Needham Usery and Eliza

The following information was provided by Teri DeBough

It is believed that the parents of Needham Usery were William and Mary Usery. Needham's wife was Eliza. They had the following children:
1. Miles 'Milas' Taylor Usery b: 08 Apr 1852 in Montgomery Co, NC d: 31 May 1934 in Henderson Co., TN. Married Rachel Matilda Fausett b: 24 Sep 1855
d: 10 Dec 1924 in Henderson Co., TN
2. John Harvey Useryb: 08 Sep 1844 d: 20 Jun 1924 in Jackson, TN mar. Sarah Hogan
3. Columbus Frank Usery d: 1959
4. Susan M. Ussery 1837-1876 mar. William B. Johnson.


Susan M. Ussery and William "Buck" Johnson
Susan M. Ussery was born in 1837 to Needham Usery and Eliza Ussery. She married William "Buck Johnson (1830-1876) and had the following children:

Thomas Johnson
Silas Johnson
Mary Jane 'Jennie' Johnson mar. Joseph Sanford (Ch: Claude, Edd and Homer) 2nd Husband was David Casey.
Susan Emma Johnson (1874-1968) mar. John William McCulloch (1874-1915)
Their Children:
   Benj. Thomas McCulloch 1896-1896
   Vera Inez McCulloch  1898 - 1937 mar. Luther Riley Odom (1895-1948)
   Roy Gabe McColloch 1900-1952
   William Ray McCulloch 1902-
   Silas Earl McCulloch 1904-1996
   Paul McCulloch 1907-1975
   Bob Burl McCulloch  1910-1990
   Jessie Myrtle McCulloch 1913-1993
   Willie Jane McCulloch 1915


Miles 'Milas' Taylor Usery and Rachel Matilda Fossitt
Miles 'Milas' Taylor Usery was born Apr 8 1852 - died May 31, 1934. His parents were Needham Usery and Eliza Ussery

Milas married Aug. 31, 1875 to Rachel Matilda Fossit who was born Sept. 24, 1855 d. Dec 10, 1924. They are both buried in the Maple Springs Cemetery
in Henderson County, TN.
*From and old newspaper dated June 8, 1934, Jackson, TN: " Milas Usery born April 8, 1852 died May 31 at the home of his son S.W. Usery at Crucifer.
He is survived by four daughters, Mrs. P.T. Threadgill of Huron, Mrs. C.T. Crosnoe of Browns Church, Mrs. J.T. Hale and Mrs. M.B Harris of Jackson; four
sons, S.W. Usery of Huron, E.S. Usery of Atwood, O.R. Usery of Jackson and Porter Usery of Lexington and one brother Columbus Frank Usery of Milan.
Burial was at Maple Springs cemetery."

They had the following children:

Obie Robert b. Jan 20, 1888 died July 13 1974 in Jackson TN. Browns Church Cemetery. Married Nov 27, 1908 Nancy Bradford Scallions b. 1889 d. 1943.
Parents Andrew Jackson and Mary Minerva Edwards Scallions.
Sampson Wade 'Sime' Usery abt 1883 mar. Lizzy Barr (see info below)
Ernest Usery b. abt. 1876 died abt. 1954 mar. Ida Allen
Porter Usery b. Sept 6, 1896 died Oct 1974
Algie Usery b. abt. 1878 died 1959 mar. Tom Threadgill
Node Usery b. abt. 1881 d. abt. 1932mar. Jim Hale. (Jim was married to both Node and Betty)
Ozel Usery b. abt 1890 m. Brad Harris
Betty Usery b. March 7, 1900 died May 1981 mar. Jim Hale
Mary Usery b. abt. 1886 mar. Mr. C.T. Crosnoe
Children of Obie Robert Usery and Nancy Bradford Scallions Usery:

Emerald Usery b 1910 d 1937 m. Odella Overton
Jackson Thomas Usery May 18, 1912 m. Vera Dozier, Elenor Forbes and Mary Chatherine
Naomi Usery b. April 3, 1914 in Henderson Co., TN d. Dec. 20, 1973 in Waverly, TN. mar. James Barr.
Winiford Usery b. Mar 7, 1918 d. Jan 21, 1919. Buried Maple Springs Cemetery, Henderson Co., TN
Inez Marie Usery b. Sept 19, 1920 Henderson Co., TN. mar. Virgle Clifton Stanford Sept 21, 1940 Henderson Co., TN.
Ruthie Mae Usery b. Sept 22, 1923 mar. Edwin Climer
George Robert Usery b. Feb 22, 1926 mar. Marie Laughlin, and Louise Bowers
Mary Racheal (Sue) Usery b. Mar 11, 1929 mar. Charles Lister, Joe Thornton.
Mable Corrine Usery b Apr 9, 1932 mar. Joe Page, Jr.


John Harvey Usery and Sarah Hogan
John Harvey Usery was born 08 Sep 1844 to Needham and Eliza Usery. He died 20 Jun 1924 in Jackson, TN. His wife was Sarah Hogan on 22 Aug 1866,
probably in Madison Co, TN. They had the following children:

Parris Susan Usery b: 27 Jul 1874 in Madison Co., TN d: 21 Feb 1956 in Madison Co., TN. married William Rueben Ross b: 26 Apr 1866 d: 05 Jul 1966 in
Jackson, TN
Cora Usery
Virginia Usery
Frank Usery
Nell Elizabeth Usery ,mar. J.W. Van Cleave


SAMPSON WADE USERY: Usry Bulletin 137; Sept. 4, 1960 interview with Kenneth Rudolph Usery, son of Sampson Wade Usery. Kenneth was born May
17, 1924 and resides in Huron, TN. At the time of this interview, he stated that Sampson Wade Usery was RESIDING in Chester Co., TN. and was born
around 1884.


Welcome Ussery and Henrietta Webb
Welcome Ussery was born Jul 15, 1807 in Montgomery Co, NC and died Apr 22, 1859 in Hardeman Co, TN. He married Henrietta A. Webb, born Jan 9,
1806 in Richmond Co., NC and died Feb 1, 1863 Hardeman Co, TN. They are both buried in the Welcom Ussery Cemetery near Spring Creek. At this time
it is not clear as to who Welcome's parents were. He and Henrietta had the following children:

John Dockery Ussery
Francis "Frank" Marion Ussery b: Mar 14, 1830 NC d: Apr 17, 1862 Hardeman Co, TN Welcom Ussery Cemetery near Spring Creek
Sarah Jane Ussery
William G. Ussery b: Feb 18, 1841 Hardeman Co, TN d: Sep 30, 1860 Hardeman Co, TN Welcom Ussery Cemetery near Spring Creek
Mary or Wincey Elizabeth Ussery b: 1843 Hardeman Co, TN mar. James M. Reaves b: Hardeman Co, TN
James "Stanton" Ussery b: Jul 24, 1844 Hardeman Co, TN d: Aft. 1913 Phillips Co. AK mar. Arminda Rogers d: Jul 12, 1917 Memphis, TN See Pension


