetery

Ussery, Dorothy L.-1931 9 months
Ussery, Roena J.-1929 6 months
Ussery, George-2/3/1901-10/9/1968
Ussery, Grace (Admire)-7/3/1903 - 3/31976
Ussery, Peter D. -1856 -1942
Ussery, Catharine- 1873 -1966
Ussery, Joseph W.-7/12/1889 - 12/22/1969
Ussery, Myrtle E.-1/31/1890 - 5/13/1966
David E. Brock Dec. 5, 1844-Feb. 18, 1912
Durnell Chapel Cemetery

Ussery, Artie C.-7/26/1921- 7/22/1978
Ussery, Dorothy L.-1 /9/1925 - Married 7/9/1941

Fisher Cemetery

Jesse A. Jackson Jan. 26, 1876 May 10, 1935
Icie B. Jackson Aug. 30, 1892 [dau. of Peter D. Ussery
J.T. Jackson Nov. 8, 1916 Oct. 15, 1933 son
Fairview Cemetery

Junettie, wife of P.D. Usery July 24, 1864 - May 7, 1887
Martha, wife of Thomas Driskill Aug. 27, 1813 May 3, 1889
Eula E., dau. of A.L. and G.D. Driskill Oct 19, 1908 Nov 18, 1910
Mary J.E.Driskill May 15, 1848 Feb. 14, 1934
James K.P. Driskill Nov. 15, 1848 May 28, 1934


Howard Co.

Francis Usery and Elenor Bozarth? married Jan. 5, 1843.


Howell Co.


James Henry of Willow Springs to Miss Mary F. Ussery of Willow Spring; mar 21 Oct 1894 at Willow Springs
Robert H. Howard to Miss Fannie Ussery of Willow Springs; mar. 10 Jul 1904 at Willow Springs
John Robert Usrey of Willow Springs to Cleta Joan Crews of Mountain Grove; mar. 2 Sept 1950
Ina Ussery of Mountain Grove to William Puckett ; mar 3 Aug 1932
Mamie Usery of Freemont to D.C. Keaster; mar 26 Nov 1932
Ruby Ussery of Mountain Grove to B.H. Stubbs; 1 Jan 1935

29 Jan 1927: To Nellie F. Ussery from C.M. Self Book 141, page 473

Iron Co.

1860 US Census:
Union Twp- 970/946: Also See Wayne Co., MO
Euotta Usrey 30 f MO [Henrietta "Retta" Hubble Morris Usrey, widow of William Usrey]
John Usrey 18 m Farmer MO [Known as John Morris Ussery in 1850 Wayne Co Census]
Washington Usrey 9m MO [George Washington Usrey]
William Usrey 5m MO
Mary Usrey 2f MO

1870 US Census:

Usry, Riley 45 f w keeping house MO
Usry, Washington 20 m w works on farm MO
Usry, William 17 m w MO
Usry, Mary 13 f w MO

William H. Usrey and Miss Sarah Higgins, married Aug. 10, 1873.
Chester Harold Usery of Pilot Knob to Nora Maxine Graves, mar 14 Jun 1947
William Monroe Usery of Des Arc to Reta Phillips of Wayne Co., ; mar 10 Sept 1945


Deed of Trust: Feb. 1, 1879- Book U/pg 305: William H. Usery and Sarah E. his wife purchased a deed of trust a parcel of land from Lucinda Raney [Wm
H. Usery and wife bought land from Andrew Wallis, giving notes for $210 to Lucinda Raney]
Warranty deed, July 22, 1871, Book L, pg 225; George W. Usrey and Eviline Usrey, his wife, sold to Peter Hincle.
6 Sep 1879: William Usery and wife to Cicero Collins, warranty deed
1 Feb 1879: William H. Usery from Lucinda Raney and husband, warranty deed.
14 Apr 1874: William Usery and wife to Lucinda Raney, warranty deed.
6 Dec 1866: William Usrey (deceased), by Administrator, to John W. Emerson, deed....
11 July 1858: William Usrey from Leonard Reed and wife Sarah Ann, deed to 40 acres
19 Feb 1918: Chester H. Usery from Iron County, 80 acres
18 Feb 1918: Chester H. Usery from George W. Rimbey- 80 acres
Circuit Court Files:

4 Mar 1924: William Usery was charged with illegal possession of moonshine whiskey, 1 1/2 pints. He asked for a change of venue from Madison County to
Iron County; was found not guilty by a jury.

