Tennessee Records

Anderson Co., TN

1800 Census

Name State County Location Page Year Age Sex Age Ranges Census Type  

Ussery, Samuel  TN ANDERSON CO.     1805       TAX LIST  
Ussery, William  TN ANDERSON CO.     1805       TAX LIST  

Bedford Co., TN

Russell Cemetery
Ursey, Rebecca S. 19 Aug 1853-26 May 1873
Ursey, Wiley J. 1 May 1826-15 Apr 1900
Ursey, Adaline 30 Nov 1825 - 22 Feb 1880

Marriage Records, Bedford Co

W.J. Ursey to Marsha E. Staples mar. 15 July 1886
H.A. Powell to Oma Usrey mar 9 Jan 1898
Gerooma Usrey to Avil B. Garrett mar 4 July 1915
Usry Bul No. 16 pg 3

William Usery, Blacksmith and Farmer

Tennessee has furnished to this county a number of representative men and among them might be mentioned William Usery, who was born in Bedford
County, TN in 1832. He is the son of Allen and F. Elizabeth Johnson Ussery, both natives of North Carolina, and early settlers of Tennessee, to which state
they migrated in pioneer times. They were members of the M.E. Church, William Usery was brought up as an agriculturist, and it was but natural that he
should permanently adopt that calling as his life occupation; this he has always followed. He used his education in the common schools of Tennessee, and
at the age of 18 learned the blacksmith trade, which he followed in connection with farming. In 1849 he came to St. Francis County, AR and worked at his
trade for two years. He was first married in 1851 to Mrs. G. (Stephens) Fisher and one child was born to this union, Frances, who is now the wife of William
A. Garvy and resides in Poinsett Co., AR. Mrs. Usery died in 1856 and in 1859 Mr. Usery selected his second wife in the person of Mrs. Roxy (Franks)
Casbeer, widow of Joseph Casbeer, who was a native of Tennessee and a farmer by occupation. By her second marriage, Mrs. Usery became the mother
of three children: Jerusha, widow of Frank Thiville, a farmer of St. Francis county, who died in 1886, leaving his widow and two children, Thomas and
Chessley . Mrs.Usery is the daughter of Chessley and Jerusha May Franks, the former a local M.E. preacher of Tennessee. Elder Franks came to
Arkansas at a very early day, and he married Miss May, a member of one of the oldest families of Northeastern Arkansas. Mrs. Usery is the 4th of eight
children born to her parents, her birth occurring in St. Francis county, Ark in 1829. She spent her school days in that county, and after her marriage to Mr.
Usery in 1859, they resided in St. Francis county for 13 years. Mr. Usery engaged in blacksmithing and farming. In 1872 he moved to Harrisburg and
bought 460 acres of land, but has since sold some of this, and is now the owner of 300 acres adjoining the city, with about 50 acres under cultivation. He
lives in the center of this, just across the corporation line. He has the best buildings, the largest orchard, bearing all kinds of fruit, and is considered one of
the substantial men of the county. By his marriage were born two children: Florence, wife of a minister of the M.E. Church, and residing in Texas, and
Annis, wife of George Garvey, a merchant of Harrisburg. Mr. Usery and family are members of the M.E. Church and he is a Royal Arch Mason. He is also a
member of the I.O.O.F. He and his excellent wife can relate some very interesting reminiscences of early times, how timber was made with a ship saw, how
the clothing and boots and shoes were made by the old settlers, and how Believer was at one time the county seat.


Cannon Co., TN
On 4 Dec. 1844 John Muncy entered #4890 250 acres on Barren Fork of Collins River adj. William KEEL [formerly Pleasant USSARY], BONNER, McAFEE
& FINGER witnessed by ABRAHAM MUNCY. On 5 April 1842 he entered #4850 210 acres on Barren Fork of Collins River adj. B & F BROWN and
USSARY'S line witnessed by Cyrus BROWN.On 13 Oct. 1851 [Bk. __ p-289/90] John Muncy purchased from ISIAH STARKEY 250 acres in Cannon
County, TN for $420 located on Barren Fork Collins River adj. James USSARY WHEREON THE MILL STANDS, William TRAVIS, STARKEY'S line including
a spring witnessed by William & Matilda SMOOT. On 13 October 1851 John Muncy sold to Isiah STARKEY 430 acres for $450 in Warren County, TN in
Civil District 10 adjoining William KEEL [formerly Pleasant USSARY'S], BONNER, McAFEE & FINGER's line; also 250 acres BELONGING TO CALVIN
NORTHCUTT being the South of D. H. BROWN. Cannon County, TN Deed Bk. K/340 on 5 Dec. 1855 he sold his son Eli Hamilton Muncy land on the
Barren Fork for $225.


Carroll Co., TN
George C.[3] Essary. Born, circa 1833. Census: 1850, in Carroll Co., TN. Children:

    ii.  Nancy E. Essary. Born, circa 1835. Census: 1850, in Carroll Co.,
   iii.  John Essary. Born, circa 1838. Census: 1850, in Carroll Co., TN.
    iv.  James Essary. Born, circa 1840. Census: 1850, in Carroll Co.,
     v.  Delia Essary. Born, circa 1842. Census: 1850, in Carroll Co.,
    vi.  Zelda Essary. Born, circa 1845. Census: 1850, in Carroll Co.,
   vii.  Andrew J. Essary. Born, circa 1847. Census: 1850, in Carroll
         Co., TN.
  viii.  Betsy A. Essary. Born, circa 1850. Census: 1850, in Carroll Co.,


Carter Co., TN
Usry Bul 60:

1798: Thomas Ursery born in N.C.

June 1, 1813, Thomas Ursery enlisted in Carter Co., TN with Capt. Britton and Wood N.C. Regulars.

1813-1814: Salisbury, NC, Washington, DC, Lower Canada, Plattsburgh, Burlington. Camp Cool Springs in Washington City, Elk P?, Alabama.

Sept 1817: Discharged from Army, 18th Infantry. (farmer, 19 years old, 6'1" tall, dark complected, hazel eyes, black hair) furnished substitute. served 4
years, 82 days, released in Alabama.

Marriage Records

Thomas Usry, Jr. to Sarah (Saraphine) Walker mar. June 6, 1856
Annis Ussery mar. Will Campbell 20 July 1894 by D.W. Ellis, JP; WP Waters, Bondsman
W.M. Dempsey to Mollie Ursery mar 5 Aug 1894 by E.A. Potter, JP; Y.L Blackwell, Bondsman
Saml. Usary to Edy McInturff mar 14 Jan 1895 by N.G. Walters, M.G.
David Usary to Sarah Holtsclaw mar 4 March 1906 by W.R. Gourley, JP
Ernest Usary to Hattie Butler mar 24 Dec. 1915 by ZC Campbell, JP
Sam Usary to Laura Pritchard mar 18 Aug 1922 by Frank A. Taylor, JP
The Williams Cemetery Located at Milligan College

David A. Usaray b. 7 Nov 1872 ; d. 18 July 1942
Eddie Usary [Rachel Eddie Row McInturff] (wife of Sam Usary) b. 26 may 1860; d. 27 Nov 1915
J. E. Usary b. 1898; d. 9 July 1962
Mrs. J. E. Usary (wife of J. E. Usary) b. 1896; d. 15 Oct 1963
Sarah Usary (wife of Thomas Usary) b. 28 Aug 1837; d. 27 Nov 1915
Annice (Usary)Campbell b. 14 Feb 1874; d 29 May 1955
Sam Campbell b. 12 Mar 1874; d. 26 Apr 1926

Book 4: [David A.] Deck Usary, Wife Sarah [ Holtsclaw]. Wit. N.L. Shepherd and L.E. Clayton. Probated 16 Oct 1942.

Book 5: J. Earnest Usary Sr., 7 Oct 1963. Wife. Mammie Campbell Usary. Sons: Welburn Usary, Kenneth Usary, Searle Usary, J. Earnest Usary, Jr., and
Searle Usary, exec.

