THE EMANCIPATION OF LUCY AND SAMUEL An entry in the Vestry Book and Register of St. Peters Parish, New Kent Co., VA states that Lucy, negro girl
belonging to John Ussery, was born May 15, and baptised Sept 23, 1739. On Sept 13 1804, John Ussery filed an Emancipation Deed at the Lunenburg
County Courthouse for Lucy, listed as about 70 years old, and Samuel, age about 60. The Lucy born in 1739 would have been age 65 in 1804. I believe
that Lucy belonged to, (or possibly was the daugther of) JOHN USSERY (1) of New Kent County, VA , the father of JOHN USSERY of Lunenburg Co.,VA.
On September 13, 1804 John traveled to the Lunenburg County courthouse and filed with the Clerk of Court the following: Know all men by their presence,
that I, JOHN USSERY, Jr. of the Parish of Cumberland County of Lunenburg, for divine good, courses, and considerations use thereunto insuring,have this
day emancipated and set free, and, do by their presence forever emancipate, liberate, and set free, two Negroe slaves...Lucy, a female slave aged about
seventy years and Sam alias, Samuel, a Negro man slave aged about sixty years, which said two slaves are at this time my property & I the said JOHN
USSERY, Jr. do hereby for myself, my heirs Executors and administration forever exonerate and discharge the said two slaves Lucy & Sam from all future
servitude towards myself or my legal representatives and do hereby grant unto said Lucy & Sam full and complete Freedom. In Testimony whereof I have
hereto set my hand and seal this 13th day of September, in the year of our Lord Christ 1804, and in the 29th year of American Independance.

Signed, sealed, acknowledge and delivered inpresence of: John Ussery (Seal)

At the Court held for Lunenburg County the 14th day of September, 1804. John Ussery came into Court and acknowledged within, Deed of Emancipation,
which was ordered to be recorded Test: John Taylor


JOHN USSERY died in Lunenburg County leaving a Will dated Nov 24, 1803 which was probated Dec. 13, 1804. Heirs named were: Sons JOHN, MASTAIN,
SAMUEL and JOHN, and daughters ANNIE RAGSDALE, SARAH BROWN, MARY CALLAHAN, and his beloved wife ANNE.

A MATILDA DUNMAN was also mentioned, but it is unclear if she was a daughter or a soon to be daughter-in-law. Shortly after John Ussery’s death, a
Samuel Ussery married a Matilda Dunman. Many Ussery researchers believe this Samuel to be the son of John. I have included this marriage in this
research, but as yet have found no positive proof.