Sarah Ussery and W. Anthony Cardwell
Sarah Jane Ussery was born in 1839 in TN to Welcome Ussery and Henrietta Webb. On Feb. 12, 1857 married W. Anthony Cardwell in Hardeman Co, TN
,Bond:W.A. Cardwell, L.T. Williamson

She and Anthony had the following children:

Owen Cardwell
Clara Bell Cardwell b: 1857 d: 1885 mar. John Smith Ray
E.V. Cardwell b: 1858
Para Lee Cardwell b: 1860
Ida Cardwell b: 1862 d: 1950 mar. John Smith Ray
Mace Cardwell b: 1867
Ed Cardwell b: 1869


John Dockery Ussery and Ann Elizabeth Bailey
John Dockery was born Oct 28, 1828 in NC to Welcome Ussery and Henrietta Webb. He died on Oct 26, 1888 Hardeman Co, TN . He married Ann
Elizabeth Bailey who was born Sep 26, 1830 in NC, and died in Hardeman Co., TN. Both are believed to be buried in the Bailey Cemetery in Hardeman. He
was listed in the 1880 US Census Hardeman Co., TN

. He and Ann Elizabeth had the following known children:

Matilda Ussery b: 1852 in Tennessee mar. to Henry E. Williams b: in Hardeman Co, TN
Lavinia Ussery b: 1854 in Tennessee
Elizabeth Ussery b: 1856 in Tennessee
Johnny Ussery b: 1859 in Tennessee
Ralph Welcome Ussery b: Jan 14, 1862 in Hardeman Co., TN d: Apr 18, 1929 in Bolivar, TN mar. Sarah Redding Mashburn b: Dec 10, 1866 d: Mar 18,
1905 in Hardeman Co, TN Oak Hill Cemetery
M.E. Ussery b: Sep 19, 1866 d: Dec 8, 1883 in Hardeman Co, TN Bailey Cemetery
Hank or Dick Ussery b: 1867 in Tennessee


Samuel Perkins and Wives:
Elizabeth Marsh and Mary Ann "Anna" Ussery Dill
Samuel Perkins was born Jan 23, 1783 (place unk) and died Jun 29, 1843 in Hardin County, TN. He was buried near Crumps Landing. His first wife was
Elizabeth Marsh who was born about 1786 and died about 1819. His second wife was Mary Ann "Anna" Ussery Dill, widow, born about 1793, possibly in
TN, and died in Hardin County, TN. She is also buried near Crumps Landing. The parents of Anna Ussery and Samuel Perkins are unknown at this time.

Samuel and Elizabeth had the following children:

Ebenezer M. Perkins b: Mar 1, 1810 d: Nov 9, 1895 mar. Elizabeth Jane Ussery
Hugh Perkins
John Perkins
William Perkins
Solomon Perkins
Lucinda Perkins
Children by second wife Mary Ann "Anna" Ussery Dill

Amanda Perkins
Hardiman Perkins
Catharine Perkins
Samuel Perkins
Anna Perkins
Joseph Perkins
Simeon Perkins b: Feb 14, 1833 Hardin County, TN mar.Celia A. Howardton
Louisa Perkins


Simeon Perkins and Celia A. Howardton
From the History of Texas, The Lewis Publishing Co., Chicago, 1896
Usry Bul. 164 page 1)

More than twenty years a resident of Comanch county, and nearly twice that long of Texas, the subject of this sketch is entitled to biographical honors in
this work on account of his long connection with the state if for no other reason; but more than that his life has been one of activity and usefulness; he has
done his part in helping to develop the resources of the country, and he is now one of the respected citizens of Sidney, living practically rot rod. None are
better known or more worthy of personal mention than he, and it is gratifying to us to present here the following facts in regard to his life and ancestry.

Simeon Perkins was born February 14, 1833, five miles from Savannah, the county seat of Hardin county, Tennessee. His father, Samuel Perkins, was a
native of North Carolina, of English and Scotch extraction and a representative of a family that settled in the Carolinas during the colonial period. He was
twice married. By his first wife, whose maiden name was Marsh and whom he wedded in North Carolina, he had six children, viz: Hugh, John, William,
Solomon, E.M. Perkins and Lucinda. Some time after her death he was united in marriage to Miss Anna Ussery, a native of Tennessee and a member of
one of the respected families of the state. As a result of their union eight children were born, namely; Amanda, Hardeman, Catharine, Samuel, Anna,
Joseph, Simeon and Louisa. The mother of those children died in Hardin County, Tennessee. The father lived to the ripe old age of seventy-six years.
Both were members of the Christian church, in which they reared their family. By occupation the father was a farmer, in politics he was Democratic, and as
an honorable and upright citizen he stood high in his community.

On his father's farm in Hardin county the subject of our sketch passed his boyhood and youth and as he grew up had instilled in him those lessons of
honesty and industry which form the foundation of all true success. His book knowledge was obtained in the common schools near his home and his
business training was in the broad school of experience. In 1853, at the ambitious age of twenty, we find young Perkins breaking home ties and starting for
far-away California, where he landed in due time, having made the journey by water. A year later he returned East, and the next year again went to
California and made another sojourn on the Pacific coast. While there he engaged in mining and was fairly successful. In 1857 he directed his course
toward Texas, and took up his abode in Rusk county, where he made his home until 1875, when he disposed of his interests there and came to Comanche
county. Here he purchased a large tract of land near Sidney and about ten miles west of Comanche, and for some years was extensively engaged in
farming and stock-raising. At one time he owned no less than fifteen hundred acres at this point, but of recent years sold off most of his acreage and is
now retired from the active duties of the farm. His home is a handsome, modern residence, beautifully furnished and with attractive surroundings, and here
he and his good wife are pleasantly passing their declining years, surrounded by a large circle of friends and acquaintances, by all of whom they are held
in high esteem.

Mr. Perkins was married December 15, 1859 in Rusk county, this state, to Miss Celia A. Howardton, a native of Alabama but reared and educated in Rusk
county. She is a daughter of William and Mary A. Howardton, both natives of Alabama and both now deceased. They were among the early and prominent
families of Rusk county. His death occurred there in 1866 and hers in Sidney in 1895.

Reverting to Mr. Perkins' early life in Texas, we state that when the civil war came on he left his wife at their home in Rusk county and went out in defense
of the Confederate cause, as a member of the Eleventh Texas Infantry. Governor O.M. Roberts was his colonel. Among the engagements in which he
participated were those of Mansfield, Jenkins' Ferry and others, and on one occasion he was captured by federal troops, taken to New Orleans and there
held a prisoner fifty days, after which he was released. Mr. Perkins has always tendered his support to the Democratic party. He is now the appointed
postmaster of Sidney, but does not himself take charge of the office, its business all being in the hands of his deputy, Hugh R. Lacy. Both Mr. Perkins and
his wife are identified with the Christian church, of which they are members and liberal supporters.


