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Mississippi Families!

Robert Shotwell and Catherine White Cook
John Essary and Wives:Eavia Carter and India Blackwood
Elizabeth Jane Ussery and Ebenezer Perkins
Mary Pauline Ussery and Joseph Perkins

(Daughter of Peter Ussery and Milly Jarvis of Tennessee)

Sarah Eveline Perkins and George W. Vaughn .
Alfred J. Perkins and Keziah Vaughn
William Dixon Perkins and Mary Ann Ward and Elizabeth Taggart
Martha Goodwin Ussery and Peter Brandon Perkins
Mary Catherine Perkins and James Edward Detherrow
Holden USSERY and Lucy Help Me Find the Bible Dictionary!
John Calvin USRY and Sarah L. Tidwell, Susan B. Burt and Mahaly A. Rustain

Missouri Usserys

Mary Elizabeth Ussery and William Tobe Thomas
Peter Moses Ussery and Mary Elizabeth Gosvenor
Thomas Esry and Margaret Linkhorn
James H. Esry and Letitia ?
William August Esry and Louisa M. Fletcher
John Taylor Esry and Tenie Jeffers Burton
Charles Esry and Lucretia Anna Bailey
John Henry Esry and Mary
John Logan Esry and Sarah Frances Bailey
Nimrod Esry and Selina Coulter
White Cotton Esry and Letitia Taylor
Matthew Theodore Esry and Lucinda Ann Ridgeway
Samuel King David Ussery and Sara Jane Owens
Luther Hanson Usery and Birdie Almeda Browning
William Usery and Jane Dawson
Hiram Usery and Lucy Hanson and Sarah Godby
John Henry Ussery and Mandy Smith
Franklin Abraham "Abe" Ussery and Ruby May Maynard
Joseph Martin Ussery and Marquarett "Maggie" Tudor
Clarence Ussery and Cleo Ardis Lathrom
William Ussery and Maude Gray Davis
Elizabeth Essaryand James J. Cherry
Adaline Essary and John A. Brown
W. J. Brown and Miss Martha Jennings
Peter Ussery and Dianne Adkisson
Sylvester Ussery and Catherine Killion
Phillip Lafayette "Fate" Ussery

and Pearl Ann Knoch and Ethda Effie May Hawkins
Charles Henry Ussery and Eunice Jane Martin Creasey
Peter David Ussery and Jeanette E. "Julia" Benson and Catherine Hoehn
Virginia Ann "Jeanie" Ussery and Herman Sanford
James William Ussery and Wives:
Polly Young, Minnie Sanford, Nancy Windsor, and Sarah Derry
Thomas Henry Ussery and Mary Sebers
Charles Hughston Ussery 1883- 1962 and Miss Belle Allen
Henry "Red Mart" Martin Ussery 1850- 1926 and Miss Adeline Hargis
John Ussary and Elizabeth Ann Cockerman and Lucinda Bledsoe
Claudius Ussary and Betty Cochran and Geneva Denton
Maurice E. Ussary and Phyllis Huggard
Ada Lee Ussary and Eugene Burkhead
Stonewall Jackson Ussary and Parzade Vestal and Zula Lady.
Capt. William Ussary and Phoebe Snodderly
Ziba Ussary and James B.Thompson
William David Ussery and Rebecca Jane Morrison
Pete Ussery and Mary Davis and Stella Hughes[?]
Fannie Florence Ussery and Robert Henry Howard
Martin Van Buren "Black Mart" Ussery
and Bessie Baker and Sarah A. Morrison
Sylvester Ussery and Louisa Franklin
Doctor Benjamin Franklin Ussery and Rebecca M. Morrison
William Elisha Ussery and Elizabeth Allen and Synthia Cook
Andrew Jackson Ussery and Mary M. Preston
Bolen Ussery and Sarah Young
Annuel Ussery and Lavina E. Gunter
Martha Jane Ussery and William Shadwick
Annual Luther Ussery and Martha Caroline Parks
Jesse Peter Ussery and Ellen Florence Edwards
Walter Taylor Ussery and Dora Lenora Uptergrove

North Carolina and Virginia

Freeman Ussery /Usry and Ann Peace
Squire W. Ussery and Lavinia "Viney" Martin Patterson
Angus Patterson Ussery and Mary Peacock
Joseph Wyatt Ussery and Mary Gertrude Cater
John Calvin Ussery and Catherine Covington
Moses Harrison Ussery and Sarah Jane "Sally" Baldwin
William Taylor Ussery and Harriet "Hattie" Richardson
Moses "Moke" Harrison Ussery and Ethel Greene
David Ussery of Montgomery Co., NC
Miles Ussery and Eliza Baldwin
Mastin Alfred Ussery and Mary Jane Sedberry
William Dorsey Ussery and Sarah Everett
George Washington Usseryand Mary Ellen Lisk
John Calvin Ussery and Catherine Covington
Robert Lee Ussery and Charity Effie Sanford and Carrie Lee Adcock
George Israel Ussery and Annie Byrd Thomas, Lillie Ann Thompson

and Cornelia "Lillie" T. Williams

Sarah Ussery and Anthanasius Elmore
Christian Ussery and Luke Robinson
Annice Ussery and Thomas Almand, Sr.
John Ussery and Sarah
Elizabeth USSERY and Issac Armstrong
William USSERY and Minerva Judith Mays
John USSERY and Elizabeth
John Ussery and Mary and Ann
John USSERY and ANNE, second wife
Joel (Ussery) Usry and Susanna Lemay
Samuel William Usry and Sarah Adeline Suitt
Thomas USSERY and Sarah of Granville Co., NC
Washington Usry and Mary Hunt
William Thomas (Billy) and Jane Fowler
John USSERY and Sarah Blackwell
William USSERY and Sarah 'Bays'
Thomas USSERY, SR. and Sarah
Annice Ussery and Angus Allelandee McDonald
Malachi Ussery and Angeline
William Dorsey Ussery and Sarah Everett

