Indiana Records

Juda/Judy Usrey and James Miller
Juda Usrey was born on Sep 9, 1801 to Phillip Usrey and Frances Warren. She was married to James Miller who was born was born on Aug 6 1799. He died in 1853. For more
information on this couple, see their biography
Juda Usrey and James Miller had the following children:

Pleasant Miller.
Sarah Ann Miller.
Robert Miller.
Samuel Miller.
John Miller.
Corder? Miller.
Mary Jane Miller.
Phillip Miller
George W. Miller.

Phillip Usery and Frances Warren
Phillip Usrey was born about 1774. He died on Aug 21 1846 in Sullivan Co., IN. and is buried in the Antioch Cemetery. Phillip and his wife came to Greene County, IN from White
Co., KY about 1828. They later moved to Sullivan Co., IN and bought land in the NW 1/4 of Sec.1, Cass Township and resided there until Phillip's death.
According to a report of his grandson, Wm. Carrol Usrey, Phillip was a Minister of the Christian Church and followed that profession until his death.
He was married to Frances Warren. Frances Warren was born about 1774 in Massachusetts. She died on Mar 2 1852 in Sullivan Co., IN. She is also buried in Antioch Cemetery.
Phillip Usrey and Frances Warren had the following children:

Juda Usrey
Jane Usrey
Phillip Usrey.
Richard Usrey was born about 1808.
Joseph Warren Usrey was born about 1810.
David Usrey.

Jane Usrey and Thomas G. Neeley
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Jane Usrey was born on Oct 1 1803 to Phillip Usrey and Frances Warren. She died on May 12 1866 in Sullivan Co., IN. She was buried in Antioch Cemetery. She was married to
Thomas G. Neeley (son of Joseph Neeley and Nancy Ann Horton). Thomas G. Neeley was born on Dec 15 1803. He died in Sullivan Co., IN. He also is buried in Antioch Cemetery.
Jane Usrey and Thomas G. Neeley had the following children:

Elizabeth Ann Neeley was born on Feb 12 1823.
Joseph Warren Neeley was born on Nov 21 1824.
Phillip U. Neeley was born on Feb 12 1827.
Nancy Neeley was born on Mar 3 1829.
Frances U. Neeley was born on Feb 26 1831.
Mary Jane Neeley was born on Mar 12 1833.
Henriette Neeley was born on Oct 18 1835.
Juda H. Neeley was born on Sep 9 1837.
Angeline Neeley was born on Jan 20 1840.
Infant boy Neeley was born on Oct 15 1842. He died on Oct 15 1842.
Margaret Neeley
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William Carroll Usery and Mary Wilson
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William Carroll Usrey was born on Jan 1 1846 to David Usery and Susan Pigg. He chose not to relocate to Baxter Springs, KS with his father and siblings in 1873, but remained in
Sullivan County and continued his farming. He was interested in promoting the agricultural interest of the County, devoting most of his time and attention to fruit culture.
He was married to Mary Wilson. William Carroll Usrey and Mary Wilson had the following children:
Martin Usrey.
Ida Usrey.
Winnifred Usrey.
William Usrey.

Phillip Usery and Nancy Crowder
Philip Usrey was born in White County, Tenn., August 16, 1806 to Phillip Usrey and Frances Warren. He married Miss Nancy S. Crowder in the year 1824, in Tennessee, moving
shortly after to Greene County, Ind. In the year 1828, he moved to Sullivan County, settling in what is now known as Cass Township, on Busseron Creek, living there six years; then
entered land in Section 35 in Cass Township, farming and shoe-making until his death, February 19, 1852. His wife survived him until September 15, 1867. They are buried in
Antioch Church Graveyard.

They had the following children:
Frances Usrey
George W. Usrey
James K. Usrey
Anna Usrey
Andrew J. Usrey mar. Rebecca Simmons/McBride
Sarah Usrey
John D. Usrey
Mary E. Usrey  

Joseph Warren Usrey
Joseph Warren Usrey was born on Oct 8 1839 to to David and Susan Pigg Usery. He died on Apr 9, 1902. Joseph was a prominent farmer owning about 242 acres of land in
Stockton township, Greene Co., IN. In addition, he farmed other land in what is known as the "Goose Pond" in Stafford Township. One of the first coal mines in Greene County was
on his farm, known as the Sponsler Mine. About 1896 he was selectedas an arbitrator to settle the strike called by the miners at the Island City Mine for union recognition and to
protest the hiring of Negro strike breakers. On April 23, 1869 he was appointed by Governor Conrad Baker as Justice of the Peace of Green County for a period of four years. He
also served on the Grand Jury for the State of Indiana, in Indianapolis, IN for several years. He was a charter member and Elder of the First Christian Church.