Family Bible of Samuel Usary: (Usry Bul 60)

Samuel Usary and Laura Pritchard married August 17, 1922
Samuel Usary and [Rachel Eddie Row McInturff] Eddie McInturff married Jan 14, 1895
Samuel Usary and Hester Brown married March 24, 1929
Earnest Usary and Hattie Butler married Dec. 24, 1915
Eddie Usary was born May 26, 1860
Taylor McInturff was born June 21, 1886
Joseph Earnest Usary was born Aug 3, 1896
Ollie Mae Usary was born May 17, 1900
Montie Usary was born August 12, 1904
Infant son born August 6, 1903
Wayne Usary was born November 23, 1916 (20?)

Charlie McInturff died July 4,  18??
Eddie Usary died Nov 27, 19??
Samuel Usary died May 15, 1937


Cheatham Co., TN

Court Minutes; 1856-1860,Cheatham Co., TN

pg. 53: M. Ussery appointed an election judge for 4 Nov 1856
pg. 63: Ordered that James J. Baker, Sam Thompson and William Ussery be appointed patrols, 11th civil district, for 12 months; December term 1856.
pg 86: July term 1857, James J. Baker oversee Kingston Springs road gang to include William Ursery
pg 103: October term 1857, Martin Ussery appointed to jury duty.
pg 125: Jan. term 1858, Wm. Ussery allowed $30 for patrolling 30 mos at one dollar per month.

James H. Fulghrum to E.J. Ussery m. 4 Oct 1857
William Ussery to Nancy Dozier marriage license 23 May 1864
James H. Fulghrum to Mary A. Ussery marriage license 22 May 1865
W.G. Wyndham to Nancy F. Ussery m. 19 Dec 1866
J.M. Hooper to Mary E. Ussery m. 26 Dec. 1866
Thomas Mays to Susan Usrey m. 9 Jan 1873
Colman Ussery to Amanda Dorden m. 19 Mar 1873
Jarmin Ussery to Mary Hannah marriage lic. 23 Dec 1874; no return
Isham Peck to Susan Ussery m. 6 Jan 1876
Thomas Woodward to Amanda Ussery m. 26 Sept. 1876
Green Greer to Bettie Ursery m. 30 Nov 1876
Henry Usery, col. to Eva Knight, col; marriage lic. 16 May 1899; no return
Jarman Ussery, col to Harriett Goodrich, col. mar. about 1 April 1885
Robert Ussery, col. to Martha Edwards, col. m. 2 Aug 1886
Hubert Ushery to Ellis Das m 17 Feb 1927
1850 US Census, Cheatham Co., TN

page 134 586-586
William (F.) Usry 29 m farmer TN 350
Sarah (Osborne) Usry 26 f TN
William T. Usry 6 m TN
Mary E. Usry 1 f TN

1860 US Census, Cheatham Co., TN

10th Dist.
Martin (Mastin?) Ussery 59 m farming 7000/7000 NC
E. Ussery 55 f  TN
S.T. Ussery 20 m 250 TN
John J. Ussery 20 m  TN
M.A. Ussery 16 f  TN

Wm. F  Ussery 38 m farming 650 TN
S.A. Ussery 37 f  TN
Wm. T Ussery 16 m  TN
M.E. Ussery 11 f  TN
E. H. Ussery 3 f  TN

1870 US Census, Cheatham Co., TN

10th Dist. 80-80
Jerman? Ursery 29 m w farmer TN
Margret Ursery 33 f w  TN
Susan Ursery 13 f w  TN
Sterlin Ursery 12 m w  TN
Robert Ursery 10 m w  TN
Alexander Ursery 9 m w  TN
Lee Ursery 7 m w  TN
William Ursery 5 m w  TN
James Ursery  3 m w  TN
Martha Ursery 5/12 f w  TN

11th Dist. 36-36
Willis Ussery 43 m m farmer TN
Catharine Ussery 18 f b  TN
Hester Ussery 9 f b  TN
Samuel Ussery 7 m b  TN

1880 U.S. Census, Cheatham Co., TN

10th Dist 73-73
Fulghum James w m 58 husband; merchant TN NC VA
Fulghum Mary Ann (Ussery) w f 36 wife TN NC TN
Fulghum James T w m 14 son, school TN TN TN
Fulghum Theopelus w m 12 son, school TN TN TN
Fulghum Sallie w f 8 dau,  TN TN TN
Fulghum Nannie G w f 7 dau,  TN TN TN
Fulghum Willie P w f 4 dau,  TN TN TN
Fulghum John A. w m 1 son  TN TN TN
Ussery John w m 39 bro-in-law  TN TN TN

11th Dist 7-7
Adkisson, Lucy b f 50 VA VA VA
Osborn Nancy b f 19 servant TN TN TN
Usury Henry b m grandson TN TN TN

11th Dist 67-67
Usury Riley b m 60 laborer TN TN TN
Usury Patience b f 50 wife TN TN TN
Usury Tisha b f 17 dau TN TN TN
Usury George b m 9 son TN TN TN


Chester Co., TN
Marriage Records

Eldridge Fisher Usrey to Miss Annie Easley m. 14 July 1896
J.W. Usery to M.J. Moore m. 29 July 1900
Cleveland Ursery to Felice Blume m. 14 Sept 1902
Elisha Usery to Fronia Dillon mar 1 Nov 1903
Confederate Pension Application

Emily Ussery, widow of William (Dempsey?) Ussery


Claiborne Co., TN
Confederate Pension Application

Martha J. Essary; Elbert S. Essary; No. 4290
Mary Ann Esary; W.E. Essary; No. 7532


Coffee Co., TN
Marriage Records

Alexander Usery to Musadora Nugent (See Franklin County) m. 6 July 1864
Joseph Hyer to Margarett Usrey m. 7 Nov 1864
Elgan Howard Usrey w, 21, born KY; res. Cookeville to Edwin Ann Hayer, w., 19, born Davidson Co., TN mar. 31 May 1962


Crockett Co., TN
Marriage Records

William Ussery to Jane Lavore mar lic. 4 June 1896; not executed
W.G. Hogan to Miss Bertha Usry m. 23 Dec 1903
Sam Usery to Miss Gracie Kempe m. 19 June 1915
Confederate Pension Application

W.C. Ursery, soldier 31st Inf; application No. 9398


Davidson Co., TN
City Directory, Nashville, Davidson Co., TN

Ussery, James, works TN Mfg. Co.
Ussery, Katie
Ussery, N.

Ussery, James
Ussery, Katie Miss

Ursery, G.G.

Ursury, Gilbert G.
Ursury, Wane

Marriage Records
Mastin Usery to Elizabeth Fowler m. 1 Oct. 1818
John P. Pegram to Nina Ussery (Pernina Emily) m 22 Aug 1841
William H. Usery to Sarah Ann Osborn m. 14 Sept. 1841
B.L. Pack to Frances G. Swinny m 8 Dec 1841 by Mastin Ussery, JP
John C. Poarch to Martha M. Ussery m. Apr 10, 1847
John C. Poarch to Louise Cardy
Samuel F. Ursery to Nancy E. Prichard mar. Lic. 20 June 1861
Jarman Ussery to Mary Greer m. May 15, 1882
Fred P. Gelbert to Virginia Usrey m. 16 July 1917
Milley USSERY (also misread as UFSNEY on license) born 1813 (1850 Census) married Sep 18, 1832 Nashville, Davidson, Tennessee Samuel H. GILL of
Tennessee. All the children were born in Tennessee:

1. William Gill born 28 feb 1835
2. Henry Gill born 13 oct 1836
3. Emily Jane Gill born 10 Aug 1838
4. Elizabeth GILL born 26 jul 1840
5. Mathew Cooper Gill Born 23 Jan 1842  died in Oregan married Nancy E. Howell
6. Sarah Ann Gill  born 9 Aug 1843
7. Milly Cornelia Gill born 21 Sep 1845
8. John R. M. Gill born 1847
9. Samuel Gill  born 22 May 1849
10. Mary Gill born 25 Jun 1852
11. Franklin Gill born 31 Aug 1854
1841-1848-Mastin Ussery served as a Justice of the county.