12 Apr 1927: Willard Usury was charged with and found guilty of stealing 4 tires, 2 wheel rims, tubes, battery, etc.; was ordered to pay $179.90, but could
not be located.

17 Aug 1948: Harold C. Usery vs. Nora M. Usery

Records of the Probate Office

Jan. 30, 1860- Estate of William Usry, deceased. His widow, Henrietta, was subpoened to appear in court; State of Missouri, County of Iron. David W.
Shaver, administrator of William Usry, deceased, being duly sworn, says that the said William Usry died intestate and without having any will at Iron County,
MO, leaving as his heirs: Washington Usry, William Usry, Mary Usry, sons and daughters of the deceased, and Henrietta Usry, widow of deceased, all
residents of the County of Iron, State of Missouri.

Cindy, Here is a copy of my GG-Gpa's estate sale from Iron Co., Mo. exactly
as it was written. Would be great to have it on your web site (maybe some one
will give me a clue.  Valerie Dysart VDysart@aol.com )

Sale bill of the Estate of William Usry deceased sold on the 11th day of Feb
1860 bt the Administrator of said Estate.

One Dark Brown Mare sold to Thos. Morris $ 38.60
One pair Three years old Steers sold to Thos. W. Poston 20.25
One Red Cow sold to Sanford Gowing 12.30
(shd be Gowan)
One Pied Heifer sold to Mrs Usry (widow) 10.55
One Roan Heifer sold to Chas. Kellison 6.00
One Pied Cow & Calf sold to Thos Morris 11.60
One Lot of Hogs sold to John Harrison 7.30
One Mans Saddle sold to Daniel Hubble 14.00
One Fan Mill sold to Henderson Stevenson 16.50
One Logging Chain sold to Henderson Stevenson 1.40
One Mattock sold to Henderson Stevenson 1.05
One clock sold to Robert L. Ross 6.55
One Revolver sold to William Reed 5.50
Four Lbs Wool Rolls sold to Chas. Kellison 1.95
One Pr. Steelyards sold to Isaac Mann 1.50
One Saddle sold to Daniel Hubble 1.05
One Dry Hide sold to Thos. Morris .10
One Pied Yearling sold to Henderson Stevenson 2.00
One clock sold to William Reed 2.50

Whole Amt. $ 159.70
State of Missouri
County of Iron
A. L. Sanborn says that he was the clerk of the sale made by David W. Shaver
Adminstrator of the estate of William Usry, deceased and that the foregoing
is a true account of said sale at the time therein specified.

