Tennessee Families

Peter Ussery and Wives: Amelia (Milly) Jarvis and Lively (Rushing) Chairs

Peter Ussery was born May 8, 1762 to William Ussery and died Dec 28, 1834 Giles Co., TN. He is buried in Robertson's Fork Cemetery, Marshall Co. TN in
a small graveyard between Lynnville and Cornersville, TN just inside Marshall County line-Monument reads "Sacred to the memory of Peter Ussery who
was born May 8, 1762 and departed this life Dec 28 1834"

He is found in the 1790 Census of Montgomery Co, NC and in the 1820 Census of Giles Co., TN. He was in Richmond Co., NC when he was named as one
of the executors of the will of Samuel Chairs on Sept 24 1801. Before 1786 he married Amelia (Milly) Jarvis (b: Abt 1763 d: Abt 1810).

Feb 21 1824 Giles Co Court minutes: "Deed of conveyance from Peter Ussery to William James and William Ussery, for one acre of land for the use of
Roberson Fork Church was produced in Court, and execution thereof certified for Registration. Peter Ussery was a member of a Baptist Church which was
at the site where he is now buried. The story is that the minister of the Church began preaching doctrines that angered his congregation. His name was
Wade Barrett. The Church fired him, and Peter Ussery donated land and built him a new Church and also gave him a home. This Church is called the
Robertson Fork Church of Christ, and the old home of Peter is about a hundred yards from the Church and is still lived in.

Deed Book C, pg 349, Dec 9 1788: Peter Ussery and his wife Milly of the County of Montgomery, to Nathaniel Chairs of Richmond County, two tracts of
land, 150 acres,(for 110 pounds) east of Little River, south of Cheek's Creek. This deed witnessed by James Tarbutton, Welcome Ussery, and Thomas

Deed Book C pg 349 Dec 9 1788 Orange Co., NC: William Ussery (of Orange Co. NC, grandfather to this Peter) received a Patent of land in what is now
Richmond County, NC in May 4 1769, as shown by the deed from his son William Ussery, Jr. to his son PETER USSERY Deed Book B, pg 188 Richmond
Co. NC dated March 5 1787, "Two tracts of land East side of Little River, south of Cheek's Creek, patented by my father William Ussery - patent May 4
1769, and since fallen to the said William Ussery as heir at law" (William and Wife Judith Mays land grant)
(See Deed Description)

ANSON COUNTY NC DEEDS: Deed Book L-M page 66 Dec 8 1804 George Lawrence to Peter Ussery---Geo. Lawrence and Wm. Griffin sold to Peter
Ussery 350 acres on both sides of Brown Creek---part of survey by Gen. Johnson 1799 by him to Harvey Rushing to sd Lawrence in 1800. s/ Wm. Griffin/
George Lawrence In presence: John Hansell/ Wm. Ussery

ANSON COUNTY NC Deed Book N-O page 98 Jan 5 1807 Isaac Armstrong of Richmond County to Peter Ussery of Anson county land on Brown
Creek--150 acres. s/ Isaac Armstrong Test: David Rushing/Mark Rushing

ANSON COUNTY NCDeed Book L-M page 366 Oct 1808 Abraham Rushing to Peter Ussery both of Anson County, certain tr of land both sides of Big
Brown Creek. s/ Abraham Rushing Test: Wm. Ussery/Tabitha Rushing

ANSON COUNTY NCDeed Book N-O page 50 Feb 1 1809 Peter Ussery to Ebenezer Marsh both of Anson County tr of land both sides of Brown Creek.
survey by Gen. Johnson. s/Peter Ussery Wit: Wm. Deason/Wm. Ussery/ John Marsh

ANSON COUNTY NCDeed Book N-O page 199 Jan 8 1810 Peter Ussery to Jonathan Duren both of Anson beginning Mark Rushings corner- land patent
by Jacob Rushing. s/Peter Ussery Test: Wm. Ussery/ Nath Scott

ANSON COUNTY NCDeed Book P-Q page 115 Nov 1808 Peter Ussery to Mills Harrell land on Brown Creek----Johnson survey s/Peter Ussery Wit: Isham
Cherry/Josiah Harrell.

Sept 20 1812-Giles Co. TN Deed Book N pg 255 From John Haywood of Davidson Co, TN and Richard Hightower of Williamson Co TN to Peter Ussery and
Jacob Bogard, 5000 acres on Robersons fork of Richland Crk, of Elk River.
( Peter sold part of this land in 1815 to William Jones, Joseph Perkins and Samuel Perkins. I believe this Samuel and Joseph Perkins were father and son
and this Joseph Perkins eventually married Mary Pauline Ussery, Peter's daughter.)