1820 U.S. Census, Davidson Co.

Maston Usra , 1 male age 16-26 years; 1 females under 10; 1 females 16-26

1830 U.S. Census, Davidson Co.

Masterson Usry - 2 m 20-30; 1 m 30-40; 2 f under 5; 2 f 5-10 yrs; 1 f 20-30.

1850 U.S. Census, Davidson Co, TN

page 309- 1848 Nathan Ussery 21 m brickmason; murder

page 323 780-780
see family record

Mastin Ussery 50 m farmer 2500/1800 NC
Elizabeth (Fowler) Ussery 47  f TN
Sterling Ussery 25  m TN
Elizabeth Ussery 20 f TN
Minerva Ussery 18 f TN
Samuel Ussery 16 m TN
Nancy Ussery 14 f TN
Eliza Ussery 11 f TN
John Ussery 10 m TN
Mary Ussery 8 f TN
Thomas Ussery 4 m TN

1870 US Census, Davidson Co

14th Dis. 119-124
Usery Samuel 35 m w farmer TN
Usery Nannie 26 f w TN
Usery Ida  7 f w TN
Usery Lela 3 f w TN
Usery Maggie 2/12 f w TN
(see 1880)

1880 US Census, Davidson Co

14th Dist. 233-240
Ursery S.F. w m 43 farmer TN TN TN
Ursery Nannie w 34 wife TN TN TN
Ursery John w 14 son TN TN TN
Ursery Maggie w 10 dau TN TN TN
Ursery William w 8 son TN TN TN
Ursery Enoch w 6 son TN TN TN
Ursery Narcissa w 2 dau TN TN TN

Pritchard-Ussery Cemetery, Davidson Co

John Ursery Nov 19 1860

Mittie S. Ursery Nov 9 1863 --Feb. 25, 1942

John J. Stinson 1877-1948

Katie Ursery 1892-

Thomas P. Joslin July 26, 1832 Feb. 11 1901

Kinnie:Orrin Alexander 1870-1944 and Mary Pritchard 1872-1952

Vaughan: Arthur B. 1897-1945 and Susie U. 1899-19__

Enoch Ursery Jan. 25, 1894 Jan. 11, 1957 Tenn. Pvt Co. F 324 Inf. WWI
Willye Lee Ursery 1927-1928
Tennie, dau. of E. & Tennie Ursery Dec. 3, 1924 March 5, 1925
Isaac Pritchard Dec 26, 1834--July 10, 1874
Emma Long Pritchard 1840-1927
John H. Pritchard Feb. 1, 1870--Nov 3, 1890
Elizabeth, mother of J.S. Pritchard May 1754--May 1862
Robert Pritchard March 20, 1794--Feb. 4, 1847
ICP Died Dec. 14, 1844
Benjamin, son of ____ 1827-1833
John Marlin Dec. 9, 1852--March 12,1855
John S. Pritchard Apr. 15, 1801--May 5, 1877
Nancy, wife of J.S. Pritchard Mar. 23, 1805--Apr. 1, 1877
Elizabeth V. Bery? Mar. 22, 1828-May 3, 1849


Dickson Co., TN
Marriage Records

W.W. Ussery to Nora Jones license 24 May 1894; no return


Dyer Co., TN

Jesse A. Brown to Bettie J. Essary m. Sept. 23, 1868
Belver Redding to Leda Usery m 6 Dec 1917

1870 US Census, Dyer Co, TN

9th Dist 41-41
Ussery William 24 m w farmer TN
Ussery Fanny 24 f w  TN
Ussery Isic 1/12 m w  TN
Ussery Mark 18 m w  TN

1880 US Census, Dyer Co., TN

Graves Noah w m 34 NC NC NC
Ussery Elizabeth w f 64 mother NC NC NC
Ussery Jackson w m 24 brother NC NC NC
Ussery Rebecca J. w f 19 dau NC TN TN
Ussery Henry w m 21 brother NC NC NC
(names were not clear on the census!)


Fayette Co., TN

Calvin Ursery to Elizabeth Hutchinson m. 19 Dec 1844
Anderson Lloyd to Sarah Ursery, col., m. 10 Feb 1874
N.R. Ussery to Harriet Irwin m. 19 Nov. 1879 Bond N.R. Ussery and R.M. Causor
Abe Brown and Matilda Ussery mar. lic. May 1885; no return Bond: Abe Brown and Lewis Lemon
Land Deeds

L493-3Mar 1845: Calvin Usery to R.S. Tatum, Bill of Sale, $255 Negro girl slave Harriet
N182-3 Feb 1847: Isaac C. Dodds, James R. Mathews and William Mallen of 1st part and Calvin Ussery , 2nd part; $600 deed to Ursery 117 acres in
waters of Loose Hatchee, etc
N-192-4Jan 1848: Calvin Ursery to Begga Gatling, both of Fayette Co., for $800; deeds to Gatling land on waters of Loose Hatchee, etc.


Franklin Co., TN

Thos. Usley to Nancy J. Miller m. 4 Jan 1858
Alexander Usrey to Susan Winton m. 23 Dec. 1907

Land Records, Franklin Co

2-211, 29 Oct 1867; to Alex Ursery from Arledge Clem, Clerk; Book C pg 372
3-384, 9 Jan 1869: to T.J. Usry from Margaret Widener...
4-173, 7 Feb 1870; to Alex Ursery from John Ursery, 80 acres: No. 17259
8-11, 25 June 1879: to Alex Ursery from T.J. Ursery, 80 acres:No 17257
1860 US Census, Franklin Co

7th Dist, page 135; 1153-1153
Thomas Ursy 25 m road hand TN
Nancy Ursy 29 f   AL
Martha I Ursy 5 f  AL
Eliza Ursy 3 f  TN
Margaret C. Ursy 3/12  TN
Mary A. Suggs 10 f  AL

1880 US Census, Franklin Co

18th Dis. page 184: 87
Ersery Mary w f 33 cook AL NC NC
Ersery Nancy w 16 dau; nurse TN TN ?
Ersery Henry w m 5 son TN TN AL

Confederate Pension Applications

T.J. Usrey, soldier, 10762,Franklin Co., 17th Inf.
*A. Ussery, soldier, 4850, Franklin Co, 17th Inf

Contributed by Derrel Nugent

*NUGENT, MUSADORA (Dora), Born: Tn. Date: 1839 Died: Date: ???? After 1880 census. Father: John Nugent and mother Elizabeth Neighbors. Married:
Alexander Usery in Coffee Co., Tn. on Jul 6, 1864. Born: Tn. Year: 1835
Note: Records show Alexander Usery was in the civil war in Company D, Unit 17 Tennessee Infantry as a Private. Confederate Pension Applications . A.
Ussery, soldier, 4850, Franklin Co, 17th Inf

Land Records, Franklin Co

Alexander Usery bought the 40 acres of land from the John Nugent estate for 50
dollars in the May 10, 1876 law action.

29 Oct 1867; to Alex Ursery from Arledge Clem, Clerk; Book C pg 372
7 Feb 1870; to Alex Ursery from John Ursery, 80 acres:
25 June 1879: to Alex Ursery from T.J. Ursery, 80 acres:
1880 Census of the Ninth Civil District (Alto) Franklin County, Tennessee

Usrey, Alexander w m 45 TN TN TN
Dora w f 37 wife TN SC SC
Nugent, Jane w f 44 sis-in-law single TN SC SC
Manervia w f 37 sis-in-law single TN SC SC
George W. w m 16 nephew singleTN TN TN
1876 May 10, FCT Court Loose Records, Martha DOSSETT vs Milton NUGENT, J. J. ARLEDGE DC. To the Hon. Jno. W. Williams Judge of the County
Court of FCT.