A. L. Sanborn
Subscribed and sworn to before me the 11th day of Feb. 1860
D. W. Shaver Justice of the Peace


Jackson Co., MO

Edna R. Ursery to Calvin R. Pendleton, mar 4 Oct 1902
Ina C. Ussery of Lafayette County to Leonard L. Black mar 10 Apr 1914
Frances E. Ussery of Jackson County to Thomas Igo mar 15 Dec 1959
Gilbert Raymond Ussery to Louise Evans mar 26 Feb 1938
Isaac S. Ussery to Mamie May Stone mar 27 Oct 1940
Stonewall Jackson Ussary of Buchanan Co, MO to Zula B. Lady of Marion Co., KS; mar. 29 Jan 1920
Charles A. Ussery to Alpha G. Hanavan, mar. 23 Nov 1927
Homer Ussery to La Verne Rice, mar. 27 Aug 1935
Jesse Ussary  of Platte County to Minnie Crogarber of Platte County, mar 3 Apr 1913
[Son of William Riley Ussary and Grandson of  William & Phoebe Snodderly Ussary]
Ethyl M. Ussary to Lloyd A. Johnson, mar 6 Oct 1920
Hazel Lucille Ussary to Billie Francis Clark, mar 19 Mar 1924
Agnes Ussary to Wilmer W. Stanton, mar. 10 Aug 1926
Hilda Ussery to William S. Moore, mar 5 Nov 1925
Bessie Ussery of Wyandotte Co., KS to Howard Hamm of Wyandotte Co., KS, mar. 24 Mar 1934
Alvin A. Ussery of Sedgewick Co., KS to Betty Jean Mott of Wyandotte Co., KS, mar 1 Sept 1951
Donad Gene Ussery to Betty Jo Ann Evans of Clay County, mar. 24 Dec 1953. [Both were under 21; consent by legal guardian of Donald (name unknown)
and mother of Betty]
Donald G. Ussery to Rose M.Darling, mar 22 Feb 1957
Charles E. Minter to Bernice Ussery, mar 30 June 1939
Billie E. Edwards and Mavis J. Usery mar 13 Nov 1943
William R. Boehm of Bronx, NY to Edna Pearl Ussery, mar 3 Apr 1946
Iva L. Ussery to Ray A. Brown, mar 19 Sept 1947
Bernard Wise to Mary Ussery, mar. 3 Jan 1948
Frank F. Schwartz, Jr. of White Co., IN to Geneva M Ussery of Jackson, mar 21 July 1957


Laclade Co., MO
Information contributed by Kathy Harmon eharmon@airmail.net

Marriage Records

Nancy A. Essary & Pleasant G. Selvage 2 Mar 1854 Book A Page 292
Delila D. Essry & George Selvage 1 Apr 1858  Book A Page 342
Matilda Essary & William A. Decard (Deckard)  7 Aug 1864 Book B Page 35
Elizabeth Ann Essary & James Conner 22 Oct 1866 Book B Page 91
A.J. Essary & Cassandra Decker 4 Mar 1867 Book B Page 116
George W. Essary & Mary L. Price 14 Sep 1882 Book B Page 72
John W. Essary & Cordelia Branstetter 3 Dec 1882 Book B Page 90
Martha M. Essary & Francis M. Bell 19 Dec 1886 Book B Page 391
James L. Essary & Susan D. Bell 31 Dec 1886 Book B Page 395
Lizzie Esery & Thomas Ragsdale 23 Oct 1889 Book E Page 158
Fredrick A. Essery & Amanda E. Jennings 10 Jan 1892 Book E Page 355
Hannah A. Essary & Harvey S. Thomas 9 Oct 1892 Book E Page 408
Walter T. Ussery & Dora Uptegrave 15 Jul 1893 (no filing date) Book F Page 65
Laura B. Essry & Mace A Stephens 22 Dec 1901 Book G Page 388
Margery Essery & John Hauk 24 Mar 1902 Book H Page 7
ESSARY, James L. 12 Feb 1864 [spouse: Martha McClain]
ESSARY, James S 6 Jun 1925 - Essary Cemetery [spouse: Elizabeth Dill]
Graceland Cemetery
Essary,Joseph 13 May 1878 - 24 Jul 1972

Thomas J. Essary 1881-1955

Union Township

M.L. Essary 11 Aug 1876 - 19 Jun 1880
John Essary 8 Oct 1885 - 11 Jun 1886
Infant Son of James & Eliza Essary 24 Apr 1884 - 27 Apr 1884
Miley I. Essary d/o James & Eliza 18 Nov 1874 - 15 Feb 1879
Infant Daughter of James & Eliza Essary  b & d 1 May 1881
Tilda Deckard (Matilda J. Essary) 1849 - 31 Jan 1910
William A. Deckard 1850 - 1 Feb 1910
Delilah D. Price (Essary, Selvedge) 5 Nov 1841 - 18 Dec 1905
James Essary 1840 - 1925
Eliza M. Essary 1845 - 1884
Martha E. Greathouse (Essary) w/o A.J. 4 Feb 1868 - 26 Jan 1942
Infant Deckard d/o T.J. 6 Jan - 7 Jan 1883
One stone has three names: Mary, Elly, Sally...no other info There is an Infant Pender but no relationship given to Essary b. 30 June 1931 - no date Due
to undergrowth, it is almost impossible to locate any of the stones in this cemetery...there are several unidentified field stones.