Martha M. Ussery and John C. Poarch
Info provided by Virginia Poarch

Martha M. Ussery was born to Mastin Ussery and Elizabeth Fowler about 1827. It is not known where or when she died. Her husband, John C. Poarch ws
born in 1814. He was postmaster of Weaw Tennessee, between Waverly & Linden. The town no longer exists. He was on the 1850 Census in Humphreys
Co TN and on the 1860 Census in Cheatham Co TN. 1860 Cheatham Co TN Census p 104
Jno C Porch m 46; M M f 32; M T f 18; D f 12; M C f 10; T M m 9; A f 3; James Jones 52

His first wife was Louisa Cardy, who he married on Oct 31, 1836 in Davidson Co TN. They had the following children:

William born 1837
Martha born 1839
Mary T (Tennie) born 1841
On April 10, 1847 John Poarch married Martha Ussery in Davidson Co TN. They had the following children:

Deborah E b 1848 mar William J Pegram Feb 5, 1868 ?
Minerva Carrie b 1849 m L G Winham Feb 7 1868
T M b 1851 mar Victoria Elizabeth Johnson on May 5, 1878 in Humphreys Co TN
Adella E b 1857 m Wm Daniel M Forsee Jul 31, 1875 in Humphreys Co TN
Felix b. 1862 married twice ?
John Francis, SR b June 20, 1869 m Sarah Gould Scott


Deborah Ella Porch and William James Pegram

John Thomas Pegram        b: Jul 12, 1869        d: Aug 26, 1870        b: Jul 12, 1869                d: Aug 26, 1870
Anna May Pegram        b: May 31, 1871        d: Jul 20, 1895        b: May 31, 1871                d: Jul 20, 1895
Almeda Adelia Pegram        b: May 3, 1874                b: May 3, 1874                
W. J. Pegram        b: Apr 15, 1877        d: Jul 5, 1880        b: Apr 15, 1877                d: Jul 5, 1880
Ellen Minervia Pegram        b: Nov 26, 1879        d: Jul 24, 1895        b: Nov 26, 1879                d: Jul 24, 1895
Felix Ralston Pegram        b: Jul 23, 1883        d: May 10, 1957 Nashville, Tennessee        b: Jul 23, 1883                d: May 10, 1957 in Nashville,
Tennessee mar. Missouria Oma Hooper                                m: Jun 21, 1908 in Humphreys County, TN        
Minnie G. Pegram        b: Mar 17, 1866        d: Oct 4, 1967        b: Mar 17, 1866                d: Oct 4, 1967


Mastin Ussery and Catherine McKinnon
Mastin Ussery was born about in 1809 Montgomery Co, NC. and died about 1858 in Hardeman Co., TN. He married Mary Catherine about 1834. She was
born about 1813 in NC and after 1865. The following article was found in the HARDEMAN CO, TN HISTORICAL SKETCHES 1979

by Bob Ussery

Hardeman County was the settling site for Mastin, Benjamin, Welcome and Pearson Ussery and their families from Montgomery County, North Carolina.
They joined the rolling tide of migration that swept them across the mountains, down the valleys to the new home in Middleburg. They were experienced
planters and woodcrafters.

Mastin Ussery (1808-1858) built his one-room cabin, sixteen by twenty feet, and later expanded it with additional rooms connected by the familiary "dog
trot". Later, the lots were covered with clapboard. Nearby, stood the woodshop and forge, where the men built wagons, furniture and coffins.

Welcome and Person settled further south where Welcome built a millpond and established Ussery Mill which was used as a polling site for District seven.

Mastin and Mary Catherine were parents of William, who served with the confederate Army; Amanda; Delita; Tabitha; Jackson; Frederick; Eliza; Mary;
Macklin; Noah; Robert; Andrew.

Mary Catherine Ussery died just after the war. William, Robert and Andrew remained in Hardeman County. Andrew and his wife, Mary Caroline Reaves
moved to Whiteville. All three brothers and their wives are buried in the Ussery Cemetery just west of the Mastin Ussery home. They pioneered together,
enjoyed the weddings, the cropping, the barbeques, and quaked in the face of the fever and joined in the tears at death. They were God-fearing people
with a great respect for self, marriage, and community. Sharing intimately the horrors of wars, civil and against the elements they had a fierce bond of
friendship and loyalty to each other, their country, state and county.

On Feb 26, 1847Daniel H. Marsh of Hardeman County sold to Mastin Ussery of Hardeman County, for $55, 7 acres of land located between Bolivar and
Middleburg. From Welcome Ussery's line crossing Stago Pond, west to Nielson's line, thence south to Stago Pone, and east to beginning.
( Book J page 29 )


Pearson Ussery and Alice/Alcye Pulliam
Pearson Ussery was born May 17, 1817 in Montgomery Co, NC and died Dec 20, 1865 Faulkner County, AR. With his brothers, Mastin, Benjamin, and
Welcome, he migrated to Hardeman County, TN. (I believe there was another brother Thomas Wade, but have no proof of relationship) On Feb 7, 1840 in
Hardeman Co, TN he married Alice/ Alcy Pullum who was born Jun 15, 1815 NC to Silas and Sarah Morgan Pulliam. Alcy died Apr 20, 1898 in Faulkner
County, AR. Both are buried in the Mt. Vernon Cemetery.

In Conway County AR, Alice filed Probate Records on Pearson' s Estate:

D02, No 204, Estate of Pearson Usrey. Admin. Alice Usery. Alice Uscery, wife and widow of Pearson Uscery, deceased, requests $30 with which to buy
provisions for herself and family during the year; approved. Bond for Alice Uscery approved, July 3, 1867, Nathan Phillip, James A Ucerry, and Wesley
Lively report to the Court that they have laid off dower land about one-third of the total land, for the widow in NE NE 36-7-11; W SE1/4 25-7-11; W 1/2 NW
1/4 36-7-11 January 15, 1868, claim of R.T. Harrison, $13 against the estate allowed.