Martha DOSSETT, formerly Martha NUGENT, Jane NUGENT, Minerva NUGENT, Alexander USERY and wife formerly Dora NUGENT, Benjamin CHERRY
and wife Elizabeth formerly Elizabeth NUGENT, citizens of FCT. Petitioners vs Milton NUGENT and Miles TAYLOR and wife Margaret NUGENT non-
residents of the state of Tenn. Defendants.

Petitioners respectfully represent to the Court that they and the defendants are the children and heirs at law of John NUGENT, dec'd, except Alexander
USERY, Benjamin CHERRY, and Miles TAYLOR who intermarried with children and heirs at law of said NUGENT, who died several years ago in FC, in
testate, and seized and possessed of about 40a of land in the 9th CD of said county, and adjoining the lands of REYNOLDS, LENEHAN, POWERS and
COLSTON and being the same upon which said John NUGENT resided at the time of his death. Petitioners charge that they are the owners and tenants in
common of said land as the hers of John NUGENT as aforesaid. Petitioners further charge that owing to the situation of the land, the timber, water and
improvements generally it would be impossible to partition the same equally between the owners thereof.

They therefore charge that the premises are so situated that partition thereof cannot be made and that it would be manifestly for the advantage of all the
parties in interest et al the same should be sold for division, instead of partitioned.... Sols.: FITZPATRICK, GREGORY & DAVIS /s/ D.S. LONG

Receipt from Clem ARLEDGE Clk of Alx USREY the sum of $50 the full amount of his purchase for the land in the above cause.

It appearing to the satisfaction of the court from its proof of Mrs. Elizabeth CHERRY and of the heirs, that Milton NUGENT has not been heard from for
more than 7 years, it is therefore ordered by the court, that the clerk of this court pay his interest in the above cause to the other heirs in equal proportion.
Deposition of D.S. LONG says that there is but 4 or 5 acres of land... thinks it should be sold...


Gibson Co., TN

John Ursery to Susan Tedrington m. 24 Sept. 1870
Marcus Ursery to Emeline Gooch m 15 July 1872
David Ursery to Mollie Williams m. 27 Feb 1888
Walter Usery to Nannie Florence Staton m. 10 July 1922 [They moved to Illinois and had four children. Three born in Tennessee and one born in Chicago.
For more info contact: Nancy Zimmer (Usery)

1870 US Census, Gibson Co

3rd Dist; 30-30
*Ussery George 64 m w farmer TN
Ussery Eliza 22 f w keep house TN
Ussery Mary 15 f w farm labor TN

*This George Ussery is the same man listed in the 1850-1860 Madison Co., TN Census and 1880 Henderson Co., TN Census in the Tettleton Household.

6th Dist 117-117
Usery Jennie? 26 w farmer TN
Usery Mary? 27 w  TN
Usery Lucy? 3 w  TN
Usery Tillman 1 m w  TN


Giles Co., TN

Lucy/Colvett/Roper Cemetery
Location: Hwy 64W; right into Campbellsville Rd; left on Factory Creek Rd; right on Anderson Creek Rd.[Also listed in the Maury Co., TN page]

Evan "Ibbin" Ussery d. 10 Jul 1861
Eula Ussery 23 November 1889; 20 September 1895; dau. of I.M. & A.P. White
Amanda White 1867-1937 [dau. of Joseph C. Ussery]
Isaac Meadow White 1862-1900
William Ussery b. ca 1794 d. 16 August 1875
Lively D. Ussery 27 August 1828 August 1848 (uncertain which dates are correct- other info states b & d August 1848)
Joseph C. Ussery 5 February 1826 20 August 1887
Samantha (Counce) Ussery 20 August 1843 14 March 1921
Mastin Ussery, son of W. & R. 20 January 1821 -- August 1883
A.J. Ussery 22 November -- 20 August 188-
Rebecca Ussery, wife of William 4 April 1802 13 May 1865

Sept 20 1812-Giles Co. TN Deed Book N pg 255 From John Haywood of Davidson Co, TN and Richard Hightower of Williamson Co TN to Peter Ussery and
Jacob Bogard, 5000 acres on Robersons fork of Richland Crk, of Elk River. Peter sold part of this land in 1815 to William Jones, Joseph Perkins and
Samuel Perkins.
Book P pag 17 Nov 14 1825- William Ussery to my son Eli Ussery- love and affection. 150 acres on Robertson Fork.
Book L 455- James Massey to my daughter Faithful Ussery- wife of Eli Ussery- one negro girl 12/23/1835

Hiram Ingram to Sarah Ussery m. 26 Dec 1839
Joseph Usery m. Susan W. Gilbreath m 15 Dec 1851
Hester J. Ussery to John P. Brownlow 1 Dec 1859
W.B. Mullen to Mary Ann Ussery m. 27 July 1865
Daniel Ussery to Juba (Julia?) Walker m 14 May 1869
John Fox, 24 to Ellen Ussery, 23 born Giles Co, m. 11 April 1882
J.T. Petty to Mollie A.Ussery m. 21 Dec. 1882
Richard Ursery to Annie Dickerson m. 29 Mar 1890
Bradley Ussery to Rosa Caldwell m 13 Nov 1898
Richard Ussery to Hannah Pates m. 25 Dec 1895
Henry Lee Humphries to Rosa Ussery m. 13Aug 1899
James Buchanan Ussery to Annie Buchanan m. 30 Aug 1899?
Doc Franklin Ussery to Maudie Owens m. 12 July 1902
Bradley Ussery to Mrs. Claytono Molton m 26 Jan 1903
Eddie Ussery to Edner Clem m. 27 July 1904
Clyde Shuler to Clevie Ussery m 19 July 1905
1830 US Census, Giles Co., TN

Peter Ussery - 1 male 15-20 yrs; 1 m 60-70 years; 1 f over 45; 1 f under 10; 2 f 16-26; 1 f 50-60

1850 US Census, Giles Co., TN

14th Dist. 41-41
William Usrey 54 m farmer 2000 NC
Rebecca Usrey 48 f NC
Joseph Usrey 24 m 600 TN
Rebecca Usrey 20 f TN
William Usrey 18 m TN
Ibbin Usrey 16 m TN
Anness Usrey 14 f TN
Hester Usrey 11 f TN
Sophronia Usrey 8 f TN
Francis Usrey 6 f TN
Sarah Usrey 5 f TN
Eliza Usrey 2 f TN
John Sutton 16 m TN

16th Dist 208-208
Frances Ursery 50 f NC
Mary A. Ursery 13 f TN

See Hutchen Ussery

17th Dist
Daniel G. Ursery 36 m farmer 2000 TN
Mary (Doggett) Ursery 30 f TN
Mary A. Ursery 17 f TN
William T. Ursery 14 m TN
Paralee Ursery 12 f TN
Gilbert Ursery 9 m TN
Celia V. Ursery 7 f TN
Peter Ursery 5 m TN
John Ursery 2/12 m TN

6th Dist. Mortality Schedule:
Clarinda Ursery 2 f born TN died March

Mastin Usery 29 m TN
Sarah Usery 21 f TN
Frances A. Usery 4 f TN
James W. Usery 2 m TN
William L. Usery 3/12 TN
Francis Usery 50 f mother NC
Margaret Usery 13 f TN

In 1851 he moved to Texas

1860 U.S. Census, Giles Co.

Daniel G. Ursery 45 m farmer  TN
Mary (Doggett) Ursery 46 f TN
Mary A. Ursery 27 f TN
William T. Ursery 24 m TN
Celia B. Ursery 17 m TN
Paralee Ursery 22 f TN
Gilbert Ursery 19 m TN
Peter J Ursery 15 m TN
John B. Ursery 9 TN
Fredella Ursery 7 f TN
Clarinda Ursery 5 f TN
Puss Ursery 6/12 f TN
J Flemming 22 m school teacher TN