1860 US Census

James L. Essary 55m Farmer NC
Martha Essery 51f TN [Martha (McClain) MacCain]
George Essary 28 m TN
James Essary 20m TN
Delila Salvage 18f TN
Matilda J. Essary 15f TN
Andrew J. Essary 13m TN
Betsy A. Essary 10f TN
Martha Salvage 1f MO


John Essary 22m Farmer MO
Sarah J. Essary 15 f TN
George Essary 7/12 MO

1870 Federal Census

Union Township

77-77 $600-$336 Farmer
Essary, James age 39 TN
...Eliza M. age 25 MO
...James L.J. age 4 MO
...Martha age 2 MO
...Eliza J. (b. in April 1870) age 1/12 MO
Phelps, John F. age 20 MO farm laborer

78-78 $600-$150 Farmer
Essary, George C. age 38 TN
...Sarah E. age 28 IN
...Jesse M. age 9 MO
...James age 7 MO
...Martha M. age 5 MO
...Sarah E. age 3 MO
...Mary A. age 1 MO

79-79 $1500-$830 Keepinghouse
Essary, Martha E. age 62 TN
Selvage, Delila D. age 29 TN
...Martha A. age 11 MO
1880 Federal Census

Hooker Township

50-50 Farmer
Ussery, Jesse P. age 25 MO TN MO
...Ellen age 26 wife IA NC IN
...Walter age 4 son MO MO IA
...John age 2 MO MO IA
...No name (b. in May 1880) dau age 1/12 MO MO IA

Union Township
220-225 Farmer
Essary, George C. age 52 TN TN NC
...Sarah E. age 37 wife IN IN IN
...Jesse W. age 18 son MO TN IN
...James L. age 16 son MO TN IN
...Martha E. age 14 dau MO TN IN
...Sarah E. age 12 dau MO TN IN
...Mary A. age 10 dau MO TN IN
...William A. age 8 son MO TN IN

221-226 Farmer
Essary, James age 40 TN TN NC
...Elisa M. age 34 wife MO TN TN
...James L. age 13 son MO TN MO
...Martha E. age 12 dau MO TN MO
...Elisa J. age 10 dau MO TN MO
...Hannah A. age 8 dau MO TN MO
...Mary age 7 dau MO TN MO
...Emma D. age 4 MO TN MO
...Josiah age 2 son MO TN MO
...Rebecca (b. Feb. 1880) age 4/12 dau MO TN MO

236-241 Farmer Deckard William A. age 30 MO IN IN
...Matilda age 31 wife TN TN TN
Essary, Martha age 72 mother-in-law widow TN NC NC
Selvidge, Delia age 36 sister-in-law widow TN TN TN


Lafayette Co.

J. W. Ussery May 14, 1855 - Nov 29, 1940  
Meredith S. Ussery 1893-1954
Katherine A. Ussery 1896-


Lawrence Co., MO
1860 US Census, Mt. Vernon Twp:
James J. Cherry 23 m Farmer TN
Elizabeth Cherry 20 f TN
James T. Cherry 2m MO
John Esry 18m TN
Adeline Esry 14f




Mississippi Co., MO



Montgomery Co., MO


Mt. Pleasant Cemetery
Thomas Usry, died March 27, 1891, aged 67 years
Sophronia Ellen Cox Aug 3, 1867 Aug 1, 1936
James Cox Dec 3 1844 Sept. 17, 1915
Maggie M. Cox, wife of James Cox Died Feb 3, 1885 age 32 y 5 m 1d

Wells Family Cemetery
Nancy Usry March 23, 1842 Aug 16, 1912
George H. April 1, 1885 Sept 9, 1885 [Child of George & Nancy Usry]
Bertha Usry  March 8, 1881 Oct 28, 1881 [Child of George & Nancy Usry]


Land Deed 1873 to Thomas Usry from F.A. Craig
Land Deed 1889 to George Usry from______
Land Deed 1910 to Nancy Usry from Pearl Lela Usry


New Madrid Co., MO
American State Papers, Public Lands, Vols. I, II, page 661 Land claims in the Missouri Territory: William Usery claiming 748 arpents and 63 perches of land
situated on the River St. Francis, district of New Madrid, produces a notice to the recorder, December 10, 1844. Present a full board. It is the opnion of the
board that this claim ought not to be confirmed.