He was married to
Parthenna J. Sharp on Nov 11 1866. Parthenna J. Sharp was born on Oct 8 1839. She died on Apr 9 1902.

Joseph Warren Usrey and Parthenna J. Sharp had the following children:

Sarah Margaret Usrey born on Nov 8 1867. She died on Feb 3 1941. She married to Charles Taylor. Charles Taylor died in 1892. Sarah Margaret Usrey and Charles Taylor had
the following children: Fanny Taylor ; Effie Taylor ; and Bonnie Taylor. Sarah married a second time to James Nelson in 1897. They had a son Wayne Nelson.
Susan Minnie Usrey born on Jan 29 1870. Married to George Allen. Had a son Josephine Allen.
David Cyrus Usrey was born on Dec 31 1871. He died on Mar 22 1924. He was married to Madge Walton. David Cyrus Usrey and Madge Walton had the following children: Ruth
Usrey and Ruby Usrey.
Joseph Warren Usrey was born on Oct 8 1873. He died in 1936. He was married to Geraldine Maverity. They had a son, Clarence Usrey.
Ivan (Evan) Preston Usrey was born on Dec 15 1875. He died in Feb 1949. He was married to Maude Brewer Richardson.
William Usrey was born on Jul 10 1878. He died in 1942. Married Mae Wigley.

His second wife was
Sarah Louise Waggoner (daughter of Samuel Waggoner and Sarah Jane Brookshire) on Mar 8 1879. Sarah Louise Waggoner was born on Jan 20 1852.
She died in 1932. Samuel, her father, was born Jan 18,1832 and died October 1879. Her mother Sarah Jane was born June 17, 1833 and died September 1920. They were married
Feb. 10, 1851 and are both buried in the old Waggoner Cemetery located north of Lyons?, IN.
Joseph Warren Usrey and Sarah Louise Waggoner had the following children:

Samuel Alvedore Usrey was born on Dec 28 1879. He died on Aug 29 1922. He was married to Mary Templeton. They had the following children: Lawrence and Hugh Usrey.
Anna Usrey was born on Aug 20 1881. She died in Mar 1955. She was married to Robert Hudson. They had the following children: Cleo, Fay and Ilene Hudson.
James Henry Usrey was born on Nov 4 1883. He died in 1959. He was married to Mayme Cunningham. They had the following children: Clara, Fanny and Johnnie Usrey.
Lizzie Jane Usrey was born on Jun 23 1886. She died on Sep 18 1886.

Parmella Frances Usrey was born on Sep 18 1887. She died on Aug 19 1954. She was married to Theodore Allen. They had the following children: Janice and Mildred Allen.
Virgil Vorhoes Usrey was born on Aug 20 1890. He died in 1957. He was married to Jesse King. They had the following children:
Mary Louise
Joseph Warren
John Robert
Donald King Usrey
Carrie Pearl Usrey was born on Jan 24 1894. She was married to Lex H. Sherwood. Lex Sherwood was born on Nov 29 1890. They had the following children: Claire Ellen, James
Howard. Benjamin Hugh, Warren W., Norma and Joyce Sherwood.

David Usrey and Susan Pigg
David Usrey, the sixth child of Phillip and Frances Warren Usrey was born about 1812 and died March 4, 1884. He married Susan Pigg, daughter of James and Mary Jane (Neeley)
Pigg. Frances was born about 1812 and died in February 1882.

David came to Greene Co., IN with his parents in 1828. Later he obtained title to a tract of land in Cass Township, Sullivan Co, IN and built a log cabin. This tract of land included
the site of the Village of Buel, now called Cass. David was a large man being about six feet, one inch tall and weighing about 350 lbs. He was a Democrat, prominent in public and
was twice elected to the State Legislature about 1858-60. In 1873 he disposed of all his interest in this locality and moved with his family, except Joseph and William, to Baxter
Springs, Kansas, where he purchased land and was a prominent farmer until his death in 1884. Both he and his wife are buried in the family cemetery on his farm.