Northern Sub-Div 186-186
Frances Usry 66 f farming 5000/2000 NC  

William Usry 63 m farming 4500/1500 NC  
Rebecca Usry 58 f NC
Frances Usry 16 f TN
Sarah P Usry 14 f TN
Eliza Usry 12 f TN
E.R Usry 26 m TN

1870 US Census,Giles Co, TN

15th Dist. 161-161
Francis Ussery 80 f NC
(died in June 1870)  

Gilbert H. Ussery 29 m w farmer and sawyer TN
Calpernia J. Ussery 28 f w TN
Ardena Ussery 7/12 Oct w TN

Ussery Daniel 33 m w works on sawmill VA
Ussery Julia 29 f w TN
Ussery Caroline 9 f w TN
Ussery Mary J. 15 f w TN
Ussery William 13 m w TN
Ussery Jerrie T. 11 m w TN
Ussery Cornelia 7 f w TN
Ussery Sophia A. 4 f w TN
Ussery Tavia 3 f w TN
Ussery Richmond G. 3/12 m Feb. w TN
Ussery Joseph B 3/12 m Feb. w TN

Stokes Thomas J. 59 m w stonemason VA
Stokes Nancy J 31 f w TN
Stokes Mary F 14 f w TN
Stokes Richard H. 12 m w TN
Stokes Jeremiah C. 9 m w TN
Stokes Martha A 7 f w TN
Stokes Sarah E. 4 f w TN
Stokes T.N. 3 m w TN

17th Dist 133-133
Daniel G. 55 m w farmer 1800/640 TN
Ussery Mary 57 f w TN
Ussery ? Dolly 15 f w TN
Ussery ? Jennie 13 f w TN
Ussery ?Ellen 11 f w TN

1880 US Census, Giles Co.

15th Dist. 305-316
Daniel G. 65 m w farmer  TN NC NC
Ussery Mary 67 f w TN NC NC
Ussery Ellen 21 f daughter w TN TN TN
Ussery Ardeena 11 f granddaughter w TN TN TN
Ussery  w TN

Dist. 2 : 221-222
Ursery Patric b m 47 farming TN VA VA
Ursery Sylva b f 45 wife TN TN TN

15th Dist 138-143
Edwards Booker b m 60 farming VA VA VA
Edwards Nancy mu f 50 wife TN TN TN
Ursry Adeline mu f 23 daughter TN TN TN
Ursry Aphrum mu m 4/12 Feb  

5th Dist 244-246
Ursery John M w m 36 farmer TN NC NC
Ursery Lodusta J. w f 26 wife AL NC TN
Ursery Tillman B w m 3 son TN TN AL
Ursery Roseanna w f 2 daughter TN TN AL
Owens Annie M w f 46 mother-in-law TN
Owens Nancy A. w f 17  dau. of last marriage
Owens George W. w m 14  son of last marriage
Owens Andrew J. w m 10  son of last marriage


Hamilton Co., TN

City Directories, Chattanooga, Hamilton Co. TN 1882 William H. Usery, atty
1884 Miss Daisey B. Usrey
Elbert F. Usrey
John L. Usrey, Police
1885 John L. Usrey
Mollie Usrey
1886 John L. Usrey
1887 Jefferson Usrey, teamster
John Usrey, policeman
John Usrey, Jr., trimmer
Narcissa J. Usrey, widow, Wm.
William Usrey
1888 Albert F. Usrey, bdr
Jeff Usrey, wks lbr co.
John C. Usrey
John L. Usrey, policeman
Mrs. N.J. Usrey
Thomas J. Usrey, drayman
William W. Usrey
1889 Jefferson Usrey
John C. Usrey, saloon
John L. Usrey, barkeeper
Mrs. Mary Usrey
Preston Usrey, col.
1890 Jeff Usrey, cab driver
John Usrey, saloon
John C. Usrey
Mrs. Mary M. Usrey, seamstress
1891 Jefferson Usrey, cab driver
John C.Usrey, saloon
John L. Usrey, barkeeper
Mrs. Mary M. Usrey, seamstress
1892 Jeff Usrey, cab driver
John Usrey, saloon
John L. Usrey, barkeeper
1894 James L. Usrey, clerk
John C. Usrey, policeman
Thomas J. Usrey, laborer
1895 John C. Usrey, laborer
John L. Usrey, laborer
Thomas J. Usrey, driver


Hardeman Co., TN

1887 Biographies of Hardeman Co. TN

John T. Low John T. Low was born June 19, 1851, two miles southwest of Saulsbury, Hardeman Co., Tenn. He is a son of E. E. and Mary A. (Aitken) Low.
The father was born in Perry County, Ala., August 24, 1824, and immigrated to Hardeman County, Tenn., January, 1831, and was married September 5,
1847, to Miss Aitken, of Hardeman County, Rev. Samuel Lambeth officiating.

To this union four sons were born, three of whom died in childhood. E. E. Low joined the Masonic fraternity in 1848, Berlin Lodge, No. 170, in town of
Berlin, Hardeman County, and the Royal Arch Chapter and Council Masons in La Grange, Fayette Co., Tenn. September, 1854, he became a member of
the Baptist Church at Rock Springs, Hardeman County, the pastor being Rev. L. Savage. September, 1855, he engaged in commercial business at
Saulsbnry. He formed a co
-partnership with John M. and J. J. Chambers; the firm was styled E. E. Low & Co. They met with considerable success and were
regarded as men of ability and integrity.

J. J. Chambers was a prosperous merchant and farmer, always a true Democrat. In 1861 a company was organized and called the Saulsbury Grays. J. M.
Richardson was made captain. H. A. Guynn first lieutenant, E. E. Low, second
leutenant and Jesse Barden, third lieutenant. A company called the Hatchy
Hunters, of Bolivar, Tenn., with R. H. Wood of that place as captain, was consolidated at Trenton, Gibson County, into the Twenty-second Tennessee
Volunteers, Thomas J. Freeman as colonel of the regiment. After serving about four months Mr. Low resigned his commission as lieutenant and joined the
company as a private. In the fall of 1862 the conscript law took effect and he being over thirty-five years of age was released from duty at Tupelo, Miss. He
returned home. In November of the same year, while leading a quiet and peaceable life, he and several others were taken by the Federal soldiers and
imprisoned at Alton, Ill. His fellow prisoners were M. M. Thurmond, T. B. Bowdon, William Gannon and T. B. Low, his brother. January, 1863, without
charges or trial he was released and lived as a citizen until the following fall, when he went south with C. W. Phelps, an old comrade of the Twenty-second
Regiment and enlisted in the Fourteenth Tennessee Cavalry, Col. J. J. Neely’s regiment, under command of Gen. N. B. Forrest.

Mr. Low was commissary of the regiment until the latter portion of December, 1864, after the battle of Franklin, Tenn., or better known as Hood’s raid. He
was taken sick near Nashville, Tenn., with pneumonia and left three or four miles north of Franklin with James P. Moore, a citizen. In March, 1865, he went
to Memphis by boat, and obtained a situation as clerk for Pearce, Park & Co., at that place. In the fall of that year he entered into business at Saulsbury in
partnership with J. J. Chambers, T. C. Moore and J. D. Ussery, the firm being known as
Moore, Ussery & Co.