Pettis Co., MO
Deaths: Botts or Walnut Branch Cemetery
USSERY, Charles E. Son of AL & MC B - died AUG 30 1897 AGE 6YRS


Platte Co., MO

Craig F. Robertson and Elizabeth Ussery mar. Mar. 3, 1843?
James Ussery and Polly Ann Keel? mar Mar. 31, 1854?
T. Mayberry and Jane Ussery mar. Jan 6, 1853
William T. Downing? and Elenora Ussery mar. Nov 1, 1888
Elliott B. Downing and Sallie J. Ussary, mar. Jan 11, 1894
If you have any information on a George Washington Garner and wife Mahala Ursery/Orsery (mar. 1844, Clay Co., MO), please contact Donna Garner


New Market Cemetery:
W.R. Ussary Sept 19, 1842 - Feb 23, 1934 [William Riley Ussary]
Mary Lamar May 3, 1841 - July 15, 1910
John Ussary Dec. 24, 1821 - March 14, 1894
Lucinda Ussary Aug. 3, 1843 - Oct 1, 1900.
Other New Market Cemetery Listings

1840 US Census:

William Ussery 1m 5-10/2f 0-5/1m 10-15/ 1f 5-10/ 1m 15-20/ 2f 10-15/1m 30-40/ 1f 15-20/ 1f 30-40

1850 US Census:
Green Twp
Phobe Usry 51 f Farmer TN [Phoebe Snodderly}
Louisa Usry 22f TN
Rebecca usry 20 f TN
Henderson Usry 18m TN
Nancy Usry 16f MO
Martha Usry 14f MO
Zeba Usry 12f NO
William Usry 8m MO
James Usry 24m TN


Pulaski Co., MO

1840 U.S. Census, page 226:
Ely Usry m 0-5/f 0-5/ m0-5/m 5-10/m5-10/m 20-30 f 15-20
(There is also an Eli Ussery in Cass Co., TX)


Ray Co., MO

ESAREY, Jesse 10 Feb 1855, Forster [spouse: Hannah?]


St. Francis Co., MO
American State Papers, PUblic Lands, Vol. II, pg 319. Rejections. Claims in Louisiana and Missouri. Claims founded on settlement which, in the opinion of
the recorder, ought not to be granted. Claiment: Elizabeth Ursery, claiming 600 arpents, St. Genevieve. Acts of ownership: inhabitation and vultivation by
Benj. Morgan in 1803 and 1804.


St. Genevieve Co., MO

1850- Union Township:
William Usrey 33 m farmer KY  
Jane [Dawson] Usrey 33f KY  
James H. Usrey 5 m KY  
Elisha B. Usrey 4 m MO  
Hiram Usrey 2 m MO  

(See William Usery in 1860 Census, Crawford Co., MO)

1840 US Census:
William Ussary:

1-m-5-10/ 2-f-0-5
1850 US Census, Green Township, 66-66:

Phobe Usry 41 m farmer TN
Louisa Usry 22 f TN
Rebecca Usry 20 f TN
Henderson Usry 18 m TN
Nancy Usry 16 f MO
Martha Usry 14 f MO
Zeba Usry 12 f MO
William Usry 8 m MO
James Usry 24 m TN

From the book "Annal of Platte Co., MO", by Wm. Pexton, 1897.

page 59 - March 3, 1843, C.F. Robertson married to Elizabeth Ussary
page 414 - John Calvin Sharp, born May 7, 1826 married in 1854 to Louisa Ussary
page 596 - Capt. William Ussary was born in Tennessee and died in Platte on Sept. 1846. He married Phoebe Snodderly, and came to Platte in 1837,
settling near New Market. Phoebe was a daughter of John Snodderly of Tennessee. Family Information

page 917 Thomas J. Lamar, b. 27 Oct. 1843, married 17 Feb 1873 to Melvina Doyle. Children: Henry A., James W., DeWitt C., Mary E., Thomas J. and F.
W. Lamar.