Pearson and Alcy had the following children:

Sarah Ussery b: 1840 TN d: AR. mar. George W. Crossno and then Thomas G. May Nancy Ussery b: 1844 TN
William Silas Ussery b: 1847 TN d: Sep 4, 1865 Mt. Vernon, Faulkner Co., AR.
Lucy Ann Ussery b: 1846 TN d: Mt.Vernon, AR. mar. Richard W. Davis Nov 8, 1869 Conway, AR.
Richard Wesley Ussery b: 1849 TN mar. Kissie C.
Rebecca Jane Ussery b: 1853 TN. d: Mt. Vernon, AR. mar. Hugh C. "Doc" Lawson Jemima Ussery b: 1854 d: Mt. Vernon, AR mar. Boney Evans
Caroline Ussery b: 1856
Ellen Ussery b: 1861 mar. George Thomas
George W. Ussery b: Feb 14, 1863 d: Apr 15, 1925 Faulkner County, AR Mt. Vernon Cemetery mar. Maggie E. Ray b: Jul 24, 1866 d: Jul 2, 1946 Faulkner
County, AR Mt. Vernon Cemetery

Descendants of Silas Pulliam and Sarah Morgan
Silas Pulliam was born abt. 1794 in NC and died Dec 4, 1873 in Hardeman Co, TN. His wife was Sarah Morgan who was born Apr 12, 1797 in NC and died
Nov 27, 1865 in Hardeman Co, TN. They are both buried in the Hickory Valley Cemetery. They had the following children:

Maranda Pulliam b: Abt. 1814 NC mar. John Davis b: Abt. 1816 NC
Alcy Pulliam mar. Pearson Ussery
Caroline Pulliam b: Abt. 1820 NC d: 1855 Hardeman Co, TN mar. John W. Shinault b: Abt. 1819 NC d: Feb 14, 1840 Hardeman Co, TN Woods Cemet
Ann Pulliam b: Abt. 1821 NC mar. Leonard Malone
Tilmon P. Pulliam b: Oct 6, 1822 Montgomery Co., NC d: Sep 25, 1901 Hardeman Co, TN Woods Cem. mar. Martha Jane Regon b: Apr 6, 1828 Hardeman
Co, TN d: Jan 15, 1890 Hardeman Co, TN
Martha 'Patsy' Pulliam b: Abt. 1823 Montgomery Co., NC mar. William Cook--*2nd Husband: John W. Shinault (widower of sister Caroline) b: Abt. 1819 NC
d: Feb 14, 1840 Hardeman Co, TN Woods Cemet
Vachel Pulliam b: Abt. 1826 Montgomery Co., NC d: 1912 Tippah Co., MS mar. Martha M. Murphy
Jane Pulliam b: Abt. 1828 Montgomery Co., NC mar. George W. Beasley b: Abt. 1809
Clem Pulliam b: Abt. 1829 Montgomery Co., NC d: 1910-1915 Fayette Co., TN mar. Martha Atkinson Dec 30, 1852 in Hardeman Co., TN. His 2nd Wife was
Mary Bishop
Emmerline Pulliam b: Abt. 1835 Montgomery Co., NC
Thomas Pulliam b: Abt. 1837 Montgomery Co., NC d: 1919 Tippah Co., MS mar. Margaret Snow b: Abt. 1835
Rosannah Pulliam b: Abt. 1838 Montgomery Co., NC mar. John T. Middleton b: Abt. 1834
Benjamin Pulliam b: Abt. 1839 Hardeman Co, TN


Noah R. Ussery and Martha Jane Reaves
Noah R. Ussery was born about 1834 in NC to Mastin and Mary Catherine Ussery. He migrated with his family and uncles to Hardeman Co., TN. On Jan 4,
1853 in Hardeman Co., TN he married Martha Jane Beavers. (Source: Hardeman Co., TN Marriage Records, July 11, 1852 - Dec. 31, 1859, copied by
Armour, Bolivar, TN., Feb. 3, 1965 pg 5: "Noah R. Usery to Martha Jane Beavers. Bond made Dec. 20, 1852 by Noah R. Usery and W.W. Taylor. License
issued Dec. 20, 1852 by R.P. Neely, CCC. Solemnized Jan. 4, 1853 by M.J. Hamer)

Noah can be found in the Hardeman Co., TN Census listed as a blacksmith. Three years later in 1853, he married Martha. I believe they eventually
migrated to Arkansas to live close to Pearson Ussery, his uncle. According to a descendant (, Noah's daughter, Mary J. Ussery died in
Arkansas and was a member of the Surrounded Hill Church of Christ in Jackson Co., AR. This could substantiate Pearson as being the reason Noah

Noah and Martha Jane had two known children:

Mary J. Ussery b: Abt. 1856 Hardeman Co., TN? d: Jan 7, 1918 AR mar. John W. Blanton
Adolphus N. Ussery b: Abt. 1859
The following Info contributed by Lyn,

From the will of William Beavers, Hardeman Co., Book 5, page 136: " debts be settled and the residue to my wife Marey for her support. Upon her
death what she leaves should be divided between my five children. Elizabeth F. Marsh, Martha Jane Ussery, Mary Ann Ussery, Angaline Ussery and Nancy
Adaline and said property that I will to the childring that have husbands to be at the disposal of the husband of said childring."

This is all I have of his will at this time, but have ordered the entire document, which I will pass along to you at a later time, as well as the actual settlement,
which lists "N.R. Ussery, A.J. Ussery, Wm. Ussery and J. P. Clifft" that I know of so far. William Beavers died in 1866.

From the Hardeman Co. marriage books I know:
"Ussery, W.H.C. to Beavers, Angelina, 11 Sep 1865, no bondsman shown, solemnized 13 Sep 1865 by W.S. Douherty, MG"
"Usery, Noah R. to Beavers, Martha Jane 20 Dec 1852, W.W. Taylor bondsman, solemnized 4 Jan 1853 by M.J. Hamer, PG"
I "believe" the third Beaver's daughter to marry a Ussery was:
"Ussery, F.P. to Biebers, M.A. 11 Oct 1864 no bondsman shown, solemnized 27 Oct 1864, B.F. Ussery, JP"
This third would be Mary Ann Ussery. The other two girls in the Beavers family were: Elizabeth Beavers, m. Obediah Marsh in Oct 1850; and, Nancy
Adaline, m. H.E. Dailey in April 1867.

In researching the Beavers and Ussery, we found William Beavers widow, Mary:
1870 Census - Hardeman Co., TN - district 7, hh 18
Beavers, Mary 59, f, farmer, NC
VESEY, M.A. 29, f, TN
Vesey, Lavinia 5, f, TN
Vesey, Sarah E. 3, f, TN

I believe this "VESEY" to be Mary Ann USSERY, living back with her mother after "possibly" being widowed. I'll be checking this out. However, when looking
farther into the "VESEY" thing, we found the following:

1870 Census - Hardeman Co., TN - hh 21
VESEY, Noah 33, m, farmer, TN
Martha 33, f, TN
Mary 14, f, TN
Adolphus 12, m, TN
Virginia 8, f, TN
William 4, m, TN
Sarah 1,f, TN

Apparently Noah's wife Martha Beavers died between the 1870 census and 1880.

Fayette Co., TN: N. R. Ussery to Harriet Irwin, married 19 November 1879. bond N.R. Ussery and R.M. Causor.

