Ussery Family Index

Index of Ussery and Affiliated Families

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Henry Harrison Usry and Eliza Charlotte Bryant
Aminenc Alexander Ussery and Susan W. Rustin
Joseph H. Ussery and Betty J. Brewer
Lavenia Ussery and Hiram Henry
John Ussery and Mary Jane Brown
Elizabeth Ussery and William A. Cook
Pete Jamison Ussery and Lillie Pearl Chambers
Robert Ussery and Mary Elizabeth Butler
Samuel Ussery and Mary Ann D. Shotwell
William Ussery and Mary Elizabeth Reeves
Peter Ussery and Elsie Davis
Gordon Clopton Ussery and Annie Lydia Wright
Robert Franklin Ussery and Rebecca Hollis
William Faulkner Ussery and Susan Clopton Fowler
James Usry Miss Elizabeth Poole
Robert Ussery and Mary Chairs
Zachariah T. Ussery and Mary J. McDaniels
Robert J. Ussery, Jr. and Julia Ann Palmer
William Berl Ussery and Elizabeth Ann Woodson
Calvin Jones Ussery and Nancy A. Faulkner
Oliver Ussery and Laura W. Starling
John Augustus UsrySon of James
James Adolphus Usry and Martha Caroline Webster
John Martin Usry 1876-1938and Bertha Irene Hair
John Martin Usry, Jr. 1908-1987
Milton Jackson Usry and Sarah Adline Henry
Milton Jackson Usry, Jr and Mary L. Matthews and Matilda Matthews


Samuel Ussery and Margaret DeWeese
Seth Ussery and Roxanne (Rose) Clark
Thomas Ussery and Mary Elizabeth Taylor
Samuel Ussery and Jane Fultz
William Thomas Ussery and Martha "Mattie" Ann Harrison
Joseph Lane Ussery and Martha Jane Dean
Thomas Wade Ussery and Mary May
James Usray and Malinday Roebuck
George Morgan Ussery and Lula Jane Hughes
Gaston Moarse Ussery and Martha E. Cason
Pension Depositions of Phylena Ussery
David Ussery and Eliza Quincy
Issac 'Tobie' Ussrey and Sarah Harmon
Samuel Ussrey and Margaret Foreman
William Usery and Mrs. G. (Stephens) Fisher and Mrs. Roxy (Franks) Casbeer
Miss Annice Usery and G. T. Garvey
Morgan Ussery and Rhoda Caroline Lynch
William Ussery and Esther (Mandy) Morgan
Phillip Ussery and Harriet Alexander and Nancy Narrowback
George Edward Ussery and Georgia Wheeler
Albert C. Ussery and Adeline Ennis
Clifton Ussery and Jewell McKinney

Georgia Families!

Americus Jane Ussery and William Connell
Zebulon Marylon Pike Ussery and Elisabeth Johnson
Welcome Ussery and Wives: Eliza Jane Ussery and Cora Lee Powell
Thomas Almand, Jr. and Nancy David
John Littleton Barney Usry and Theodocia Johnson
Joseph Isaiah Green Usry and Charity Jocelyn/Joshlyn Hart
Maston Ussery and Darkis Lydia Ann Ussery
Meredith Usseryand Jane Watson
Cleveland Henry Ussery and Susie Jane Wilder
Charlie Lee Ussery and Addie Jane Ussery
Erwin Lafayette Ussery Samantha Ann Elizabeth Collins
James Maston Ussery and Mamie Lee Purvis
Levi Ussery and Rachel
Samuel Ussery and Emeline Prudence Bush
Joel Levi UsseryNannie Jane Barlow
Albert Jackson Ussery and Sarah 'Fannie' Frances Fann
Grady Henry Usry and Clevie Amelia Childre
George Washington Usry and Mary Isabelle Watson
John Ussery and Sally
John Ussery and Sarah 'Sally' Mitchell
John Ussery and Louisa Thompson
William Usryand Jincy Callahan
John Usryand Elizabeth Newsom
Daniel Bruce Ussery and Rebecca F. Crumbly and Mary Christina Wynne
Jane Ussery
Benjamin Franklin Ussery and Fanny Graham and Martha E. "Mattie" Silas
John B. Ussery and Cynthia Crumbey
Mary (Polly) Ussery and Solomon Gross
Rhoda Ussery and John Gross
John Ussery and Cathleen
Daniel Bruce Ussery and Wives
Jackson W. Ussery and Rebecca Chambers

Illinois Ussery's

Lloyd Dale Ussery and Mildred Kathryn Bechdolt
Dale Halbert Ussery and Paula Jean Avery
Steven Dale Ussery and Debbie Ann Hepker
John T. Ussery and America Josephine Casper and Lilly Thomas
William Usery/Ussery and Lucretia
Silvester Ussery and Mary "Polly" Barnett
Silvester Ussery and Rebecca Canady

Indiana Ussery's

Bolin G. Usery and Mary Ferell
Bolin George Usrey and Rebecca L. Crooks.
James K. Usrey and Mary Ann Griffin
James Franklin Usery and Sarah Jane Pope
Ferd Usery and Mary Crawford
Jane Useryand Thomas Neeley
Phillip Usery and Francis Warren
Phillip Usery and Nancy Crowder
Joseph Warren Usery and Parthenna J. Sharp and Sarah Louise Waggoner
George W. Usery and Loucinda Walters and Mary E. Pigg
David Usrey and Susan Pigg
William Carroll Usery and Mary Wilson

Louisiana Families!

Anthony Wayne Pope Ussery and Kezia Jones