South Carolina Families

Thomas Jefferson Ussery and Susan Bell
Isham Frederick Ussery and Mary Davis
Squire Milton Ussery and Florence Malvina Bates
O'Bannon Ussery and Elsey
Gincey Ussery and Isham Spears
Lavinia Ussery and John Robertson
G. Henry Usry, Jr. and Jane Glass
William Dudley (W.D.) Ussery and Mary Lavina Robertson
Sarah USSERY and John Brown
Squire Welcome USSERY and Kezia
Richard Ussery of Lancaster Co., SC

Mary (Goodwin?) - 2nd wife unknown - and Elizabeth Elkins

Christian Ussery and John Lemay
Mumford Usseryand wives: Ella Evans and Mary Bailey
Richard Samuel Ussery
Charles Evans Ussery
Dudley Ussery and Cynthia McClure

Tennessee Families!

Needham Usery and Sarah Faust
OBie Roberts Usry and Nancy Bradford Scallions
Sampson Wade Usery and Lizzie Barr
Samuel Taylor Ussery and Jennie C. Nickels
Abner Ussery and Olive Elizabeth Smith
John Green Ussery and Mary Elizabeth Dudley
William Newton Usary and Elizabeth M. Goode
John Mastins Ussery and Juliet E. Murphy and Mary Lou Christian
Pearl Myrtle Usary and John Morgan
Joseph David Usary and Mary Katherine "Cassie" Pierson
Milas Thomas Usery and Rachel Matilda Fossitt
Mary Ann Essary and Daniel A. Trobaugh
John Robert Ussery and America Smith
James Buchanan Ussery and Annie Buchanan
Lilly Frances Ussery and George P. Howell
Amanda Polkie "Pocahontas" Ussery and Meadow White
William Neblett "Buck" Ussery and Elizabeth Ann Neblett
Sarah Sallie Williams Ussery and Thomas Duff
Forrest Odell Ussery and Hazel Lucille Crafton
Doc Franklin Ussery and Maude Owens
Mastin Ussery and Catherine
Pearson Ussery and Alice/Alce Pullum
John Welcome Ussery and Rebecca S. Neblett
William Thomas Ussery and Matilda Edith Wright and Laura Bryant
Daniel G. Ussery and Mary A. Doggett
Sarah Ussery and W. Anthony Cardwell
John Dockery Ussery and Ann Elizabeth Bailey
Welcom Ussery and Henrietta Webb
Samuel Perkins and Elizabeth Marsh and Mary "Anna" Ussery Dill
Deborah Ella Porch and William James Pegram
Martha M. Ussery to John C. Porch
Noah Ussery and Martha Reaves
Martha Matilda Fowler and George M. Davis
Sylvanus Christopher Clark Fowler and Elizabeth Hamilton
Welcome USSERY and Lucy GROSS
Lucy Ussery and John Fowler (Daughter of Welcome Ussery and Lucy Gross)
John Fowler and Parmelia Davis and Lydia Holman
Mary Ussery and Sylvanus Fowler : Daughter of Welcome Ussery and Lucy Gross)
Sylvanus B.M. Fowler and Adaline Butler Means (Son of Mary Ussery and Sylvanus B.M. Fowler )
Mastin Ussery and Elizabeth Fowler
William F. March Ussery and Sarah Ann Osborn and Nancy Faucett
Peter USSERY and Amelia (Milly) Jarvis and Lively (Rushing) Chairs
John Usseryand Malinda McKinney
Hutchin Ussery and Frances Fanny Rushing
Thomas Usary and Saraphine Walker
Thomas Allen USSERY/USARY and Nancy Hobbs
William Ussery and Ellen Nance, Jennie Marsh and Elizabeth Mahala Houston Tillman
Elijah Ussery and Faithful Massey
William Ussery and Rebecca Rushing
Joseph Carroll Ussery and Samantha Counce and Susan Gilbreath
William Carroll Ussery and Louisa Jane Hickman
William Robert Ussery and Zora Sneed
Hester Jane Ussery and John Polk Brownlow
William Ussery and Sally Williams


Robert Millington Usryand Clara Morrow
John Bolivar Usry and Rosie Lee Gilley
John William Usry and Mary Ethel Wall
Robert Thomas Ussery and Mary Jane Winbourn
Elisha Turner Ussery and Mary Eliza Lawson
John Bellamy Windbush Ussery and Luzetta Rogers Gurley
Merriwether Hurt Ussery and Mary Elizabeth Reel and S.A. Murray
James Monroe Ussery and Mary Harmon and Amanda Parker Robertson
Matthew Ussery and Catherine Gallagher
Peter Ussery, Jr. and Mary Devore
Charles Luther Ussery and Penter Jane Wright
John Martin Usry, Jr. and Mrs Alice (mn Hanakahi) Talley
John Martin Usry, Sr. and Bertha Irene Hair
James Adolphus Usry and Martha Caroline Webster
Lucinda Parker Usry, Mother of Cinthia Ann; Grandmother to Quannah Parker ...

Can You Solve the Mystery?

Rhoda Caroline Ussery and Marmaduke Gardner
Samuel Ussery and Nancy Stokes Hurt
Mastain Stephens Ussery and Wives: Evaline Latting , Lucinda Magby [McBee] Turner Wallace, and Olivia J.
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