In the fall of 1866 he retired from business, devoting the remainder of his life to his family. In 1873 Saulsbury Grange was organized with E. E. Low as
Master. He died July 4, 1886. He was one of a family of twenty-two brothers and sisters. His father, Thomas Low (grandfather John T.) was born in
Randolph County, N.C., January 22, 1768. He immigrated to Georgia when quite young, then to Alabama, and January, 1831, came to Hardeman County,
Tenn. The next year he formed a M. D. society in that county. His death occurred March 9, 1846, and the community lost a useful and esteemed resident.
His father (great-grandfather of subject) was John Low; he married Charity, a sister of the distinguished Gen. John Butler and a niece of Gen. William O.
Butler, a noted and gallant officer with Gen. Zachary Taylor in the Mexican war. The mother of John T. Low was born January 29, 1826, in Russellville, Ala.
Her father, John Hall Aitken, was a native of Edinburg, Scotland. He immigrated to America in 1817. In 1821 he married Miss Mary F. Rutherford, of
Russellville. His death occurred April, 1827. March, 1828, Mrs. Aitken, with her two children, William and Mary, and her father, Samuel Rutherford,
immigrated to Hardeman County, Tenn., and settled where the town of Grand Junction now lies, or about two and a half miles south of the railroad
crossing. Samuel Rutherford was born in Gochland County, Va., in 1763 and located in Russellville, Franklin Co., Ala., in 1818.

John T. Low, the subject of this sketch, was raised on a farm and received such educational advantages as the average country boy and schools of that
day gave, until about his nineteenth year or the close of the war. He then entered the Union University at Murfreesboro where he remained two years,
returning home in 1872. He became interested in agriculture and has devoted his time to that pursuit in which he has met with prosperity. In connection
with his chief pursuit he has done a portion of the surveying for Hardeman County since 1875. He is a man of the best social standing, influence and
indisputable integrity. He is prominently connected with the Masonic order, being a Royal Arch Mason. His membership is at Saulsbury Lodge, No. 48. He
is a stanch, true Democrat. He is an enterprising farmer, and extensive dealer in fine blooded stock and cattle. He is liberal and always ready to assist all
charitable institutions or worthy and beneficial enterprises. He was married in Texas, December 23, 1874, to Josie Guy, the only daughter of Dr. J. H. and
Ranie (Carlton) Guy. Mrs. Low was born December 5, 1856, in Haywood County, Tenn. To this union four children have been sent: Willie Carlton, born
November 14, 1876; Ranie Mary, born October 10, 1877; Johnnie T., born June 14, 1881, and departed this life January 5, 1885; Josie Irene, born
October 14, 1885. Mr. and Mrs. Low are devoted and exemplary members of the Missionary Baptist Church. Mr. Low joined in 1868.


Fleming & Ussery 11 Oct 1869 J.C.H. Ammons 1.26 30 Sep 1870 160
Fleming & Ussery 11 Dec 1869 James W. Scoggins 8.26 29 Sep 1870 160
Fleming & Ussery 31 Jan 1870 M.D. Webb 150 23 Jan 1870 161
Fleming & Ussery 31 Jan 1870 J.M. Fields 150 23 Feb 1870 161
Fleming & Ussery 31 Jan 1870 J.M. Miller 150 13 Sep 1871 161
Fleming & Ussery 29 Jan 1870 William Harris 31.4 14 Nov 1870 165
Fleming & Ussery 31 Jan 1870 Jo Vandergriff 37.96 30 Sep 1870 166
Fleming & Ussery 31 Jan 1870 Hal Harris 14 Feb 1870 166
Fleming & Ussery 3 Feb 1870 G.P. McClenton 41.85 30 Sep 1870 166
Fleming & Ussery 10 Feb 1870 E.H. Dorris 106.52 16 Feb 1870 167
Fleming & Ussery 19 Feb 1870 Frank Pirtle colo 18.19 30 Sep 1870 168
Fleming & Ussery Nov 1868 M.R. Dickens 1.85 16 Apr 1870 175
Fleming & Ussery 21 Dec 1868 Scott, M.G. 89.2 18 Apr 1870 177
Doyle, Robert Vs. Hammons, William H., Ussery, B.F., 30 Dec 1871 114.9 Duncan, S.H., Mashburn, J.E.

Miscellaneous Pay Requests:
Ussery, John D. 1770.00 16 Oct 1884 Repairs on levees & roads
Ussery, R.C. 9.00 26 Jul 1884 Jury duty July term

Taxes Due 1 July 1889 Hardeman County, TN.

Ussery, N.R.       Saulsbury


Person Ussery to Alsa Pullum m. 7 Feb 1840
John Dockery Ussery to Elizabeth Bailey m. 17 Feb 1848
Noah E. Ussery to Martha Jane Reaves m 4 Jan 1853 Bond: N.R. Ussery, W.W. Taylor
Washington Bryant to Mary Elizabeth Usery m. 30 Apr 1854 Bond W. Bryant, N.J. Justice
William A. Cardwell to Sarah J. Ussery m. 12 Feb 1857 Bond: W.A. Cardwell, L.T. Williamson
William T. Lee to Martha A. Ussery m. 10 Nov. 1860
J.M. Reeves to Elizabeth Ussery m. 19 Dec 1860
John H. Webster to Matilda F. Ussery m. 18 July 1861
W.H.C. Ussery to Angelina Beavins m. 13 Sept. 1865
Andrew J. Ussery to Mary C. Reeves m. 23 Jan 1866
J.W. Irby to Martha J. Essary m. 29 Dec 1866
W.A. Achord to A.A. Ussery m. 23 May 1867 by B.F. Ussery, JP
John H. Dorris to Cordelia Ussery m. 19 Aug 1868
Lewis A. Cheshire to Elvira Ussery m. 9 Sept. 1869 (See Mother's Will)
J.M. Reaves to Lula Ussery m. 12 Feb 1873
Peter White, col to Mary J. Ussery, col. m. 20 Feb 1873
W. A. Cheshire to Matilda Ussery m. 29 May 1873 (See Mother's Will)
G.W. Martin to Mollie J. Ussery m. 13 Aug 1873
George Horten to Emma Ussery, m. 15 Aug 1873
M.C. Ussery to Jennie Todd m. 27 Nov 1873
Joe Ussery, col. to Siney Moore, col. m. 31 Dec. 1873
Henry E. Williams to Johnnie D. Ussery m. 24 Nov. 1874
James M. Cheshire to Bettie P. Ussery m. 10 Dec. 1874(See Mother's Will)
Moore, Daniel to Ussery, Charlotte m. Jul 1880
R.W. Ussery to Sallie Mashburn m. 26 Mar 1884
Mintor, Monroe to Ussery, Patsy m. Jul 1885
Lewis S. Ussery to Octavia Shearin m. 23 Dec. 1888
W.R. Ussery to Carrie Rossin m. 3 Jul 1889
McLean, Edmon M. to Ussery, Bessie Mai m. Dec 1914
Cullen Ussery to Leila Bryant m. 17 Oct 1915
Morgan, Wis to Ussery, Duelie m. Jan 1923

Usery Noah R Dec 1852 Beavers Martha Jane
Usher William Jan 1835 Hawkins N C
Ussery A J Jan 1866 Reeves Mary C
Ussery Cullen Oct 1915 Bryant Leila
Ussery F P Oct 1864 Biebers M A
Ussery Henry Jan 1886 Rivers Millie
Ussery Jack Mar 1881 Wood Vira
Ussery Jack Dec 1918 Scott Mamie
Ussery Joe Dec 1873 Moore Siney
Ussery John D Feb 1848 Baily Elizabeth
Ussery L Jan 1889 Shearin Octavia
Ussery Lester Apr 1924 Van Rubie
Ussery M C Nov 1873 Todd Jennie
Ussery Nat Dec 1881 McCarter Lucy
Ussery Pat Feb 1840 Pullum Alsa
Ussery R C Jan 1877 Clifft Susan A
Ussery R W Mar 1884 Mashburn Sallie
Ussery V C Jun 1926 Williams Viola
Ussery W H C Sep 1865 Beavers Angeline Ussery W R Jul 1889 Rossom Carrie Ussery West Feb 1881 Jordan Julia

Elizabeth Ann Ussery Will filed in Hardeman Co., TN, but administered in Tunica Co., MS County Court, 6 Nov. 1899