Saline Co., MO

Blue Lick Union Church Cemetery:
Lounettie V. Ussery July 27, 1877- Jan. 30 1937
Aaron J. Ussery Died Sept. 14, 1941 aged 69y, 4 m, 12 d.


Stone Co., MO

ESSARY, HANES to ---, LEVI 24 Jan 1859
ESSARY, W. E. to STALLION, SARAH E. 5 Jul 1896


Taney County, MO

USSERY, Lewis to RAGLAND, CHUMA J., 28 Aug 1892
ESSARY, MARY E. to CORNETT, JESSE        2 Mar 1893


ESSARY, ?? 7 May 1898 - Roller Cem.
ESSARY, Eva Jo 8 Jun 1983 - Helphrey Cem
ESSARY, George, aft 1880
ESSARY, Infant 7 May 1898 - Roller Cem
ESSARY, Jackson Washington, abt 1944- Helphrey Cem
ESSARY, William Jackson 21 Nov 1980 - Helphrey Cem.

Bethel Cemetery:

ESSARY, Walter J. Born Apr.30,1896 Died Dec.19,1896 ESSARY,Baby Born ? Died ? Baby of Troy Essary Prime ESSARY,Mary Bolin Born Jan.11,1879
Died Nov.12,1935 ESSARY,Lizzie Born 1908 Died 1932 ESSARY,Raliegh “Rilley” about 1870 - Son of Hiram & Malinda ESSARY,Emiline about 1870 -
Daughter of Hiram & Malinda


Warren County, MO

Stephen Ursery of Montgomery County and Miss Sarah A. Mitchell of Warren Co, married Dec. 27, 1876
Thomas Usry of Warren County and Mary S. Mitchell, married Feb. 6, 1884.


Washington County, MO

Shirley Union Church Cemetery:
Mary Jane Usery Dotson b. May. 8, 1869 d. Nov. 22, 1951

Sunset Hill Cemetery

Bertha E. Kennedy Usery b. Apr. 3, 1891 d. Oct. 29, 1952
Kayoko Usery b. Mar. 10, 1928 d. May. 16, 1973 [wife of Larry Usery]
Rufus V. Usery  b. Nov. 2, 1887 d. Apr. 29, 1967 [S/o William Edward and Sarah Higgins Usery]

Hiram Usery of Washington Co., Mo. over 21; Lucy Hanson/Harrison of Washington Co., Mo. over 18; 4 October 1881 license; married on 16 October
1881 by E. R. Fort, ordained MG at the residence of E. Hanson/Harrison, Washington Co.

Elisha R. Usery of Rocky Ford, Otero Co., Colorado over 21; Pearl C. Sloan of Potosi, Washington Co., Mo. over 18; 16 January 1914 license; married on
16 January 1914 by Lorel Bryan, JP at Potosi, Washington Co., Mo

Kenneth Usery of Huzzah, Crawford Co., Mo. 23 years; Lula Barr of Brazil, Washington Co., Mo. 16 years; Affidavit as to ages and qualifications; Consent
of Mother as to Lula Barr; 7 March 1936 license; married on 7 March 1936 by James R. Whitehead, JP at Potosi, Washington Co., Mo.


Wayne County, MO

1850 U.S. Census, Wayne Co. 150-158 See Iron County, MO
William Usrey 30 m laborer ?
Retta Usrey [Henrietta mn Hubble] 30 f ?
John Morris Usrey [child from previous marriage]  6 m MO
George Washington Usrey 1/12 m MO

If you have any information on this family, please contact Valerie VDysart@aol.com


Webster Co., MO

Martha E. Usery to Courtney Willhite 10 Oct 1880
George C. Essary to Sarah Deckerd 24 Mar 1861
Bowlin Usery of Dallas Co., and Sarah Young of Webster Co., married July 6, 1856
William Usry and Synthia Cook mar 23 Aug 1863 ( per Webster County, Missouri, Marriage Returns page 19 )
D.K. Usery and Mary Jane Hargis, mar. Dec. 25, 1866
Thomas B. Usery of Wright Co., and Centha Hargis of Webster Co., mar. Nov 22, 1880
William P. Ussery and Maudie G. Davis, mar. March 16, 1898
M. C. McGill and Sarah Usery, mar. Aug. 19, 1866