1880 Census - Hardeman Co., TN, District 1, Town of Saulsbury, page 385, enumerated June 26th, household 326:
Usery, N. R., w, m, 45, NC, NC, NC, Magistrate
H.M., w, f, 25, NC?, NC, NC, Wife
Lee H., w, m, 21, TN, NC, NC, Son (probably Adolphus)
W. R., w, m, 14, TN, NC, NC, Son
S. A., w, f, 11, TN, NC, NC, Daughter


William F. March Ussery and Sarah A Osborn
William F. March Ussery was born in Davidson County, TN on August 15, 1821. He was one of 12 born to Mastin and Elizabeth Fowler Ussery. Mastin was
a native of North Carolina and came to Tennessee at age 13, settling in Davidson County near the mouth of the Harpet River. He died in 1869. William F.
was raised on a farm. On Sep 7, 1841 in Humphreys, TN he married Sarah A Osborn, who was born in Davidson Co., TN Jan 16, 1824 and died April 1,
1863. On May 26, 1866 he married a second time to Nancy R Faucett, who was born in Davidson County, December 13 1822. There were no children
from this second marriage. William died in Hardeman Co., TN and is buried in the UsseryCemetery.
See Biography.
Children of William and Sarah Osborn Ussery:

William T. Ussery b: Jan 14, 1843 TN
Mary Elizabeth Ussery b: Oct 30, 1849 Cheatham, TN d: Sep 1872 mar. John Medicus Hooper on Dec 26, 1866 Cheatham, TN
Elijah Mastin Ussery b: Jan 14, 1857 TN d: Jun 30, 1930 Humphreys Co., TN Parker Cemetery mar. Caldonia Madden b: Jul 31, 1851 TN d: Dec 31, 1899
Humphreys Co., TN Parker Cemetery
Eliza Jennie Ussery b: Feb 20, 1861 Cheatham Co., TN mar. Lehmenual L. Johnson b: Jan 7, 1856 Williamson, TN m: Sep 9, 1877 Humphreys, TN
Martha A. Ussery b: Feb 1, 1863
See Cheatham Co. and Humphreys Co., TN Census info


William Ussery and Rebecca Rushing
William Ussery was born about 1794 in North Carolina. His parents are unknown at this time. He died Aug 16, 1875 in Giles Co, TN. He married Rebecca
Rushing, born Apr 4, 1802 in NC and died May 13, 1865 in Giles Co, TN. Both are buried in the Lucy/Colvett/Roper Cemetery on Factory Creek.

Their children:
Jemima Ussery
Martha Ussery? mar. A.E.Y. Tacker
Mary Ussery? mar. Joe Day *2nd Husband of Mary Ussery?: Bob English
Mastin Ussery b: Jan 20, 1821 d: Aug 1883 in Giles Co., TN Roper Cemetery
Joseph Carroll Ussery
Lively D. Ussery b: Aug 27, 1828 d: Aug 1848 in Giles Co, TN Roper Cemetery
Rebecca Ussery b: Abt 1830 mar. John Alexander
William G. Ussery b: Abt 1832
Evan R. "Ibbin" Ussery b: Abt 1834 d: Jul 10, 1961 in Giles Co, TN Roper Cemetery mar. Helen Colvett
Anness Ussery b: Abt 1836 in Giles Co, TN mar. Tom Wells
Hester Jane Ussery
Sophronia Ussery b: Abt 1842 mar. Doc Yoakley
Frances Ussery b: Abt 1844
Sarah "Sally" Ussery b: Abt 1845 mar. Mr.Smith
Eliza Ussery b: Aug 1848 mar. Mr.Colvett


Hester Jane Ussery and John Polk Brownlow
Hester Jane Ussery was born Apr 4, 1839 in Giles Co, TN toWilliam Ussery and Rebecca Rushing. She died May 13, 1865. On Dec. 1, 1859, in Giles Co.,
TN, she married John Polk Brownlow, born Aug 17, 1841 in Giles Co, TN. In 1861 John enlisted in CSA, Co. K 3rd TN Reg under Col. Brown. He was
wounded in the Battle of Ft. Donelson and was discharged. He re-enlisted in the 9th TN Cavalry under Gen. Forrest's command.

From "History of Laclede, Camden, Dallas, Webster, Wright, Texas, Pulaski, Phelps & Dent Counties, Missouri ", Published 1889, Goodspeed Publishing

J. P. Brownlow, banker of Buffalo, MO., and one of the prominent and enterprising residents of Dallas County, was born in Giles County, Tenn., August 17,
1841, and is a son of James and Isabel (McCreary) Brownlow, who were also natives of that State and county, the former being killed during the late war
by the soldiers, and the latter dying in Dallas County, MO., in 1882. J. P. Brownlow received a limited early education, owing to the scarcity of good schools
at that period, but acquired a fair knowledge of the "three R's". In 1861 he enlisted in the Confederate army, in Company K, Third Tennessee Regiment,
under Col. Brown, who afterward became governor of Tennessee, and participated in the battle of Fort Donelson, where he was wounded by a grape-shot
in the right arm, and was afterward discharged and joined the Ninth Tennessee Cavalry, and was elected a lieutenant in Gen. Forrest's command. At the
battle near Franklin he was wounded by a gunshot in the left shoulder, but was not disabled from duty. He was also in the battles of Nash- ville, Resaca
and in a great many hard skirmishes, and was mustered out and discharged in April, 1865, at Gainesville, Ala., after which he returned home, and was
engaged in farming until 1873, when he came to Dallas County, and located in Benton Township, about five miles from Buffalo, where he tilled the soil and
was interested in stock trading and raising until 1882. He then came to Buffalo, where he has since made his home. All his business enterprises have been
attended with good results, and in both social and business life he ranks among the first men of the county, and is a liberal giver to all worthy enterprises,
having been one of the liberal contributors to the beautiful Baptist Church which has lately been erected in the town. He was married on December 4,
1859, to H.J. Ussery, a native of Tennessee, by whom he has seven children: Arabella F., Sallie P., John E., Joseph F., Cecil A., Cora and Katie. Mr. and
Mrs. Brownlow and their four oldest children are worthy and consisten members of the Baptist Church, and are highly esteemed residents of the county.

Their children:

John Erwin Brownlow mar. Alma Greener
Arabella F. Brownlow
Sallie P. Brownlow
Joseph F. Brownlow
Cecil A. Brownlow
Cora Brownlow
Katie Brownlow


Joseph Carroll Ussery and Wives:  Samantha Counce and Susan Gilbreath

Joseph Carroll Ussery was born Feb 5, 1826 in Giles Co, TN to William Ussery and Rebecca Rushing. He died Aug 20, 1887 in Lawrence Co. TN and is
buried in the Roper Cemetery in Giles Co., TN. It is believed he was killed by a train.