Their children:

William Ussery
Richard Ussery (was over 26 yrs old in 1820) moved to Mississippi before 1820 and died there before 28 July 1823 leaving four minor children
John Ussery and Malinda McKinney
Peter Ussery, Jr.
Hutchin Ussery and Frances Fanny Rushing
Mary Pauline Ussery
Samuel Ussery
Robert Ussery
Elizabeth Ussery b: Abt 1806
Rebecca Ussery b: Abt 1807

*2nd Wife of Peter Ussery: Lively (Rushing) Chairs (widow of Samuel Chairs of NC). b: Abt 1763 d: Abt 1850

(See Lively Chairs )

Anyone researching the Samuel and Lively Chears/Chairs family of NC please contact Catherine Fryer Cline

Their children:

Daniel G. Ussery
Necesera Bell Ussery b: Feb 14, 1813 d: Nov 10, 1878 m. Benjamin Franklin Houston


Daniel G. Ussery and Mary A. Doggett
Daniel G. Ussery was born Dec 24, 1814 Giles Co, TN to Peter Ussery and Lively Chairs. He died Jun 11, 1884 in Maury (Giles) Co, Tennessee. He
married Mary A. Doggett, who was born May 7, 1813 in TN and died Jan 5, 1897 in Campbells Station, Tennessee. They are buried in the Shanes
Cemetery near Campbell's Station in Maury Co., TN.

Daniel conducted the following legal activities:

1837 Deed Bk N,pg 464 Daniel G. sold land by deed of trust to Peter Moore (USRY BUL# 9PG9)
1839 Giles Co TN Deed BkO pg100 DG Ussery to Peter Moore, by trust deed (USRY BUL #9PG9)
1839 Giles Co TN Deed Bk O pg 67 DG Ussery to Martha Jones
1839 Giles Co TN Deed Book O pg 327 Lively & DG Ussery to Isaac Jones, 42 acres
1850, 1860, 1870 and 1880 US CensusGiles County, TN

They had the following children:

Mary A. Ussery b: 1833 Tennessee
William Thomas Ussery
Parlee Ussery b: 1838 Tennessee
Gilbert H. Ussery b: 1841 Tennessee mar. Calpernia J. (1880 Camp Co., TX Census per Ivalon Fox
Celia B. Ussery b: 1845 Tennessee
Peter J. Ussery b: 1847 Tennessee
John D. Ussery b: 1851 Tennessee (1880 Camp Co., TX Census per Ivalon Fox
Fredella Ussery b: 1853 Tennessee
Clarinda Ussery b: 1855 Tennessee
Puss Ussery b: 1859 Tennessee


Robert Ussery and Elizabeth Butler
Robert Ussery was born around 1804 in Tennessee to Peter and Amelia Jarvis Ussery. He died Jun 11, 1884. His wife was Elizabeth "Betsey" Butler, born
around 1808 in Tennessee. They had the following children:

Ransom G. Ussery b: 1830 in Tennessee mar. Nancy A. Whitehead b: 1835 in Alabama
Rite E. Ussery b: 1831 in Tennessee
Joseph Ussery b: 1834 in Tenn
Samuel Ussery b: 1839 in AL mar. Josephine Moore
Martha Ussery b: 1841 in Mississippi
Butler Ussery b: 1844 in AL
Robert Ussery b: 1850 in Mississippi


Samuel Ussery and Mary Ann D. Shotwell
See Lowndes Co., MS

Samuel Ussery was born about in Montgomery Co, NC to Peter Ussery and Amelia Jarvis, and died Sep 26, 1877 in Lowndes County, MS. He married Mary
Ann D. Shotwell who was born Apr 27, 1802 in South Carolina and died Apr 26, 1895 in Lowndes County, MS. She was the daughter of Robert and
Catherine [White] Cook Shotwell. Both are buried in the Vaughn Cemetery.

Samuel was in the 1830 US Census Lowndes Co., MS census with a wife and two daughters under the age of 10 years. By the time of the 1850 census
Samuel owned 580 acres of land valued at $3400. In 1860 he owned $12000 in real property and $45,000 in personal property. According to the 1850
census, he owned one horse, three mules, 18 head of cattle, two oxen, 14 sheep and 40 hogs. The value of his livestock was &614. He raised 1,000
bushes of Indian corn,,100 bushes of oats, 20 bushels of beans and peas, and 200 bushes of sweet potatoes. He ginned 14 bales of cotton and produced
150 pounds of butter. They had the following children:

Martha Jane Goodwin Ussery b: Jul 27, 1827 in MS d: Nov 1912 in Red River County, San Antonio, TX mar. Peter Brandon Perkins b: Feb 10, 1826 d:
Emily Catherine Ussery b: 1830 mar. George W. McCown b: 1827 in Lowndes Co.,? MS. (Lowndes Co MS Deed Records 32: 639- Apr. 24, 1861 a deed
gift to to Emily C., daughter of Samuel Ussery was given by her grand father, Robert Shotwell , the "Cherokee" Plantation, which was located near Steens,
Henry R. Ussery b: 1832 in MS Elizabeth Nancy Oden b: 1838 in MS
Caroline Ussery b: Dec 23, 1833 in MS d: Nov 25, 1851 in Lowndes Co, MS Vaughn Cemetery
George G. Ussery b: 1836 in MS d: Sep 6, 1864 in Jonesboro, GA
Mary Harriet Ussery b: Jul 19, 1838 in MS d: Aug 13, 1905 James M. West b: 1830 in SC
John Mastins Ussery
Alabama F. Ussery b: Aug 13, 1842 in MS d: Feb 25, 1896 in Lowndes, Miss Vaughn Cemetery mar. Lawson A. Morris b: Sep 12, 1823 in South Carolina
d: Nov 8, 1899 in Lowndes Co. MS Vaughn Cemetery
Elizabeth (Bettie) M. Ussery b: Aug 13, 1842 in MS d: Dec 25, 1917 in Lowndes Co, MS Vaughn Cemetery
William Ussery mar. Mary E. Reeves
Felicia Ann Ussery b: 1846 in MS mar. Francis P. West
Samuel Taylor Ussery
Peter Alfred Ussery b: 1849 in Miss d: 1860


Robert Shotwell and Catherine [White] Cook
I have no record of when Robert Shotwell was born, but he died Oct 16, 1852 in MS, probably in Clays County. He married Catherine [White] Cook and
they had two known children: Alabama Shotwell who married Finis Harris and Mary Ann D. Shotwell who married Samuel Ussery.