H.H. Allison of Springfield to Mrs. Helma [nee Helma LeBolt] of Springfield m. Jan 3, 1940

1880 U.S. Census -

Union Township
John Ussery w m 42 farming TN TN TN
George w m 20 son MO TN TN
Martha w f 19 daughter MO TN TN

Washington Township:
Essary, A.J. w m 32 TN
Casander w f 31 wife MO
Emily w f 12 dau MO
Jackson w m 10 son MO
John w m 9 son MO
James w m 8 son MO
Charles w m 6 son MO
Sam w m 4 son MO
Martha w f 6/12 dau MO

ESSARY, George W. 1 June 1984 - Good Springs Cemetery [spouse: Edith]
ESSARY, James about 1943 - Good Springs Cemetery [spouse: Josephine]
ESSARY, Josephine about 1941- Good Springs Cemetery


October 5, 1860- File from National Archives, Washington, DC-application for bounty land for Mexican War. Meriwether H Ussery made application from
Winston Co Mississippi. He said his discharge had been lost in a house fire.

Also See Texas Claims

1860 Winston Co., Miss Census-Copy from Federal Archives-Ft Worth pg 74,75
MH Ussery        40 TN
SA                33 AL
S(Susan)                18 TX (dau. by Elizabeth Reel)
Thomas                15 TX (son by Elizabeth Reel)
Mary                14 TX
Martha                 9  MS
MA  f                7   MS
AJ  m                5  MS
NR  f                4  MS
GW  m                1  MS
E Murray  f        16  MS
Irena Murray        18  MS Could these be his step-children?
October 29, 1860- Winston Co., Miss Deed R, pg 120 Merriweather H. Ussery to George B. Cooper 39 & 82/100 acres sold


Wright Co., MO


Raney, Helen Leota: Lemay, MO; died at Alexion Brothers Hospital, St. Louis on Dec 7, 1965 at 9 p.m.; school teacher; born Nov 21, 1905 in Wright Co.,
MO; d/o Abe Ussery and Minerva Smith; w/o Homer; 3 sons Paul of Lemay, MO, Duane of Springfield and Shelby of Lemay; 3 half brothers Othel Ussery of
Norwood, MO, Lewis Ussery of El Paso, TX and Ivan Ussery of Salinas, CA; 1 half sister Mrs. Jack O'Neal of Salinas, CA; 4 grandchildren. Burial Oak
Grove Cemetery.

Probate Records

Peter Ussery, guardian of Rutha, Sarah E., and Amanda F. Usery, minor heirs of Jesse W. Usery.
Sec. Wm. Usery and J.D.Rany. Dated Jan. 25, 1870. see will


Ussery Cemetery near Oak Grove:

Father (probably the marker for Peter Ussery)
Diana Ussery,wife of Peter Ussery, d. May 20, 1886, aged 79y, 11m, 26d.
William Ussery, b. Mar. 16, 1842 d. July 28, 1913
Martin V. Ussery Co. D, 7 PROV. EN. MO. MIL
A.J. Ussery, b. Mar 20 1844 d Sept 26, 1873
Willie Ussery, b 1866 died 1870?
Norwood Cemetery

W. Elisha Ussery 1887-
Stella M. Ussery 1892-1943
Peter [Moses] Ussery 1869-1944
Mary [ Elizabeth Gosvenor] Ussery 1883
Lela Alice Ussery 1914-1931
Oak Grove Cemetery