They had the following children:

James Usrey (Mar 27, 1881 married Rachel Turner in Cherokee Co., KS)
Phillip Usrey
William Carroll Usrey
Nancy Usrey
Francis Usrey
Mary Jane Usrey (Feb 6, 1878 married L.R. Jester in Cherokee Co., KS)
Anna Usrey (May 23, 1875 married William J. Raines in Cherokee Co., KS)

George Washington Usrey
The following was published in "History of Greene and Sullivan Counties, Indiana", published by Goodspeed Bros. & Co. 1884. It is typed as printed in book (original).

GEORGE W. USREY, farmer, P.O. Cass, eldest son of Phillip and Nancy S. (Crowder) Usrey, was born July 5, 1830, in Cass Township, Sullivan County, Indiana. He went to school,
in all, about two years, in the second schoolhouse built in the township, walking two miles. Commenced to work for himself at the age of twenty, marrying
Miss Lovisa E. Walters
March 7, 1848. She died April 14, 1852. To this marriage was born one son, William J. Usrey, September 3, 1851. July 27, 1854, he married
Miss Mary E. Pigg, his present wife,
and to this marriage were born thirteen children, nine of whom are now living. Mr. Usrey has improved and sold three farms, owning at this time a part of the old homestead, in
Sections 35 and 36, containing 152 acres, well improved.

Mr. Usrey was elected Township Assessor in 1860, serving two terms, resigning in 1864. Was elected Township Trustee in 1866, serving eight years and seven months, building ten
frame schoolhouses, and had them well furnished, which is a pride to his township. In 1874, Mr. Usrey commenced merchandising where the town of Buell now stands. Laid off the
town in 1879. His store was burned October 16, 1883. He will now return to his farm. Mr. Usrey has always voted the Democratic ticket, casting his first vote against the interest of
free schools which he afterward so ably sustained. Mr. Usrey taught one term of select school in 1855.

George Usrey and Lovisa E. Walters had the following child:

William J. Usrey was born on Sep 3 1851.

George Usery and Mary Pigg had the following children:

James Franklin Usrey m. Sarah E. Pope
John Andrew Usrey m. Hannah Lucinda Ringo
Henry N. Usrey
Emma Usrey
Lucinda Usrey
Hannah Usrey
Martha Usrey
Nan Usrey

James Franklin Usery and Sarah E. Pope
James Franklin Usery was born in Sept. 8, 1861 in Sullivan Co., IN to George W. Usery He died Feb. 12, 1940 in Sullivan Co., IN and is buried in the Sullivan Cemetery. His wife was
Sarah E. Pope was born July 19, 1861 in Sullivan Co., and died Sept. 12, 1941, also in Sullivan Co., IN. They were married April 20, 1879 in Sullivan Co., IN.

They had three children:
Ferd Usrey
Eva Pearl USREY b Nov. 29, 1889 and died May 25, 1966 Sullivan Co., IN. June 18, 1904 mar. Charles M. Pigg.
Ruth Mildred USREY b. Feb 11, 1902 in Sullivan Co., IN Mar. 25, 1924 married Ruel D. Smith.

Ferd Usrey
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Ferd Usrey was born Aug. 15, 1885 in Sullivan Co., IN. His parents were James Franklin Usrey and Sarah Pope.. He died April 29, 1862. Ferd was a coal miner and a Grocer. He
and his wife Mary Ann Crawford, b. Aug 30, 1888 in Sullivan Co., were married on 16 Oct 1907 in Sullivan Co., IN. She died 7 Jan 1978 in Sullivan, IN. Her parents were Joseph
Atkinson CRAWFORD (b. 24 Mar 1862, d. 8 Feb 1950) and Lydia Elizabeth BRODIE (b. 20 Mar 1862, d. 31 Mar 1930).

They had the following children:
Gladys Louise USREY
Opal Glenn USREY
Bynum Eugene USREY
Virgil Crawford USREY
Geneva Lois USREY
Mary Frances USREY
Ferd USREY, Jr.
Joseph Franklin USREY
Sarah Elizabeth "Betty" USREY
Phyllis Ann USREY