It is probable that wife Catherine's maiden name was W
hite, and had been married before her marriage to Robert. The following provides credence that this theory:

6/7/01 Charlotte Williams wrote: I am researching the descendants of Francis White who died in Abbeville Dist., SC between Nov
and Dec of 1802---One of the witnesses to his will was John Shotwell and at the time of his will one of the children listed was Caty (Catherine) White,
among other children. My line is thru Mary Ann Durrett White (sister of Caty) and her husband Stephen Bostick----Caty and Mary Ann also had a brother,
Durrett White who lived and died in Noxubee Co., MS in May of 1854.

I had the opportunity this year to obtain Probate court papers on Durrett White and was hoping to find info on his children. The short of it is that he had no
children and left his estate to living siblings and children of deceased siblings-- the following info was gleamed regarding Catherine White Shotwell--

---Durret White, deceased, left living and surviving him at the time of his death the following heirs and distributees, namely, the heirs of Catherine Shotwell,
wife of Robert Shotwell, deceased. Who was a sister of the said Durrett White, deceased. Viz > Polly Ussery, wife of Samuel Ussery resident of Lowndes
County, Mississippi, Alabama Harris, wife of Finis Harris of Lowndes County, Mississippi, Catherine Wiems, wife of James Wiems of Mobile, Alabama-----

I was thrilled when I saw that you had info on the children of Robert Shotwell and Catherine Cook---Everything on the children matched but her name...Do
you know where the Cook came from????I really believe this is my Caty(Catherine White) daughter of Francis White and sister to Mary Ann Durrett White
and Durrett White. I believe that the Mary Ann D. Shotwell that married Samuel Ussery of course to be the above mentioned Polly Ussery and I believe her
name was probably Mary Ann Durrett Shotwell as the Mary Ann Durrett was handed down in my family and I noticed that some of the Ussery Children had
Durot for a middle name.

I am researching each child of Francis White in the hope of finding his wife's name(which I believe nee Durrett) so it is important to me that I get my info
correct. Of course Caty could have been married to a Cook before she married Robert Shotwell but I have found nothing to indicate this. Pls take a look
and let me know what you think. I very much appreciate your input and look forward to hearing from you. Charlotte Wilson Williams Olive Branch, MS

Based on the findings of Charlotte W. Williams, I believe that there is a legitimate connection between the these families. If you have any information that
will assist Charlotte, please reach her at

Other information on the Shotwells:

Lowndes Co MS Deed Records 32: 639- Apr. 24, 1861 a deed gift to to Emily C., daughter of Samuel Ussery was given by her grand father, Robert
Shotwell , the "Cherokee" Plantation, which was located near Steens, MS. [This is also substantiated in a letter from Rubye Robertson of Steens, MS)
Will of Robert Shotwell,

Samuel Taylor Ussery and Jennie C. Nickels
See Lowndes Co., MS records

Researcher on this family: Priscilla Ussery Jeffcoat

Samuel Taylor Ussery, the son of Samuel and Mary Ann D. Shotwell Ussery, was born on Nov 2, 1848 in Mississippi and died Sept 3, 1920 in Lowndes Co,
Miss., and is buried in the Vaughn Cemetery. He married Jennie C. Nickels who was born Nov 28, 1859 and died Dec 29, 1939. She is buried in Cleburne
Co., TX.

Biographical and Historical Memoirs of Mississippi, Vol 1 Part 1 page 259
This county was first represented in the legislature by Shelby Ussery

Page 940, Vol 2, Part 2...
S.T. Ussery is a planter who in his operations displays those sterling characteristic and honorable principles so necessary to a successful career in any
calling. He was born on the 2nd of November 1848 to Samuel and Mary D (Shotwell) Ussery, both natives of South Carolina. The father removed to
Tennessee about 1820, and after remaining there two years, came to Mississippi and entered and purchased about 2000 acres of land. Although he
began life as a poor man, before the war he paid tax on nearly $75,000 worth of property. He died in 1874. He had four sons who served in the
Confederacy. One died at Danville, KY and another held the rank of lieutenant and was killed at Jonesboro, GA. S.T. Ussery attended the common School
near his home until about 20 years of age. He married Miss Jennie Nichols, a daughter of N.H. Nichols of South Carolina. Two children: Mary Lena? and
Oscar Burdette. He was postmaster of Cherokee.Vaughn Cemetery in Lowndes Co., Miss.