Land Deed Records

F-185, 21 Mar 1839: George Wood sold to Welcome Ussery 86 acres....
I-131; 24 Apr 1845: Mary A. Nappies sold two negroes to Welcom Ussery for $745
I-239, 9 Jan 1846: Stephen Dudley sold to Welcome Ussery 25 acres of land
J-29, 26 Feb 1847: Daniel H Marsh sold to Mastin Ussery 7 acres of land
J-80, 29 Jan 1849: Welcom Ussery gave his note for $485, due 1 Jan 1848 for one negro girl Izabella aged 12.
J-231, 29 Feb 1848: James Wood, Esq. deeded 40 acres to Welcome Ussery.
K-301; 21 Feb 1850: Pearson Usery for $150 deeded a part of 640 acres to Cannon Smith
K-302, 1 July ??: Thomas Royston of Marshall Co, MS for $262, deeded a part of 640 acres to Pearson Usery of Hardeman Co....
K-301, 21 Feb 1850: Pearson Usery,Deed to Cannon Smith
L-469, 18 Feb 1853: Zebedee Bailey Deed 7 1/2 acres to John D. Ussery
L-467, 24 Mar 1853: Pitser Milled, Deed 91 acres to John D. Ussery....
N-502, 4 Dec 1856: Thomas D. Hammons, Deed 360 Acres to Welcome Ussery
R-399, 17 May 1862: John D. Ussery, Bill of Sale, one negro boy Pleacot sold to Cader Cox for $300.
S-343, 32 Mar 1866:John D. Ussery, Deed to Aline, John and George Warrent, stone house and lot in Bolivar,on Union St.
Cemetery Records

Antioch Cemetery

Velma Frankie Ursery dau. of A.F. & V.C. July 14, 1928

Bailey Cemetery

John D. (Dockery) Ussery 28 Oct 1828 26 Oct 1888
Elizabeth Ussery wife of John D. Ussery Sept. 26, 1830 (Ann Elizabeth Bailey dau. of Zebedee Bailey)
M.E. Ussery, son of J.D. and E. Ussery 19 Sept 1866 8 Dec 1883
Virginia? dau. of Zebedee and Matilda Bailey Oct 5, 1899
Cheshier, Betty Ussery 20 Jul 1856-3 Oct 1887 w/o J.M. Cheshier
Cheshier, Elvira Ussery 26 Apr 1849-24 Dec 1871 w/o L.A. Cheshier
Cheshier, Infant 1882 born & died s/o W.A. & M.O. Cheshier
Reaves, Loula Ussery 13 Apr 1854-5 Sep 1873 w/o J.M. Reaves
Grand Junction Cemetery

Shearin, Dolphus E. 2 Jul 1881-8 Dec 1961 h/o Lottie Ussery Shearin

Shearin, Lottie Ussery 3 Sep 1883-6 Jul 1954 w/o Dolphus E. Shearin
Hickory Valley Cemetery

Nancy C., Wife of Cannon Smith Born Feb 28, 1811 Died Feb. 21 1856

Middleburg Cemetery

Lester L. Ussery Oct. 31, 1895 Oct. 14, 1964
Shearin, Sarah Evie Ussery 1867-1908 w/o W.T. Shearin
Shearin, W.T. 1862-1950 h/o Sarah Evie Ussery Shearin
Ruby Vann Ussery Jan 6, 1904 (or 1901?)
Octavia Shearin Ussery, wife of Lewis Ussery 1868-1936 dau. Albert G. & Eliz. Shearin
John Wesley Barnett 1886-1942
Lela Ussery his wife 1893
Hobart C. Barnett, son of J.W. & L.W. Barnett May 23, 1916 Nov 29, 1949
Albert G. July 9 1821 Feb 29, 1902
Elizabeth Feb. 14, 1841 Jan 16, 1894
Charlie Cullen Ussery Sept. 5, 1891 Jan. 27, 1964
Louvinia Ussery Smith Jan. 9, 1860 Jan. 8, 1936 (Louvinia Ussery Crews?)
Robert David Crews Oct. 26, 1856 Aug. 8, 1936
Jerry Ussery, son of Lester and Ruby Feb. 1, 1941 July 20, 1955
Oak Hill Cemetery

Sarah R. Mashburn, wife of R.W. Ussery Dec. 10, 1865 Mar 19, 1905

Parker Cemetery

PARKER, ALICE USSERY MARCH 12, 1873-APRIL 26, 1956 Wife of Polk Parker Parker, Polk 1 Aug 1871-5 Dec 1951 h/o Mary Alice Ussery Parker


Brown, Daisy Ussery 17 Dec 1889-6 May 1965

Union Cemetery

Williams, Henry Elihu 1857-1930 h/o Johnnie D. Ussery Williams
Williams, Johnnie D. Ussery 18 Sep 1859-22 Mar 1899 w/o Henry Elihu Williams

Ussery Cemetery

A.J. (Andrew Jackson) Ussery, Feb 22, 1844 - May 5, 1902
Mary (Caroline Reaves), wife of A.J. Ussery, Feb 22, 1847 - Oct 17, 1931
(Husband and wife; son of Mastin Ussery
W.C. Ussery, Co. L., 13th Tennessee Inf., CSA (son of Mastin Ussery)
Mother Angeline Ussery, 1845-1928
Oscar D., son of R.C. and S.A. Ussery, Oct. 15, 1879- Dec 11, 1906
Robert C., husband of S.A. Ussery, Aug 2, 1854 - May 1, 1917
Mother Susan C. Ussery 1858-1925
Son Charles M. Ussery 1882-1946
Ida Lee,dau of AJ & MC Ussery, Oct. 30, 1866-Aug 19, 1876
W.A. Achord 1843-1903
A.A. Achord, his wife 1839-1910
Welcom Ussery Cemetery near Spring Creek:

Welcom, Husband of Henrietta (Webb) Ussery, born July 15, 1807, died apr 22, 1859
Henrietta, Wife of Welcom Ussery, born Jan 9, 1806 died Feb 1 1863
William, son of Welcom & Henrietta Ussery, born Feb 18, 1841 died Sept. 30, 1860
F.W., son of Welcom and Henrietta Ussery, born Mar 14,1830 died Apr 17, 1862
Fitts, Janice Felver 1940-1988 w/o Jack Fitts
Gamer, Harold M. 1932-1988
West Memorial (formerly Vaughn) Cemetery

Della Ussery Born 1889
James J. Vaughn 1881-1934
Wood Cemetery

Martha Jane, wife of T.P. Pulliam Apr 6, 1828 Jan. 15, 1890
Lucinda Shinault Aug 23, 1810 July 16, 1885 (linked to Shinault/Ussery family)
John R. Wood Aug. 14, 1824 Apr 12,1843
David Woods Oct. 28, 1795 June 25, 1878
Mary Woods Dec. 1, 1799 June 26, 1854
1840 US Census, Hardeman Co., TN
Mastin Ussery 1 m 5-10; 1 m 30-40; 2 f 0-5; 1 f 5-10; 1 f 20-30
Benjamin Essary 1m 0-5; 1 m 20-30; 1 f 20-30
Welcome Ussery 2 m 10-15; 1 m 30-40; 1 f 30-40

1850 US Census, Hardeman Co., TN
John D. Usery 22 m overseer NC
Elizabeth Usery 17 f NC
Elvira Usery 1 f TN

341-341 Mastin Ussery  Ussery 41 m farmer 1000 NC
(Mary) Catherine Ussery 37 f NC
Nancy* Ussery 15 f TN
Amanda Ussery 14 f TN
Delita? Ussery 12 f TN
Tabitha Ussery 9 f TN
William Ussery 9 m TN
(Andrew) Jackson Ussery 8 m TN
Fredrick Ussery 4 m TN
Eliza Ussery 2 f TN
Stephen Dudley 48 m carpenter IA