The first wife of Joseph Carroll Ussery was Susan Gilbreath who was born about Oct 16, 1832 to John Gilbreath and Susan Stalcup; and died July 12,
1856 in Lawrence Co. TN. She is buried in the Gilbreath-Morrow Cemetery They married Dec 14, 1851 in Maury (Giles) Co, TN. Their children:

Mollie Ussery mar. Mr.Petty
Susan Ussery
John G. Ussery b: Nov 16, 1852 in Lawrence Co. TN d: Apr 10, 1878 in Lawrence Co. TN Gilbreath-Morrow Cemetery
Rebecca J. Ussery b: Abt 1854 mar. Sid A. Yarborough on Oct 26, 1876 in Lawrence Co. TN
Mary Ussery b: Abt 1855
William Carroll Ussery

Joseph's second wife was Samantha Counce who was born Aug 20, 1843 in Giles Co, TN and died Mar 14, 1921 in Giles Co, TN. She is also buried in the
Roper Cemetery. Their children:

Rosie Clevelon Ussery b. Oct 15, 1885 mar. Clyde Shuler
Alice Ussery b: Abt 1862 d: in Dallas, TX mar. James F. Petty m: Dec 22, 1881 in Lawrence Co. TN
Joseph E. "Jody" Ussery b: Abt 1863 in Lawrence Co. TN d: in Giles Co, TN mar. Mattie Parker
Martha Frances Ussery b: Abt 1865 in Lawrence Co. TN mar. Thomas Vincent m: Sep 1, 1889 in Lawrence Co. TN
Amanda Polkie "Pocahontas" Ussery
Robert E. Lee Ussery b: Abt 1869 in Lawrence Co. TN d: in (Maury) Giles Co., TN mar. Ula
Annie Bell Ussery b: Abt 1871 in Lawrence Co. TN d: in Lawrence Co. TN mar. Abrose Yarbrough
Jack Ussery b: Abt 1873 in Lawrence Co. TN d: 1887 in Lawrence Co. TN
Doc Franklin Ussery
Lilly Frances Ussery
James Buchanan Ussery
O'Conner Ussery b: Abt 1878 in Lawrence Co. TN mar. Etta Bates
Cora Ethel Ussery b: Abt 1879 in Lawrence Co. TN d: in Missouri mar. Tom Howell


Doc Franklin Ussery and Maude Owens
Doc Franklin Ussery was born after 1874 to Joseph Ussery. On Jul 12, 1902 in Giles Co, TN he married Maude Lou Owens. They both died in
Cambellsville, TN. They had the following children:

Ava Ussery mar. John Robert Copeland
Forrest Odell Ussery


Forrest Odell Ussery and Hazel Lucille Crafton
Forrest Odell Ussery was born Jul 30, 1910 in Giles Co., TN to Doc Franklin Ussery. He died Sep 5, 1977 in Nashville, TN. He married Hazel Lucille
Crafton, b: Dec 5, 1910 in Decatur, AL d: Dec 6, 1991 in Nashville, TN. They had the following children:

Dorothy Faye Ussery
Lewis Rogers Ussery
Robert Franklin Ussery
Mary Frances Ussery
Charles Odell Ussery
Valla Sue Ussery
James Carrol Ussery


James Buchanan Ussery and Annie Buchanan
James Buchanan Ussery was born Feb 22, 1877 in Giles Co, TN to Joseph Ussery. He died Mar 21, 1952 in Lawrence Co. TN. On Aug 30, 1899 in Giles
Co., TN he married Annie Buchanan who was born Jan 19, 1880 in Giles Co, TN and died Jan 6, 1962 in Dayton, OH. They had the following children:

Ruby Ann Ussery b: Mar 27, 1902 in Giles Co, TN mar. George Henry Nixon
Joseph Gardner Ussery b: Jun 20, 1900 mar. Elsie P. Barnett
Thelma Jane Ussery b: Nov 1, 1903 mar. Thomas Leonard Lamkin/Larkin?
James Kenneth Ussery b: Sep 12, 1905 d: Dec 1905
Sara Sybil Ussery b: Jan 19, 1907 mar. Milton Lynn Dugger


Lilly Frances Ussery and George P. Howell
Lilly Frances Ussery was born about 1875 in Lawrence Co. TN to Joseph Ussery. She died in Lawrence Co. TN. On May 17, 1896 in Maury (Giles) Co, TN
she married George P. Howell. They had the following children:

Operleen Howell
Homer Howell
Ussery Brownlow Howell
Geneva Howell
Dana Howell


Amanda Polkie "Pocahontas" Ussery and Isaac Meadow White
Amanda Polkie "Pocahontas" Ussery was born about 1867 in Lawrence Co. TN to Joseph C. Ussery. She died in [Maury] Giles Co, TN in 1937. Her
husband, Issac Meadow White was born in 1862 and died in 1900. They are both buried in the Lucy/Colvett/Roper Cemetery.

Pittman White
Mamie White
Earl White
Buford White
Eula Ussery b. 23 Nov 1889 d. 20 Sept 1895. Buried in Lucy/Colvett/Roper Cemetery. Headstone states "Eula Ussery, dau. of I.M. & A.P. White" [Probably
related- only 6 years old]

William Carroll Ussery and Louisa Jane Hickman
William Carroll Ussery was born about 1856 in Lawrence Co. TN to Joseph Carroll Ussery. He died about 1940 in Williamson Co., TN . On July 21, 1883 he
married Louisa Jane Hickman who was born about 1859 and died Oct 1909 in Giles Co., TN Both are buried in the Gibsonville Cemetery, in Giles Co, TN.

Their children:

William Robert Ussery mar. Zora Elizabeth Sneed
Susie Ussery mar. Clyde Osborn
Samantha Ethel Ussery mar. Oswald Howell
Effie Laura Ussery mar. Edward Trice
Ethel Ussery
Guy Ussery
Cecil Ussery
Ralph Ussery
Kathleen Ussery
Dorothy Ussery
Norel Ussery


William Robert Ussery and Zora Elizabeth Sneed
William Robert Ussery was born Sept 20, 1889 in Lawrence Co. TN to William Carroll Ussery. He died May 13, 1972 in Giles Co., TN. On Oct 1, 1911 he
married Zora Elizabeth Sneed who was born Aug 25, 1889 in Giles Co, TN and died Aug 5, 1981 in Giles Co., TN. Both are buried in Polk Memorial
Gardens Cemetery. Their Children:

William Guy Ussery b: Jul 12, 1912 d: Aug 25, 1935 in Giles Co., TN mar. Velma Blue
Cecil Eugene Ussery b: Oct 8, 1914 in Columbia, TN

1st wife: Christine Kimes. had a son James Eugene Ussery
2nd wife: Marie Petty b: 1915 in Columbia, TN mar: Feb 3, 1940 in Simpson Co., KY
*3rd Wife of Cecil Eugene Ussery: Estelle Nesbitt b: 1915 m: Jun 7, 1941 in Lawrence Co. TN
Norel Ussery b: Feb 27, 1917 in Maury Co., TN mar. Claude McDonald
Kathleen Ussery b: Jul 10, 1920 mar. Alf Davis
Dorothy Ussery b: Mar 13, 1923 mar. Briggs Clark
James Ralph Ussery b: Mar 7, 1925 mar. Clarice Hines


William Ussery and Sally (Sarah) Williams
It is unclear when William Ussery was born or who his parents were, but he died around 1809 in Lunenburg Co., VA. On Dec. 21, 1797 he married Sally
Williams in Lunenburg Co., VA.