They had the following children:

Samuel Eugene Ussery b: Jun 21, 1886 d: Jun 21, 1886 in Lowndes, MS
Mary Lena Ussery b: Aug 10, 1888 in Columbus, MS d: Dec 6, 1961 in Cleburne, TX mar. Carl A. Glen
Oscar Burdette Ussery b: Jul 3, 1890 in Columbus, MS d: Apr 1970 in Fairhope, Ala mar. Carrie McGee
Hunter Grady Ussery b: Aug 1, 1892 in Columbus, MS d: Feb 12, 1966 mar. Ruby Beatrice Preston
Jennie Arlene Ussery b: Oct 15, 1895 in Columbus, MS mar. Fenton Vaughn
Flen Quentus Ussery b: Dec 21, 1901 in Godley, TX d: Jun 10, 1902 in Cleburne, TX

John Mastin Ussery and Wives: Juliet E. Murphy and Marie Lou Christman

John Mastins Ussery was born Aug 16, 1840 in Mississippi to Samuel and Mary Shotwell Ussery. He died Mar 7, 1917 in Lowndes Co, Miss and is buried in
Vaughn Cemetery. John married twice: first to Juliet E. Murphy and next to Marie Lou Christman. John served in the Civil war as a sergeant of Co. D 24th
Miss. Inf. CSA .

Juliet E. Murphy was born Apr 30, 1846 in Mississippi and died Aug 3, 1883 in Lowndes Co, Miss Vaughn Cemetery. She and John had the following

George S. Ussery b: 1866 in Mississippi
Oscar Taylor Ussery b: Oct 19, 1867 in Mississippi d: 1883 in Lowndes Co, MS Vaughn Cemetery
Edward Durot Ussery b: Nov 6, 1869 in Mississippi
Columbus Murphy Ussery b: Jul 16, 1871 in Mississippi
Rufus Henry Ussery b: Jul 26, 1873 in Mississippi
John William Ussery b: Apr 3, 1875 in Mississippi
Martha 'Mattie' Ann Ussery b: Nov 1876 in Mississippi
Samuel Ussery b: May 1, 1878 in Mississippi d: 1880
James Peter Ussery b: Feb 23, 1881 in Mississippi
Julia May Ussery b: Jan 26, 1883 in Mississippi
John Mastins Ussery married Marie Lou Christman in Lamar County, AL on Nov 2, 1883. They had the following children:

Cora Lou Ussery b: Nov 7, 1884
Jepttia Martin Ussery b: 1886
Marie Durot Ussery b: Jun 28, 1888

William Ussery and Mary E. Reeves
William Ussery was born Oct 5, 1843 in Lowndes Co, MS to Samuel Ussery and Mary Ann D. Shotwell and died Jun 9, 1895 in Texas. He married Mary
Elizabeth Reeves, who was born Jan 10, 1855 in Wayne Co., MS and died : Nov 24, 1933 in Tennessee. They had the following children:

Mary Susanna Ussery b: Feb 16, 1880 in Texas d: 1901 in Texas mar. James Alvin Basham
Minnie M. Ussery b: Feb 24, 1882 in Texas d: 1952 in Texas
William Reeves Ussery b: Aug 28, 1885 in Texas d: Feb 19, 1968 in Gorman, TX mar. Gertrude Blissard
Pete Jamison Ussery

Pete Jamison Ussery and Lillie Pearl Chambers
Pete Jamison Ussery was born Feb 14, 1889 in Eastland Co., TX to William and Mary Ussery. He died Apr 9, 1956 in Rising Star, TX. He married Lillie
Pearl Chambers who was born Jan 7, 1894 in Beeville, TX to Thomas Carroll Chambers and Sarah Frances Carroll Chambers. She died Mar 24, 1982 in
Borger, TX. Pete and Pearl had the following children:

Clifton Ward Ussery b: Mar 15, 1912 in Eastland Co., TX d: Sep 14, 1936 in Dallas Co., TX mar. Osley McNeeley
Thomas William Ussery b: May 13, 1914 in Eastland Co., TX d: Jul 25, 1921 in Eastland Co., TX
Lee Roy Ussery b: Feb 18, 1916 in Carbon, TX d: Nov 25, 1980 in Steamboat Springs, CO mar. Rosalie Civiletto . *2nd Wife of Lee Roy Ussery: Moverine
Coons-- 3rd Wife of Lee Roy Ussery: Ruth Able
Frances Pearl Ussery b: Dec 14, 1917 in Eastland Co., TX mar. James E. Nesbitt
Pete Melvin Ussery b: Feb 14, 1925 in Gorman, TX mar. Helen Mae Imler b: Sep 6, 1930 in Guymon, OK

Peter Ussery, Jr. and Mary Devore
Peter Ussery, Jr. was born about 1793 in Montgomery Co, NC to Peter Ussery and Amelia (Milly) Jarvis. He died about 1851 in Catahoula Parish, LA. In
1818 in Giles Co, TN he married May Devore who was born about 1797 in Tennessee and died Mar 25, 1863 in Texas . They had the following children:

James Monroe Ussery b. Apr 11, 1827
Matthew Ussery b: 1830 Catahoula Parish, LA
Martha Ussery b: 1840 mar. George West --2nd Husband of Martha Ussery: Felton

James Monroe Ussery and Wives
Also see El Pasoand Hunt Co., TX

James Monroe Ussery was born: Apr 11, 1827 LA? to Peter Ussery, Jr. and Mary Devore. He died May 6, 1886 near San Antonio, TX and was buried in the
Oakville Cemetery. On Jul 2, 1854 in Guadalupe Co., Texas he married Mary Harmon who was born Apr 14, 1839 in TN and died Mar 25, 1863 near
Whitsett, TX. On 22 Feb 1862, James enlisted in the Confederate Army. While he was away in Tennessee, his wife Mary, died. In 1870, James became a
member of Evergreen Lodge No. 326, AF & AM, Live Oak County, TX.