*one record says Mary; Their other child NOAH is found below at 324-324

Welcome Ussery 42 m farmer 3500 NC
Henrietta A. Ussery 44 f NC
Francis Marion Ussery 20 m NC
Sarah Ussery 11 f TN
William Ussery 9 m TN
James Ussery 7 f TN
Frankland Fambert 22 m teacher MO

Person Ussery 31 m farmer NC
Ailsey (mn Pulliam) Ussery 29 f NC
Sarah Ussery 10 f MS?
Nancy Ussery 6 f TN
William Ussery 5 m TN
Lucy Ussery 4 f TN
Wesley Ussery 1 m TN

Benjamin Esery 38 m farmer; 800 TN
Elizabeth Esery 34 f NC
Thomas Esery 10 m TN
William Esery 6 m TN
Mary Esery 5 f TN
Martha Esery 3 f TN
George Esery 1 m TN

Noah  Ussery 15 m blacksmith N.C. TN
(1853 married Martha Jane Reaves; See Hardeman Co. Marriages)

1860 U.S. Census, Hardeman Co, TN:
District No. 7; 16 July 1860; pg 187
(This is Welcome Ussery's family) Henrietta Usry 50 f 10,000/19,000 NC
Wm. C Usry 19 m TN
Mary E. Usry 16 f TN
James S. Usry 15 m TN
Nancy Hagan 16 f NC
Gerald Daughtery 24 m TN

Usry B.F. 34 m potter NC
Usry Harriett 35 f NC
Usry Mary C. 12 f Alabama
Usry Mortina 9 f Alabama
Usry Morrison?   Alabama
Usry Adolphus D. 7 m Alabama
Usry Samantha 5 f Alabama
Usry Ellen L. 5 f Alabama

(Widow of Masten Ussery; see 1850; children's names are spelled differently)
Katherine Usry 49 f 1000/800 NC
Amanda A. Usry 21 f TN
Lebrettra (Talitha?) Usry 18 f TN
William Usry 18 m TN
Andrew J. (Jackson) Usry 16 m TN
Fredrick A. Usry 14 m TN
Maston F. Usry 9 m TN
Robert C. Usry 5 m TN

Noah Usry 26 m. carriage repairer; 800 NC
Martha (Jane Beavers) Usry 26 f GA
Mary B. Usry 4 f TN
Adolphus N. Usry 1 m TN

District No. 9, July; page 196
G.D. Usry 32 m 5000/18000 NC
Elizabeth Usry 29 f NC
Eloria Usry 11 f TN
Matilda Usry 8 f TN
Louvenia Usry 6 f TN
Bettie Usry 4 f TN
Johney Usry 1 f TN

District. No. 11, 13 Aug 1860, page 217; near Middleton
Benjamin Essery 48 m farmer TN
Elizabeth Essery 44 f NC
Thomas Essery 20 m TN
William V Essery 15 m TN
Mary A. Essery 14 f TN
Martha J Essery 12 f TN
Abner F. Essery 8 m TN
David C. Essery 3 m TN

1870 U.S. Census, Hardeman Co, TN:
District No. 1, 8 Sept/ page 105
Esry George 50 m b MS
Esry Cass 25 f b TN
Esry L.V. 4 f b TN
Esry George 2 m b TN

District No. 6, Bolivar, 31 Aug.; page 195
Fenwick M.J. 35 f w  MS
Ussery Lou 15 f w  TN
Ussery Billy 13  w  TN
Ussery Johnny 9 w  TN

District No. 7, 26 Aug; page 197 3-3
Usery Bonner 75 m b  GA

District No. 8, 20 Aug; page 197
Usery Catherine 56 f w 500/400 NC  
Usery Maston 18 m w  TN
Usery Robert 15 m w  TN
Webster Francis 27 f w  TN
Webster John A. 8 m w  TN

Usery B.F. 43 m w 500/500 NC
Usery Harriette 46 f w NC
Usery Harriette 16 f w Alabama
Usery Martha 16 f w Al
Usery D.P.? 15 m w Al
Usery Samantha 13 f w AL
Usery Ellen 10 f w AL
Usery Benjamin 8 m w Tenn.

About 1871, it appears that B.F. Ussery and his family moved from Tennessee to Yalbusha County, Mississippi and located about five miles southeast of
Water Valley. B.F. farmed and operated a pottery where he made pots, churns, etc. It seems that many members of his family participated in the same
skill. See the letter his father Robert wrote to Mastain!

Usery, James 24 m w farmer; 1000/350 TN
Usery Arminda 22 f w GA
Usery Claria 4 f w MS
Usery Eva M. 2 f w TN
Rodgers, Nancy 42 f w GA

District No. 9; 9 Sept.; page 227
Usery John 43 m w farmer; 9000/1000 NC
Usery Elizabeth 40 f w TN
Usery Matilda 18 f w TN
Usery Lavinia 16 f w TN
Usery Elisabeth 14 f w TN
Usery Johnny 11 w TN
Usery Ralph 7 m w TN
Usery Dick 3 m w TN

District No. 11, 4 July; page 244
Essary Benj. 58 m w farmer 2000/800 TN
Essary E.G. 53 f w NC
Essary A.F. 18 m w TN
Essary M.A. 22 f w TN
Essary G.C. 15 m w TN
Essary D.C. 13 m w TN
Essary W.L. 25 m w TN
Essary J.P. 19 f w TN

District No. 17; 12 Aug.; page 334
Usery Emily 38 f b farm laborer; 100 TN
Usery Charlotte 19 f b TN
Usery Elias 18 m b TN
Usery Ellen 16 f b TN
Usery Liddy 15 f b TN
Usery J.W. 10 m b TN
Usery G.R. 8 f b TN

1880 US Census, Hardeman Co., TN

District 1; 7 June; page 371
Reeves Reuben b m 30 farmer  
Reeves Lucy b f 25   
Usry Sally b f 50  MS MS MS
Usry Henry b m 25  MS MS MS

District 1; 26 June; page 385; town of Saulsbury
Usery N.R. w m 45  magistrate NC NC NC
Usery H.M. w f 25 wife NC? NC NC
Usery Lee H. w m 21 son TN NC NC
Usery W.R. w m 14 son TN NC NC
Usery S.A. w f 11 dau TN NC NC

District 1; Soundex 13-53-48
Usery Zilpha b f 45 TN
Usery Molly b 15 dau TN
Usery Mead b 10 son TN
Usery Leon b 5 dau TN

District 6; Soundex 13-64-41-16
Usery Jackson w m 35 TN NC NC
Usery Mary C. w f 32 wife TN TN NC
Usery Mary A. w f 7 dau TN TN TN
Usery Minnie S. w f 4 dau TN TN TN

District 7; Soundex 58-5-5; 2 and 3 June ; page 474
Ussery Bob w m 26 TN
Ussery Sue w f 34 wife TN  
Ussery Oscar w m 8/12; Oct son TN

District 7; Soundex 13-58-6-45
Ussery William w m 38 TN NC NC  
Ussery Anga w f 34 wife TN  
Ussery Lewis w m 11 son TN  
Ussery Anna w f 9 dau. TN
Ussery Kittie w f 7 dau TN  
Ussery Bobbie w m 2 son TN  

District 9; 14 June; page 482
*Ussery John D. w m 52 farmer NC NC NC
Ussery Elisabeth (Ann Elizabeth Bailey) w f 40 wife NC NC NC
Ussery Rafe w m 17 son; at sch. TN NC NC
Ussery Hank w m 13 son; at sch TN NC NC

*(son of Welcome Ussery and Henrietta Webb)

District 7; 3 June; page 474; Soundex 13-58-6-9
Ussery Mack w m 29 TN NC NC
Ussery Hennie w f 23 wife TN
Ussery Jack w m 4 son TN
Ussery Lissie w f 2 dau TN  

Disrict 11; Soundex 13-60-17-21
Kees Melia
Usery John b f 9