White County, TN Wills and Invoices

Usry Bul No. 11, page 7:

Will of Thomas Usrey
Page 59

I, Thomas Usrey of White County and State of Tennessee, being in slow condition in body, but of sound mind,....I humbly request that my beloved wife
Sarah Usrey have all my property after my just debts are paid, as long as she lives in this world, but when she is deceased, what is left, I...(the recorder
apparently left out several lines here)...I hereunto affix my hand and seal the 16th day of June 1829. Test: Samuel Usrey, Sarah Menfee, Francis Cooley
At a court session October 1830, this last will and Testament of Thomas Usrey was recorded.

Will of Samuel Usrey, Abstracted
Page 150

Son, William Usrey to have sorrel filly 3 years old and saddle.
Beloved Polly [Geer] Usrey shall hold possession of farm and lands and stock to support her and my four youngest children
As some of my children have received a part of my property, they shall receive no more until the others of my children shall be raised, to wit: Robert,
Morgan, Benson, Samuel, and William Usrey, have each received about sixty dollars. That as soon as my youngest children shall arrive at the age of 20
years, my executor shall pay the sixty dollars.
Should my wife marry again that shall l have a child's part of all my property share and share alike (not clear)
My two mares and colt to my wife.
My daughter Elizabeth to have a bed and furniture
The remainder of money for wife's support and education of the children
I appoint my son Samuel Usrey and John Walker executors. 6 April 1833 Signed Samuel Usrey, Test. Samuel Usrey, Daniel Clark, M. Fisher. Ordered
recorded Jan 13, 1834 by the Court

Page 152: Inventory of the Estate of Samuel Usrey, July Term 1834
Page 914: Referring to the Inventory of the Estate of Samuel Usery, deceased, the property was not deemed more that sufficient to support the widow and

(Descendant and researcher of this family is Melody Thorp