James was a well known stockman. After the Civil War he began purchasing brands of cattle and from 1866 to 1873, he had approximately 33,000 head.
Around 1873, over 27,000 head of cattle were wrongfully taken and driven into Mexico. On 26 April 1873, he filed a claim for $271,200.00 for
recompensation of 27,120 head. Also during this time, he had endorsed a note for a friend for $20,000, who had also lost his cattle and unable to pay the
note. James then became responsible for the note, and with the loss of his cattle, almost went into bankruptcy.

His Will, consisting of seven pages, was made and signed by him on 4 Oct 1875, and was filed for record the same day in Book D, pages 351-353,
Oakville, Live Oak County, TX. In Aug., 1886, in Bee County, TX, his Last Will and Testament was recorded in Vol. C, beginning on page 95 of the Probate

In 1924, three descendants of James Monroe Ussery were notified by the U.S. Government to prove they were his heirs in "Joint Affidavit". They compiled
a 53 page report consisting of: Records from Census Bureau for 1870-1880; Affidavits from several friends that were well acquainted with James Monroe
Ussery; Copy of 60 Brands and Ear marks recorded in Live Oak, TX; Copies of 12 marriage licenses; two photo-stat copies from the family Bible; Copy of
James' Will, signed 4 Oct 1875; a number of affidavits for members of the family; various letters, documents and signatures of nine family members
required on the "Joint Affidavit".

On 14 Aug 1946, the claim was disallowed. The following year, on Mar 14, 1947, one of the descendants went before the Board in Washington, DC to
challenge the cause for disallowment. The response was "insufficient information". The Board had before them the "Joint Affidavits", and the necessary
information which proved relationship to James. Realizing that the proof was indeed valid, the Board awarded $48,933.00. These claims were settled for
about 22 cents on the dollar.

In 1949, the first payment was received, without interest, after 25 years of having to prove relationship to James,and 76 years after the Claim had been
filed by James Monroe Ussery. Division was made to his heirs according to his will and the last payment was received in 1956. (This information was
compiled by Jessie Pearl Malone Mitchell Lappe)

James and Mary had the following children:

John Green Ussery
Jimmi Emeline Ussery b: Mar 16, 1858 d: 1882 mar. James D. Moore b: Jan 15, 1852 d: 1910
Silas Harmon Ussery b: Feb 15, 1862 South Texas d: Nov 20, 1901 Live Oak, TX mar. Frances Ola Cassella b: Feb 6, 1863 m: Dec 4, 1890 . *2nd Wife of
Silas Harmon Ussery: Alice Odom b: 1876 d: 1907 m: Aug 10, 1896

On Mar 8, 1872 in Oakville, TX, James Monroe Ussery married a second time to Amanda Parker Robinson/Robertson. She was born Dec 9, 1842 in Rusk,
Cherokee Co, Republic of Texas. She died July 9, 1919 in Oakville, TX. She is also buried in Oakville Cemetery . They had the following children:

James Monroe Ussery, Jr. b: Feb 25, 1874 mar. Susie Carts b: 1890 d: 1918. *2nd Wife : Kate Hester Reeves b: 1892
Matthew Ussery b: Feb 25, 1874 d: Dec 7, 1948 mar. Kate Henry Boone
Reagan Ussery b: Feb 25, 1874 d: Oct 23, 1874
Myrtie Eunice Ussery b: Feb 5, 1877 Atacosa, TX d: Feb 25, 1941 mar. Robert Ellison Miller b: Jan 28, 1869 TX d: Oct 6, 1941
Pearl Ussery b: Aug 19, 1879 d: Apr 30, 1899 mar. Nathaniel Burwell Malone b: Dec 16, 1871 d: May 4, 1942

John Green Ussery and Mary Elizabeth Dudley

John Green Ussery was born Nov 22, 1855 in San Antonio, TX to James Monroe Ussery. He died July 1935 in Carlsbad, NM and is buried in the Carlsbad
Cemetery. He married Mary Elizabeth Dudley who was born Apr 19, 1878 in Oxford, KS . They had the following children:

Masie Wicker Ussery b: Nov 11, 1900 in Woodward, OK mar. Roy Forehand b: Nov 9, 1900 in Carlsbad, NM d: Dec 1953
Huling Eakin Ussery b: Apr 1, 1898 in Plano, TX mar. Lois Lorraine Carpenter b: Apr 1, 1898 in Woodward, OK. *2nd Wife --rances Etta Forehand b: Feb
24, 1904 in Palmyra, IL
Dudley Green Ussery b: Nov 17, 1903 in Carlsbad, NM mar. Marilyn (Daisy Bell) Swartz b: Jan 20, 1907 in Caney, Kansas
Sue Katherine Ussery b: Apr 18, 1906 in Carlsbad, NM mar. Joe Thompson b: Aug 18, 1909 in Boggs, OK