S.K.D. [Samuel King David] Ussery Feb 16, 1865-Jan 29, 1939
Sara Jane Owens Aug 11, 1865 - Dec 13, 1942
Ray. A.Ussery 1902-1942
Frances, dau. of S.K.D. Ussery Mar. 21, 1885- June 28, 1907
Fred M., husband of Lucinda Ussery 1890- 1916
Marinda Ussery Love 1881-1927
Henry M. Ussery Mar. 16, 1850- Mar 29 1926
Adeline Ussery Aug. 12, 1877 - May 9, 1922
LaVada Marie [Kirkendall] Ussery May 26, 1894 - Jun 2, 1942 (wife of Martin Abraham Ussery)
Martin Abraham Ussery Mar 30, 1880 - Aug 19, 1942
Minerva Ann Ussery Aug. 21, 1885 - Nov. 17, 1910
Obey, son of J.B. and Della Ussery. Feb. 28, 1888 - Apr. 22, 1906
Macomb Cemetery

Benton Monroe Ussery Mar. 29, 1892 - Feb. 27, 1960


J.S. Mathis and Nancy Ussery, Jul. 24, 1899

1870 U.S. Census, Wright Co:

Usery, Andrew 26 m w farmer $100/100  MO
Mary 26 f w MO
Frances S. 7 f w MO
Margaret 6/12 MO

1870 U.S. Census, Wright Co.

Ussery, Peter 68 m w farmer $4000/1000 NC
Dianna 62 f w keeping house TN
Rutha 17 f w school girl MO
Sarah 18 f w school girl MO
Amanda 18 f w school girl MO
Thomas 10 m w school boy MO
David 5 m w school boy MO
Jane 22 f w NC

1870 U.S. Census, Wright Co.

Usery, William 28 m w farmer $100/125 MO
Usery, Cynthia 21 f w housekeeper MO
Samuel 5 m w MO
May L. 3 f w MO
Peter M. 1 m w MO

1880 Census Wright Co., MO

Preston, James J.  w m 32 farmer MO MO MO
Preston, Minnie A. w f 15? IL OH IL

1880 Census Wright Co., MO

Ussery, Martin V.  w m 36 farmer  IL TN TN
Ussery, Sarah A.  w f 34 wife  IL TN TN
Ussery, Joseph M. w m 16 son MO MO IL
Ussery, Sarah D.E. w f 14 dau MO MO IL
Ussery, Dovey C. w f 13 dau MO MO IL
Ussery, Rachel R. w f 11 dau MO MO IL
Ussery, Susan C. w f 9 dau MO MO IL
Ussery, Mary F. w f 7 dau MO MO IL
Ussery, James A. w m 5 son MO MO IL
Ussery, Sylvester w m 3 son MO MO IL
ussery, Eliz. A. w f 1 dau MO MO IL

1880 Census Wright Co., MO

Ussery, Doctor B.F. w m 40 blacksmith MO NC NC
Ussery, Rebecca M.  w f 42 wife TN TN TN [mn: Morrison]
Ussery, Leroy w m 18 farming MO MO TN
Ussery, John F. w m 16 MO MO TN
Ussery, Susan Elry w f 14 MO MO TN
Ussery, William D. w m 12 MO MO TN
Ussery, Lewis A. w m 11 MO MO TN
Ussery, Sylvester V. w m 7 MO MO TN
Ussery, Adela J. w f 4 MO MO TN
Ussery, Jacob P. w m 2 MO MO TN
Ussery, James L. w m 3/12 MO MO TN

Ussery, William w m 38 farmer MO MO TN
Ussery, Elizabeth w f 37 IN TN MO
Ussery, Mary B w f 13 MO MO IN
Ussery, Peter Moses w m 11 MO MO IN
Ussery, Cynthia C. w f 7 MO MO IN
Ussery, Nancy M. w f 3 MO MO IN
Ussery, Amanda J. w f 2 MO MO IN

Ussery, William D. w m 31 farm laborer TN Tn --
Ussery, Mary A. w f 30 TN TN TN
Ussery, John R. w m 10
Ussery, James A. w m 6
Ussery, Bettie F. w f 1

Ussery, Peter Moses w m 20 step-son farming MO TN TN

Ussery, Peter w m 74 farming NC NC NCC
Ussery, Dianah w f 72 wife TN NC NC
Ussery, Samuel K. w m 15 grandson MO MO TN
& Affiliated Families
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