Will of Peter Ussery of Wright County Missouri

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State of Missouri, County of Wright
I PETER USSERY of the County of Wright in the State of Missouri, being of sound mind and memory but knowing that according to the way of nature I cannot live long and wishing
before I die to make a fair, and just and equitable division of my propery among my heirs according to their respective rights and merits do make, publish and declare thia my last
Will and Testament.

1st I do hereby give and bequeath to the heirs of my deceased son ANNUAL USSERY, Louisa (Lavinia) Ussery, his widow who has intermarried with Godfrey Taylor since his death.
The following named children, JOHN, JESSE, JULIETT, JANE, WILLIAM and LUTHER children of same ANNUAL USSERY, One dollar each to be given to them or their legal
representatives by my executor whom I shall hereafter nameand appoint within one year from my death, out of any in their hands belonging to my estate.

2nd I do give and bequeath to my Grandchildren HENRY M. USSERY, THOMAS B. USSERY AND DIANNA KILLION who intermarried with Moses Killion, one dollar each, to be paid
them by said executor as aforesaid in last section.

3rd I do give and bequeath to my Grandchildren PETER MOSES USSERY, heir of BOWLIN USSERY, one dollar to be paid to him as provided for the payment of other legaces.

4th I do give and bequeath to my granddaughter, S.E. ALLEN, who intermarried with Samuel Allen, one dollar to be paid to her by my executor, within one year after my death.

5th I do give and bequeath to my wife NANCY USSERY, if she should survive me, One hundred dollars, to be paid by my executor, witin one year after my death.

6th I do bequeath to my grandchildren, PETER BREECH, CHARLES M. BREECH, JOHN B. BREECH and HARMON S. BREECH, the sum of one dollar each, to be paid to them within
oneyear after my death, by my executor.

7th I do give and bequeath to my son MARTIN V. USSERY, one dollar to be paid to him by my executor.

8th I do bequeath all the rest of my property, both real and personal, and mixed to be equally divided between the following named heirs of mine: SYLVESTER USSERY, WILLIAM
USSERY, D.B.F. USSEERY, and heirs of JACKSON USSERY and JESSE PETER PRESTON provided that JESSE PETER PRESTON stays with me until my death or until he is
twenty-one years of age then he is to have only one dollar.

It is my will for the purpose of carrying this my will into effect that WILLIAM USSERY be appointed the excutor of this my will and testament. I do hereby name, make, constitute and
appoint WILLIAM USSERY the executor of this my last Wil and Testament and authorize him to carry my will into effect and to dispose of and distribute my property in this will.

In witness whereof, I Peter have hereto set my hand this 27th day of August 1887. (Witness: Harvall Allen, T.J. Allen and Elisha Owens)

This agreement between me and my wife NANCY USSERY is that each one holds the property that we had at the time we were married and that this Will does not include property
or any other property that may come in lieu of the same.
Signed: PETER USSERY and NANCY USSERY (their marks)

File for record Feb. 28, 1894 at 4:12 pm.