PECOS TRAILS, Vol III, No. 1, May 1983

Mr. Ussery, a native Texan and son of a Texas rancher in the Live Oak-Bee County area of that state, migrated as a young man to the extreme western
part of Texas and established himself on a number of ranches in the El Paso County region near the New Mexico border. In 1895, he went to Oklahoma
and acquired a homestead and ranch near Woodward. For some years his attention was divided between the Oklahoma Ranch and his ranches in Texas,
but in 1906 he settled permanently on his ranch, known as the XT, on the New Mexico-Texas border near the eastern base of the Guadalupe mountains.
At that place, well supplied with water from a spring, he ranched the rest of his life, although he continued to retain his interest in the Oklahoma ranch.
Meantime, for the education of his children, he maintained a house in Carlsbad, about 35 miles from the ranch. Some years after his death in 1935 the
ranch was sold to other interests. His wife, who lived until 1872, was a pioneer lady of hardy and sterling character, an ardent fisherwoman and a crack
shot with a rifle and shotgun and an enthusiastic huntswoman until late in life.

S.E. New Mexico Historical Society 1982
page 446

John Green Ussery, oldest son of James Monroe Ussery and Mary Harmon Ussery, livestock ranchers of Live Oak County, Texas, decided in the year
1882, to hunt for a new location for his expanding herd of cattle. His friends, Bob Hall and Curt Herring, had moved to far West Texas and had located in
the long shadows in the Guadalupe Mountains. Green saddled his pet horse and with two pack horses made his friends a visit. He camped at an
abandoned Chosa, located on a prong of the Butterfield Trail some three miles northeast of Pine Canyon. He rode the Range in all directions for some 60
miles, attempting to find the best spot for a headquarters Ranch, one that was not occupied, but one that had water, grass and wood. He noticed a
broadhorse trail made by the Indians leading south from Independence Spring on the Butterfield Trail. Following that trail some 20 miles, he came to an
Indian Camp, coals still warm, but no sign of Indians. There was a nice spring of water with a running creek for two hundred yards, extra large cotton wood
trees on the creek bank, and high hills covered with a variety of grass and sparsely Pinion trees. He saw a few wild cattle, a number of deer, and large
herds of antelope.

John Green Ussery rode back to Chosa Spring, packed his horses and pulled stakes for South Texas. After gathering his 7 L (& Diamond L) cattle and his
7A (7HA) horses, which ranged over a vast unfenced country, and having traded his cattle that they were unable to gather for other cattle, he had a
sizeable herd. Then he, in company with his brother Silas Harmon Ussery, with his MDX cattle, outfitted a chuck wagon and remude and trailed their herd
to El Paso County, and to the Indian Camp, which is some 75 miles SW of Carlsbad. After a tough journey, with scant water for livestock, night herding with
electric storms and heavy rains, they arrived at their new location, which they called Rancho Chico. The year was 1885.

In 1893, after trailing a herd to market at Dodge City, John Green Ussery could not resist the excitement and glamour of making a run for a homestead
when the Oklahoma Territory was opened. He made the run but did not keep the homestead. In the year 1895, while driving a herd to the Kansas market,
he found a Range to his liking in Oklahoma. He bought out a relinquishment of a homestead and established a Ranch there of 40 sections in Dewey Co.,

In 1896 h e married Mary Elizabeth Dudley, 18 year old daughter of Norvel and Matilda Dudley of Woodward Co. On April 1, 1898, Huling Eakin Ussery
and born at the Trail Creek Ranch in Dewey County. On Nov 11, 1900, Masie Wicker Ussery was born at the Dudley home in Woodward Co.

In 1903 Green Ussery, his wife and two children moved back to Rancho Chico. His brother Silas had passed away on Nov. 23, 1901, and Green was
needed to look after their growing herd of cattle. There was a need for a home in Carlsbad for the Ussery Family, so Green Ussery bought 2 lots on
Canyon Street, just north of the Masonic Temple.

Alice Odem Ussery, widow of Silas Ussery, married Will McBride in 1904. The ranch properties were divided at the time, Green Ussery taking the Castile
Ranch, which consisted of 60 sections controlled by leasing the alternate section, which was owned by the Texas and Pacific RR; Mrs. McBride taking
Rancho Chico.

On December 9, 1907, the mother of Silas Ussery's children died. Norine age 15, Oscar 10, and Mary 9, all were invited to come to the home of John and
Mary, to make their home until grown.

Huling E. Ussery married Lois Lorraine Carpenter of Plano, TX., in December 1923. Huling E. Ussery, Jr. and Patricia Glyn Ussery were born from this

Masie Wicker Ussery married Roy M. Forehand of Carlsbad. Mary Sue Forehand, Ann Forehand, and Elizabeth Forehand wee born from this marriage.

Dudley G. Ussery married Marily Swartz of Tulsa, OK in Dec. 1930.

Sue Katherine Ussery married Joe U.S. Thompson of Santa Rosa, NM in January 1952.

Matthew Ussery and Kate Gallagher

Matthew Ussery was born 1830 Catahoula Parish, LA to Peter Ussery, Jr. and Mary Devore. He died Nov 28, 1904 in Grant Parish, LA . On Oct 18, 1875 in
Live Oak, TX he married Katherine Gallagher who was born Jun 19, 1859 San Patricio Co. TX and died d: 1939 Loredo, TX. In 1883 this family moved and
settled in Loredo, Webb County, TX, where their son Matthew was born. On 28 June 1893, their son Leo, drown while swimming in the Rio Grande River.
He was fourteen.