The following legal transactions are recorded in Lunenburg Co., VA

Marriage Bond Dec 21 1797 William Ussery and Sally Williams
Deed 18-21 Apr 12 1798 William and Sally Ussery to John C. Christopher, 100 acres for 50 pounds.
Order Book 17-353 of 1798: William Ussery vs. William Marable
Order Book 18-91 Aug 1800 William Ussery vs Matthew Hubbard; suit dismissed
Deed 19-1 Jan 13 1803 William and Sally Ussery to William Webb
Deed 20-39 Sept 13 1804 Will and Sally Ussery to Pleasant Ussery, 280 acres Crooked Run Crk.
Deed 21-33 Jan 8 1807: to Pleasant Ussery from William and Sally Ussery
Deed 21-62A April 9 1807 William and Sally Ussery to John Christopher

Inventory of Estate of William Ussery

Lunenburg, VA.
In pursuance to an order from the worshipful court of Lunenburg County, to us directed, we the undersigned have appraised the estate of William Ussery,
dec'd, to us produced as follows, viz:


1 negroe woman Hannah L 63.00.0
1 negroe boy [John ? 75.00. 0
1 feather bed spr 9.00.0
1 Ditto Ditto 9.00.0
1 Ditto 7.10.0
1 Desk and Book Case 6.00.0
1 Pine Chest 30/ 1 Ditto 6/ 1 B. Walnut Table 30/ 3.06.0
7 Chairs 19/6 1 Gun & Shott Bag L4.10.0 5.09.6
1 Wire Sifter 1 coffee Pott 12 ft Cotton Cords 0 .12.0
2 Slays 9/. 1 Slay & 2 pr Harness 1.1.0
1 shaving Box 1 case razors & 1 Looking Glass 0 .10.0
2 Brass Candlesticks 6/. 1 Decanter 1 Tumber 3/. 0 .09.0
1 Earthen Dish, 2 Plates, 3 Saucers, 1 Cup & Mustard Pot 0 .05.0
6 Vials 3/ 1 tin pans 1 funnel & 1 pint measure 0 .10.0
3 Pewter Dishes 6 Plates 1 Bason & 8 Spoons & a Pepper box 0 .18.0
5 knives 9 forks 2 [gimetly?] & 1 pr phleams 0 .06.6
1 Chisel 1 Candlestick & 1 Toaster 0 .10.6
2 Water Pails 1 Hand Saw & 1 Shovel 0 .12.0
1 Grid Iron 6/. 1 Tea Kettle 6/ 1 pr ? ? 5/ 0.17.0
2 Jugs 4 Butter Potts & 1 Quart Bottle 1.01.0
1 [mans?] Laddle 1 [Wernacid?] Ditto & 2 Bridles 7.10.0
2 Ch. Potts 3/ 1 Bag & Full feathers 12/ 0 .15.0
1 Tribit. 1 Breadtray & 2 waiters 0.03.0
3 Tumblers 3/ 1 Hammer 1/Bridle Bit & pr Luciffers 0.04.6
4 Brushes 2 Shuttles & 1 yarning wheel 0.13.6
2 Potts 2 pr Pott Hooks 1 Pan 1 Dutch Oven 0.12.0
3 Barrels 0.03.0
Total  L195.05.06

Witness on hand this 16th day of August 1809: Thomas Hamlin, Samuel Usery and Hugh Wallace

At Court held for Lunenburg County the 12th day of October 1809. The within Inventory and appraisment of the estate of William Ussery, dec'd was
returned for same to be recorded. teste William Taylor cc

Lunenburg Co., VA: (Usry Bul 7 pg 10)

Court order, 10 Oct 1811, 21-28 Ordered, on motion of John Christopher that Sarah Ussery be summoned to December court to give counter security to
indemnify the said John Christopher for her administration on the estate of William Ussery, deceased, he being in danger of suffering thereby.

Court order 21-32 14 Nov 1811 Ordered that John Christopher take the estate into his hands, Sarah Ussery having failed to appear.

Court Order 21-80 14 March 1812- John Wyatt is appointed Guardian of John Ussery, William Ussery, Nancy Ussery and Sally Ussery, orphans of William
Ussery, deceased. Gave bond and security.

Court Order 21-95 15 May 1812- John Ussery for the benefit of Robert Blake vs Joseph Dennman and Stephen Orgain, defendants. Same judgment as

Order Book 21-288 8 Apr 1813: John Ussery, William Ussery and Sally Ussery, heirs of William Ussery, deceased, by John Wyatt their Guardian and next
friend, Sally Ussery, widow and administratrix of the said William Ussery. In Chancer: A report of the persons appointed to carry into effect the interlecutory
decree presented in this cause was this day returned and the same follows in these words to wit: Pursuant to the within order we have proceeded to sell
the three negro slaves therein mentioned and have made distribution of the proceeds of the said sale between the widow of the said William Ussery,
deceased, and his four children, John, William, Nancy and Sally, alloting to the widow one third part of the proceeds of the said sale, her proportion being
sixty-eight pounds and four pence to hold during life and have taken her bond and security to refund the principal after her death. We have also alotted to
the said widow one-third part of the personal estate of the said William Ussery, to hold as her absolute property, her proportion of which was 25 pounds.
The residue of the proceeds of the said sale and of the other personal property we have paid into the hands of John Wyatt, Guardian of the children of the
said William Ussery, of 136 pounds......of the sale of other personal propery, Given to each child 46-10-11. Hannah and child to James Neblett, John ( a
boy) to William Buford. Signed: Thomas Adam, Thomas Orgain, James Neblett. Accepted by the Court.

Order Book 21-284 11 May 1816: Sarah Ussery, Administratrix of William Ussery, Plaintiff, in Chancery, against John Ussery, Nancy Ussery, William
Ussery, and Sarah (Sally?) Ussery, infants of William Ussery, by Thomas Adams, Guardian, Defendants. For reason appearing to the court, the suit

Children of William and Sally Williams Ussery:

John Welcome Ussery
Nancy Ussery
William Ussery, Jr.
Sally (Sarah) Williams Ussery
Pleasant Ussery


John Welcome Ussery and Rebecca S. Neblett
(See Montgomery Co, TN)

John Welcome Ussery was born Sep 28, 1798 in Lunenburg Co., VA to William Ussery and Sally Williams. He died on Apr 25, 1879 in Montgomery Co, TN.
On Nov 27, 1822 married Rebecca S. Neblett in Montgomery Co., TN. She was born Sep 13, 1802 in Lunenburg Co., VA and died Jul 14, 1890 in
Montgomery Co, TN. She was the daughter of William Neblett and Elizabeth Norfleet Carney. John and Rebecca are both buried in the Antioch Cemetery
near Clarksville. They had the following children:

William Neblett "Buck" Ussery
John Robert Ussery
Sarah F. Ussery b: Dec 15, 1827 in Montgomery County, TN d: Dec 25, 1900 in Montgomery Co., TN Antioch Cemetery mar.James M. Swift
Benjamin W. Ussery b: Jul 21, 1829 in Montgomery Co, TN d: Nov 1, 1894 in Montgomery Co, TN Antioch Cemetery
Mary C. Ussery b: Jan 12, 1831 in Montgomery County, TN d: Jul 1, 1907 in Montgomery Co. TN Antioch Cemetery mar. P.H. Keesee
Sterling Ussery b: Oct 10, 1835 in Montgomery Co, TN d: Feb 23, 1838 in Montgomery Co. TN Antioch Cemetery


John Robert Ussery and America Smith
John Robert Ussery was born Jul 3, 1826 in Montgomery Co, TN to John Ussery. He died Sep 8, 1893 in Montgomery Co. TN . On Nov 22, 1853 in
Montgomery Co., TN he married America Smith who was born Aug 18, 1832 in Montgomery Co, TN and died Sep 12, 1897 in Montgomery Co, TN. Both
are buried in the Antioch Cemetery located near Clarksville. They had the following children:

Eugene E. Ussery
Ida Ussery b: Oct 3, 1854 in Montgomery Co, TN d: Dec 8, 1946 in Montgomery Co, TN Antioch Cemetery mar. John R. Steele
George Ussery b: Apr 10, 1857 in Montgomery Co, TN d: Apr 22, 1931 in Montgomery Co, TN Antioch Cemetery mar Odell Neblett b: Jul 22, 1864 d: Nov
29, 1941 in Montgomery Co, TN Antioch Cemetery
William Ussery b: 1859 in Montgomery Co, TN d: 1940 in Montgomery Co, TN Antioch Cemetery mar. Pearl Neblett b: 1877 d: 1899 in Montgomery Co, TN
Antioch Cemetery *2nd Wife of William Ussery: Ola Lee King b: 1882 d: 1957 in Montgomery Co, TN Antioch Cemetery
Sarah Elizabeth Ussery b: Abt. 1860 mar. N.D. Northington
Maud H. Ussery b: Mar 28, 1862 in Montgomery Co, TN d: Apr 12, 1938 in Montgomery Co, TN Antioch Cemetery mar. Leonard Hiter b: Apr 30, 1867 d:
May 13, 1936 in Montgomery Co, TN Antioch Cemetery
Eliza Ussery b: Abt. 1863 in Montgomery Co., TN
Manda Ussery b: Abt. 1864 in Montgomery Co., TN
Robert Lee Ussery b: Abt. 1865 in Montgomery Co., TN mar. Eunice Roberts
Edmund M. Ussery b: Abt. 1867 mar. Aggie Edmundson
Eloise Ussery b: Abt. 1869 in Montgomery Co., TN d: Jan 2, 1958 in Montgomery Co, TN Antioch Cemetery mar. J.S. Edmondson
Frank Ussery b: Abt. 1871 in Montgomery Co, TN mar. Anne C. Neblett
Norman Lowe Ussery b: Nov 3, 1873 in Montgomery Co., TN d: in Montgomery Co, TN Antioch Cemetery mar. Hattie Bagwell b: Sep 13, 1873 d: Jul 17,
1949 in Montgomery Co., TN Antioch Cemetery


William Neblett "Buck" Ussery and Elizabeth Ann Neblett
See Montgomery Co., TN Records

William Neblett "Buck" Ussery was born Aug 20, 1824 in Tennessee to John Ussery. He died Nov 10, 1906 in Montgomery Co. TN. On Nov 25, 1847 in
Tennessee he married Elizabeth Ann Neblett who was born Nov 7, 1825 in Tennessee and died Feb 24, 1896 in Montgomery Co. TN. They are both
buried in the Antioch Cemetery located near Clarksville. They had the following children:

Robert Ussery
William Ussery b: Abt. 1846 in Montgomery Co., TN
Josiah Neblett Ussery b: Apr 21, 1849 in Montgomery Co, TN d: Jun 19, 1938 in Montgomery Co. TN Antioch Cemetery near Clarksville mar. Agnes Lyle b:
Sep 17, 1851 d: Jan 27, 1929 in Montgomery Co, TN Antioch Cemetery
Lucy Helen Ussery b: Dec 19, 1850 in Montgomery Co, TN d: Dec 19, 1930 in Montgomery Co, TN Antioch Cemetery mar. Alexander M. Lyle b: Nov 14,
1845 d: Jun 19, 1907 in Montgomery Co, TN Antioch Cemetery
John Ethelbert Ussery b: Aug 16, 1853 in Montgomery Co, TN d: Jan 8, 1933 in Montgomery Co, TN Antioch Cemetery mar. Eliza Jane Ussery b: Mar 26,
1883 d: Jan 5, 1953 in Montgomery Co, TN Antioch Cemetery
Sterling Ussery b: Nov 5, 1855 in Montgomery Co, TN d: Dec 21, 1947 in Montgomery Co, TN Antioch Cemetery mar. Mary Harris b: Jan 12, 1872 d: Jul 3,
1939 in Montgomery Co, TN Antioch Cemetery
Wilmer Ussery b: 1858 in Montgomery Co, TN d: 1938 in Montgomery Co, TN Antioch Cemetery mar. Kate L. Harris b: 1897 d: in Montgomery Co, TN
Antioch Cemetery
Louis Ussery b: Jul 31, 1859 in Montgomery Co, TN d: Jan 4, 1890 in Montgomery Co, TN Antioch Cemetery
Katharine V. Ussery b: Abt. 1860 in Montgomery Co., TN
Mary Ussery b: Abt. 1864 in Montgomery Co., TN
Benjamin R. Ussery b: Mar 20, 1865 in Montgomery Co, TN d: Jul 10, 1905 in Montgomery Co, TN Antioch Cemetery


Sarah Sallie Williams Ussery and Thomas Moore Duff
Robert Neal is a descendant of this line!

Sarah Sallie Williams Ussery was born abt.1807 to William Ussery. She died around 1871. She married Thomas Moore Duff ( 1805 - 1877) who was the
son of Barney Duff and Mary Moore.

Sarah and Thomas had the following children:

James M. Duff 1831 - 1906
Ann Rowe Duff 1833 - 1896 mar. Richard Henry Neal 1837 - 1910
Mary Moore Duff 1834 - 1896 mar. Richard S. Roberts
Sarah A Duff 1835 - 1919 mar. Power
Thomas M. Duff 1839 - 1841
Katherine F. Duff 1841 - 1930 mar. A.W. McDaniel
T. Zachariah Duff 1845 - 1845
John L. Duff 1847 - 1895 mar. Sallie A. Allen