See Pension Record.

They had the following children:

Matthew Egbert Ussery b: Nov 7, 1885 Webb Co., TX d: 1904 Loredo, TX
Mary May Ussery b: Jun 13, 1876 in Live Oak, TX d: May 1954 mar. Fritz Werner
Le0 Ussery b: Feb 1, 1879 Atacoa Co., TX d: Jun 28, 1893 drowned in Rio Grande River

William Thomas Ussery and Wives: Matilda Edith Wright and Laura Bryant
Thanks to Fred Hawkins who provided corrections and new info to this line! He has LOTS of information on the life of Rev. W. T. Ussery

Rev. William Thomas Ussery was born Mar 29, 1836 in Tennessee to Daniel G. Ussery. He died May 4, 1920 in Giles Co., TN. On Sept 3, 1860 in
Lawrence Co., TN, he married Matilda Edith Wright who was born Oct 29, 1838 in Lawrence Co., TN to Pinckney and Susan Leigh Wright. She died Jun
15, 1907 in Columbia, Maury Co., Tn.. They are both buried in the Rose Hill Cemetery in Maury County, TN. He married a second time to Laura Bryant
who was born c. 1856 and died 1928 in Columbia, Maury Co., Tn. She is also buried in the Rose Hill Cemetery . William Thomas can be found in the 1870
and and 1880 US Census Maury Co., TN 24th Dist (Usry bul 77 pg 9)

He and Matilda had the following children:

Mary Luttitia 'Mollie' Ussery b: Abt. 1861 Giles, TN
Gilbert G. Ussery b: Aug 8, 1864 in Giles, TN d: Feb 10, 1898 Hart Co. GA Rose Hill Cemetery (It is unclear if he died in Hart Co. GA or Maury Co, TN.
Rose Hill is located in Maury Co., TN)
William Wallace Ussery b: Feb 14, 1867 Maury Co., TN d: Mar 20, 1906 Hart Co. GA Rose Hill Cemetery mar. Nora Jones (It is unclear if he died in Hart
Co. GA or Maury Co, TN. Rose Hill is located in Maury Co., TN)
Edith Agness Ussery b:mar 7 1870 Maury Co, TN
Mattie Beulah Ussery b: Aug 24, 1873 Maury (Giles) Co, Tennessee


John Ussery and Malinda McKinney

John Ussery was born about 1791 in Montgomery Co, NC to Peter Ussery and Amelia (Milly) Jarvis. He died Jul 3, 1865 in Lowndes County, Miss. About
1820 in Tennessee he married Malinda McKinney who was born about 1796 in Grainger Co., TN and died Aug 28, 1898 in Lowndes County, Miss. Both
are buried in the Vaughn Cemetery. Malinda's parents were Jesse and Mary McKinney.

John was listed in US census 1850, Lowndes County, Miss.

The following are notes and letters which I have collected concerning this family:

Article in "The Commercial Dispatch, Columbus, Miss April 20 1978; GENEALOGY AND LOCAL HISTORY by Betty W. Thomas, certified genealogist

....."John Ussery paid taxes for the first time in Mississippi in 1823. It is believed he may have been included in his brother's household in the 1820 census.
In 1850 he owned 355 acres of land with a value of $450. His farming equipment was valued at $150. He owned one horse, two mules, 18 head of cattle,
two oxen, 43 sheep and 30 hogs. The value of the livestock was $425. He raised 450 bushes of Indian corn, 20 bushels of sweet potatoes and 50 bushes
of beans and peas. He ginned 13 bales of cotton and produced 150 pounds of butter. Among the estate papers is a bill submitted by Dr. Elam Robinson
for daily visits to John from June 24 to July 3 1865. (The day John died.) The visits and medicine were $4.50 each.

The Usrey, Usry, Ussery Bulletin, February 1970, published by John Usry, Rolla, MO:
Deed Book 3, page 25: John Ussery to Joseph McFarlin, July 18 1831, for $200 "Tract of land being situated and lying in the County of Monroe,
Miss...west half of the SE quarter of Sec 23 in Township 13, Range 17 west in the District of Choctaw in the State of Mississippi, 80 acres, given to John
Ussery by the United State of America". Personally appeared the within named John Ussery before me John McKinney, an acting Justice of the Peace for
said County and acknowledged that he signed, sealed and delivered the within deed on the day and year herein mentioned, as his voluntary act. Given
under my hand this 1st day of November 1830. "For an in consideration of $200 to my husband John Ussery in hand paid, I hereby sign all my right, title,
claim and interest that I have in and to the within deed, lot or half quarter section of land by right of dowery or otherwise, to Joseph McFarlin. Witness my
hand and seal this Nov 1, 1830, Recorded July 18, 1831 Signed Malinda Ussery (Malinda McKinney)

Probate Minutes Book 1, page 31: John Ussery appointed administrator of the estate of William Stewart, deceased, and that John McKinney, Robert
Woods and Richmond Hall be appointed appraisers of the estate, July 24, 1826.

In the book,
A Brief History of Aberdeen and Monroe County, Miss., 1821 to 1900, by Bertie Shaw Rollins: Slave owners in 1842: John Ursy.

Per Oct 6 1994 letter from Rubye Agnes Robertson:
"...(Samuel Ussery) brother, John Ussery bought the Homestead Lands surrounding "Vaughn's" Cemetery, from James Vaughn, grt-grt-grt granfather of
mine, who deeded 5.60 acres of land to Mt. Pleasant Church, Site of the Family Cemetery. His (James Vaughn) wife, Jane buried there first.

Usry Bul #68, pg 3---Deed Book 102 page 369: To John Usery from United States of America, Land Patent: S 1/2 of SW 1/2 Section 17 Township 16
south, Range 18 west; Martin Van Buren, Pres. 13 July 1841

Usry Bul #68 pg 6--.....Richard Ussery and John Ussery, sons of Peter Ussery, also served in Mississippi in the War of 1812. They all settled together, first
in Monroe County, where Richard Ussery and Jospeh Perkins are shown close together in the 1830 census. Joseph Perkins moved to Oktibbeha County
before 1840. H.C. Gray

John and Malinda had the following children:

James M. Ussery b: 1821 Tennessee d: Oct 20, 1899 Lowndes Co, Miss mar. Francis C. Mayfield b: Feb 5, 1829 Lowndes Co, MS
Emily C. Ussery b: 1822 d: Abt. 1900
William M. Ussery b: Dec 28, 1823 Lowndes Co, Miss d: Nov 14, 1888 Lowndes Co, Miss mar. Minerva Jane McCowan b: Jan 15, 1834 d: Oct 17, 1867
Lowndes Co., Miss
Jesse G. Ussery b: 1828 Lowndes Co, MS d: Dec 19, 1862 Lowndes Co, MS mar. Frances Messaniah Wells b: 1833 Mississippi
Mary Pulcheria Ussery b: 1828 d: Lowndes Co. MS mar. Andrew Ramsey Egger d: Lowndes Co. MS?
Annice M. Ussery b: 1831 Lowndes Co, Miss mar. James W. Riggon b: 1824 Mississippi
Martha E. Ussery b: 1835 Lowndes Co, Miss mar. Ruffin Webb b: 1822 North Carolina
Samuel Masters Ussery b: Jul 10, 1840 Lowndes Co. MS d: Mar 3, 1875 Lowndes Co, Miss mar. Josephine Moore 2nd Wife of Samuel Masters Ussery:
Sarah Jane Darden
John C. Ussery b: Nov 20, 1843 d: Aug 25, 1909 Lowndes Co, Miss mar. Elizabeth Williford b: 1849

Hutchin Ussery and Frances Fanny Rushing
Hutchin Ussery was born about 1794 possibly in Montgomery Co., North Carolina. He accompanied his parents Peter Ussery and Amelia Jarvis to
Tennessee, and assisted in the clearing and improving of the parental homestead. About 1813, in Giles, TN he married Francis Fanny Rushing. She was
born about 1800 in Giles Co and died in June 1870 in Giles Co.

After marrying, he began his own farm, accumulating quite a tract of land in Giles County. In addition to general farming, he was extensively engaged in
stock raising and dealing, his operations in this line often times taking him far from home. On one of these expeditions, he went south with live stock, he
was taken ill, and died in Mississippi. On March 6, 1837, Francis was appointed guardian of Mastin, James, Sarah & Judith, minors of her deceased
husband. In the 1850 US Census of Giles Co., 16th Dist, Francis is listed as 50 years old living with Mary A., age 13, born in Tennessee.

Hutchin and Francis had the following children:

Abner Ussery
Larkin R. Ussery b: Abt 1817 TN
Mastin Ussery
Frances Ann Ussery b: Abt 1819 Perry Co., TX
James E. Ussery b: Abt 1821 Perry Co., TN d: Sep 23, 1856 Guadalupe Co., TX mar. Sarah M. ...2nd Wife Caroline E. Pigg m: May 28, 1844 Marshall, TN
Judith Ussery b: Abt 1824 Perry Co., TN mar. William L. Braden
Mary A. Ussery b: Dec 31, 1837 Giles Co, TN mar. Sam A. Osborn . 2nd Husband : John A. Fitzpatrick
Sarah F. Ussery b: Abt 1828 mar. William L. Vick
Van Francis Maston? Ussery (third husband of Abner's wife Olive Smith)

Abner Ussery and Olive Elizabeth Smith
Abner Ussery was born about 1815 in Tennessee to Hutchen Ussery. He died in 1854 in Guadalupe Co., TX. His will was written June 21, 1854 and
Probated Oct 30 1854 Guadalupe Co. TX Bk B, p 203-4

In 1837, Abner Ussery sold 200 acres in Giles Co., TN to JJ Montgomery (Giles Co,TN Deed Book N pg 105) This was probably shortly after the death of
his father in Mississippi on March 6, 1837. In the 1850 US Census, Bolivar, Hardeman Co., TN, Abner is listed as farmer. he married Olive Elizabeth Smith,
who was born about 1813 in Ohio. They had the following known children:

Mary Ann Ussery b: Dec 31, 1837 in Giles Co, TN mar. Sam A. Osborn. *2nd Husband of Mary Ann Ussery: John A. Fitzpatrick *3rd Husband of Mary Ann
Ussery: Jesse Abernathy in Guadlupe County on Aug 12, 1855.
Frank Ussery b: Aug 1, 1851 in Giles Co., TN
Washington Monroe Ussery b: 1853 in Gonzales, TX